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It is not required that you have this program installed on ... University Library Basement 69 (518) 442-5515. Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Instructions

  • The following is a Microsoft PowerPoint
    presentation. It is not required that you have
    this program installed on your computer.
  • To navigate from screen to screen, click your
    mouse OR use the scroll bar of your browser. If
    you need to reverse, right-click your mouse and
    select the Reverse option OR use the scroll bar
    of your browser.

Special thanks to…..
For funding the purchase of InterviewTRAK
On-Campus Recruiting On-Line Orientation
  • 2003 - 2004
  • Career Development Center
  • University at Albany

  • The Online On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Orientation
    is intended to serve as a supplement to the live
    orientation sessions, a reference for any aspect
    of OCR, and a way for students who have missed or
    cannot attend the live session to receive the
    same information.
  • Please note that the on-line orientation will
    take about 25-35 minutes to complete. You will be
    instructed during the orientation regarding the
    steps that need to be completed after you have
    finished the on-line orientation.
  • Please be aware that only University at Albany/
    SUNY students are eligible to participate in OCR.
    If you are not a registered student on this
    campus you will not have access to the system, as
    we check Release Form information against the
    University at Albany student database.

    WITHIN THIS ORIENTATION. If you choose not to
    read all of the information and sign the OCR
    Release Form stating that you have completed the
    orientation and know the information, you will
    still be held accountable for knowing the
    information. As with anyone who signs a Release
    Form, any deadline that you miss or problem that
    you encounter with OCR will be your
    responsibility and not the fault of any staff
    member at the Career Development Center.
  • Please refer to this document frequently as
    questions arise. If the information contained
    herein does not answer your questions please
    contact the Career Development Center.

Where Are We Located And What Are The Hours?
  • University Library Basement 69 (518)
  • Monday - Friday, 830 - 500
  • Drop-in Hours MWF 10 AM-12 Noon (New hours
    effective Spring 2004) TTh 1-3 PM E-mail

What is OCR?
  • A structured process facilitated by the CDC to
    bring students and employers together on campus
    to participate in interviewing opportunities.
  • Through participating in OCR, students are also
    eligible to have their resume sent to employers
    who request a Resume Referral.

How can I be sure OCR is for me?
  • OCR is appropriate for anyone depending upon
    their individual employment objectives. The OCR
    program only represents a segment of the overall
    job market. The opportunities available are
    driven by employer demand some career fields and
    some types of employers are well-represented in
    OCR while others are not. However, about 75 of
    our employers are interested in ALL MAJORS.
  • Students must review available positions and
    employers to see if any meet their employment

OCR InterviewTRAK Online On-Campus Recruiting
  • On-Campus Recruiting is entirely online, managed
    through InterviewTRAK, a component of
  • Students view and apply for listed positions and
    sign up for interviews online.
  • Students can interact with the system 24 hours a
    day, 7 days a week.
  • Students can create and save up to 10 different
    resumes, a tailored cover letter, and an
    unofficial transcript.
  • What other colleges use InterviewTRAK?

Steps for Participating in OCR
  • Complete OCR Orientation.
  • Complete Release Form and Missed Interview
    sheet deliver to the CDC (ULB 69).
  • Develop a resume in a word processing tool.
  • Have resume critiqued a) At the CDC during
    Drop-In Hours if you are a matriculated
    undergraduate student. b) By The Writing
    Center, a friend, or a faculty member in your
    department if you are a graduate student.
  • Register and post resume on-line through using the following steps….

Registration Resume Posting Process
Click Here
Click Here
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(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Registration Tips Keys
  • Complete all fields! However, none of this
    information is released to employers.
  • Students who wish to receive information on
    specific topics via e-mail (i.e., workshop
    announcements, special internships, etc.) must
    complete the "Career Center Services Desired
    field on the registration information screens.

Registration Tips Keys
  • Be sure to correctly enter your FULL e-mail
    address. This becomes necessary if you forget
    your password and need MonsterTRAK to e-mail it
    to you. Also, the CDC and employers who want to
    invite you for an interview may e-mail you at
    this address.
  • Update this information REGULARLY! Profile
    information MUST be accurate, much like details
    on a resume must be truthful.
  • NOTE Once you complete your registration,
    letting us know via e-mail will allow you to more
    quickly gain access to InterviewTRAK! The CDC
    e-mail address is

Posting Your Resume
Click Here
Posting Your Resume Step 1
Click Here
Click Here
Posting Your Resume Step 2
The name you assign is up to you - employers do
not see this information.
Posting Your Resume Step 3
Make sure to change HTML Files to All Files
to view your resume document.
This window appears after clicking on Browse
under Step 3
Posting Your Resume Step 4
Click here when finished. You will then see a
preview of your resume. It should look the same
as it does in your word processing tool (i.e.,
Microsoft Word).
Resume Search Status
There are three designations you can choose for
your primary resume
  • The first allows you to place your resume in the
    MonsterTRAK resume database (a searchable bank of
    resumes) AND be eligible for Resume Referrals (no
    career center database is currently available).
    MonsterTRAK reports large interest from employers
    to search this resume database - because the
    economy has forced many to cut back on the number
    of schools theyre able to visit, the resume
    database is quickly filling the void.
  • The second allows the CDC to submit your resume
    as part of a Resume Referral ONLY. If you select
    this option, your resume will NOT be a part of
    the MonsterTRAK resume database.
  • By selecting the third option, you are the only
    one who controls who sees your resume in this
    case, employers will only receive it if you
    submit it for a particular position. (MonsterTRAK
    automatically defaults to this option.)

Posting Other Materials
  • Cover Letter
  • Follow the same steps as for your resume.
  • NOTE The system allows for ONLY one cover letter
    to be uploaded. You must submit only one cover
    letter at a time to prevent a company from
    receiving the wrong cover letter. FOR EXAMPLE,
    Employer As deadline is October 4th. Employers
    Bs is October 6th. If you submit a cover letter
    to Employer A, do so by the October 4th deadline.
    Then, update cover letter for Employer B and
    submit by the October 6th deadline. DO NOT submit
    or modify your cover letter to Employer B until
    AFTER Employer As deadline has passed.
    Otherwise, Employer A will receive Employer Bs
    cover letter, as the most recent version is what
    is forwarded to the employer. Questions?

Posting Other Materials (contd)
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Get your grades from the Registrar or MyUAlbany
    on the U_at_Albany web site.
  • Write and format your transcript just as you did
    the other two items.
  • When formatting, list the class name, grade,
    credit hours.
  • Organize it by semester with the most recent
    semester first.
  • Include former institutions in the transcript,
    but be sure to note which institution those
    grades are from.

Click Here
OCR Steps InterviewTRAK Main Menu
InterviewTRAK Main Menu
  • Use this section to search for employers by
  • the date employers are scheduled to interview on
    campus resume submission deadline (The CDC
    recommends resume submission deadline as the
    primary search method.)
  • company name (You may also type in the first
    letter of a companys name.)
  • only those employers with requirements that you
  • See next slide for More search options

InterviewTRAK Main Menu By clicking on More
search options available… (See next slide for
InterviewTRAK Main Menu More search options
  • This section allows you to search
  • industry, job location, job type, job function,
    major, degree
  • Simply select the criteria of your search from
    the menus and specify the time frame you are
    interested in viewing.
  • The CDC recommends searching over short periods
    of time (i.e. 1-2 weeks at a time) since
    information may change quickly.

Example View a Position Description By Clicking
On Details
Search Results Screen
OCR Steps Submitting for a Position

Click Here
OCR Steps Submitting (Applying for Positions)
  • Research positions listed and submit your resume
    online for those you are interested in.
  • Check deadlines on InterviewTRAK periodically as
    information changes daily.
  • All application information and special
    procedures are listed with each position on
  • NOTE If the system is not allowing you to
    submit your materials for a position it may be
    the result of you not meeting some requirements
    (i.e. Visa status). Scroll to the bottom of the
    position description and look at the filter
    requirements specified by the employer. SEE NEXT

Filter Requirements An Example
InterviewTRAK Main Menu
Use this to find out if a company has an
information session scheduled.
  • The CDC STRONGLY suggests that you attend these
    sessions. They are not mandatory, but employers
    are VERY disappointed when students fail to take
    the opportunity to meet with them at their
    session. Also, many employers look more
    favorably at candidates who do attend these
  • Specify the time frame you are interested in
    and click Search Presentations.
  • If there is an information session scheduled
    for a particular employer, the time, date and
    location will be indicated.
  • The CDC recommends searching over short periods
    of time (i.e. 1-2 weeks at a time) since
    information may change quickly.

InterviewTRAK Main Menu
  • Use this feature to find out if you have been
    pre-selected (invited) for an interview or
    chosen as an alternate.
  • This section also tracks and records
  • the names of employers you have submitted
    resumes to
  • interviews and presentations you have signed up

Pre-select Notification Screen (under Personal
dates section)
Sign-up Screen (at bottom of position description)
Sign-up Screen (after clicking Sign up for this
In this example, only one time slot is left,
which is why its ideal to sign up EARLY!
Keys to Using InterviewTRAK
  • Read closely and visit the site regularly.
  • Type your e-mail address correctly!
  • ALL dates and company information associated with
    OCR are found on-line through InterviewTRAK!
  • Update your resumes and profile as information

OCR Steps Canceling an Interview
  • Up until 48 hours prior to the interview date
    (not the time) cancellations are done through
  • 48 hours or less prior to the interview CONTACT
    THE EMPLOYER FIRST. Contact information can be
    found on InterviewTRAK. THEN, notify the CDC so
    we can change our records and confirm your
    cancellation with the employer.

  • To NO-SHOW for an interview is unacceptable. Any
    student not showing for a scheduled interview
    will immediately be removed from the
    InterviewTRAK system and cannot continue
    submitting resumes or interviewing until sending
    a letter of apology to the employer. A copy of
    that letter must also be submitted to the CDC
    Director in order to be added back into the
  • Any student canceling the day of the interview
    will be considered a NO-SHOW and treated as such.

OCR Steps Interview Day
  • Bring all the necessary materials for the
  • Copies of your resume -- Portfolio (if
  • Transcripts (if necessary)
  • Check in for all interviews at the CDC, although
    locations are listed on InterviewTRAK.
    Interviews may be relocated at the last minute.
  • Dress in interview attire.
  • Collect business cards or contact information for
    sending a thank you letter. General contact
    information can also be found on InterviewTRAK.

Accepting a Job
  • Verbally accept the position.
  • Accept the position in writing. (See Cover Letter
    section on web site for sample letter.)
  • Cancel previously scheduled interviews and cease
    all interviewing.

  • I forgot my password. What do I do?
  • Go to MonsterTRAK select "Students Alumni.
    Click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the
    steps outlined. If this doesnt work, contact
    the CDC for assistance.
  • What is the school password?
  • The school password is your SS.
  • I missed a deadline. What do I do?
  • Use the employer contact information located at
    the bottom of the position description to send
    your information directly to the employer.
    Inform the employer that if they choose to invite
    you to interview they will be able to add you to
    their interview schedule on InterviewTRAK.

  • Im sure I meet the requirements. Why cant I
    submit my resume?
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the position
    description and make sure that the filter
    requirements are not screening you out. You
    should also check your profile and make sure that
    you completed all the information accurately.
    (See the example on the next slide.) NOTE
    Business majors should list their concentration
    as if it were their major.
  • Can the CDC change the filter requirements so I
    can submit my resume?
  • The CDC cannot change these requirements since
    they are set by the employer. However, in this
    case the CDC encourages students to send their
    materials directly to the employer. Employers
    will often be glad to look at your materials,
    although, when possible, you should always submit
    your resume through InterviewTRAK. Employers
    prefer to receive resumes in this manner!

  • How do I find out about Company Information
  • Information Session dates are on InterviewTRAK
    as part of each position description or can be
    found on the main InterviewTRAK page under
  • The CDC STRONGLY suggests that you attend these
    sessions. They are not mandatory, but employers
    are VERY disappointed when students fail to take
    the opportunity to meet with them at their
    session. Also, many employers look more
    favorably at candidates who do attend these
  • What is a Resume Drop?
  • A Resume Drop is a method for employers to
    collect resumes from UAlbany students, though the
    employers will not be conducting on-campus

Final Comments
  • Be professional in all of your interactions…..all
    impressions matter!
  • Check your answering machine message. Make sure
    that it is professional!
  • Make sure your e-mail address is professional.
    (i.e. NOT
  • If in doubt about any aspect of the job search
    please contact the CDC!
  • EVERYTHING associated with OCR is on

Events, Workshops, CDC Resources
  • Matriculated undergraduate students are eligible
    for Drop-in Hours MWF 10 AM - 12 Noon and TTh
    1-3 PM, and one-on-one counseling appointments.
  • For upcoming events, check the CDC web
  • If you are unclear about any aspect of the OCR
    process, view the On-Line Orientation on the CDC
    web site.

Release Form
The final step is to download the release form
(on the following slide) and return it to the
CDC. Once returned, we will grant you access to
the InterviewTRAK portion of MonsterTRAK.

To print release form, click on small printer
icon when browser opens up PDF file.
Release Form
Print the RELEASE FORM now deliver to the CDC
(ULB 69) !!! (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.
Click for free download..)
Please also download the OCR TIP SHEET.
NOTE If you are unable to access the release
form - that is, your browser returns you to the
CDC front page - this is most likely a Windows XP
issue. Unfortunately, we must ask you to visit
the CDC in person to pick up a release
form. Return to CDC Homepage