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Tuesday 22nd September


During term time academic members of staff should be contacted in their Office ... tutorials focusing on academic development, non-academic/well-being and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tuesday 22nd September

Level 3 Introductory Meeting
  • Tuesday 22nd September

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Registration and Timetable
  • Year 3 Programme
  • Student Liaison Officer
  • Examinations Officer
  • Residence Abroad and Photo Competition
  • Post-graduate study
  • Instituto Cervantes
  • Instituto Camões
  • Questions

Online Registration
  • Should already have registered online and chosen
    your modules. If not
  • You need to do it this week
  • A helpdesk is available in Parkinson Court
  • Further guidance is availablevia the Portal

  • You can access and print out your personal
    timetable via the portal
  • check your timetable regularly during Intro Week
    and the first couple of weeks in term
    classes/lectures may have changed
  • make sure that you look at the timetable for both
    semesters some lectures may only run for one
    semester or may run at a different time at a
    different place in the second semester.

Language Group Clashes
  • If you have a clash with any of your language
    classes (both Spanish and Portuguese)
  • take your full and complete (printed) timetable
    to the General Office
  • bring your Student Card with you if possible
  • you cannot choose which group you go into it
    depends on the space available
  • all changes because of clashes must be done by
    Monday 28th September (where possible).

General Office
  • If you need help or advice then go to the General
  • located in Room 219, Michael Sadler Building
  • we are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • During term time academic members of staff should
    be contacted in their Office Hours or via email
  • members of staff will endeavour to reply to
    emails within a reasonable time period, normally
    3 days
  • an immediate response should not be expected.

  • Portal will be used for a lot of administrative
    communication. You should check it every day
  • e-mail we will only e-mail your University
    e-mail address. You should check it every day
    (through the Portal)
  • personalise your University e-mail account so
    that your full name appears on any e-mail you
    send, otherwise youll only appear to us as
    ml07xyz, making it difficult to identify you
  • in Webmail system click on Options
  • then Click on Personal Information
  • then Edit your Identities
  • make the appropriate changes enter your full
  • announcements in the VLE
  • notice boards.

Year 3 Programme
  • Dr Stuart Green
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Email s.n.s.j.green_at_leeds.ac.uk

Leeds for Life what it is

An entitlement for all students which helps them
integrate their academic and wider university
experience and prepare for their future.

Phase 2 website
  • Single log-in via the Portal
  • Interactive website with tailored information for
    students on opportunities and skills
  • Web-based templates for personal tutorials
    focusing on academic development,
    non-academic/well-being and professional
  • Leeds for Life Foundation grants

Personal Tutoring
  • Each student is allocated a personal tutor in
    line with the University Learning Teaching
    Partnership Agreement
  • Meet one-to-one at least once per semester
  • Your personal tutors name can be found via the
    Portal on the Student Services tab.

Compulsory Meeting
  • Presentation Skills session
  • Wednesday 14th October from 3-4pm in Conference
    Auditorium 2.

Compulsory Meetings
  • Extended Essay/Dissertation Meeting
  • Wednesday 30th September _at_ 2pm in Botany House SR
  • should appear on your timetable via Student

Level 3 Modules
  • SPPO3010 Practical Language Skills in Spanish 3
  • Module Co-ordinator Juan Muñoz
  • Two classes per week
  • SPPO3110 Advanced Portuguese Language
  • Module Co-ordinator Dr David Frier
  • Two classes per week.

Student Liaison Officer
  • Staff-Student Committee
  • Chair Duncan Wheeler (d.wheeler_at_leeds.ac.uk)
  • make your voice heard about any aspect (positive
    or negative) of your studies in the Department
  • matters discussed in meetings are resolved
    straight away or raised in Departmental meetings
  • essential for the success of the Department and a
    good opportunity to acquire skills useful after
  • five student representatives are required for
    each year
  • 2 x Single Honours 2 x Joint Honours 1 x

Examinations Officer
  • Dr Gregorio Alonso
  • Email g.alonso_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • Plagiarism
  • http//www.ldu.leeds.ac.uk/lt/plagiarism.htm
  • Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone
    elses work as your own.

Examinations Officer
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Procedure for informing the department
  • all mitigating circumstances to be informed using
    the relevant form, which will be available on the
  • forms to be submitted to Mercedes Watson within 7
    days of the event to which it corresponds
  • last date for submission is the Monday after the
    last semester 2 exams (Monday 7 June 2010).

Residence Abroad
  • Antonio Martínez Arboleda
  • Residence Abroad Committee
  • Email a.martinez-arboleda_at_leeds.ac.uk

Assessment of Year Abroad
  • All transcripts and work/voluntary placement
    evaluation forms should now have been submitted
  • Weblog Summary should be submitted by 12 noon on
    1st October to the General Office with a
    Declaration of Academic Integrity
  • The General Office will have a list of which
    tutors have been assigned which students for this
    exercise (dont ask during IntroWeek!)
  • Weblogs and any essays can be collected so that
    you can gain feedback from Monday 2nd November
    (to be confirmed).

Residence Abroad
  • Initial Residence Abroad Meeting
  • Wednesday 21st October
  • Come along and tell Level 2 students about your
    Year Abroad and/or Term Abroad.

Residence Abroad
  • British Council Language Assistantships
  • Wednesday 28th October
  • Work/Voluntary Placements
  • Wednesday 4th November
  • If you were a Language Assistant or did a Work
    Placement on your Year Abroad then come along and
    help us.

Franco Scire Latin American Travel Award
  • Worth 500
  • Student must have travelled in Latin America and
    be writing up a project (an Extended Essay), and
    give a presentation in final year.

Photography Competition
  • Open to all Level 3 students for submission of
    photos of their Year Abroad destinations and
  • Please submit a maximum of 5 pictures, blown up
    to A4 size (either a photocopy, or digital
    print-out), in colour or B/W (but preferably
    colour if thats the kind of film you used), and
    please remember to write your full name and email
    address on the back of each print, together with
    a brief description of what the picture shows and
    where it was taken
  • Deadline for submissions Monday 2nd November, to
    the General Office.
  • A selection of the entries will be displayed in
    the Department, and the winning entries will be
    selected by T.B.C.
  • 1st prize 25 2nd prize 15 3rd prize 10.

Post-graduate study
  • Dr Richard Cleminson
  • Director of Post-graduate Studies and Research
  • r.m.cleminson_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • Taught MA
  • MA in World Cinemas
  • MA in Modern Languages and Cultures
  • MA in Translation and Interpreting

Post-graduate study
  • MA by Research
  • Spain and the Philippines A Cultural Reconquest?
  • Labyrinth Imagery and Discourse in the Novels of
    Jose Saramago
  • Neoindigenism and Miguel Méndezs Chicano novel
    Peregrinos de Aztlán
  • Women-in-Prison Films as a response to the
    feminist movements in the 1970s the case of
    Brazilian Cinema.
  • Three good reasons to do an MA

Post-graduate study
  • Three good reasons to do an MA
  • Employability
  • Did you know that REGARDLESS of what type of MA
    you take, you improve your job and earning
  • Thus, an MA is a sound investment for your
    future, regardless of whether you want to work
    with languages.

Post-graduate study
  • Three good reasons to do an MA
  • It wont break the bank!
  • Did you know that the SMLC _at_ Leeds University
    gave away over 40,000 worth of funding to
    post-graduate students who are starting their
    studies in 2009?

Post-graduate study
  • Three good reasons to do an MA
  • Another chance to prove yourself intellectually
  • Many finalists really come into their own in
    academic terms in the final year, but because of
    a less than glowing performance in second-year,
    miss out on a first-class degree. Post-graduate
    study is ideally suited for such students, as it
    is a chance to prove themselves intellectually.

Post-graduate study
  • Rhian Atkin
  • "A Research MA provides you with a huge amount of
    skills that other employers look for. This type
    of degree is different from a taught MA, because
    you get to make all the decisions (with the
    support of a supervisor). Its a bit like a
    longer final year dissertation you decide on a
    project, do lots of research (which can include
    field work abroad), and write a thesis of about
    100 pages. It sounds like a lot, but I found I
    had to cut mine down! If youre really passionate
    about a particular area of study, it is the
    perfect way to develop your skills and do exactly
    what you want to. A research degree also sets you
    apart when youre applying for jobs, because it
    says that you are a capable and efficient project
    manager who can think independently and
    innovatively. Holding an MA by Research is
    especially good if, like me, you got a 21. It
    means you can prove what your strengths really
    are I got a distinction in the MA by Research,
    and that was partly because it allowed me to
    develop my strengths and work in the area I
    really enjoy."

Post-graduate study
  • Amy Pressland
  • "Studying at Masters Level has been a big step up
    from last years finals. It has given me an
    enormous challenge which is hard work but at the
    same time, extremely satisfying. Having studied a
    BA French and Spanish at the University of Leeds,
    I spent the third academic year in Chile, South
    America. There I fell in love with the continent
    and in particular its history, politics, identity
    and colonial past.
  • I applied for the MA Colonial and Postcolonial
    Studies because it has allowed me to keep up my
    academic contact with Hispanic studies. The work
    load is certainly greater than at Undergraduate
    level but doing an MA does not mean your social
    life stops all together! I have only 2 classes
    per week, each of 2 hours in duration.

Instituto Cervantes
  • Antonio Martínez Arboleda
  • Departmental Liaison Officer with the Instituto
  • Email a.martinez-arboleda_at_leeds.ac.uk

Instituto Camões
  • Dr David Frier
  • Liaison Officer with the Instituto Camões
  • Email d.g.frier_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • Sofia Martinho
  • Director of the Instituto Camões Centre for
    Portuguese Language
  • Email s.martinho_at_leeds.ac.uk

Institut Ramon Llull
  • Kristina Plà
  • Lectora of the Institut Ramon Llull
  • Email k.plafernandez_at_leeds.ac.uk

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