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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Contracts

Procurement 101
Revised 101905
DAS Purchasing Statutes
  • DAS
  • Connecticut General Statutes Title 4a
  • Chapter 57, DAS programs responsibilities
  • Chapter 58, purchases printing
  • Chapter 58a, prequalification evaluation of

DOIT Purchasing Statutes
  • DOIT
  • Connecticut General Statutes Title 4d, 2, 5 8
  • Chapter 61, State Information
    Tele-communications Systems Management
    Contracts, Educational Technology

Special Purchasing Statutes
  • Special statutes
  • Cooperative Purchasing Plans
  • Set-aside
  • EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing)
  • Preference legislation

Purchase Request
  • Is product/service on current DAS or DOIT State
    Contract or Master Agreement?
  • If no contract/agreement exists
  • Make purchase with General Letter 71 authority

General Letter 71
  • General Letter 71
  • lt 2500 - no quotes needed
  • gt 2500 up to 10,000 3 written quotes
  • gt 10,000 up to 50,000 delegated authority
    that requires bid to be posted on State
    Contracting Portal
  • gt 50,000 submit DAS SP-10 or DOIT 10

Bid/RFP Process
  • Bid process
  • Specification driven
  • Advertised
  • Sealed bid public bid opening
  • Awarded to lowest, qualified, responsible bidder
  • No ability to negotiate

Bid/RFP Process
  • RFP process
  • Problem statement
  • Seeking best overall solution
  • Advertised, sealed response

Bid/RFP Process
  • RFP process
  • Permits other criteria for award besides low bid
  • Utilize evaluation teams group scoring of RFP
  • Negotiation permitted

Bid/RFP Boilerplate
  • Standard terms conditions
  • Special terms conditions
  • Product/service specifications
  • Proposal pricing pages

Bid/RFP Package
  • Other bid documents as required
  • Prevailing wage rates
  • DOL - Wage Workplace Standards (Gary Pechie at
    860/263-6376 or
  • Standard wage rates
  • Affidavit forms
  • CHRO forms
  • EPP requirements
  • SBE/MBE requirements
  • Pre-Qualification language

SBE/MBE Requirements
  • SBE/MBE bid/RFP clause options
  • Full
  • Partial
  • 2nd Tier
  • Special Bid Provision

SBE/MBE Annual Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Annual goals calculation
  • Quarterly reporting package
  • Goal achievement by agency

EPP Requirements
  • EPP - What is it?
  • products, services or practices that have a
    lesser or reduced negative affect on human health
    and the environment when compared to competing
    products, services or practices that serve the
    same function.

EPP Requirements
  • EPP evaluates product lifecycle (or
  • taking into consideration the raw materials
    acquisition, production, manufacturing,
    packaging, distribution, reuse, operation,
    maintenance or disposal aspects of the product

EPP Requirements
  • Statutory requirements that support EPP
  • CGS 4a-67h Designating, Tracking and Monitoring
    the use of EPP products and services
  • CGS 4a-67f Purchase of 30 post-consumer waste
    recycled content papers
  • CGS 4a-67a Purchase of products with recycled
    content in accordance with EPA Comprehensive
    Procurement Guidelines

Contractor Pre-Qualification Program
  • What is the Contractor Prequalification Program?
    (C.G.S 4a-100)
  • Requires all contractors bidding on vertical,
    building construction projects estimated to cost
    500,000 or more and are funded in whole or in
    part with state funds be prequalified by DAS

Contractor Pre-Qualification Program
  • Changes the definition of lowest responsible
    bidder to include lowest responsible prequalified
  • Awarding authority must indicate in bid
    announcement what prequalification
    classifications are being sought

Contractor Pre-Qualification Program
  • What must a responsible bid contain?
  • Prequalification certificate that includes
  • Company information
  • Prequalification classifications
  • Issuance expiration dates
  • Aggregate work capacity single limit
  • Licenses the company holds

Contractor Pre-Qualification Program
  • Update Bid Statement that includes
  • Listing of companys currently bonded projects
    and projects completed since prequalification
  • Any significant financial or organizational
    changes to the company

Evaluation/Award Process
  • Bid evaluation
  • Lowest responsible, qualified bidder
  • RFP evaluation
  • Evaluation team
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Scoring
  • Negotiation

  • Types of contracts
  • Spot, Term
  • Overall award,Multiple award
  • Contract usage
  • Limited to specific agency
  • All state agencies
  • State agencies municipalities, schools, not
    for profit organizations

  • Basis for need P.A. 04-245
  • Affidavit requirements
  • Bid/RFP gift affidavit SP-8
  • Consulting affidavit SP-13
  • Affirmation of Ethics
  • Contract gift affidavit SP-40
  • Annual renewal

Protests Appeals
  • Most common complaints
  • Bid specifications were restrictive
  • Winning bidder was not low bidder
  • Winning bidder not qualified
  • State did not adhere to its own terms
  • Informal meeting
  • Can sometimes diffuse situation

Sole Source Purchases
  • Waiver of bid requirement
  • Emergency conditions
  • Unforeseen contingencies
  • Special market conditions
  • Sole source
  • Compatibility with existing equipment
  • Standardization Transactions
  • CGS 4a-58 Standardization Committee

P-Card Program
  • MasterCard credit card use wherever MasterCard
    is accepted
  • Small purchase transactions lt1000
  • Can be customized with spending limits controls
  • Purchase transactions can be monitored online

Executive Order No. 3
  • What does it do?
  • Establishes the State Contracting Portal as a
    single place for posting bid opportunities
  • Encourages active recruitment participation of
    CT small/minority businesses in state contracting
  • Development of a procurement manual

Executive Order No. 3
  • Why does Connecticut need this?
  • Promotes open government transparent
  • Provides a single source for procurement
    information 24/7
  • Saves on copying, faxing, advertising paper
  • Increases bidder interest in supplying
    competitive bids

State Contracting Portal
  • How does it work?
  • Suppliers register for bid notices by commodity
  • Agencies post bids by commodity (minimum 5
    working days)
  • Suppliers notified by email
  • Suppliers link to documents on Internet
  • Suppliers download and submit bid

State Contracting Portal
  • Advantages of using SCP
  • You control the bid posting information
  • Reduces copying/mailing expenses
  • Fewer calls and FOI requests

State Contracting Portal
  • Advantages of using SCP
  • New sources and increased competition
  • Suppliers self register for bid notices
  • Suppliers automatically notified by email when a
    bid is posted or modified

State Contracting Portal
  • Which bids am I required to post?
  • Bid documents that are posted on your agency
  • All sealed and/or advertised bids gt50,000
    (non-executive branch agencies)
  • Bid posting required by DAS purchasing
  • gt 10,000 up to 50,000

State Contracting Portal
  • What do I need to do?
  • Obtain an account password
  • Obtain Adobe Version 6.0 or above
  • Make certain your current vendors are registered
    for bid notification

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Sample Email
Connecticut Procurement Notice Unit Washington,
Town of, Selectman's Office Bid NumberChurch
Street Improvements 8-11-2005Post DateJul 25,
2005 Close DateAug 18, 2005 Linkhttp//www.das.s
provements.pdf SummaryAddendum 1 New Bid
Closing Date 8/18/2005 - 400 p.m. Bids will be
open at Board of Selectmen's Meeting at 430
p.m.Sealed bids for the reconstruction of Church
Street in New Preston are invited for drainage
work, reclaim and repave portions of New Preston
Hill Road, Hinckley Road, and Church Street
develop parking, replace sidewalk and install
fire-protection cistern as indicated on contract
drawings and specifications prepared by Stuart
Somers,Co. LLC. Commodity0040
ContactRichard C. Sears, First Selectman
Phone8608682259 Fax8608683103 Web
Sitehttp// To Maintain Your
Registration visithttp//
chase/Register/ This e-mail provided as a
service of DAS Procurement Services.Visit the DAS
Procurement Services Web Page often at
Surplus Property Program
  • State/Federal Property Distribution
  • CGS 4a-4 4a-57a
  • Sale or disposal of surplus state property
  • Obtain account from PDC to list surplus property
    and/or to view online available surplus property

Surplus Property Program
  • Week 1 available free to state agencies only
  • Week 2 available free state agencies and for
    purchase by municipalities
  • Week 3 4 contracted auctioneer removes all
    items deemed to have a sale value

Surplus Property Program
  • If no interest, available for donation to not for
  • If no interest, property scrapped (agency
    responsible for disposal)

  • Office of State Ethics Citizens Ethics
    Advisory Board (P.A.05-183)
  • State Employees Public Officials
  • Lobbyists
  • Contractors
  • Conflicts of interest, nepotism, gifts, financial
    disclosure, outside employment as a state
    employee, post-state employment, etc.

Procurement Contacts
  • Carol Wilson, Procurement Director, or 860/713-5093
  • Carlos Velez, Procurement Program Manager, or 860/713-5257
  • Tony Deluca, Procurement Program Manager, or 860713-5070
  • Meg Yetishefsky, Manager, Supplier Diversity
    Program, or 860/713-5228
  • Barbara Moser, Environmental Purchasing Advisor, or 860/713-5081

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