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C. B. Eller Elementary School


The summer is over and it's time again to have another ... Edith Graham. Tracey Hemric. Carol Luffman. Ann Lyles. Heather Smith. Shelia Stone. Susan Wagoner ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: C. B. Eller Elementary School

C. B. Eller Elementary School
  • Parent and Student Handbook
  • Planning Calendar
  • 2008 2009

Going for the Gold!
  • Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Community
  • The summer is over and its time again to have
    another wonderful year at C. B. Eller. I have
    been very busy over the last two months working
    on new projects and initiatives for our teachers
    and students. Even though we did not make AYP
    with our free and reduced subgroup, we made high
    growth. AYP is under No Child Left Behind and
    high growth is North Carolinas standards.
    Overall, we had a great year last year, and I
    believe this is going to be another year of great
    progress. As we move to continue to make C. B.
    Eller the best elementary school, I ask for your
    continued help and support. We are going to need
    to work more closely this year to ensure we make
    AYP at the end of this school year. I believe
    with the changes we made, the support from the
    home, and students love for school and learning
    we are going to make all federal mandates with
    flying colors. It will have to be a team effort.
  • Once again, there are many academic changes that
    will require the staff, parents, and students to
    work together. North Carolina Department of
    Education has been working with counties for the
    last five years to change how schools identify
    exceptional children and work with at-risk
    students. C. B. Eller will begin the initiative
    called Response to Instruction , RtI. Students
    that are struggling or are at-risk will be
    involved in intensive focused instructions to get
    their academics or behaviors up to grade level.
    I have spent eight days learning the new
    procedures and will assist teachers and parents
    in learning how to help their student/child have
    a positive academic experience. The old way of
    identifying students to be served in the
    Exceptional Children's program has been
    completely changed. In the past you heard the
    school personnel use the term Green Folder when
    we were looking at students academic/behavior
    progress. The new language is the RtI process.
    More information will be given throughout the
    year. I believe strongly this is best for
    students and look forward to continuing to learn
    and implement it at C. B. Eller. All elementary
    schools in Wilkes County Schools will be making
    this positive move. We will have individual
    meetings with parents who have students at-risk
    or not performing where they need to be to
    explain how your child will be instructed.
  • Over the last two years, I have heard parents
    concerns about the fourth and fifth grade math
    curriculum, and how they have difficulty helping
    their child. I hired Mrs. Farrelly over the
    summer to develop a parent math handbook. Each
    objective is covered with examples of how you can
    help your child. The State has adopted a new
    math curriculum, but it will not go into effect
    until the 2009-2010 school year. I hope the
    handbook helps you assist your child. I have
    also instructed my teachers to let the students
    bring their math textbooks home.
  • I encourage you to carefully read this handbook
    it provides valuable information on everything
    from new staff, curriculum changes, policies and
    procedures for the school day. Please feel free
    to contact me if you have any questions
    (allenc_at_wilkes.k12.nc.us or 835-5640). I look
    forward to working with you this year, and the
    staff and I will do our best to help each child
    meet his/her academic, social, and emotional
    potential. With a positive home/school
    relationship this will be a great year for your
  • Sincerely,
  • Carrie S. Allen
  • Principal

Meet the Staff
  • Office
  • Carrie Allen Principal
  • Tammy Darnell Administrative Assistant
  • Lisa Holcomb Data Manager
  • Custodians
  • Penny Money Head Custodian
  • Sharon Collins
  • Carolyn Poteat
  • Cafeteria
  • Shirley Harris
  • Teresa Blackburn
  • Kim Collins Assistant Manager
  • Donna Royal Manager
  • Kathy Scott
  • Bus Drivers
  • Sharon Collins
  • Teachers
  • Christy Anderson Pre-K
  • Amanda Knighten Pre-K
  • Katy Willis K
  • Pat Hiatt K
  • Tammy Johnson K
  • Kayla Billings 1st
  • Beth Hemric 1st
  • Carrie Vestal 1st
  • Jamie Williams 1st
  • Elaine Collins 2nd
  • Penny Grit 2nd
  • Krystal Myers 2nd
  • Kim Bauguess 3rd
  • Carol Cleary 3rd
  • Melissa Chipman 3rd
  • Melanie Cook 4th
  • Ava Brinegar 4th
  • Kelly Waters 5th

August 2008 Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
General Information
  • School Address 1288 C. B. Eller School Road,
    Elkin, NC 28621
  • School Phone 336-835-5640
  • School Fax 336-526-2220
  • School Colors Red, Black, and White
  • School Mascot Trojan
  • Daily Schedule 730a.m. Students may arrive on
    campus and go to the cafeteria.
  • 805a.m. Breakfast ends and Tardy bell
  • 810a.m. Morning announcements
  • 1055a.m. Lunch begins
  • 230p.m. Instructional day ends/afternoon
  • 235p.m. School is dismissed.
  • Arrival Time
  • We request that no student arrive on campus prior
    to 730a.m. It is a safety concern to have
    students arriving prior to this time, as no staff
    members are available for supervision until 730.
    Students arriving between 730 and 750 should
    report to the cafeteria. We appreciate your help
    with this important matter. Please have your
    child remain in the car until a staff member is
    on car duty.
  • Phone Calls
  • In order to ensure uninterrupted class time,
    teachers will not be allowed to answer phone
    calls during the school day we will be happy to
    take a message and have the teacher return the
    call after school. Please be respectful to the
    school office personnel and make all arrangements
    with your child about school departure prior to
    dropping him/her off to school.
  • Bringing Food to School

September 2008 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
  • Statement of Non-Discrimination
  • In compliance with federal laws, Wilkes County
    Schools administers all locally operated
    educational programs, employment activities and
    admissions without discrimination because of
    race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color,
    age, marital status, pregnancy, military service,
    disability, or gender, except where exemption is
    appropriate and allowed by law.  Questions or
    concerns should be directed to
  • Vickie Hugger, Title II Coordinator
  • Nancy Wilson, Assistant Superintendent
  • Bruce Burkhart, Exceptional Children Director,
  • Todd Williams, CTE Director, Vocational Programs
  • Pat Mazza, 504 Coordinator
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Parents have the right to inspect and review
    education records, to seek to amend education
    records, and to have some control over the
    disclosure of information from education records.
    Parents should submit their request in writing
    to the principal. (These rights transfer to the
    student when the student turns 18 or attends a
    postsecondary institution.) Directory information
    (not generally considered harmful or an invasion
    of privacy) can be displayed by the school unless
    parents request it not be made public. Examples
    would include photographs, participation in clubs
    and sports. Directory information will not
    include student identification numbers or social
    security numbers.
  • Reference Board Policy 4700 Student Records and
    FERPA Act, 20 USC 1232g,h, 34 CFR pt. 99
  • AHERA Notification
  • The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
    (AHERA) requires educational agencies to inform
    employees, parents and students regarding certain
    asbestos related activities. These include the
    availability of management plans, re-inspections,
    periodic surveillance and response actions.
  • The AHERA Management plan is available for public
    inspection at each school office, the central
    administrative office and the maintenance
  • Total re-inspections are conducted every three
    years and a periodic surveillance is conducted
    every six months. All response actions needed to
    maintain or control asbestos containing materials
    are carried out be the state accredited personnel
    or properly trained maintenance personnel.
  • Wilkes County Schools are 100 Tobacco Free.
    Policy Code 7251
  • No students, staff members, or school visitors
    may be permitted to use tobacco products on
    school property at any time. This will include
    athletic fields and parking lots owned, leased,
    rented, or chartered by the Wilkes County Board
    of Education. This will also include any
    school-sponsored or school-related event on
    campus or off campus in view of the general
    public or any or all persons of student age.
  • In addition, school district employees, school
    volunteers, or other persons performing services
    on behalf of the school district are also
    prohibited from using tobacco products at any
    time while on duty either on or off school
    grounds in the presence of students.
  • For the purposes of this policy, tobacco
    product is defined to include cigarettes,
    cigars, blunts, bidis, pipes, chewing tobacco,
    snuff and any other items containing tobacco.
    Tobacco use includes smoking, chewing, dipping,
    or any other use of tobacco products.

October 2008 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
K-2 Promotion Standards Students should meet
85 of the checklist.
Kindergarten Standard First Grade Standard
Second Grade Standard
November 2008 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
School Procedures
Free and Reduced Meals Applications for free
and reduced meals will be distributed to every
household during the first days of school. We
urge each household to complete a form. These
completed applications help the school to receive
federal Title I funding, which is a great asset
to our school. All Information will remain
confidential. Cafeteria Prices Meal prices for
Wilkes County Schools for the 2006-2007 school
year will be as follows Breakfast
Lunch 1.00 Paid Students 1.75 Paid
Students 0.30 Reduced Students 0.40 Reduced
students 1.50 Adults/Staff 3.00
Adults/Staff Dress Code The purpose of the dress
code is to ensure that a students dress and
appearance promotes a positive learning
environment and does not disrupt the learning of
others or the general operation of the school.
The health and safety of each student is also a
high priority of the Wilkes County School System.
Clothing or accessories that could potentially
be, or perceived to be, threatening to a
students health and safety is strictly
prohibited. The school administration has the
responsibility and right to determine what is
disruptive to the school environment. The
cooperation of school personnel, students, and
parents or guardians is essential in implementing
a meaningful dress code. These decisions will be
made in accordance with, but not limited to, the
following guidelines. Shorts, pants, and skirts
should be a length appropriate to the individual
students physical development Tops should cover
shoulders and midriff Undergarments should not
be visible Shoes must be worn at all
times Headwear (hats, bandanas, visors, etc.) is
not to be worn inside the building Clothing that
promotes or displays violence, illegal substances
for school-aged children, profanity, or obscenity
must be covered. Revealing or provocative
clothing should not be worn. Car Line Please
help keep the students and staff at C.B. Eller
safe by following the car line signs. All
parents or guardians need to go through the car
line when picking up or dropping off students.
Please do not park and then go into the school to
pick up your child, this causes
confusion. Volunteers All volunteers who want
to work with students without the supervision of
a certified staff member must complete a new
volunteer application and background check
release.  For your convenience we have added this
to the WCS web page.  Go to our web page and to
"site map" and then to "volunteerism."  At the
bottom of this screen you will find the volunteer
handbook, the volunteer application and the
background release form. These two forms may be
faxed to us but they must have the volunteer's
signature.  Fax them to Linda Johnson at
667-5607. Those parents who want to be
classroom/media helpers or volunteer in the
classroom and do not want to work individually
with students away from a certified staff member
do not have to fill out a volunteer application.
Visitors To ensure the safety and security
of our students, parents and other visitors are
required to report to the school office to sign
in and receive a visitors pass. Teachers will
ask for a visitors pass if they do not see one.
For security of students, please never use a back
or side door. Please come to the office. Parents
are always welcome and are encouraged to visit
the school for scheduled activities and events
otherwise, parents must call and arrange an
appointment if they wish to speak or conference
with a teacher. Visiting Other Students Home A
student going home with a fellow student must
furnish written permission from his/her parents.
Also, a student taking a fellow student home
with him/her must have written permission from
his/her parents. Notes must be turned into the
office by 815. No phone calls will be accepted
unless it is an emergency. Bus Route and
Operating Policies Bus routes and stops are
planned and established by the school
administrators and the county Director of School
Transportation. Routes are established according
to State guidelines and within the time frame of
the teachers daily schedule so that appropriate
supervision of students is possible. Buses do
not arrive before 730 a.m. and leave before or
by 330p.m.
December 2008 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
School Procedures
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • Classes begin at 805 a.m. Supervision is
    provided for student from730 a.m. to 330 p.m.
    Duty teachers report at 730 a.m. and all other
    faculty members at 745 a.m. NO STUDENT IS TO
    ARRIVE AT SCHOOL BFORE 730. Any student who
    arrives on the school grounds before 745 a.m.
    should report to the cafeteria and wait with the
    duty teachers until dismissed. First bus load
    students are dismissed at 235 p.m. Car riders
    will be dismissed at approximately 240. Parents
    or guardians should provide the school with a
    list of who is allowed to pick up their child.
    Someone with be checking this list in the car
    line, as well as at the building. Duty teachers
    and Safety Patrol members will assist car riders
    in loading. PRE-K students may be dismissed at
    215 p.m. or at the regular times
  • Please do not come in before 235 p.m. and ask
    for students to be called for over the intercom.
    We want to avoid disrupting the instructional day
    for all students. For the protection of our
    students, we require parents to come to the
    office to sign out a student. Teachers will not
    release students from the classroom to parents or
    any other person. Any relative or person other
    than the parent or legal guardian must have
    written permission from the parent or legal
    guardian before a student will be allowed to
    leave school. Students can not sign themselves
    out. If a student should return to school after
    having signed out, he/she should come by the
    office to sign back in. Students will need a
    pass from the office before they can get back
    into class. Students who are checked in late or
    checked out early may be counted as absent,
    according to school board policy these students
    may be required to complete make up time.
  • Cancellation of School
  • Cancellation or delay of school takes place only
    during circumstances such as extreme weather,
    equipment failure, or public crises. Before
    winter, students will bring home a letter giving
    information about the operation of school during
    inclement weather. PLEASE WATCH FOR TV
  • Attendance
  • Regular attendance is essential to a students
    success in school. Most subjects are taught in
    sequence requiring the understanding of each
    concept in the order of its presentation.
    Persistent absenteeism creates a genuine hardship
    for a student and is regarded as a very serious
    problem. Regular attendance is rewarded during
    quarterly and end of the year awards programs.
  • Attendance Makeup Work and Time
  • Students absent from school are responsible for
    all work and information missed in each class.
    Teachers will work with the students and set
    deadlines for when school work is to be completed
    and turned in for credit. Any work turned in
    after the predetermined deadline will affect
    grades. Make-up time is required for all
    unexcused absences. According to county policy,
    parents will be sent a letter when a student has
    three, six, and ten unexcused absences. If a
    student has more than twelve absences, makeup
    time is required even if the absences are
    excused. A doctors note is required for
    absences which exceed twelve unless extenuating
    circumstances are approved by the School-Wide
    Assistance Team. Educational travel is unexcused
    until all time requirements and class assignments
    are made up. Students and their parents are
    responsible for knowing the attendance policy as
    discussed in the attendance trifold sent home
    with each student. Policy Code 4400
  • Tardy
  • Five (5) unexcused tardies to school shall
    constitute one unexcused absence for makeup
  • Suspensions
  • The absence of a student which results from
    suspension, out of school, for misconduct, will
    not be considered an unexcused absence for the
    purposes of the Compulsory Attendance Law.
    However, the absence will be treated as an
    unexcused absence for purposes of makeup work and
    makeup time.
  • Phone number and address changes
  • Please call or send in new address or phone
    number changes immediately. We need to be able
    to contact parents or guardians immediately in
    case an emergency occurs. This is for the safety
    of your child.

January 2009 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
Title I
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School
  • I. General Policy Statement
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School recognizes that
    parental involvement in their childrens
    education increases student success and
    strengthens parent-school communications. The No
    Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires the
    involvement of parents in Title I, Migrant and
    ESL programs.
  • II. Parental Involvement Goals
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will, in
    coordination with parents of participating PreK-5
    children, develop programs, activities and
    procedures, which have the following goals
  • A. To inform parents in a timely manner about
    program(s) for which their children qualify to be
    served and instructional objectives of the
    program(s). Information sessions for parents may
    include Back-to-School Night, Parenting meetings,
    PTA Open House, Fun Times, etc.
  • B. To improve the effectiveness of communication
    with parents as equal partners and build ties
    between parents and the school. Consultation
    with parents may include use of a consultant,
    input from Parent Advisory meetings throughout
    the year, Home School Connections and other
    publications, Parent-Teacher conferences, etc.
  • C. To implement a variety of approaches to
    improving parental involvement. These approaches
    may include parenting meetings, advisory
    meetings, field trips, conferences, lunch with
    their child, newsletters, calendars,
    volunteering, etc.
  • D. To establish a partnership between the school
    and parents by providing assistance in
    understanding program standards and student
    achievement standards. Assistance in
    understanding standards may include Gateways
    information, grading scale information, etc.
  • E. To offer encouragement and opportunity for
    literacy training for parents throughout the year
    based on assessed needs or parental requests.
    Determining parental needs may include parent
    survey information to determine needs, etc.
  • F. To involve parents in the planning, review,
    and improvement of programs, including the school
    parental involvement policy and the joint
    development of the schoolwide program(s). This
    involvement may include
  • 1. Participation in the School Improvement Plan
  • 2. Review of curriculum in use at the school
  • 3. Review of academic assessments and
    proficiency levels
  • 4. Opportunities for parents to participate in
    decisions relating to the education of their

February 2009 Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
Title I
  • Mechanisms, Procedures, Activities and Use of
  • A. C. B. Eller Elementary School will implement
    parental involvement programs and distribute a
    written parental involvement policy to parents of
    all children PreK-5 who participate in Title I
    programs. Parents may be involved in reviewing
    and planning by working on Parental Involvement
    Policy, returning acknowledgment that they
    received the Parental Involvement Policy,
    utilizing quarterly meetings to provide parental
    input, etc.
  • B. C. B. Eller Elementary School will convene an
    annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which
    all parents of participating children PreK-5
    shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to
    inform parents of their schools Title I
    participation, requirements and parental rights.
    The school will offer a flexible number of
    meetings to meet the schedules of parents.
    Meeting opportunities may include PTA meeting,
    grade level meetings with parents, Open House,
    scheduling both AM and PM meetings, Fun Times,
    individual conferences, etc.
  • C. C. B. Eller Elementary School will schedule
    meetings and conferences at a variety of times
    and may conduct in-home conferences to maximize
    parental involvement and participation for
    PreK-5. Meeting and conference information may
    include schedules of both AM and PM meetings
    and/or conferences, meeting sign-in sheets,
    conference documentation, home visits
    documentation, etc.
  • D. C. B. Eller Elementary School will jointly
    develop with parents a school-parent compact
    will coordinate parent involvement programs and
    activities with other county programs including
    community-based organizations and businesses
    will utilize the Parent Advisory Committee to
    provide advice on all matters related to parental
    involvement will inform parents of the Parent
    Resource Center, its purpose and contents and
    will provide other reasonable support for
    parental involvement activities as parents may
    request. These programs, activities and
    procedures may include
  • 1.School-Parent Compacts
  • 2.Working with Smart Start, Social Services,
    Health Department, RESA, Wilkes Community
    College, More at Four, Head Start, and other
    agencies and organizations to strengthen
    communication and collaboration
  • 3.Parent Advisory minutes
  • 4. Resource centers and training programs
  • 5. Use of parents as classroom volunteers and
  • 6. Etc.
  • E. C. B. Eller Elementary School will furnish
    materials and training to help parents work with
    their children to improve student achievement.
    Parental involvement PreK-5 may be fostered by
    providing materials and training during quarterly
    parenting meetings, Fun Times, etc.
  • F. C. B. Eller Elementary School will pay
    reasonable expenses associated with parental
    involvement activities and training. These
    expenses may include refreshments/meals for
    parents, childcare during parenting sessions,
    purchasing needed materials for parenting
    sessions, etc.
  • Accessibility Requirement
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will communicate
    with parents, to the extent possible, in a
    language they understand and provide full
    opportunities for the participation of parents
    with limited English proficiency, parents with
    disabilities, and parents of migratory children.
    Communication may include translating needed
    information, utilizing an interpreter during
    parenting sessions, etc.
  • Individual School Implementation
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will give all
    parents the schools Parental Involvement Policy
    and PreK will also receive the Operational and
    Personnel Handbook. Distributing this policy and
    handbook will help parents to better understand
    how they can contribute to their childrens
    education. Methods to distribute the policy and
    handbook may include
  • 1. Send policy home with students and have
    parents acknowledge receipt
  • 2.Give policy to teachers to distribute during
    Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 2009 Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Healthful Living
  • Nurse
  • The school nurses office is located beside the
    main office of the school. The nurse is
    responsible for the maintenance of health
    records, routine health checks, parental contact
    concerning health problems, care of minor
    injuries, and assistance in health teaching and
    vision screening. Please be sure to contact the
    nurse if your child has any unusual health
    concerns. Please call the school nurse if your
    child is absent from school due to a communicable
    disease. Precautions may be taken to protect
    other children. The school nurse will be at C.B.
    Eller periodically.
  • Medications
  • If your child must have medication of any type,
    including over the-counter medicine, given
    during school hours, you have a few choices
  • You may come to the school and give it to the
    child at the appropriate time.
  • You may get a medication form from the school and
    have your doctor indicate on the form the drug,
    dose, and time to be given and be sure he/she
    signs the form. We also need the
    pharmacy-labeled bottle containing the medication
    and the instructions regarding how it is to be
  • You may discuss with your doctor an alternative
    schedule of medication so it can be given outside
    of school hours.
  • Doctor and Dentist Appointments
  • Students are expected to make every effort to
    schedule doctor and dentist appointments outside
    of school hours. However, when this is not
    possible, students will be excused for these
    special appointments.
  • Physical Examinations
  • All kindergarten students are required to present
    a current physical examination report from a
    licensed physician within 30 days of enrollment.
    Immunizations should be listed on this report.
  • Illness or Injury
  • If your child becomes ill or is injured at
    school, he/she should tell the teacher who may
    send the child to the office. We will call
    parents if the illness or an injury requires
    treatment or if we feel the student should go
  • Health Screening Notification
  • The health of your child is important to you and
    to the Wilkes County Schools. Throughout the
    school year screening programs are organized to
    identify health needs. The screening is
    performed by nurses, speech language
    pathologists, dental hygienist, volunteers and
    other trained school personnel. This is a
    valuable health service to our students. Parents
    are notified in writing when any health problem
    appears to need further evaluation by medical
    doctors, dentists, eye doctors or other health
    care providers. This referral form needs to be
    returned to the school after medical treatment is

April 2009 Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
School Bus Procedures
  • Please read the following bus rules and policies
    and go over them with your child/children. Bus
    rules are for the protection of all students that
    ride the bus. Riding a school bus is a
    privilege. Therefore, students must follow bus
    rules/policies and safety procedures or they
    could lose their riding privilege. Feel free to
    contact you bus driver of the school if you have
    questions and /or concerns.
  • Be ready to get on the bus when it arrives in the
  • Stand on the road curb, away for the street,
    until the bus stops completely then look for
    traffic both ways before crossing the road to get
    on the bus.
  • Go quickly to assigned seat and do not move seats
    unless told by the bus driver.
  • Avoid loud talking or horseplay with other
  • Keep hands, head and feet inside the bus at all
  • Do not throw items on the bus or out the windows.
  • Do not eat on the bus or chew gum.
  • Keep all book bags and other items out of the
    aisles. You must either hold them or put them
    under your feet.
  • No tobacco, profanity, weapons, drugs or any
    illegal substances are allowed on the bus.
  • It is illegal to open or tamper with emergency
    doors or windows.
  • Do not damage the bus in any way including damage
    to seats with sharp objects. Students will be
    required to pay for any damage they do to a bus.
  • Students may only ride the bus they are assigned
    to and get off only at their stop. In order to
    get off at a different stop or ride home with
    another student, each student must have a note
    signed by the office staff. A bus will not be
    over loaded to allow a student to ride home with
    someone else.
  • Students are loaded onto buses by teachers.
    Students must not run to their bus.
  • Students must obey the bus driver. The
    consequence for not complying with the bus
    drivers request will be an automatic suspension
    from riding the bus until a parent or legal
    guardian meets with the principal.
  • Students are not allowed to take flowers or
    balloons on the school bus. Please make
    arrangements for picking up such items if
    delivered to the school.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any type of
    electronic devices on the bus this includes cell
  • Students are not allowed to bring prescription or
    over the counter medications on the bus.
  • No live or dead animals are allowed on the bus at
    any time.

May 2009 Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
School Procedures
  • Conferences
  • Student/Teacher/Parent conferences are usually
    held twice a year to discuss student progress and
    develop plans for growth. Your child will bring
    home a suggested time for the conference. If
    this time is not convenient, please let your
    childs teacher know and suggest another time.
    We encourage all parents to participate in these
    conferences. Teachers may ask parents to come in
    more frequently to review student progress.
  • Testing
  • Our school follows the state testing program.
    Students in grades three through five will be
    given the End of Grade Test and the Annual
    Writing Assessment in fourth grade. Information
    concerning the tests will be provided during the
    year. The students in Kindergarten through
    second grades will also be given assessments
    during the school year. The K-2 assessment, DRA,
    will be given three times a year. The purpose of
    the assessments is to provide meaningful
    information to the teachers to better instruct
    the students.
  • Grading Procedures
  • Report cards will be issued every nine weeks.
    Please consult your school calendar in order to
    know when to expect report cards. Interim
    reports will be issued between report cards. All
    grades should reflect student mastery of
    instruction and skills. Factors which often
    influence student mastery include attendance,
    daily preparation, and completion of homework.
  • Honor Roll
  • The Honor Roll is a special recognition for
    academic achievement. Students may earn the A
    Honor Roll or A/B Honor Roll.
  • Emergency Drills
  • Fire drills are conducted once each month, and
    tornado drills are conducted each year. Detailed
    escape plans for fire drills are posted inside
    the door of each classroom. During tornado
    drills, each classroom goes to a designated area
    within the building. All children kneel with
    heads covered and faces toward a wall. A
    detailed emergency preparedness plan is available
    in the school office. The school is prepared for
    a variety of emergency situations.
  • Emergency Information
  • In case of emergency, each student is required to
    have on file a personal data sheet in the school
    office which gives the following information
  • Parent(s) or guardians(s) name(s).
  • Complete and up-to-date address
  • Home phone and parent(s) work phone

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