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The Seven Trumpets


Note: natural calamities ought to remind us that we really ... 'He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Seven Trumpets

The Seven Trumpets
Wallace, Steven J.
  • Revelation 87 1119

Prepare to Sound (86)
  • Seven angels prepare (v. 6)
  • first four trumpets afflict nature
  • Note natural calamities ought to remind us that
    we really do not control the world
  • next two afflict mankind
  • seventh is of the defeat of the wicked kingdoms
    by the Lord

Reasons For Romes Fall
  • natural disasters
  • internal rottenness
  • invasions
  • Compare Acts 533-42

First Trumpet (87)
  • Hail Fire
  • instruments of judgment
  • fire is probably lightening (Ex. 923 Ps.
  • Mingled with blood there would be loss of life

First Trumpet (87)
  • 1/3rd of trees and all grass burned
  • trees possible rulers (cf. Dan. 420-22)
  • grass as the people (cf. Is. 406, 7)
  • possible meaning 1/3rd of rulers and all of the
    people would be affected by this trumpet

Second Trumpet (88, 9)
  • First trumpet against vegetation second against
    the sea
  • image of a volcano being cast into the sea
  • 1/3rd of sea and all that lived in it were
  • mountain symbolizes power (Is. 22 Jer. 5124,

Second Trumpet (88, 9)
  • The Point the destruction of Romes Naval power
  • historical possibility invasion of the Vandals
    under Genseric in 5th century

Third Trumpet (810, 11)
  • Assaults the freshwater rivers and springs
  • 2nd trumpetburning mountain3rd trumpetburning
  • Star probably represents some high ruler (Num.
    2417 Is. 1412)
  • The result was that the waters were made bitter
    and many men died
  • Possible fulfillment in Attila (452 A.D.)?

Fourth Trumpet (812)
  • Heavenly bodies (light bringers) assaulted
  • 1/3rd sun
  • 1/3rd moon
  • 1/3rd stars
  • that which ruled the day (sun) would be darker
    that which ruled the night (moon) would be darker

Forth Trumpet (812)
  • Darkening of the heavenly bodies has the
    meaning of judgment
  • Joel 21-11
  • Amos 58, 20

3 Woes (813)
  • Many versions have eagle in place of angel
  • eaglessymbols of defeat swift destruction
    (Matt. 2428 Hos. 81 Hab. 18)
  • Woe is an exclamation of grief
  • the three woes are in reference to the following
    three trumpets
  • meaning the worst is yet to come

Fifth Trumpet (91-12), 1st WOE
  • Star falls from heaven
  • Satan???
  • Satan is not the one with the keys to the
    bottomless pit (cf. 201, 2)
  • angel seems to serve as a king to the locusts

Out from the pit (92, 3)
  • smoke comes out so that the sun and air are
  • out from the smoke come locusts with the power of

The Locusts (94-11)
  • not to harm what locusts would normally harm (v.
  • to harm men (v. 4)
  • Christians protected (cf. sealed 73, 4)
  • God was making a distinction between His people
    and His enemies
  • Exodus 822, 23 94, 6, 26 1022, 23 117
    Mal. 316-18

The Locusts (94-11)
  • their purpose to torment, not kill (vv. 5,
  • torment of scorpionsagonizing, distressing (cf.
    1 Kin. 1210, 11)
  • men would seek death but not find it
  • their duration 5 months
  • 5 ½ of 10
  • 10 means complete/fullness (cf. 210)
  • 5 would indicate that Gods punishment would not
    be completed in this woe

The Locusts (94-11)
  • their appearance (vv. 7-10)
  • shape like horses prepared for battle
  • sig. cavalry
  • battle sig. war
  • wore crowns of something like gold
  • possible Mahometans with yellow turbans (John T.
  • faces like the faces of men humans
  • hair like that of women long and/or beautiful

The Locusts (94-11)
  • their appearance continued (vv. 7-10)
  • teeth like lions fierceness
  • breastplates like iron preparation protection
    in war
  • sound of wings like chariots with many horses
    emphasis upon the warfare
  • tails like scorpions dreadful

The Locusts (94-11)
  • Their King (v. 11)
  • the angel of the bottomless pit
  • Abaddon destruction
  • often associated with Hebrew sheol and death
    (Job 266 2822 Prov. 1511 2720)
  • Apollyon destroyer

  • after 4th trumpet, 3 woes were announced
  • after the first woe, two more are announced

Sixth Trumpet (913-21), 2nd WOE
  • 4 horns of golden altar (v. 13)
  • same golden altar as in 83-5 (prayers and
  • a voice was heardprobably an answer from God to
    those prayers

The Message (v. 14)
  • release 4 angelsprobably military force
  • Euphratesprobably reference to literal river
  • other great powers came from across the Euphrates
    to conquer (Assyria Babylon Medes Persians)
  • Euphrates dried up so that way of the kings of
    the east would be prepared (1612)
  • Suggested Parthians (Robert Harkrider)
  • God brings foreign forces because He is ruler of
    the kings of the earth (15)

Prepared (v. 15)
  • prepared for the hour, day, month, year
  • 1/3rd of mankind killed
  • this trumpet is not about torment, but carnage
  • 1/3 shows that it would be limited, but also a
    great loss of life

The number of the army (v. 16)
  • 200,000,000
  • lit. 10,000 X10,000 10,000 X 10,000
  • And the number of the armies of the horsemen was
    twice ten thousand times ten thousand I heard
    the number of them (American Standard Version)

The Horses (917-19)
  • horse riders had fiery red breastplates
  • heads like lions
  • from mouth
  • fire
  • smoke
  • brimstone

The Horses (917-19)
  • power of the horses
  • in mouth (their front beginning)
  • in tails (their end). . .which may design their
    foot soldiers, which were as the tail to their
    horse, and who sometimes did great service or
    their way of fighting when they fled, by casting
    up arrows into the air, which would fall upon the
    heads and horses of those that pursued them or
    their ambushments, by which they destroyed many
    or their perfidious violation of treaties or it
    may be their tails may intend the doctrine of
    Mahomet, the false prophet, who is the tail, Isa
    915(John Gill)

The Point
  • the collapse of an empire from internal and
    external forces
  • when people reject values outlined in the
    Christian religion, they are left for sorcery,
    murder, sexual immorality and thefts
  • as the foundations that respect life, fellow man
    and authority erode, so crumbles the family, the
    society, the empire, etc.
  • Romans 118-32

The Reason For Woes In Revelation
  • REPENTANCE (920, 21)
  • these verses fall into some of the saddest words
    of the Bible
  • even through Gods chastisements, the rest of
    mankind would not repent

(920, 21) Without Repentance, They Continued In
  • worship of demons/idolatry
  • violent ways
  • sorceries (drugs, Gk. pharmakeia )
  • sexual immoral ways
  • thefts
  • no respect for God
  • no respect for life or fellow man
  • no respect for life
  • no respect for family
  • no respect for fellow man property

Intermediate Visions 101 1114
  • mighty angel with little book (101-11)
  • the two witnesses (111-14)

Mighty AngelWith A Little Book
  • Revelation 101-11

Mighty Angel (101)
  • compare 52 1821
  • Commentaries are divided over identifying the
  • Christ (cf. 116)
  • Martin Luther Reformation in giving back the
    Bible to the people
  • a strong angel of high authority

Mighty Angel (101)
  • clothed in a cloud
  • may symbolize angels work as glorious and will
    be manifest to many (cf. 17)
  • may symbolize righteousness and judgment (Ps.
  • rainbow on head
  • covenant (Gen. 912-17)
  • encircled the throne (Rev. 43)

Mighty Angel (101)
  • face like the sun
  • image often associated with Jesus
  • but also true of angels in general (2 Cor.
  • pillars of fire
  • often a characteristic of God
  • probably symbolic of powerful destruction (Is.

Mighty Angel (102)
  • little book in hand
  • probably not book in chapter 5
  • different Greek word bibliaridion
  • a small book
  • feet on land and sea
  • message is for whole world

Seven Thunders (103, 4)
  • angel cried with loud roar (lion like)
  • seven thunders respond (perhaps Jehovahs
    response to angel)
  • John heard but wasnt permitted to write it down
    (cf. 2 Cor. 124)
  • shows that God doesnt reveal everything about
    Him or His ways
  • some things are confidential to heaven

Deuteronomy 2929
The secret things belong to the Lord our God,
but those things which are revealed belong to us
and to our children forever, that we may do all
the words of this law
Mighty Angel (105-7)
  • time has run out repentance was not sought
    (920) Gods longsuffering has expired, there
    should be delay no longer

Mighty Angels Oath (106)
  • by the eternal nature of God
  • by the creative hand of God
  • both of these are real reasons for worshiping
  • both stand and fall together in scripture
  • if someone can dismiss one, why not dismiss the

The Mystery of God (107)
  • a mystery is only mysterious until its fullness
    is revealed
  • this mystery will be completely revealed in the
    seventh seal
  • was spoken by the prophets (cf. Dan. 715-28)
  • 4th kingdom (Rome) would persecute saints
  • saints would ultimately possess the kingdom

Eating The Small Book (108-11)
  • compare Ezekiel 28 34
  • both times to eat before preach/prophesy
  • both times it tasted like honey
  • Gods word is sweet (Ps. 1910 119103)
  • should be a joy to consume Gods word (Jer.

(Job 2312)
I have not departed from the commandment of His
lips I have treasured the words of His mouth
more than my necessary food
Sweet Bitter (1010)
  • Gods word can become bitter once eaten
  • many begin the race with joy, hope and excitement
    but become disheartened and frustrated along the
  • frustrated with self
  • frustrated with brethren
  • frustrated with family
  • frustrated with opposition

Johns Mission (1011)
  • Not over yet
  • must yet prophesy again to many people
  • the gist of the little book is found in the
    remaining visions in Revelation

Two Witnesses
  • Revelation 111-14

Measuring the Temple of God (111, 2)
  • guard against assigning literal meaning to
    symbolic text
  • John commanded to measure temple
  • comparable act to that of sealing of the saints
  • the purpose in prophesy is that of protection
    of righteous(cf. Zech. 21-5)

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • temple
  • not literal temple in Jerusalem (AD 70 dating
  • if temple literal, then two witnesses and 42
    months are too
  • How could John literally measure the temple in
    Jerusalem when in Patmos?

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • the NT temple on earth is the church
  • . . .you are Gods building. . . (1 Cor. 39)
  • Do you not know that you are the temple of God
    and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? (1
    Cor. 316)
  • . . .a spiritual house. . . (1 Pet. 25)
  • See Ephesians 221-23
  • the temple to be measured is the church

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • the reed
  • a measuring device like a staff
  • represents a standard of truth by which religious
    deeds are done either in Christ or out of Christ

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • the altar
  • place of prayer prayers of saints(69-11 83,

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • those who worship there saints!
  • 1 Peter 24-5, Coming to Him as to a living
    stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God
    and precious, you also, as living stones, are
    being built up a spiritual house, a holy
    priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices
    acceptable to God though Jesus Christ
  • the significance of the altar being measured is
    understood by who alone worked there priests.
    All NT saints are priests and they serve around
    the altar offering spiritual sacrifices

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • refusing to measure the outer court
  • God refusing to recognize those who come to his
    temple in pretense
  • people in outer court may appear to be Gods
    children but not genuine not faithful etc.

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • treading the holy city
  • not destruction of literal Jerusalem
  • holy city is the church (cf. 212)
  • the heavenly Jerusalem (Heb. 1222, 23)
  • the Jerusalem above (Gal. 426)

Identifying the Symbols (111, 2)
  • MEANING God was going to allow the church to be
    persecuted for 42 months, He shall speak
    pompous words against the Most High, shall
    persecute the saints of the Most High. . .then
    the saints shall be given into his hand for a
    time and times and half a time (Dan. 725)

The 3 Expressions Mean The Same Thing!
  • 42 months (112 135)
  • 1260 days (113 126)
  • a time, times, ½ a time (Dan. 725 Rev. 1214)

42 months 42 X 30 days 1260 days
a time, times, ½ time
(1) (2) (½) 3 ½
yr. yrs. yr. yrs.
  • Understanding the encrypted meaning revolves
    around 7 (complete)
  • 7 Churches (2-3)
  • 7 Spirits Stars (31)
  • 7 Seals (61 85)
  • 7 Trumpets (86 1119)
  • 3 ½ 7/2 (½ of 7)
  • a short, broken, finite period of time

The Meaning of 112
  • Since Daniel first spoke of a time and times and
    a half of time (725) we need to connect
    Revelation to what Daniel prophesied.
  • Daniel spoke of saints being persecuted for a
    period of time (3 ½ yrs.) by the beast
  • John is seeing the beast that Daniel spoke of
  • Gods people, the church, would be trodden under
    by the beast for 3 ½ years

The Meaning of 112
  • God is giving his people perspective
  • During the 3 ½ years that the Beast is trampling
    the church God will give two witnesses who will
    prophesy (preach gospel) 1260 days or 3 ½ years
  • During this trampling time, the church or woman
    will be nourished by God (1214)
  • The way of Christ is vindicated!

The Power of the Two Witnesses (113-6)
  • Note nothing in text to identify who witnesses
  • likely not two literal beings
  • Two represents competent testimony (Deut. 176
    1915 Heb. 1028 1 Tim. 519 Lk. 101)

The Power of the Two Witnesses (113-6)
  • power to prophesy (113)
  • wearing sackcloth (clothed in mourning)
  • two olive trees and lampstands (v. 4)
  • lampstands are light
  • olive trees provide the source for the light
  • light is symbol for being a Christian (Matt.
    514-16 Phil. 215)

The Power of the Two Witnesses (113-6)
  • standing before the God of the earth (v. 4)
  • focus is to please the One they stand before (1
    Cor. 916 1 Thess. 23-5)
  • two witnesses are probably faithful evangelists
    sent throughout Rome (Harkrider)

The Power of the Two Witnesses (113-6)
  • In danger of harm (v. 5)
  • some would not like what they heard
  • the word judges the hearts of men (Heb. 412)
  • therefore, when preaching the word, preaching
    judges men
  • gospel is the sole standard of judgment (Jn.
  • if anyone wants to harm them then they will be
    destroyed with fire
  • perhaps the preaching of hellfire to the
  • those who reject the message will suffer eternal
    fire (2 Thess. 17-9)

The Power of the Two Witnesses (113-6)
  • Witnesses would be able to perform miracles (v.
  • to confirm the word
  • power like Moses and Elijah
  • Philip is an example of an evangelist with
    miraculous power (Acts 85-7, 13)
  • All of this showed the restraining force of the
    civil authorities to destroy the work of the
    church (Weldon Warnock, Bible Text Books, The
    Book of Revelation, p. 65)

The Death of the Witnesses (117-10)
  • finished their testimony
  • gospel was preached
  • great commission was accomplished (Mk. 1615, 16
    Col. 123 Matt. 2818, 19 Rom. 1626)
  • beast that ascends out of bottomless pit
  • Rome under satanic power (132, 7)

The Death of the Witnesses (117-10)
  • make war. . .overcome. . .kill
  • intense persecution of saints
  • dead bodies lie in the street
  • utter contempt
  • depicts the temporary halt to the widespread work
    of evangelism (Warnock)

The Death of the Witnesses (117-10)
  • the great city is spiritually
  • Sodom moral decay
  • Egypt bondage
  • where our Lord was crucified physical Jerusalem
    rejection of truth and killed those sent to her
    (cf. Matt. 2334-37)

The Death of the Witnesses (117-10)
  • bodies would be seen 3 ½ days
  • meaning a short time (1/2 of 7)
  • earth rejoiced (v. 10)
  • these are the peoples, tribes, tongues, nations
    (v. 9)
  • the world was elated at the death of these
  • rejoice
  • make merry
  • send gifts

Why So Happy (v. 10)?
  • because the two witnesses tormented them (through
  • because men love darkness would not repent
    (920, 21)
  • 1 Kings 228
  • Proverbs 129
  • Amos 510
  • Isaiah 309-11
  • John 319, 20

The Resurrection of the Witnesses(1111-14)
  • celebration over the death of two witnesses was
    only momentary (3 ½ days)
  • God resurrected the witnesses
  • great fear fell on those who saw
  • probably a resurrection of cause (cf. Ezek.

The Resurrection of the Witnesses(1111-14)
  • witnesses ascended to heaven
  • same hour there was an earthquake
  • may be natural calamity
  • may be upheaval of political powers
  • 1/10th of the city fell partial judgment
  • 7000 died Gods judgment consumed all that He
    desired to die

Revelations Story in a Nutshell
  • This chapter gives the complete story in brief
  • Gods word is preached in a bold fashion
  • invasive to societys sins
  • persecution of some form follows the preaching of
    Gods word
  • God performs some judgment upon the wicked after
    the preaching and persecution
  • many others see the power of God and glorify Him

Seventh Trumpet Third Woe (1115-19)
  • defeat of wicked and victory of saints
  • mystery of God would be finished (cf. 107)
  • finished in the truth that, the kingdoms of the
    world have become the kingdoms of the Lord and
    His Christ (Rev. 1115)
  • the mystery of Daniel 715-18, 27

24 Elders
  • familiar image (44 410 etc.)
  • 24 12 12 (probably 12 tribes of Israel and 12
  • they understand the final outcomewhile all who
    oppose the Christ and His church may have some
    limited success, they will eventually be crushed
    by the wrath of God

Temple of God Was Opened (v. 19)
  • compare 41
  • the ark of the covenant is seen
  • beware of literal approach to symbolic vision

Sabbatarian Error
  • assume ark is literal ark of Moses time
  • faulty premise leads to faulty conclusion
  • ark is literal
  • ark is in heaven
  • 10 commandments in ark (Deut. 105)
  • therefore 10 commandments will be kept in heaven
  • if in heaven, then must be in church

Sabbatarian Error
  • ignore fact that heaven is not a material place
  • why would a material ark be in a place that is
    not material?

Sabbatarian Error
  • ignore the fact that things are in heaven that
    are not in the church on earth vice versa
  • angels (Heb. 216)
  • sight in heaven faith on earth (2 Cor. 57 1
    Jn. 32)
  • little children (mortalities on earth) will be in
    heaven but not in church
  • Lords Supper in church but not in heaven (1
    Cor. 1126)

Sabbatarian Error
  • ignores that the Sabbath was only given to Israel
  • ignores that it was given to people in Egyptian
  • ignores that it was a sign between God and one
    nation, Israel

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Ezekiel 2012
Moreover I also gave them My Sabbaths, to be a
sign between them and Me. . .
Sabbatarian Error
  • Ignores that the Sabbath along with other holy
    days were taken away (Col. 214-17)
  • ignores that it was done away
  • ignores that we were delivered from it
  • ignores that Sabbath-keeping was under an
    obsolete system

"What shall we say then? Is the law sin?
Certainly not! On the contrary, I would not have
known sin except through the law. For I would not
have known covetousness unless the law had said,
'You shall not covet'."
Romans 74, 6
  • "Therefore, my brethren, you also have become
    dead to the law through the body of Christ, that
    you may be married to another. . . But now we
    have been delivered from the law, having died to
    what we were held by. . . "

COVENANT (HEB. 91-5) AND "He takes away the
first that He may establish the second" (Heb.
"In that He says, 'A new covenant,' He has made
the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete
and growing old is ready to vanish away" (Heb.
"And such trust have we through Christ to
God-ward Not that we are sufficient of ourselves
to think any thing as of ourselves but our
sufficiency is of God Who also hath made us able
ministers of the new testament not of the
letter, but of the spirit for the letter
killeth, but the spirit giveth life. But if the
ministration of death, written and engraven in
stones, was glorious, so that the children of
Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of
Moses for the glory of his countenance which
glory was to be done away How shall not the
ministration of the spirit be rather glorious?
For if the ministration of condemnation be glory,
much more doth the ministration of righteousness
exceed in glory. . .
. . .For even that which was made glorious had
no glory in this respect, by reason of the glory
that excelleth. For if that which is done away
was glorious, much more that which remaineth is
glorious. Seeing then that we have such hope, we
use great plainness of speech And not as Moses,
which put a vail over his face, that the children
of Israel could not stedfastly look to the end of
that which is abolished But their minds were
blinded for until this day remaineth the same
vail untaken away in the reading of the old
testament which vail is done away in Christ" (2
Cor. 34-14, KJV).
Could We Keep the 10 Commandments in Heaven?
  • work six days and rest one (Ex. 209)?
  • honor father and mother? Will it help longevity
    (Ex. 2012)? This purpose is in the 10
    commandments so wont it be in heaven?
  • threat of murder (Ex. 2013 Rev. 218, 27

Could We Keep the 10 Commanments in Heaven?
  • will there be a possibility of adultery (Ex.
    2014 Matt. 2230)?
  • will thieves exist there (Ex. 2015)?
  • will there be servant and animals to covet
    (Ex. 2017)?

Proper Understanding of the Ark in Johns Vision
  • the ark symbolized covenant
  • God would not forget His covenant
  • God would not forget those in His covenant

Concluding Remarks onRevelation 1-11
  • not written in chronological order
  • written in recapitulative display
  • reveals outcome first, then through visions it
    gives extra information
  • then end has already been revealed
  • Jesus and saints victorious (15 714-17
  • opposing forces lose (1113)

Concluding Remarks onRevelation 1-11
  • John could have ended with chapter 11 and
    everyone would know the end of the battle
  • 12-22 give more details of the same events that
    we have been studying
  • answer why there is hostility between Rome and
    the church
  • shows where the war originates from

Concluding Remarks onRevelation 1-11
  • We ought to appreciate 4 points from this
    wonderful book
  • all of Gods ways are just
  • God allows saints to suffer
  • God will avenge their blood
  • Satan has terrifyingly real agents at work

Chronological Summery of Chapter 11