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50 Years of Thunderbird Traditions


50 Years of Thunderbird Traditions – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 50 Years of Thunderbird Traditions

50 Years of Thunderbird Traditions
Roy J. Wasson High School
In the beginningthere was an idea, a complex
plan took form. But that was not the end. From
the plan evolved the creation of the Roy J.
Wasson High School. Over three and a quarter
million dollars and two years of work were not
enough, however, to fully create a school.
Students were needed, and they came and they
built traditions. From the Wahian, Vol 1,
The New Campus
(noticethere are no treesor surrounding houses
for that matter)
Picture from http//www.wassonalumni.com/
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T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Veterans
  • Steve Clark (1968) United States Navy - Seabees
  • Steve Kilpatrick (1968) United States Navy -
  • Mike Konshak (1968) United States Navy USS
    Coral Sea
  • Lance Newcomer (1968) United States Marine Corps
  • Gary Shrewsbury (1968) United States Army
  • Wayne Stuchlik (1968) Unites States Marine Corps
  • Charles J. Wray, Jr. (1968) United States Army -
  • Kenyon D. Brooks (1971) University of Northern
    Colorado (1975) United States Air Force Pilot
    American Airlines Pilot
  • filler

Thunderbird Pride Plaza Donated by Student
Governments of 1989-1990 1990-1991 Steve
Herzberg - Sponsor
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Active Duty
  • JR Rockmore (2000) Colorado State
    University-Pueblo graduate Deployed to Iraq in
    2006 where she won the Iraqi Karaoke contest as
    she served her country in Baghdad. 
  • Tyler D. Smith (2001) United States Air Force
    Academy (2007) United States Air Force Pilot
  • Cory A. Smith (2003) United States Air Force
    Academy (2007) United States Air Force Pilot
  • Andrew E. Smith (2006) United States Navy - Navy
    Nuclear Power Training
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T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Educators
  • Paula J. Elmers (Brooks) (1969) University of
    Northern Colorado (1972) Retired 5th Grade
  • Deborah Kirwin (1979) Works for the Pikes Peak
    Library District
  • Lisa Osban-Heald (1979) Works for District 11
    also has 3 Wasson Alums
  • Bethany Beckett-Wessel (1996) Colorado State
    University-Pueblo (2000) Elementary Music
    Teacher in Denver
  • Rich Bragg (1997) Colorado State University
    (2002) Wasson Science Teacher
  • Kelly Rigney (2005) Wasson Girls Diving Coach
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T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Scientists/Engineers
  • Monika Matthews (2002) George Washington
    University DC (2007) Photographer for an
    international magazine
  • 1 ranked underwater photographer in the world
    4 ranked educational terrestrial photographer in
    the world
  • Casey Korejwo (2003) Colorado School of Mines
    (2007) Petroleum Engineer, Encana Oil Gas
  • Nik Sunde (2003) Colorado School of Mines (2008)
    - Nuclear Physics Systems Engineer, Orbital
    Science Corporation, Chandler Arizona
  • Medical Field
  • Mitch Liester (1977) Psychiatrist in Monument
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T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Journalists
  • Thomas Young (2005) University of Colorado
    (2009) -- internship with ABC this year
  • Isaac Blancas (2005) Colorado State
    University-Fort Collins Photo journalist for
    KKTV Channel 11
  • Ryan Lowen (2002) Sports Reporter for KRDO
    NEWSCHANNEL 13 - http//www.krdo.com/global/story.
    asp?S6363385 Still holds the Wasson school
    record for the 3200 m boys relay
  • Politicians
  • Melanie Mays (xxxx) Works on Capital Hill in
    Washington, DC and is the lead for the Senate
    Capital Punishment Initiative.
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T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Jason Guldon (xxxx) Worked for El Pomar
    Foundation -  non-profit organization
  • Rod Anthony Little (xxxx) Have formed their
    own comic book publishing house, Pantha Comics
    and BlackJack Productions, Inc. 
  • Zach Waugh (2005) University of
    Colorado-Colorado Springs (2008) Financial
    representative for Agora Wealth Management
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Collegiates
  • Joey Young (2001) University of Northern
    Colorado - Masters degree in Music.  He stars in
    many Broadway musicals, Choir performances and
    Operas in and around Greeley, Colorado.  He also
    worked with Ms. Tabet here at Wasson in 2005 on
    his student teaching for his Bachelors degree in
    Music Education.
  • Kelly Fowler (2003) University of Colorado
    (2007) University of Colorado Foundation -
    Development Associate
  • David Andrew Wood (2003) Colorado State
    University (2007) Medical Student in Ohio
  • Ben DeRiggi (2005) United States Air Force
    Academy - Appointee
  • Blake Hammond (2005) Colorado College (2009) -
    Student Body President
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Collegiates
  • Nicki Chen (2008) University of Denver Daniels
    Scholarship Winner
  • Yungda Chen (2008) Colorado School of Mines
    Daniels Scholarship Winner
  • Nichole Lindberg (2008) Won a scholarship to
    study hotel and restaurant management in a school
    near Hamburg, Germany
  • Ben Rosen (2008) Colorado School of Mines
  • Tony Sanchez (2008) Colorado School of Mines
    Daniels Scholarship Winner
  • Brian D. Smith (2008) Pikes Peak Community
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Entertainers
  • George Merkert (xxxx) Works in the film industry
    (Sony Picture Works) and television (Falcon
    Crest) and was one of the members of the visual
    FX crew that won the Academy Award for the
    skeleton sequence in the film Terminator 2. 
  • Kynton Chan (2000) University of Colorado
    Boulder - Journalism.  While in Boulder he was a
    member of the mens a cappella ensemble, In The
    Buff and performed many concerts throughout the
    state of Colorado.  He currently sings annually
    with them during their Anniversary performance. 
    For 2008, the 15th Anniversary for In The Buff
    , will be Saturday, February 21st at The Boulder
    H.S. auditorium at 7 p.m.
  • TJ Wilson (2001) University of Northern
    Colorado He is working as a sound engineer for
    1st Presbyterian Church in Greeley, Colorado.  He
    came back to Wasson for our 2006 musical and took
    on the job of sound engineer for Seussical The
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Entertainers
  • Erik Bryan (2002) Has studied in New York City
    and is currently singing in local, state and
    national Opera houses around the country.  His
    major role was lead for the opera, Night in the
    Piazza, in St. Louis, Missouri.  He will star in
    the next Opera Theatre of the Rockies Night
    Scene at The Pikes Peak Center the weekend of
    February 27th through March 1st.
  • Brent Charlesworth (xxxx) former Mass Media
    student, works in the comic book industry in Oak
    Park, Kansas (Marvel Comics). 
  • David Didder (xxxx) former Mass Media student
    who works in the film industry right now, has his
    Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card which is the
    hardest union to get into the film industry.  He
    is a photographer for Lucas Works (George Lucas,
    creator of the entire Star Wars saga).
  • filler

Shirley Snyder Memorial
T-Bird Spot-Lights
  • Athletes
  • Rich (Goose) Gossage (1970) Baseball Hall of
    Fame Pitcher New York Yankees
  • Dan Audick (1972) University of Hawaii (1976)
    NFL Lineman San Francisco 49ers
  • Rob Akey (1984) Weber State University (1988)
    Currently the head coach at the University of
  • Derick Lemuel (2000) Played semi-professional
    basketball for a team in Seattle
  • Roc Alexander (2000) University of Washington
    (2004) Played for the Denver Broncos
  • Raymond Chard (2006) Currently playing for
    Colorado State University
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
Technology Then Now
Picture from http//www.wassonalumni.com/
Courtyard Bricks
Additions and Upgrades
  • Wasson Arts Magnet
  • Dance Studio
  • Black Box Theater

Courtyard Bricks
Additions and Upgrades
  • Consumer and Family Science
  • Newly renovated class rooms

Courtyard Bricks
Additions and Upgrades
  • Science Career Pathways
  • 1.6 million in renovations
  • Seminars college courses available
  • www.WassonScience.com

Courtyard Bricks
Unique College Courses
  • A Computer Repair
  • Astronomy
  • Calculus B/C
  • Environmental Science Oceanology
  • Horticulture
  • Mass Media
  • Scientific Methods Technology
  • Zoology
  • Senior-to-Sophomore Program with CSU-Pueblo
  • Wasson offers 15 classes students can take for
    college credits while still in high school
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
  • State recognized high achieving Math,
    Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Club
  • Nov 08 3rd Place in state competition
  • ONLY D-11 High School winner!!!
  • Mayors 100 Teens
  • Wasson consistently has the highest number of
    students in the district and city nominated to
    this program
  • 11 this year
  • 12 last year
  • National Honors Society Active Citizenship
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars
  • Based upon receiving 3 or higher on a 1-5
    scale on 3 or more AP examinations
  • We have two AP scholars from last year
  • Michael Fitch
  • Ben Rosen
  • Wasson has a Power Library
  • Colorado Department of Education distinction as a
    high performing library
  • Foreign Exchange Students choose Wasson - Highest
    number in the district
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
  • Our Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
    (NJROTC) was selected by Representative Doug
    Lamborn to present The Colors at a ceremony
    recognizing new USAFA appointees.
  • They were selected for their professionalism and
  • We had three students placed on the All-State
    Classical Choir
  • Additionally, we had 2 of 17 students placed in
    the All-State Jazz Choir
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
Recognition - Faculty
  • National Board Certifications
  • Margaret Engler Social Science
  • Janet Giddings Science
  • Rotary Diamond Award Winners
  • Christopher Hartman      2001-2002 (English)
  • Janet Giddings               2002-2003 (Science)
  • Nancy Vogel                  2003-2004 (Arts)
  • Brett Derickson          2006-2007 (Social
  • Chris Matthews              2007-2008 (Science)
  • filler

Courtyard Bricks
Innovative Programs
  • Area Vocation Program (AVP)
  • Prepares students for vocational careers after
    high school
  • Teacher Cadet Program
  • Trains and instructs students interested in
    joining the educational field.
  • ProStart Culinary Arts
  • Top notch culinary programPrepares and trains
    students for working in this field. These
    students just did a community dinner at Ft.
  • Service Learning Advisory Council (SLAC)
  • Only high school in D-11 with this program
  • Plans, organizes, runs events to help our
  • filler

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More Innovative Programs
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
  • Provides students with skills necessary to attend
    and excel in college
  • Targets those students in the middle and who
    otherwise might not attend college
  • Saturday Academy
  • Serves 50-80 students each week offers extra
    assistance to students in core content classes
  • Teen Court
  • Implements restorative justice at Wasson
  • filler

Aerial View of Wasson c2005
(notice the trees and surrounding houses
Words from Mr. Wasson (1959)
  • To the students of Wasson High School, both
    those of the present and of the future, I am
    proud to have my name associated with your
    school. I trust you may find some of the joy and
    satisfaction in work that I have always found.
    It is a great blessing. But what reputation
    Wasson High School earns in the future can in no
    way be assured by its name, even if it were the
    most illustrious name in history.

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Words from Mr. Wasson (1959)
  • The opportunity is yours to create a tradition
    and make a reputation for your school it is
    yours to write on the blank pages of the future.
    May I say I think the students this year are
    making a fine start and showing a fine spirit
    under the guidance of a wise and capable
    principal and faculty and such an example will
    make it easier for classes of the future to
    follow successfully.

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