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Motivational Gift of "Giver"


Motivational Gift of 'Giver' Jesus teaches us about giving with the widow ... simplicity, singleness, liberality, bountifulness, liberty 1) singleness, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Motivational Gift of "Giver"

Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Jesus teaches us about giving with the widow
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Strong's Greek Lexicon 3330 metadidomi AV-impart
, give 1) to impart
Strong's Greek Lexicon 572 haplotes
hap-lot'-ace AV-simplicity, singleness,
liberality, bountifulness, liberty 1) singleness,
simplicity, sincerity, mental honesty 1a) the
virtue of one who is free from pretense and
hypocrisy 2) not self seeking, openness of heart
manifesting itself by generosity
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
E-25 OUR.HOPE.IS.IN.GOD -- 51-0929 Some are
called for one thing, some another. But no
matter what you got, how little it is... You say,
"Well, Brother Branham, only thing I can do I
might talk to some people." Well, that might not
be very much to you, but put it in the hands of
Jesus, and see what He will do with it. Like the
little fishes that was in the little boys hand,
it could only feed him. But when he put it in
Jesus' hand, it fed five thousand. So it will be
with you. Put what you have in His hand.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
1) Characteristic Able To See Resources
Their motivation is to use time, money and
possessions to advance the work of the Lord.
Even if the person with the gift of Giving has
limited funds, he is still able find available
resources and draw upon them if needed.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuse Hoarding Resources
If the Giver looses his love for the Lord, he
will stop using his gift and begin to store up
his resourses, thus he becomes stagnant.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
2) Characteristic Invests Self With Gift
They have the tendency to give themselves as well
as their gift to the Lord.
They will pray for the ministry, write letters of
encouragement or send "care" packages.
Sometimes they will just show up in person to
assist in the work.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuse Using Gift To Control People
Their desire is to make sure that their gifts are
wisely invested and used.
They may end up buying good quality items rather
than giving money to a project.
Because they has sponsored the project, they may
feel that they can control the lives and ministry
of the people that they have given to.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
3) Characteristic Desire To Give High Quality
They have the ability to discern value and this
will motivates them to provide quality in gifts.
They know you get what you pay for, and they
want them to last.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuse Focusing Higher Living Standards
If the Giver's focus is more on the quality of
the gift than the need that he is meeting, he can
cause the receiver to be dissatisfied with the
quality of the other things they own.
Then the receiver can expect you to provided
their wants.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
4) Characteristic Hopes Gift Will Be An Answer
To Prayer
When the Giver is in fellowship with the Lord he
will be led by the prompting of the Holy Spirit
to give even when there is no obvious need.
The ultimate confirmation to this is when they
learn that their gift fulfilled an unknown need
or answered a special prayer request.
This is what we sometime forget in our GIVING
56- But let me tell you something. We haven't got
that money. You're poor men. All of us are.
That's right. We live by the alms of the people,
being ministers. But brother, in Africa, one
little black boy, about this high, or a
prostitute off the street down there in
Louisville, one soul saved, in Eternity, when
that star is a shining yonder, our name will
wrapped into it. There's your value. It isn't how
much you got, how much you desire, it's how much
you can do towards saving souls for Christ Jesus.
Our money will fade.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuse Feeling Guilty About Personal Assets
The Giver will feel guilty when he is not in good
fellowship with the Lord and he is storing up
He knows what the scriptures say.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
5) Characteristic Desires To Give Secretly
Because they look to the Lord for direction, they
expect their recipients to look to the Lord for
provision too.
Knowing that their real reward comes in the
future they aren't interested in whatever praise
they might receive now.
Thus, they like to be anonymous in their giving
wherever possible.
E-46 SPIRITUAL.INSPIRATION -- 56-0128 See now, a
lot of people, when you do something for the Lord
you want to, oh, you want to sound a trumpet
about it. See? "You know what caused that church
to have those nice windows, you know what caused
this? You know I was the one done that." Keep it
to yourself when you do. Jesus said so. When you
do your alms don't sound a trumpet before men
cause you'll be rewarded then. But keep it in
your heart, and "He who seeth in secret will
openly reward you."
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuse Rejects Pressure Appeals
This comes when they only want to give in a
secret or unannounced way, by this they may miss
the opportunity to give wise counsel to the ones
they are giving to.
Givers know how to manage money.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
6) Characteristic They're Concerned That Giving
Will Corrupt
The mature Giver understands the destructive
temptations which lie in the "love of money".
Therefore, they will look for ways of meeting
needs which avoid dependency, slothfulness or
They realise the disciplines they have learned in
managing assets that others may not have.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuses Giving Too Sparingly To Their Family
Their frugality is often extended to their own
If they do not show the same concern, care, and
delight in meeting their needs as they do others,
they will begin to feel resentfulness of their
generosity to others.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
7) Characteristic Exercises Personal Thriftiness
Their personal assets are a direct result of
consistent personal thriftiness, achieved by
being content with the basics.
They become concerned about getting the best buy,
not how much they have left.
They will spend extra effort in saving money and
thus feel resourceful with what they have.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuses Giving To Projects vs. People
This comes when they lose their focus on meeting
the needs of people, and become unduly attracted
to projects.
They could end up building a "memorial to their
generosity" based on their desire of measuring
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
8) Characteristic Using Gifts To Multiply Giving
Some Givers are motivated to encourage others to
They want them to experience the joy and
spiritual growth that comes by sacrificial giving.
Thus, they can provide matching funds or the last
payment in order to encourage others to give.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuses They Can Cause People To Look To Them
vs. God
When a Giver lets others know what he is giving,
he will cause many to turn their attention from
the Lord to him.
He will attract the carnal Christian with wrong
motives, seeing him as the easy touch!
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
9) Characteristic Will Confirm Amount With
The Giver will not respond to the pressure
He will look for financial needs which others
tend to overlook.
They may confirm the figure of the amount that
they feel led to give with a spouse to see
whether they have the same leading.
Thus feeling led of the Lord.
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
Misuses Waiting Too Long To Give
This happens when they are not instantly obeying
the prompting of the Holy Spirit, thus losing the
joy of watching God accomplish the supernatural
provision at the precise time.
Balancing The Motivational Gifts
How It Works Within The Body of Christ
Teacher - Mind
Perceiver - Eyes
Speaking as for God
Exhorter - Mouth
Organiser - Shoulders
Mercy - Heart
Serving With Strength
Giver - Hands
Server - Feet
1Pe 411 If any man speak, let him speak as the
oracles of God if any man minister, let him do
it as of the ability which God giveth that God
in all things may be glorified through Jesus
Motivational Gift of "Giver"
In scoring this Gift, make sure you distinguish
between learned behaviour and innate tendencies.
You may have been trained from a child to be
generous and to tithe, but have you given from a
joyful inward motivation?
Givers can accomplish great things for the
Kingdom of God!