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Began with the fact that 'Jehovah remembers' All the good and the evil ... Now God returns to the topic of what awaits the obedient. Zealous for Zion. Zech 8:1-2 ' ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Zechariah

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  • Blessings of Obedience
  • Zechariah 81-23

  • Began with the fact that Jehovah remembers
  • All the good and the evil
  • All His promises and plans
  • Including the plan of salvation and the need to
    send a Savior
  • Chapter 7 looked at Gods authority
  • The promises were for the obedient
  • The disobedient would be punished
  • Now God returns to the topic of what awaits the

Zealous for Zion
  • Zech 81-2
  • I am zealous for Zion
  • The verb am (NKJV) and was (KJV) actually
    indicates a past state that still continues in
    the present (have been and still am)
  • Zealous (NKJV) and Jealous (KJV) indicates
    an intense emotion
  • Today we usually think of jealous as the
    negative side and zealous as positive
  • Because of His plans for Zion, His promises to
    Zion, and His name being associated with Zion
  • Then Zion is and has been very important to Him
  • And when they disobeyed, it aroused great fury
  • And will still arouse that fury if they disobey

The zeal of God for His people
  • God is always concerned about His people
  • His desire to protect and save them is intense
  • He allowed His Son to die for us
  • He has permitted us to be called children of
    God (Rom 816-17)
  • We wear His name, a holy name
  • But because of that intense desire
  • He is furious when we betray Him and His Son
  • Heb 1026-39

Return to Zion
  • Zech 83
  • Present or future tense?
  • The verb indicates a present determination
  • But not necessarily a present fulfillment
  • God has determined He will return to Zion and
    dwell in her (Zech 210-11)
  • Ezk 8-11 God left Jerusalem because of her sins
  • But promised to return if they would return to
  • When He returns, the city will be called the City
    of Truth, the Mountain of the Lord, and the Holy
  • But when would these things be?

The Mountain of the Lord
  • What was the Mountain of the Lord?
  • Dan 234-35, 44-45
  • A kingdom set up by God
  • Isa 21-4
  • A place for all peoples
  • Not a kingdom of physical conquest
  • But a place of law and Gods word
  • A place where people follow Gods way
  • Heb 1222-24
  • The church (notice it is also called the city of
    the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem)

The City of God
  • Zech 84-5
  • The city where God will dwell (the church) will
    be a place for the old and the young
  • It is also a place for both males and females
  • Gal 326-28
  • Zech 86
  • The promises just made seem unbelievable to the
    Jews of that day
  • They were probably thinking of a physical
    fulfillment (as many still are today)
  • But God said they are not hard to believe or
    understand from His viewpoint

Saving Gods people
  • Zech 87-8
  • God says He will save His people wherever they
    are (east or west)
  • If He is referring to the return from captivity,
    it would be past tense (20 years ago)
  • A future saving of Gods people
  • That would cause them to be Gods people
  • 2 Cor 614-18
  • Fulfilled in Christ and the church
  • The Jerusalem here is then the city of God in
    Zech 83-5, the Mountain of the Lord, the church

What about now?
  • God has been talking about future blessings for
    obedient people
  • The obvious question, for the hearers is, what
    about now?
  • Zech 89-10
  • You who are listening
  • Strengthen your hands there is hard work ahead,
    the temple still has to be finished
  • You have begun to see the blessings of obedience
    since you got back to building
  • More jobs, more income, more peace

What about now?
  • Zech 811-13
  • A return to the material prosperity Israel and
    Judah had enjoyed in earlier times
  • They would no longer be a curse, but now a
    blessing for all nations
  • Nations that used to think Israel to worthless,
    an example of what not to do
  • Will be grateful for Israels prosperity
  • In that way they too will be saved from their
    past mistakes and punishment
  • Therefore, do not fear, and get to work

Conditions on the blessings
  • Zech 814-17
  • People often want to assume Gods blessings are
  • They arent!
  • What conditions does God put on blessings?
  • Obedience to His word be truthful, be just, be
    peaceful, love your neighbors, etc
  • The same conditions their ancestors had failed
  • Zech 78-11
  • Obedience to His word is always a condition for
    receiving His blessings (Jer 189-10)

The question of fasts
  • Recall all this began with a question about
    fasting in the 5th month (Zech 73)
  • God implied an answer (75), but hasnt directly
    answered, until now
  • Zech 818-19
  • 4th month 9th day, Jerusalem captured
  • 5th month - 7th-10th days, temple burned
  • 7th month unknown day, Gedaliah murdered
  • 10th month 10th day start of Jerusalems siege
  • Forget the sad, self-imposed fasts
  • Celebrate the blessings of God with truth and

Why celebrations?
  • Zech 820-23
  • God had promised theyd be a blessing rather than
    a curse among nations (813)
  • Now He tells them about that blessing
  • People all over the world would hear about how
    God was blessing the Jews
  • People would come to this temple (the one they
    were still building) to seek God
  • People would stop Jews in the street to learn
  • God was promising to make them well-known and
    well-respected again
  • But the conditions (815-16) must still be met

  • Sadly, for the Jews, they never received all the
    blessings God promised for the return
  • Like their ancestors, they failed to obey the
    voice of the Lord (more about that in Malachi)
  • God has blessings in store for us as well
  • And like always, God conditions those blessings
    with the need to be obedient to His word
  • Why miss out on the blessings?
  • Why not obey His voice?

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