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Study Abroad: Now More Than Ever


Add pictures taken by students on the programs, student testimonials, and any ... You could include pictures or a funny story about something that was unexpected ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Study Abroad: Now More Than Ever

Study AbroadNow More Than Ever
  • Your Institution, Department, Your Name, Title

Getting Started
  • Start planning now! Applications for programs
    are generally due well in advance. Start by
    researching the options available by visiting the
    Study Abroad office and speaking with a program
    advisor one year before you would like to travel.

Why Study Abroad?
  • Create Global Awareness
  • Promote International Security
  • Enhance Academic Learning
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Advance Your Career
  • Experience Personal Growth
  • Learn Another Language

Why I Studied Abroad
  • Now that students have heard various reasons to
    study abroad, you can help to inspire them and
    personalize your presentation by telling them
    what motivated you to study abroad. You may offer
    a unique perspective, or what ultimately made you
    study abroad might be what a student needs to
    hear to decide to study abroad themselves.

Advancing Tolerance and Understanding
Clearly, we need to use education to advance
tolerance and understanding. Perhaps more than
ever, international understanding is essential to
world peace- understanding between faiths,
between nations, between cultures. Today, we know
that just as no nation is immune to conflict or
suffering, no nation can defend itself alone. We
need each other- as friends, as allies, as
partners- in a struggle for common values and
common needs. Kofi Annan, Former U.N. Secretary
Preparing For Your Future
In the 21st Century, there will be only two
kinds of people Those who think globally and
those who are looking for work. Peter F.
Drucker Writer, Management Consultant, Professor
Global Competencies
  • Individuals must acquire and demonstrate a
    number of skills or competencies to be able to
    live and work successfully in a global economy
    and a diverse society of people from different
    backgrounds, cultures and countries.
  • These skills are often characterized as global

Develop Your Global CompetenciesThrough Study
  • To find out how you can study abroad, please
  • Name of Your Institution
  • Office of Study Abroad
  • Location
  • Contact Information

Study Abroad Programs
  • Here you can add information about the Study
    Abroad opportunities offered by your institution.
    Be creative! Add pictures taken by students on
    the programs, student testimonials, and any
    special information that would be helpful to
    share with students in order to encourage them to

Funding Your Study Abroad
  • Financial Aid
  • At many institutions, financial aid transfers to
    Study Abroad Programs
  • Scholarships
  • Advance Planning and Budgeting

Funding Your Study Abroad
  • The cost of living in some countries is less than
    in the US
  • Not all programs cost the sameshop around.
  • Depending on the duration of your program, the
    flight there can be a significant portion of the
    expenses. Flights to countries closer to home or
    frequently visited, and student tickets purchased
    well in advance, tend to be cheaper.

Financial Aid Tips
  • This slide could be used for listing scholarships
    available for study abroad through your
    institution or web sites where students can look
    for scholarships. This will also be appealing to
    parents, as they are often concerned about the
    price of study abroad and are not aware of the
    financial aid options.

  • With careful planning, students in any major or
    college can fit an international program into
    their curriculum and still maintain regular
    progress towards graduation.
  • Depending on the program chosen, it is likely
    that there will be courses available in any major
    or minor, or courses which apply toward
    completion of elective or General Education

  • As you are selecting a program, check with your
    academic advisor on
  • How to transfer back your study abroad courses
  • What requirements there are for the courses to
  • What the courses will count for (GEs, major,
    minor, electives)

Lincoln Commission Recommendations
The demographics of the U.S.
undergraduate student studying abroad population
should be similar to that of the U.S.
undergraduate student population. Efforts are to
be made to expand the number of American students
studying in nontraditional countries. Diversity
of students, institutions, and destinations
should be a hallmark of the Lincoln Study Abroad
Program The proportion of study abroad students
who are enrolled in community colleges,
minority-serving institutions, and institutions
serving large numbers of low-income students will
be similar to their share of the undergraduate
Tools for Finding a Program
  • Home Campus Study Abroad Office/Resource Center
    The best place to look for a study abroad program
    is your U.S. home campus study abroad office
    (where available). The staff can help you through
    the process of finding a program, applying,
    participating, and returning home.
  • Reference Books The following are comprehensive
    reference books which are updated each year
    Petersons Study Abroad, Petersons

Tools for Finding a Program
  • Summer Study Abroad, IIE Academic Year Abroad,
    and IIE Short-Term Study Abroad. They include
    detailed explanations and descriptions of many
    study abroad programs.
  • 12Websites There are a number of websites with
    information about available study abroad
    programs. Some websites we recommend are,, IIEPassport, and

Where Can You Go?
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Room and Board
  • Living arrangements vary from one location to
    another. Possibilities include university
    residence halls, staying with a host family in a
    private home, sharing an apartment, and boarding
  • In some cases you will have a meal plan similar
    to those at your home institution. In other
    cases, you or your host family will be
    responsible for providing meals.

My time spent living with/by
  • Living with another family or by yourself can
    seem daunting to many students. Help quell their
    fears by telling them what you experienced, and
    what are the positive aspects of this type of
    arrangement. You could include pictures or a
    funny story about something that was unexpected
    or a cultural difference.

Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
  • See the world and broaden your experience
  • Gain a new perspective on your own country
  • Explore your heritage
  • Gain new insights and outlooks through new

Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
Studying abroad is a great way to gain
perspective and experience that will shape the
rest of your life personally and
professionally. Jenny Ming President Old Navy
Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
You cannot fully understand your own life
without knowing and thinking beyond your life,
your own neighborhood, and even your own
nation. Dr. Johnetta Cole President of Bennett
College for Women in Greensboro
Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
  • Fight stereotypes by educating others
  • Dispel your own stereotypes
  • Take control of your future
  • See what influenced great leaders

Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
As a nation we must do more to reach out to the
world and bridge cultural and social
understanding. Gaddi Vasquez First Hispanic
Director of the Peace Corps
Reasons For Students From Diverse Backgrounds to
Study Abroad
As native peoples, we are very much aware of the
interconnection of all things... Truly, may the
rest of the world take note that even a million
miles cannot separate sincere hearts. Jerry
Elliot High Eagle NASA Physicist and Designer of
the First International Site for Peace
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