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A Separate Peace


At age 15, he became a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, a well-known boarding ... They both fall into the Nagaumsett River, which is dirty and murky. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace
  • By John Knowles

John Knowles
  • At age 15, he became a student at Phillips Exeter
    Academy, a well-known boarding school in New
  • This school was very similar to the fictional
    Devon in A Separate Peace.

Main Characters
  • Gene
  • Narrator (1st person)
  • Tells of school experience
  • Best friends with Phineas
  • Good Student
  • Follower (conformer)
  • Phineas (Finny)
  • Genes roommate/ best friend
  • Exceptional athlete
  • Believes all people are good
  • Natural leader

  • a story in the present that refers back to an
    event(s) that occurred in the past.
  • In ASP- starts in the present with Gene returning
    to his school and remembering a happening that
    occurred 15 years previously.

  • Underlying meaning or main idea of a work.
  • There may be several themes.
  • A Separate Peace
  • War and peace
  • Friendship and jealousy
  • Conformity and Individualism
  • Search for identity
  • Loss of innocence

Chapter 1
  • Gene Forrester returns 15 years later to Devon
  • The reader is introduced to the characters.
  • The story flashes back to the summer session, and
    they make their first jump from the tree.

Chapter 2
  • Students go to tea at Mr. Prudhommes house.
  • Finny wears school tie as belt and pink shirt to
    celebrate recent bombings.
  • Mr. Patch-Withers is pleased at the strange
  • Students form the Super Suicide Society of the
    Summer Session.
  • They jump from tree again Gene almost falls but
    Finny saves him. (irony and foreshadowing)

Chapter 3
  • They create Blitzball.
  • Finny breaks swimming record. (p. 916) He
    doesnt want to tell anyone.
  • Gene and Finny skip school to go to the beach.
  • Finny admits to Gene that Gene is his best
    friend. Gene doesnt return the feeling.

Chapter 4
  • The boys return from the beach.
  • Gene fails his trig test. He begins to feel that
    Finny is intentionally trying to make him fail.
  • Finny says he didnt know Gene had to study.
  • Leper decides to jump from the tree.
  • Finny falls from the tree.

Chapter 5
  • Gene visits Finny in the infirmary. Finnys leg
    is shattered.
  • Sports are finished for Finny. He asks Gene to
    do sports for him.
  • Gene comes to terms with his guilt of jouncing
    the limb. He tries to tell Finny but doesnt.
  • Gene tries to tell Finny again when he visits
    Finny at his home. Finny refuses to believe

Chapter 6
  • Gene realizes the summer session has changed him.
  • He decides to go out for the rowing team.
  • Quackenbush, the crew manager, picks a fight with
    Gene and calls him maimed.
  • They both fall into the Nagaumsett River, which
    is dirty and murky. (symbolic) Contrast it with
    the Devon River (p. 929)

Chapter 7
  • Brinker-considered the Hub of the class
  • Gene is accused by the boys in the Butt Room of
    causing Finnys injury.
  • The boys help out in the war effort by removing
    snow at a railroad yard. Leper goes off to look
    at nature.
  • Brinker and Gene decide to enlist.
  • Finny returns to school.

Literary Terms
  • Symbolism- a person, place, thing, or event that
    represents or stands for something else, usually
  • Irony-a contrast between expectation and reality,
    what is said and what is really meant, and what
    is expected and what really happens.
  • Foreshadowing-an event in the story that hints at
    the ending or a later event in the story.

Chapter 8
  • Finny is back at Devon. He begins to question
    war. Finny feels he has suffered because he was
    aiming for the 1944 Olympics. He will now train
    Gene. In return, Gene will help Finny with his
  • Brinker claims Genes plan to have own room
    didnt work.
  • Gene talks of enlisting. Finny is shocked. Gene
    realizes that Finny is somewhat dependent on him
    now. Genes loses chance of having separate
    peace and finding individualism.
  • According to Finny, the war was created by fat
    old men in Washington.
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