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Olive Leaf Extract


Helps in eliminating herpes and shingles (Herpes zoster). Benefits of OLE ... of the herpes family of viral infection that cause shingles and genital herpes. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract
  • By
  • Adirondack(M) Sdn. Bhd.

What is Olive leaf extract
  • Olive Leaf Extract is derived from the leaves of
    the olive tree.
  • It contain oleuropein, an enzyme which break down
    into elenolic acid.
  • Elenolic acid is found to have powerful
    antiviral, antibacterial,antifungal and
    antiparasitic effect.

History of olive leaf extract ?
  • Olive trees has always been referred to as the
    king of trees in ancient times.
  • It has been written in the scriptures that God
    speaks of a tree where the fruit shall be for
    meat, and the leaf there of for medicine. That
    tree today is the olive plant.
  • Thomas Jefferson call the olive tree as the
    richest gift of Heaven in view of the numerous
    inherent health qualities it could contribute to

Discovery of olive leaf extract
  • In 1800, Dr Etienne Pallas M.D. discovered the
    medicinal effects of olive leaves.
  • He isolated a crystallisable compound and name it
    vauqueline, a bitter substance to which he used
    for fever reducing treatment.

Discovery of olive leaf extract
  • The breakthrough for the olive leaf extract came
    in 1995 when East Park Research developed a
    patented extraction process (Stereoisomer
    extraction), which extracts the therapeutic
    elements from the leaf.
  • The product produced under this new patent is
    called OD-LenolateO olive leaf extract

How does olive leaf extract works on virus ?
  • Oleuropein interferes with some specific amino
    acid processes that is vital to the life cycle of
  • Oleuropein inactivate and prohibit virus from
    shedding, dubbing or assembly at the cell
  • Stimulate host defense system by direct
    stimulation of phagocytosis

How does olive leaf extract works on virus ?
  • Oleuropein neutralize the reverse transcriptase
    and protease (ie relates to retroviral ability to
    alter the host cell RNA).
  • Oleuropein penetrate infected host cells while
    inhibiting viral replication.
  • Note The antiviral activity of elolenic acid is
    greatest in an alkaline environment of pH 7.5
    which is very close to our normal blood pH of

How does olive leaf extract works on bacteria ?
  • Oleuropein slows down the growth rate and
    inhibits a number of enzymes.
  • It induces damage to the bacterial cell membrane
    thus affecting its permeability and resulting in
    a leakage of cytoplasmic constituents.
  • It inhibit micrococcal nuclease and lysozyme.

How does olive leaf extract works on bacteria ?
  • Oleuropein inhibits enzymes by reacting with the
    e-amino group of exposed lysine residues and the
    exposed n-terminal amino group of polypeptide
  • Irreversible inhibition of DNA polymerase II and
    inhibition of DNA polymerase III holoenzymes.
  • Immune activation of host defense through direct
    stimulation of phagocytic activity.

How does olive leaf extract works ?
Benefits of olive leaf extract
  • Helps to lower blood pressure and reduce
    cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps decrease blood sugar level.
  • Contain antioxidants that inhibit oxidation of
    LDP (low density lipoprotein) or so called bad
  • Reduce swollen lymph nodes.
  • Helps in eliminating herpes and shingles (Herpes

Benefits of OLE
  • Reduce uric acid, acidity and gout problem.
  • Helps to reduce chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Fights against fungal infections and vaginal
    yeast infections.
  • Helps in the treatment of Malaria and Dengue
  • Slows down degenerative diseases and boost immune

Are there any side effects ?
  • No, because olive leaf extract is non-toxic.
  • However, a die off or healing crisis may occur
    from killing too many pathogens too quickly.
  • This is experienced as "flu-like" symptoms or
    allergic attacks.

How does this happen ?
  • When large quantities of microbes are killed off,
    the bodys cell membranes tend to absorb some of
    the toxic products from these dead organisms.
  • This may cause an allergic response (ie pain and
    swelling of the joints, sinuses, slight pain at
    the eustachian tubes in the ears etc.)

How to overcome the healing crisis ?
  • If unfavourable reactions still continue,
    decrease the dosage by half.
  • Stop consuming the olive leaf extract until
    symptoms recover.
  • Drink as many as 3 to 4 glasses of water after
    each dosage.

OLE and fungus/yeast infection.
  • Olive leaf extract is antifungal and anti-yeast.
  • Because antibiotics kill both the friendly and
    unfriendly organisms, they upset the delicate
    balance of our bodys natural defenses.
  • The result has been a paradise for yeast and
    fungi not harmed by the antibiotics, which
    flourish without competition from other natural
    bacterial allies.

OLE and fungi/yeast infection
  • Since yeast prefers a diet high in sugars, our
    overindulgence in sweets further benefited yeast
    populations and contributed to illness and
  • Fungi and yeast species that have shown
    sensitivity to oleuropein include geotrichum
    candid urn, rhizopus sp. and rhizoctonia solani.

OLE and heart disease
  • Atherosclerotic heart disease and stroke remains
    the number one killer despite all the advances in
  • A major risk factor for artherosclerosis is the
    elevation of serum lipids ie LDLs.
  • Oxidised LDLs are taken up by the endothelial
    cells and monocytes by way of their scavenger

OLE and heart disease.
  • This lead to the formation of cholesterol ester
    loaded foam cells and atherosclerotic plaques.
  • In the advanced stages, this can lead to the
    death of the endothelial cells (which is the cell
    at the innermost layer of the blood vessel).
  • Oleuropein is a polyphenolic compound these
    naturally occurring phytochemicals are very
    potent antioxidants.
  • Oleuropein has been shown to inhibit the
    oxidation of LDLs and atherogenic activity.

OLE and hypertension
  • Hypertension is a common disorder encountered and
    diagnosed by many physicians.
  • Because there is usually no pain associated with
    its occurrence , many patients are unaware of the
    problems until it is too late, as in the case of
    a stroke.

OLE and hypertension
  • An important component of OLE is oleuropeside.
  • This compound has been shown to activate the
    vasodilation of blood vessels.
  • This result in decreased arterial blood pressure,
    decreased atrial rate, decreased cardiac
    contractility and anti-arrhythmic effects.
  • OLE ingredients act synergistically to potentiate
    the relaxant effect of oleuropeside.

OLE and immune system
  • If a persons immune system is overburdened in
    fighting a war against an influx of infectious
    germs, the immune system becomes weak and the
    body is more susceptible to sickness.
  • When oleuropein is taken orally, 2 natural
    enzymes in the body, esterase and
    beta-glucosidase, convert the oleuropein to
    elolenic acid.
  • Elolenic acid helps to strengthen the immune

OLE and immune system
  • The ingredients in OLE support and boost the
    immune system in 3 ways -
  • 1 Interfering with the pathogens amino acid
    properties. This prevents the pathogen from
    reproducing and creating more microbes within the
    body. Studies has indicated that elolenic acid
    can enter infected cells in the body and stop
    viral cells from replicating.

OLE and immune system
  • Preventing virus shedding, the means by which
    viruses reproduce. Elolenic acid attaches to the
    cell membrane to stop viruses from multiplying
    and spreading. In the case of retroviruses,
    elolenic acid neutralizes the production of
    reverse transcriptase and protease. These enzymes
    are essential for a retrovirus, such as HIV, to
    alter the RNA of a healthy cell. Without them,
    the retrovirus is rendered impotent.
  • 3. Directly stimulating phagocytosis, an immune
    system response in which cells ingest
    micro-organisms and foreign matter.

OLE and energy increase
  • OLE produces substantial energy.
  • The likely reason for this is that the body is
    now freed from fighting so many opportunistic
  • Without having to direct much of its energy
    inward for immune processes, the body can direct
    that energy level outwards to be used as desired.

OLE and chronic fatigue
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a rather prevalent
    condition of late.
  • It is caused by the Epstein Barr virus, a member
    of the herpes family of viral infection that
    cause shingles and genital herpes.
  • Symptoms of CFS include chronic fatigue as well
    as fever, sore throat, swollen glands, loss of
    appetite, insomnia, recurrent respiratory
    infections, nausea, intestinal problems, stomach
    ache, diarrhoea, anxiety, cough, depression, rash
    and skin problems, vomiting, mood swings,
    swelling, sleep problems, weight gain or loss,
    temporary memory loss, loss of concentration,
    unusual stress, headaches and other aches and

OLE and fibromyalgia
  • Fibromyalgia is another syndrome that has been
    diagnosed with increasing frequency over the last
    few years.
  • It is very much like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    with approximately 2 of the total population has
    fibromyalgia, while 20 of the female population
    between the ages of 40 and 60 years old age
  • Fibromyalgia is a disorder that manifests itself
    in various parts of the body.

OLE and fibromyalgia.
  • The symptoms of fibromyalgia include aches,
    pains, stiffness, localised tenderness and
    swelling, fatigue, stress, headache, sore throat,
    intestinal problems, depressions, anxiety, memory
    blanks, loss of concentration, mood swings and
    non-refreshing sleep.
  • Dr Walter Gunn states that this disease is some
    kind of immune dysfunction.

OLE and fibromyalgia
  • OLE empowers the immune system by increasing
    phagocytes, the bodys natural killer cells.
  • OLE also has a proven record in vitro against
    viruses and latent viruses as well as numerous
    other pathogens.

OLE and cardiovascular health
  • OLE is well known and well documented to have a
    positive health benefit to the cardiovascular
  • Petroni and Blasevich at the Institute of
    Pharmacological Studies, University of Milan
    found that OLE reduced blood platelet
    aggregation. This could potentially result in
    lessened risk of blood clots and heart problems.

OLE and cardiovascular health
  • In 1994, Petroni and Blasevichs partners at the
    University of Milan, F. Visioli and C. Galli
    showed that olive leaf derivatives are good
    antioxidants that prevent serious heart problems.
  • V. Petkov while working on his research in Europe
    wrote several journals in the United States on
    the use of OLE in nutritionally maintaining
    healthy cardiovascular systems and helping other
    heart problems.
  • In April 1995, Thrombosis Research reported the
    beneficial effect caused by the antioxidant
    properties in OLE.

OLE and cholesterol
  • Perez-Jimenez and Espino, in their 1995 article
    in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
    demonstrated that OLE increased high density
    lipids or good cholesterol by 7.
  • In 1994, experiments at the University of Milans
    Institute of Pharmacological Sciences found that
    OLE inhibited the oxidation of low-density
    lipoproteins, the so-called bad cholesterol
    connected to various heart problems.

OLE and cholesterol
  • In 1966 study by Ruiz-Gutierrez and Muriana at
    the University Hospital found that components in
    OLE boosted high-density lipids (good
    cholesterol) and reduced significantly the
    low-density lipids (bad cholesterol).

OLE Nutritional support for the heart
  • OLE helps solve the nutritional problems
    associated with a weakened cardiovascular system.
  • Ribeiro and Fiuza reported in the Journal of
    Ethno-Pharmacology that OLE has the ability to
    lower blood pressure.
  • Similarly, A. Zarzuelo and J. Duarte from
    Pharmacology Department at the University of
    Granada, Spain confirmed the findings that OLE is
    largely responsible for maintaining good
    cardiovascular system and the compound elolenic
    acid in OLE potentiates the presuure lessening

OLE- Nutritional support for the heart.
  • In 1996, study from the Hospital in Seville,
    Spain found that phenolic-rich OLE reduced both
    the systolic and diastolic blood presuures.
  • OLE is a powerful antioxidant much like
    flavonoids and proanthocyanadins. These very
    compounds protect the heart and cardiovascular
    system from free-radical induced damage and
    promote good health.

OLE and Colds Flus
  • Eighty years ago, a flu swept the globe and
    killed 21 million people.
  • The mortality rate was 10 times worse than the
    normal strain of influenza. New flu strain such
    as Birds flu, SARS caught the world by surprise.
  • Many people had fevers of 104 C, and died died as
    their lungs filled with fluid.

OLE and Colds Flus
  • Many become delirious (disordered state of mind
    such as wild excitement, tremors, and terrifying
    delusions during feverish illness) before they
  • In the US, 675,000 people died from the flu in
    less than a year.
  • Many Americans fall prey to several colds every
    year. In 1990, 43.4 of Americans suffered
    through at least one type of flu, which is more
    than 110 million people missing from work, school
    and other aspects of their lives due infections

OLE and Colds Flus
  • Research has shown that OLE could substantially
    reduce ones susceptibility to cold or flu
  • Dr Robert Lyons performed a clinical test of his
    patients using OLE. Of the 164 patients suffering
    from respiratory and lung conditions (colds, flu,
    lung problem and the like), 157 fully recovered
    and 7 improved while using OLE. Thats success
    rate of almost 96.
  • OLE is a true germ killer since it selectively
    blocks an entire virus-specific system in the
    infected host. It is an organic health supplement
    that replaces pharmaceutical antibiotics !.

OLE The Natural Antibiotic
  • According to federal researchers, deaths from
    infectious disease rose by 58 from 1980 to 1992,
    in third place behind heart disease and cancer.
  • WHO says that by the year 2000 other than Western
    technological medicine would be needed in order
    for all people to have adequate health care. WHO
    recommended the use of traditional forms of
    healing and medicine, such as the use of herbs ,
    to meet the demands of an exploding global
    population. The recommendation was adopted by WHO.

OLE The Natural Antibiotic
  • Most antibiotics suppress the immune system and
    nearly all of them destroy beneficial organisms
    in the intestinal tract.
  • Antibiotics today render little use against most
    newly-named super-bug germs. With no new
    antibiotics on the horizon, this poses a grave
    threat to health.
  • This is a big medical problem today that lead to
    disease epidemics largely as a result of overuse
    of antibiotics and many microbes are resistant to
    these medicines.

OLE The Natural Antibiotic
  • OLE empowers the immune system by directly
    stimulating production of the immune system cells
    called phagocytes. These phagocytes move
    throughout the body looking for foreign invaders.
    They then neutralize any abnormal organism that
    they find.

OLE The Natural Antibiotic
  • An important fact is that microbes cannot be
    resistant to phagocyte cells like they can to
    drug or antibiotic interventions.
  • OLE contains flavonoids, esters and multiple
    iridoids that create a structurally complicated
  • Micro-organisms cannot readily develop a
    resistance to OLEs complex structure.
  • OLE does not disturb the beneficial bacteria in
    the intestines.

OLE- The Natural Antibiotics
  • Example OLE has shown itself to be the only
    effective and nutritional remedy available for
    the fatal Bacillus cereus contamination. This is
    a micro-organism that infects the body and there
    is no known medical treatment or cure once
    infected, it takes over the body and the person
  • Tassou and Nychas, researches at the Ministry of
    Agriculture in Athens, Greece detailed the
    results of their studies in the prestigious
    journals Lancet and Biotechnology Applied
    Biochemistry, stating that OLE and oleuropein
    inhibit the germination and growth of the

OLE and parasites
  • We are living longer, but not healthier. Numerous
    authorities believe that a significant cause for
    this lack of health is the existence of
  • Dr Hazel parcels states that 85 of adult North
    Americans are infected with parasites.
  • WHO categorises parasites as among the 6 most
    harmful infectious diseases in humans.
  • Parasites can inhabit muscle tissue, the
    digestive tract, the bloodstream and even the
    brain, heart and other vital organs.

OLE and parasites.
  • Parasites can be microscopic in size or can
    stretch up to 30 feet long.
  • Most people think of parasites as tapeworms,
    hookworms, roundworms and flatworms. There are
    more than that.
  • The Centre for Disease Control considers parasite
    caused Giardia to be the number one waterborne
    disease. It has been found in the water supplies
    of major cities in America.
  • Giardia is one of the many microscopic organisms
    that can greatly interfere with physical and
    mental functioning. This parasite can coat the
    intestinal wall, inhibiting digestion and

OLE and parasites.
  • Parasites can be contracted by eating undercooked
    beef, pork, fish or other meats, walking barefoot
    on infected soil, through intimate and casual
    physical contact, being in contact with flies or
    mosquitoes, eating unclean raw vegetables,
    drinking infected water, close physical contact
    with cats, dogs or other pets and simply
    contacting unclean environments through breathing
    or touching.

OLE and parasites
  • Current laboratory testing finds only about 1
    of the more than 1000 parasites that can live in
    the human body.
  • Parasite infestations manifests itself in less
    obvious ways, many times hidden within the
    symptoms of various chronic health problems.

OLE and parasites
  • Problems caused by parasites include
    hypoglycemia, indigestion, a weakened immune
    system, fatigue or lack of energy, colitis, back
    pain, headaches, acne and other skin problems,
    poor assimilation, nausea, vomiting, lack of
    concentration, weakness, flu-like symptoms,
    muscle and joint pain, weight loss, a feeling of
    fullness in the stomach, appetite loss or
    uncontrolled appetite, gas, dizziness, memory
    loss, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, irritability,
    abdominal pain, menstrual problems and bed

OLE and parasites
  • Some researchers claim that the waste material
    produced by flukes is extremely carcinogenic and
    contributes to the formation of cancer.
  • Microscopic parasites can cause arthritis-like
  • Parasites are notoriously difficult to kill and
    expel from the body. OLE exhibits powerful
    anti-parasitic action against parasites.

OLE and dengue
  • OLE is used in the treatment of tropical
    infections such as Malaria and Dengue.
  • As far back as 1827, OLE has been used for the
    treatment of malaria.
  • In 1906, one medical report stated that OLE is
    far more superior than quinine for malaria
    infections. In studies performed by Upjohn
    Company, elolenic acid, the substance within
    eleuropein was found to be effective against the
    malarial protozoa.

OLE and food poisoning
  • Mortimer and McCann, English researcher reporting
    in the May 1974 issue of Lancet, a prestigious
    medical journal found that fried rice , a Chinese
    dish was sometimes contaminated with the deadly
    Bacillus cereus bacteria and causes food
  • Symptoms include nausea, belching (sending out
    wind from stomach or through the mouth),
    flatulence (gas in the digestive tract),
    indigestion, oral frothing (foaming), vomiting,
    diarrhoea, burning stomach, sore abdomen,
    muscular weakness, pain in the upper body, heart
    damage, severe borne pain, body temperature
    fluctuations, mental confusion, extreme
    depression, abdominal distention (swelling),
    respiratory inflammation and permanent heart and
    lung damage.

OLE and food poisoning
  • OLE has been shown to be the only effective and
    nutritional remedy available for the fatal
    Bacillus cereus contamination.
  • OLE contains flavonoids, esters and multiple
    iridoids that create a structurally complicated
    molecule that kill the bad micro-organism and
    does not disturb the beneficial bacteria in the

OLE and Candida ,Yeast ,Fungus
  • Candida albicans is a yeast which normally exists
    in a certain amount in the intestines. It is a
    symbiotic relationship normally it causes no
    problems in healthy people.
  • However, once allowed to grow beyond this amount,
    in a situation called yeast overgrowth, problems
  • Candida enters newborn infants during or shortly
    after birth. By 6 months of age, 90 of all
    babies test positive for Candida.

OLE and Candida
  • Symptoms of Candidasis include fatigue, lethargy,
    depression, headaches, muscle aches or weakness,
    joint pain, abdominal pain, constipation,
    diarrhoea, gas, vaginal burning, itching or
    discharge, prostatisis, endometriosis,
    infertility,menstrual problems, PMS,
    anxiety,irritability. Drowsiness, lack of
    coordination, mood swings, insomnia, eczema,
    itching eyes, psoriasis, sensitivity to food,
    itching, cough, or recurrent bronchitis, urinary
    frequency or urgency, burning on urination,
    recurrent infections, inability to concentrate,
    skin problems, gastrointestinal symptoms, nervous
    system problems, recurrent yeast infections in
    women, allergies, sinus problems, recurrent colds
    and flu, indigestion, respiratory problems, food
    cravings, asthma and over or underweight.

OLE and Candida
  • Diets high in carbohydrates, sugar, yeast and
    yeast products, as well as moulds and fermented
    foods provide a ripe breeding ground for Candida.
  • Prolonged exposure to moulds,antibiotics and
    sulfa drugs also pose a threat.
  • For women, taking birth control pills or having
    multiple pregnancies can raise or lower bodys pH
    level to provide a favourable environment for the
    growth of Candida.
  • Stress, poor nutrition, pollution, steroids,
    antibiotics and hormones in meat and milk
    products may also be a contributing cause.
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