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Announced mobile e-mail, with each customer having a Powertel e-mail address. ... books and music, read reviews, send eCards, and check order status from wireless ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Contents:

Contents 1. US PCS Update 2. US Cellular
Update 3. Survey 4. Country Development 5.
Standard Development 6. Other Development
Wireless Industry Newsletter January 2000
1. US PCS Update 1.1 PowertelAnnounced
mobile e-mail, with each customer having a
Powertel e-mail address. Each message can be 160
characters with up to 5 text transmission for a
total of 640 characters. The messages can be
filtered so only the most important are received.
The fee for Mobile e-mail is 5/month. 1.2
VoiceStreamSan AntonioLaunched GSM services
in Austin and San Antonio, Texas
Washington/BaltimoreOmnipoint and VoiceStream
jointly acquired the GSM network infrastructure
in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD.
Metropolitan area from Sprint PCS. By taking over
these networks, Omnipoint and VoiceStream
consolidate GSM coverage in the Northeast
corridor, providing contiguous service from
Boston to Washington D.C. The purchase of
Sprints equipment doesnt come with any
customers or even access to a wireless spectrum.
But VoiceStream already has a spectrum it can use
in the area. 1.3 Telecorp PCSIts Initial
Public Offering (IPO) was a big success. The
carrier, ATT Wireless largest affiliate has been
around for some time. First as a bidder in the
FCCs F-block auction and later as purchaser of
licenses from Digital PCS and Wireless 2000 Inc.
In February, Viper Wireless Inc. was formed to
participate in the C-block PCS license re-auction
to gain additional spectrum for TeleCorp. In
October, the company agreed to acquire TeleCorp
LMDS Inc., positioning TeleCorp with LMDS
licenses to use as back-haul for PCS network
traffic in certain markets. TeleCorp PCS has
license for 18.5 million POS and have over
100,000 customers. 1.4 GSM RoamingToday, the
seven largest GSM operators have roaming
agreements with with a min. of 50 international
GSM operators. By Jan. 1, 2000, each will launch
roaming with an additional 25 international
carriers and each expects to have a minimum of
125 launches by April 2000. 1.5 US
WestDelaying the rollout of its commercial
Web-browsing service until the beginning of next
year as it works to understand what its customers
want from wireless Internet access 1.6
PrimeCoBell Atlantic and Vodafone AirTouch
upped their stake in PrimeCo Texas markets by
buying TXU Communications 20 stake in PrimeCo
for 357 million., giving the two companies 100
ownership of PrimeCos Texas licenses, which
includes Dallas, Forth Worth, San Antonio and
Houston areas (20.7 million POPS)
Mobile e-mail
Acquiring Washington/Baltimore network
Telecorp PCS IPO
GSM roaming
Delay in rollout of Web browsing service
PrimeCo Texas
1. US PCS Update 1.7 Sprint PCSA Sharing of
minutesOffering sharing of minutes between two
subscribers from a single service plan. The
second line cost 14.99/month. B Licenses new
PCS affiliatesExpanded into 14 states with
several affiliate agreements. C AmazoneTeamed
with online retailer to offer online
shopping via its Internet-ready phone. Sprint PCS
will gets an undisclosed cut of each
transactions. C1 Amazone Goal To follow
customers, and give the customers the choice, no
matter what carrier they choose to have the
convenience of shopping at Amazon. C2 Operator
concerns If Im a customer of carrier XYZ that
is partnering with Yahoo! And I decide to leave
the operator, I dont leave Yahoo!, but I leave
the carrier. Thats the fundamental problem of
not being your own portal or ISP provider. You
dont own the information at that point if youre
partnering. 1.8 Leap Wireless
International RadiofoneTo purchase Radiofone
Oncs PCS licenses for Denver, Pittsburgh and
three markets in Georgia (Macon, Columbus and
Albany), giving them an additional 5 million POPS
for its domestic subsidiary, Cricket
Communications Inc. Radiofone PCS L.L.C. owns
both F-block licenses in Denver and Pittsburgh.
SBC Communications Inc. purchased Radiofone in
November and is too large of a company to qualify
as an owner of F-block licenses under FCC
rules. Sprint PCSHas agreed to acquire 30.4 of
Mexican carrier Pegaso for no more than 250
million. Leap is a co-founder and major
shareholder in Pegaso and will retain a stake in
the company. 1.9 OmnipointGPRSBegin trials
of GPRS service in the New York metro
area. Wireless vs Fixed phone9 of its
customers who signed up in 1999 dont have a
standard phone, vs. only 4 last year.
Sprint PCS - Sharing of minutes - New
affiliates - Amazon deal
Leap Wireless - Gaining additional POPS -
Sprint PCS to acquire stake in Pegaso
Trial of GPRS
2. US Cellular Update 2.1 ATT A
Digital-One-Rate (DOR)Expanded the
Digital-One-Rate to include a 59.99 rate for 300
minutes Customers who use their wireless phones a
lot in areas of the U.S. where ATT has to pay
competitors for roaming service are being
dropped from the companys DOR program. ATT is
also calling customers to verify their residence.
If a customer signed up for DOR when living in
New York City and now lives in S.F., they cant
be on the DOR plan. B CDPDKind of re-launching
CDPD in Los Angeles with support of Digital TDMA
(the old service was only AMPS) and a new portal
service from OmniSky Corp (formed by 3Com Corp.
and Aether Technologies Inc.)., using a specially
designed CDPD modem from Novatel for the popular
Palm V PDA. C ATT Wireless GroupThe ATT
Wireless business will be offered as separate
tracking stocks under the new name ATT Wireless
Group. ATT expects to offer as much as 19 of
its wireless business to the public in the spring
of 2000. The rest will be distributed to ATT
shareholders by the end of 2000. The IPO should
raise 8 billion to 10 billion for ATT. ATT
Wireless Group will focus on Wireless Phone
Business and the efforts to build local phone and
data networks using fixed wireless technology The
new organization for the ATT Wireless
Group Chairman CEO John Zeglis President
Wireless Phone Business Dan Hess Exec. VP Fixed
Wireless Networks Michael G. Keith ATT want to
originate, carry and terminate as much
telecommunications traffic as possible whether
its local, long distance or wireless. D
CapacityATT Wireless has increased capacity
throughout its nationwide network by 63 since
the beginning of 1999.
ATT Wireless- DOR update - CDPD update- New
2. US Cellular Update 2.1 ATT E Connecting
to mobile from Fixed Wireless Networks With an
extra piece of equipment, fixed-wireless
customers also will be able to use their ATT
mobile phones inside their homes as cordless
extensions of their home lines. The equipment
detects when an ATT mobile phone is in the house
and automatically transfers incoming cell-phone
calls to the home line, ATT officials
said. Customers can also extend this integration
between mobile and home lines to their guests.
The equipment can be programmed to handle
incoming calls for up to 10 mobile
phones.Although the technology uses the same
frequency band as the latest generation of
wireless phones, it can provide much more
capacity to each user. Because the transmitters
are fixed, not mobile, the connection is far more
stable and reliable than a mobile phone call.
ATT officials also say the sound quality is as
good as a wired phone.One of the best things
about the technology, company officials said, is
that the equipment cost has come down
significantly, from more than 1,100 per home to
about 750 now and about 500 within two years.
That's roughly what it costs ATT to add local
phone service to its cable TV networks. The
cable-TV approach is about a year closer to
widescale deployment, which ATT expects to do in
late 2000. About 4,000 homes in four metropolitan
areas -- including the Bay Area, where Fremont
and four other communities are involved -- have
signed up for the phone-over-cable service during
ATT's initial market tests. By contrast, the
fixed wireless technology is in about 200 homes
in Dallas. ATT plans to bring the technology to
Fort Worth and two unspecified cities next year
for further testing. Those cities almost
certainly will be ones served by ATT's cell
phone networks, whose towers and transmitting
stations the company plans to exploit for the new
wireless service. In Dallas, ATT charges about
25 for two phone lines and 35 for fast Internet
service, compared to SBC's 32.50 and 51.
  • 2. US Cellular Update
  • 2.1 ATT
  • F Fixed Wireless NetworkFixed wireless
    networks has become part two of ATT dream to
    pump broadband or high speed services into the
    home. It cost ATT 750 to sign up a customer for
    fixed wireless today. Originally dubbed Project
    Angel,'' the company's wireless technology uses a
    small dish mounted on the side of a customer's
    house to deliver two phone lines and a continuous
    Internet connection almost 10 times as fast as
    the speediest dial-up modem. Next year, ATT
    officials said, the wireless link will be able to
    provide four phone lines and an Internet
    connection almost 20 times faster than the best
    dial-up modem.
  • The Internet links can't match the top speeds of
    the local phone companies' high-speed copper
    lines, but they have the potential to reach more
    homes. The phone companies' digital subscriber
    lines'' slow down the farther the home is from
    the company's central office, petering out
    entirely after about 3.3 miles.
  • 2.2 SBCHas agreed to acquire Radiofone Inc.
    ,which serves more than 200,000 (holds licenses
    in areas covering approx. 2.4 million POPS)
    wireless customers in Louisiana and Michigan. The
    transaction also bring SBC's approx. 300,000
    paging customers in 11 states.
  • 2.3 Bell Atlantic-GTE
  • New Executives of the new company
  • Charles R. Lee co-CEOs, Chairman
  • Ivan Seidenberg co-CEOs, President
  • Lawrence T. Babbio Jr. President, vice Chairman
    - Domestic Wireline Business (L.D., IT,
    procurement services and technology research)
  • Michael T. Masin President, vice Chairman -
    International Wireline and Wireless operations
    and connectivity - Domestic and International
    Directory and Information Services - GTE
    Internet working
  • Frederic V. Salerno CFO , vice Chairman
  • Dennis F. Strigl Exec. VP, President -
    Domestic Wireless Business
  • William P. Barr Legal, regulatory and government
    affairs group
  • J. Randall MacDonald Exec. VP of Human Resources

Project angel still alive
New acquisition by SBC
New Bell Atlantic organization
  • 2. US Cellular Update
  • 2.4 Bell Atlantic - GTE - VodafonAirTouch
  • U.S. Justice Department Approves Bell Atlantic,
    Vodafone AirTouch Venture, and Bell Atlantic's
    Merger with GTE
  • The Justice Department's approval requires the
    companies to sell 96 overlapping markets in 15
    states (three million customers). The markets
    include metropolitan San Francisco, san Diego,
    Cleveland, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix,
    Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Cincinnati. This is
    "likely the largest divestiture package ever
    required by the Antitrust Division," the Justice
    Department said. The companies still need FCC
  • The combined entity will serve more than 21
    million customers, compared with 12 million for
    ATT Corp., the largest U.S. wireless company.
  • Results of the combinationMarket Coverage -
    Nationwide 94 of top 100 markets- POPS 90 of
  • Gross POPs 254 million
  • Wireless Customers 21 million
  • Paging customers 3.5 million
  • Digital Network Technology CDMA
  • Estimated equity value 70 billion
  • Estimated 2000 revenue 15.6 billion
  • Estimated 2000 EBITDA 6.1 billion
  • Employees 32,500
  • 2.5 Cellular One - S.F.
  • Offering plans with Rollover
  • Minutes allocated in rate plan roll over
    month-to-month for the first year of service for
    use in local calling area
  • After first year of service, any unused rollover
    minutes will remain available for use until
  • After the first year monthly allocated minutes
    will no longer roll over

Bell Atlantic merger approval
First rollover in U.S.
RCC acquiring Triton Cellular
2. US Cellular Update 2.7 BAM Web-AccessLa
unched Web Access, a Web-like service for
Web-enabled phones. BAM is charging its customers
9.95/month for adding Web Access to an existing
Digital Choice voice rate plan. Subscribers can
use their total airtime for either voice or data
calls. The Web-access service is available
through circuit-switched digital cellular with a
throughput of 14.4 kbps and can connect to the
Internet within two to five seconds. Customers
will have access to a wireless personal organizer
and to more than 20 leading content
providers. CPPLaunched in Delaware its Call
Me CPP option, which will allow wireless
customers to only pay for their outgoing calls in
their service area. BAM will offer a priority
list feature for customers to select up to five
people whose incoming calls they will pay for.
The ratio of incoming to outgoing wireless calls
is currently about 4 to 1. Frontier
CellularCompleted its acquisition of Frontier
Cellular, which added approx. 450,000 subscribers
from the upstate New York metropolitan areas,
four rural service areas in New York state and
two rural service areas in Pennsylvania. Year
2000BAM is saying it will add a million U.S.
wireless subscribers in 2000, increasing the
companys subscriber base to between 8.5 million
to 8.7 million users. Those numbers exclude any
customer Bell Atlantic will gain from its
acquisition of GTE Corp, or from its agreement to
combine its U.S. wireless assets with those from
VodafoneAirTouch Plc.
BAM- New Web services from BAM - CPP option -
Completed acquisition of Frontier Cellular -
Year 2000 forecast
  • 2. US Cellular Update
  • 2.7 BAM (cont.)
  • Group Calling - Share-A-Minute
  • New wireless calling plan that lets as many as
    four family members or co-workers share minutes
    and get a single bill. The plan is similar to
    ATTs Family Plan and Sprint PCS Clear
    Wireless Workplace plan.
  • The plan will offer two users
  • 200 shared minutes for 49.99
  • 500 shared minutes for 79.99
  • 800 shared minutes for 99.99The plan also
    offers each user 200 minutes a month for for
    calls to the other users cell phone (ATT offer
    unlimited calling between group members, but do
    not allow sharing of minutes for non group
  • Third and fourth users can be added for 15 each
    per month. While adding these users doesnt
    increase the number of available local shared
    minutes, each user does get 200 minute to call
    the other customers in the group.
  • Customers can also send e-mail messages to each
    others phone for an additional fee.
  • The Sprint workplace plan, introduced in May
    1999, has a team option that includes 600 minutes
    a month in local calls between Sprint PCS
    wireless phones. It also has a travel option that
    include 60 to 200 minutes a month of calls placed
    on a non-Sprint PCS network. The team and travel
    options are available for 19.99 a month to
    customers who spend at least 49.99 a month on a
    Sprint PCS plan. Both packages include 500
    e-mails that can be sent to the phones.

Share-a-minute offering from BAM
3. Survey 3.1 Wireless Data 3.1.1 U.K.
Mobile Data AssociationEuropeCellular data
Users in Europe- 3.5 million in 1998- 51.0
million in 2003- The of all cellular
subscribers using data services will increase
from 4 to 25 over the same period
(1998-2003) 3.2 ITU - Mobile as of total
Telephony (1998) Cambodia 72 Finland 51 Israel
47 Hong Kong 46 Lebanon 45 Italy 44 Portugal 4
3 Paraguay 43 3.3 CTIA - Fraud in
U.S. According to CTIAs latest survey on
wireless fraud, the financial loss to the
industry dropped to 165 million in 1998 from
400 million in 1997. Today , subscriber fraud
represents 40 of all wireless fraud, compared to
15 in 1997.
Wireless Data- U.K.
Examples of Mobile as of total Telephony
Fraud in U.S.
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.1
Europe 4.1.1 Sweden MillicomAnnounced new
Mobile Online payment system. GiSMo is a secure
payment system alternative to using credit, debit
pr charge card. The users purchaser items by
giving their telephone number at the point of
sale. The retailer then transfer the number
online, via a dedicated Internet access
connection to GiSMos processing center in
Luxembourg, where a PIN code automatically is
generated randomly for each transaction. The code
is then sent as a text message or via SMS to the
shoppers mobile phone. The purchase is executed
only if the PIN is given to the retailer and
entered online for verification with the
processing center within one minute. The center
then sends a final message back to the seller and
shopper confirming the transaction. Shoppers and
merchants are sent statements by e-mail. Users
must visit the companys Web site to provide
personal information and their phone numbers and
select a user name and password. 4.1.2 Czech
Republic TIWWon the third Czech republic mobile
telephone license for a GSM 1800 network. The
operator, Cesky Mobile, the TIW subsidiary, will
offer aggressive postpaid and prepaid service
including packet data (GPRS). TIW will own 51
and IPB (largest bank) and UPC own a combined
49 Two GSM 900 carriers, Eurotel Praha and
RadioMovil, together have more than 900,000
subscribers (10 penetration) and covers 90 of
the population. 4.1.3 Croatia Deutsche
TelekomIs acquiring 35 of Hrvatske
Telekomunikacije Croatian Telecom), who operates
a wireline network and two national cellular
networks - GSM 900 and NMT 450, which as of June
1999 served 185,000 customers
Online payment system
TIW win new license in Czech Republic
Deutsche Telekom investment in Croatia
  • 4. Worldwide Country Developments
  • 4.1 Europe
  • 4.1.4 UK
  • A OrangeJust Talk prepaidAnnounced a new
    prepaid package called Just Talk, that makes
    clear all conditions and charges upfront and
    offers existing prepaid subscribers the option of
    switching to a contract tariff., while still
    being able to keep their current telephone
  • In an related event, Orange CEO Hans Snook called
    for the industry to end the practice of
    misleading statements and small print catches.
    Snook noted research has shown that 78 of those
    considering prepaid are doing so because they
    want to control cost, yet many dont realize
    prepaid can be the most expensive way to pay. He
    also said most prepaid vouchers have expiration
    dates, yet few customers count the cost of
    prepaid vouchers that expire, whether or not the
    calls that have been paid for have been made.
  • The new prepaid service Just Talk have
  • No expiry dates on vouchers. - If customers
    are disconnected 6 months, after their last
    credited talk time or the phone is not used in
    any subsequent 6 month period, they can call
    0800 079 0008 to reconnect and their unused talk
    time will be reinstated.
  • No daily, monthly or yearly service charges
  • Every penny spent is on call charges, and those
    charges are down in priceJust Talk
    pricing Standard Calls to other Orange
    to Orange Calls UK Mobile Orange SMS Call
    to Off- Off- Off- per answerVoucher Peak pe
    ak Peak peak Peak Peak mesg. Phone
  • 10 35p 10p 50p 25p 20p 10p 10p 10p
  • 15 35p 10p 50p 25p 20p 10p 10p 10p
  • 25 35p 10p 50p 25p 20p 10p 10p 10p
  • 50 25p 5p 50p 25p 15p 5p 5p 5p
  • Send up to a max. of 10 text messages a day
    and receive as many you like.

Update on Orange Just Talk prepaid service
  • 4. Worldwide Country Developments
  • 4.1 Europe
  • 4.1.4 UK (cont.)
  • B Christmas 1999
  • F.W. WoolworthThe kids market has exploded
    primed by increased demands for prepaid cellular
  • According to research by U.K. retail supermarket
    giant F.W. Woolworth
  • Barbie dolls and Sony PlayStations have tumbled
    down kids Christmas list
  • The must-have Christmas gift for 10-15 years
    olds are - 50 wireless phone - 32 color
    TV - 19 Sony PlayStation
  • Kids in the north of England are more keen to
    unwrap mobile phones than anywhere else in
    Britain (60)
  • Also seeing a dramatic rise in the sale of
    prepaid airtime vouchers as stocking fillers
  • Why is parent giving kids mobile phones? - 60
    Safety reason - 61 Enable people to keep tabs
    on their childrens whereabouts
  • U.K. Subscriber growth over Christmas
  • 4 million subscribers expected to buy mobile
    phones over Christmas
  • Orange plc expect 1 million new subscribers
  • Vodafone AirTouch also expect 1 million new
    subscribers. The company is spending 16 million
    a week on new infrastructure and systems to keep
    pace with the anticipated growth.
  • C Virgin Mobile
  • A joint venture between Virgin Group and One2One
    is due to launch services in November 1999 and
    already has a worth at almost 1.4 billion.

Why has the kid market exploded over Christmas in
Virgin Mobile new venture
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.1
Europe 4.1.5 Israel New LicenseThe Ministry
of Communications announced it may license a
fourth and maybe a fifth provider by the end of
2000. Subs. 6/30/99 Subs. 9/30/99 Syst.
Tech.CellCom Israel 1.2 million 1.3
million TDMA Partner Comm. 150,000 270,000 GSM
900 Pele-Phone 1.0 million 1.1 million NAMPS,
CDMA With 2.6 million subscribers, Israel claims
on of the highest cellular penetration rates
outside Scandinavian of 42. 4.1.6
Spain Airtel Spanish bank Banco Santander Central
Hispano is finalizing a swap of its 30.45 percent
stake in local mobile phone firm Airtel for
shares in Vodafone AirTouch. BSCH would take a
5.5 percent stake in Vodafone under the deal
which would give the British mobile operator
control of Airtel, financial daily Cinco Dias
said, citing a BSCH source.The deal valued Airtel
- Spain's second biggest mobile phone company -
at around 24 billion euros, the source
said. 4.1.7 France France Telecom Below is
France Telecom European presence today UK
Minority stake in NTL, one of three biggest
cable operatorsDenmark Mobilix, no 3 mobile
operatorNetherlands Dutchtone, no 4 mobile
operatorBelgium 51 stake in in Mobistar, no.
2 mobile operatorPoland 34 stake in PTK
Centertel, no. 3 mobile operatorItaly Stake in
Wind, no. 3 mobile operatorGreece 20 stake in
Panafon, no. 1 mobile operatorSpain 69 stake
in Uni2, no. 3 fixed line operator
Israel update
Airtel update
France Telecom European presence
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.1
Europe 4.1.8 Germany E-PlusBellSouth acquired
100 of E-Plus. As part of the deal, the
Netherlands KPN Telecom will take over a 77.5
stake, and the two carriers will share control of
E-Plus. Under the terms of the agreement, KPN is
providing BellSouth a 9.4 billion loan to
purchase the Vodafone and Vebra/RWE 77.49 E-Plus
holding. KPN then will convert the loan into a
holding company, BellSouth GmbH, which will own
and operate E-Plus. BellSouth will retain its
current 22.5 E-Plus share, which is valued at
7.8 billion. As part of the agreement, BellSouth
also has the option to convert its 22.5 of
E-Plus into a 19 ownership interest in KPN or
shares worth about 6.5 billion in KPN Mobile
during the subsequent 30 months. MannesmannVodaf
one AirTouch Plc making a formal 143 billion
offer for Mannesmann, and shareholders will have
until Feb. 7 to make their decision. The hostile
offer is being rejected by Mannesmann as to
low. 4.1.9 Switzerland SwissairAllows
frequent flyers departing from Zurich to check in
for flights using WAP based mobile phones.
Check-in is confirmed on the telephone display
window, including flight number, time of
departure, and gate and seat assignment. Once the
customers check in, they will be kept up to date
via their mobile phone of any changes to the
flight 4.1.10 Norway NetCom ASANetCom AB of
Sweden sold its 24.8 stake in NetCom ASA the
smaller of Norways two cellular service
providers, to clear the way to getting its own
mobile phone license in Norway. NetCom AB sold
the 24.8 stake to Societe Europeenne de
Communication SA for 17.8 of the capital in SEC,
a phone company controlled by Jan Stenbeck.
BellSouth take control of E-Plus
The Mannesmann saga
Check in for Swissair flights from mobile phone
NetCom ASA update
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.2 Unites
States 4.2.1 NextelKyocera will be
manufacturing iDEN handsets, as the only vendor
willing to compete with Motorola today. 4.2.2
NeoPointIntroduced a location-based wireless
portal called The portal is
position as a smart-information service with
features including driving directions and route
guides, ATM locator, traffic information, flight
status and schedules, Yellow pages, radio station
directories, TV listings and movie schedules and
reviews, all based on the information most
relevant to the users location. A GPS chip
installed in a car cord extension provides the
network with the users location. The company is
also designing a phone battery with an embedded
GPS chip. One of the services could be that the
portal will provide users with the four nearest
restaurants including their telephone numbers,
based on the users location. The service allows
the caller to dial a selected restaurants phone
number using one-touch dialing. The portal can be
used on any WAP-enabled phones and supports
following standards CDMA, GSM, TDMA,
iDEN. NeoPoint will also sell the portal to
carriers, which may brand it themselves and
decide how much to charge for the service. Key to is the intelligent agent technology
included. Customers initially may personalize
services when the first sign up. But since most
users rarely update their profiles,
myAlladdin.coms intelligent-agent technology
will keep track of what the customer actually
uses, and change the profile based on that usage.
The agent is also capable of sending highly
valuable push-based content. For instance, the
flight status service has the intelligent agent
keeping track of any changes in flight status for
two hours before that flight is scheduled to
depart. Any change, be it gate or time, will
cause the agent to notify the customer
New iDEN handset manufacturer
New location-based wireless portal
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.2 Unites
States 4.2.3 Barnes NobleLaunched a wireless
e-commerce initiative called on the Go,
which is designed to allow customers to search
from and buy its products from wireless devices.
Barnes Nobles has also joined the WAP forum and
the Inc. alliance program. The service
will allow users to find Barnes Nobles store
locations, search for any books and music, read
reviews, send eCards, and check order status from
wireless devices. 4.2.4 MicrosoftIntroduced
its new dual-mode microbrowser, Mobile Internet
Browser, allowing users to access Internet
content written in both WAP and traditional
HML. 4.2.5 QualcommKyocera buys Qualcomm
handset division. Kyocera currently manufactures
CDMA handsets in Asia, but do4es not have a
strong North America presence. The company is
forming a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera
International Inc located in San Diego and will
lease selected Qualcomm facilities. Kyocera said
it plans to produce about 16 million wireless
handsets, including CDMA units, in the fiscal
year ending March 2001, doubling its total
shipment to date. 4.2.6 SnapTrackWill bring
its Personal Location Technology (PLT) services
to mobile devices via Microsofts newly announced
Mobile Explorer (operating system and
microbrowser that enable customers to access
corporate data and the Internet, send and
retrieve e-mail and conduct e-commerce). PLT is a
client/server system using the companys
proprietary handset-based Wireless Assisted GPS
technology to pinpoint the location of wireless
devices (cellular, pagers, PDAs, etc.). The deal
with Microsoft will allow SnapTrack to put the
PLT client technology into the reference design
of the Mobile Explorer. That means that any
device incorporating the Mobile Explorer OS and
microbrowser will be optimized for location
technologies and services based on SnapTracks
New wireless e-commerce initiative from Barnes
New Mobile Internet Browser from Microsoft
New owner of Qualcomm handset division
Personal Location Technology from SnapTrack
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.2 Unites
States 4.2.7 ATTATT Business
NetworkLaunching an integrated services network
aimed at mid-sized businesses. The new ATT
Business Networks features include
long-distance, local, international, wireless,
data and Internet services under one contract.
The service is focused mostly on fast-growing
mid-sized customers that would be charged from
60,000 to 5 million a year. Chambers
Communications Corp.ATT agreed to buy most of
Chambers Communications Corp.s cable systems,
adding about 80,000 subscribers to ATT cable
system. 4.2.8 Bell AtlanticFirst to win FCC
approval to offer long distance in the New York
market. And will begin providing L.D. service to
consumer Jan. 5, 2000.
New integrated service
Bell Atlantic to offer local service
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.3
Canada4.3.1 Bell CanadaOffered to purchase
for cash up to 15.8 million of the outstanding
common shares of Aliant. Such an acquisition
would give Bell Canada, which already owns about
41 of the company, at least 51 of Aliants
common shares. Aliant includes the NewTel
Communications, MTT, NBTel and Island Tel
operating companies, which each have wireless
divisions. 4.3.2 Spectrum CapIndustry Canada
increased the spectrum cap from 40 MHz to 55 MHz.
This compares to 45 MHz in U.S. except 55MHz in
rural markets. 4.3.3 Rogers CantelWill trial
the first WAP 1.1 system on a TDMA network.
Bell Canada acquire majority of Aliant common
Spectrum cap to increase from 40MHz to 55MHz
Trial of WAP 1.1
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.4 Latin
America4.4.1 MexicoBell Atlantic
Corp.Terminated its discussion regarding a
potential combination of its Iusacell properties
in Mexico and cellular properties in the four
northern regions of the country. Subscriber
GrowthCofetel expect the mobile market to grow
by 80 in 1999 to 6.3 million subscribers. The
number of cellular users is growing between
350,000 to 400,000 a month. 4.4.2 ParaguayThree
operators currently offer wireless service in the
country. Telecel, Personal and Hola Paraguay
(VOX) clients total 372,000 subscribers, compared
with 290,000 wireline subscribers served by
Antelco, the state owned fixed telephony
company. Telecel is the oldest player with
operation since 1992 and have the largest market
share with 281,000 cellular and 5,000 PCS
subscribers. New operator Hola Paraguay (VOX),
offering PCS service since May has attracted
6,000 subscribers. Personal have achieved 80,000
clients in only 15 months. Antelco charges
US600 for each line and takes between six and
two years to install it. Antelco will begin to
offer PCS service in 2000 in association with a
private company. Another new entrance Copesa,
which was re-issued its PCS license under the
condition it would begin offering service before
January 31, 2000 will soon enter the
market. 4.4.3 UruguayUruguay is one of the few
countries in the region that offer good fixed
line service at a reasonable price through the
state owned company Antel, with a 20 penetration
and serves - along with its cellular subsidiary
Ancel - 90 of the the total telephony users.
Ancel subscribers grew 165 between September
1998 and September 1999, compared with 9 for
Antel subscribers. The other private cellular
operator is Movicom BellSouth has doubled its
subscriber base from 54,000 users to 110,000
subscribers during the same period. No PCS
license has been granted.
Mexico update
Paraguay update
Uruguay update
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.4 Latin
America 4.4.4 VenezuelaNew LicenseIn
according to a report from Reuters Venezuela is
expected to award an cellular operating license
early next year. There currently are three other
cellular carriers operating in Venezuela, with
two others licensed. TelcelHas doubled its
client base to more than 2 million since end of
1998. The company attributed the growth to
customer service and transition to a 100 digital
CDMA network. Telcel (BellSouth controlled) as
invested 250 million so fat this
year. MovilnetHave increased its subscriber
base by 71.2 by YE99, bringing its total YE99
subscriber count to 1.2 million. Prepaid were
largely responsible for driving the subscriber
growth. 4.4.5 BoliviaIn Bolivia, local fixed
line telephony services are offered under a
monopoly situation by 16 regional cooperatives
that have a total of 500,000 subscribers,
compared with 330,000 total for cellular
operators Entel Movil and Telecel. Obtaining a
fixed-telephony line in Bolivia has a cost of
US1,500, and the installation (can take) more
than 30 days. In comparison, a cellular terminal
can be acquired for US90 with immediate use.
Telecel was the first to offer cellular
telephony, Entel Movil with has 180,,000
subscribers, while Telecel has 150,000. By the
end of 1999, the government will grant two new
PCS licenses with another to be granted before
November 2001, the date on which the cooperatives
will loose their monopoly on local fixed
telephony. If cellular operators continue to add
subscribers at an annual rate exceeding 100 in
Bolivia, it is probable that before the end of
2000, Bolivia cellular operators will be on the
same road as Paraguay, surpassing fixed telephony
in total subscribers PCSA group lead by
Western Wireless Corp. won a tender (15.3
million) to operate a new nationwide PCS system
in Bolivia. The group was the the sole bidder in
the tender and plans to invest 100 million with
a commercial launch within nine months.
Venezuela update
Bolivia update
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.4 Latin
America 4.4.6 Puerto RicoCellular
OneLaunched a new prepaid service that targets
low-end customers. The service does not include
voice mail and Caller ID. Prepaid card for 25
with 50 minutes/month and 39 with 150
minutes.month will be offered. 4.4.7
ColombiaThe recession is having a strong
effects on the wireless industry. Cellular
carriers saw 1H99 losses and declining user
numbers and the future will include competition
from new PCS licensees (One PCS carriers in each
of the countrys three operating regions). The
recession means that Colombian are stopping their
cellular service, not paying their bills, making
fewer calls and talking less. The recession is
also forcing a shift to prepaid services. 4.4.8
ChileSmartCom PCS (former Chilesat PCS)Leap
Wireless, who bought out its former Chilesat PCS
partner, long distance carrier Telex-Chile, has
renamed the company wireless operation to
Smartcom PCS. Smartcom PCS is the first to
announce prepaid service in Chile with per-second
billing. In addition, Smartcom PCS doesnt charge
long-distance fees for calls within the
country. SubscribersMobile users in Chile will
number nearly 2 million by YE99, compared with
around 900,000 YE98. 4.4.9 JamaicaTwo new
mobile licenses will be auctioned. The licenses
will be offered countrywide on 800 900, 1800 or
1900 MHz. At least one must provide GSM
technology. 4.4.10 EcuadorPrepaid billing
plans helped increase BellSouth Ecuador's
subscriber base by 600 during the 12 months
ended Sept. 30, 1999. At the end of September
BellSouth Ecuadors 122,000 prepaid clients
represented 60 of the operator total subscriber
New prepaid service
Colombia update
Chilesat PCS renamed to SmartCom PCS
New mobile license
BellSouth Ecuador
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.4 Latin
America4.4.11 PeruBellSouth has increased
its ownership in Tele2000 from 75.5 top 89.6.
Beginning Dec. 1, the Tele2000 brand will be
abandoned and all services will be marketed as
BellSouth. 4.4.12 BrazilLightelBeen ordered
to sell its19.9 stake in Tess, because of a
conflict of interest with a local fixed-line
operator Lightel controls within Tess coverage
area GlobalstarWill invest 180 million by end
of 2000. Globalstars Brazilian subsidiary has
already signed contracts with regional telcos
Ceterp and Sercomtel Algar Telecom Leste
(ATL)SBC Communications Inc. acquired a
significant stake (33) in Algar Telecom Leste,
which serves customers in Rio de Janeiro and
Espirito Santo states. Telmex of Mexico will join
SBC in the investment. As part of the deal
Williams Communications Group will reduce its
stake in the company to 50, with the other half
being shared between SBC, Telmex and Algar. SBC
and Telmex will have the opportunity to
subsequently increase their investment to a 50
stake in ATL upon regulatory approval. Matrix
InternetU.S.based Primus Telecommunications
Group purchased a 51 controlling stake in Matrix
Internet, Brazils last major independent
Internet Service Provider with 54,000
subscribers. CRTAnatel has OK Tele Centro Sul,
Sercomtel and CTBC as the likely shareholders in
the restructuring of wireline operator
CRT. Telesp, CTBCTelefonica plans to
incorporate CTBC into Telefonica controlled Sao
Paulo operator Telesp. The proposed deal would
involve a share swap between Telesp and CTBC,
after which Telesp would be incorporated into
Telesp Participacoes.
BellSouth Peru
Lightel conflict of interest
Globalstar in Brazil
SBC and Telmex acquiring a big stake in ATL
Matrix Internet
CRT fixed line
Telesp Participacoes
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.4 Latin
America4.4.13 PCS Licensing in Latin
AmericaCountry License Award Paraguay 1995 Chile
1996 Puerto Rico 1998 El Salvador 1998 Mexico May
1998 Argentina June 1999 Bolivia Nov
1999 Venezuela 1Q00 Colombia 1Q00 Brazil 2Q00 Sour
ce Baskerville Communications 4.4.14
Argentina Movicom (BellSouth)Has launched PCS
services in Buenos Aires after building what it
says is the largest PCS network outside the U.S.
in a record time of five months. The CDMA network
was built at a cost of around 150 million. CTI
HoldingsThe other new entrant in Buenos Aires,
GTE controlled CTI Holdings, has not yet offered
its PCS service to the public in Buenos Aires.
The just signed an CDMA infrastructure contract
Dec. 7, after Movicom has completed its
network. 4.4.15 GuatemalaBellSouth to invest
100 million in its three new PCS licenses won
late October in the C, D and E-F bands and expect
to launch commercial service by end-June 2000.
PCS licensing in Latin America
Argentina update
BellSouth Guatemala
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.5
Japan 4.5.1 3G.Japan looks set to issue just
three licenses for third generation mobile
operators, according to a policy statement issued
by the Ministry of Posts and Telecoms. The
licenses will probably be nationwide - a change
of tack for Japan, which assigned its 2G digital
licenses on a regional basis. Only recently have
operators, including the dominant NTT DoCoMo,
amalgamated their operations into single
carriers. 4.5.2 Three-way merger, DDI, IDO and
KDDThe three companies agreed to merge in a deal
valued at 26.6 billion. KDD is the countrys
largest international services operator, while
DDI and IDO are mobile phone operators. The
merger was driven by the Governments decision to
maybe only license three 3G licenses. DDI will
be the surviving company, with DDI president,
Yuasi Okuyama, remaining as president for the
combined company. DDIs parent company will
remain the largest shareholder with 15.8.
Toyota, a leading shareholder in both KDD and
IDO, will become the second largest shareholder
with more than 10. 4.5.3 Japan TelecomPlans to
spend 700 billion yes (6.7 billion) in the next
two years to begin a new mobile phone service to
rival a next generation service planned by NTT.
Japan Telecom will start the build-out April 1,
2000 and finished by early 2002. The groups next
generation mobile phone venture is owned 44.5 by
Japan telecom, 26 by Vodaphone AirTouch, and 20
by BT. 4.5.4 NTT DoCoMoLooking at potential
partnerships for 3G in Europe and US. However,
DoCoMo does not want to become a major equity
shareholder in other firms. 4.5.5 Fixed phones vs
Mobile PhonesMobile phones (Cellular and PHS)
are expected to overtake conventional fixed line
phones by mid 2000 (56 million vs 57 million
mobile subscribers). Fixed phone subscribers
peaked at 61.5 million mid 1997 and has since
fallen by around one million annually. The
telecommunications Council predicts mobile phone
subscribers will reach 81 million by 2010.
3G update
New three-way merger
Japan Telekom update
DoCoMo and 3G outside Japan
Fixed vs Mobile
  • 4. Worldwide Country Developments
  • 4.6 Asia Pacific Rim
  • 4.6.1 Malaysia
  • DiGi Swisscom BerhadTelenor/Telia to acquire a
    30 stake in DiGi Swisscom Berhad, a Malaysian
    telecom group that operates a GSM 1800 MHz
    network. The shares will be bought from Vincent
    Tan (previously owned by Swisscom)
  • 4.6.2 China
  • China MobileNew provincial China Mobile
    operators are being established one after
    another, taking over the provincial networks from
    China Telecom.
  • Subs. 3/31/99 Subs. 8/31/99 System Tech
  • China Mobile 23,570,000 32,945,000 TACS
    900 GSM 900/1800 CT-2, CDMA, AMPS
  • China Unicom 1,310,000 3,247,000 GSM
    900 CDMA
  • China adds approx. 1 million subscribers each
  • 4.6.3 New Zealand
  • 3Q99 Subscriber numbers
  • Telecom New Zealand 760,800
  • Vodafone New Zealand 293,000
  • Penetration rate 27

China Mobile update
N.Z. update
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.6 Asia
Pacific Rim 4.6.4 Hong Kong Hutchinson
Telephone Co.NTT DoCoMo plans to buy a 19 stake
in Hutchinson Telephone Co. for 410 million. The
deal will happen through Motorola dropping its
stake from 30 to 25.1 and Hutchinson Whampoa
(HTCLs parent) share will drop from 70 to
55.9. HTCL has about 1.2 million subscribers and
a market share of 33. Hutchinson to launch NTT
DoCoMos wireless Internet services, I-mode in
the second quarter of 2000 4.6.5 South
Korea Korea Telecom Freetel Co.Microsoft,
Qualcomm and Capital Communications CDPQ Inc of
Canada will pay 600 million for 9.2 of Korea
Telecom Freetel Co. (Koreas 2 mobile phone
company). The company will use the money to
expand its Internet business and to cut
debt. South Korea, with a population of 46
million, has 7.2 million Internet users and the
market is growing by 30 a year.
NTT investment in Hutchinson Telephone
Korea Telecom Freetel gets new investors
4. Worldwide Country Developments 4.7 Africa
4.7.1 Uganda 70,00 mobile users in Uganda at
the end of October, with 55,000 users with MTN
Uganda and the remaining with Celtel.
Uganda update
5. Standard developments5.1 GSM 5.1.1 GSM
Breaks 200 millionGSM just broke through the 200
million customer barrier and the GSM Association
is confident in their predictions that by 2005,
there will be between 700 million and 1 billion
GSM customers worldwide. The organization also
expect 100 penetration in some market in 2000.
5.2 iDENPacific Wireless Technologies Inc.
third operator to deploy iDEN in central
California. 5.3 TDMAUWCC reports 30 million
TDMA users worldwide at the end of third quarter
1999. North America totaled 17 million with 10.9
million in Latin America. 5.4 CDMA5.4.1 64K
Wireless AccessMotorola expect commercial
launch in Japan in early January of 64 kbps
wireless Internet access. DDI and IDO will deploy
the technology. 5.4.2 AAPT - AustraliaSelected
Samsung to build CDMA network 5.4.3 RoamingCDG
announced it expanded automatic roaming services
throughout Asia. Hutchison Telecom, H.K., DDI and
IDO in Japan and Shinsegi Telecom in South Korea
have signed agreements to provide comprehensive
automatic roaming services for subscribers in
Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. 5.5
NMT450NMT450 operators can choose to deploy GSM
or CDMA technology in their migrating to Digital
technology Carriers who already operate 900 MHz
and 1800 MHz GSM systems may choose to deploy GSM
6. Other developments6.1 ICOMcCaw bails
out ICO by taken control of the company by
guaranteeing as much as 1.2 billion in
financing. 6.2 Phone.comExpects more than
half the worlds predicted one billion mobile
phone subscribers in 2003 to be connected to the
Internet. 6.3 LycosTeaming with Ericsson to
deliver personalized internet content, including
sports scores, stock quotes or email, to wireless
mobile phones
McCaw bails out ICO
Mobile Internet forecast
Lycos mobile internet update