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20092010 Dance Marathon Leadership Opportunities


Impact the amazing student organization you already love, and ... Event Management Chair: Hersh Shroff. dmum.management_at_umich.edu. Description of Each Position ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 20092010 Dance Marathon Leadership Opportunities

2009-2010 Dance Marathon Leadership Opportunities
  • Cant Stop, Wont Stop!

Description of All Positions
  • These leadership opportunities present you with
    the chance to
  • Impact the amazing student organization you
    already love, and its cause, Pediatric
  • Take ownership and creatively influence Dance
  • Grow as a leader and help run the largest
    student-run nonprofit in the state of Michigan.

Dance Marathon Committee Structure
  • Every position falls within one of these fourteen

Description of Each Position
  • Note The following descriptions illustrate the
    responsibilities of each Leadership Position with
    Dance Marathon this year
  • Many of these positions have changed from last
    year, so make sure to look at every description

Description of Each PositionInternal Team
  • Dancer Relations (DR)
  • Dancer Relations Representative (8)
  • Main responsibility is to create an amazing
    Dancer Experience for your Pod
  • Lead a team of 12 Dancer Captains with your DF
    Rep and MCs
  • Hold Pod meetings
  • Advise your Dancer Captains
  • Act as the vital link between teams and DMUM
    families and streamlining education of our cause
  • Plan Pod-wide events such as dinners, movie
    nights, etc. to enhance the Dance Experience
  • Help improve dancer retention and make sure all
    dancers have an opportunity to have the full DMUM
  • Plan a number of organization wide events such as
    Dancer Orientation and Dancer Captain Retreat
  • DR Chairs Christina Miceli and Allison Raftary
  • dmum.dr_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionInternal Team
  • Dancer Fundraising (DF)
  • Dancer Fundraising Representative (8)
  • Main responsibility is to provide fundraising
    opportunities for dancers to raise as much money
    as possible for Dance Marathons cause
  • Work closely within the DF Committee in order to
    devise and carry out innovative ways to target
    new demographics in our fundraising efforts,
    (e.g. bar nights, restaurant fundraisers, and
  • Provide leadership within the Pod by coordinating
    fundraising opportunities and overseeing progress
    of their 12 Dancer Captains and all the dancers
    in their Pod (with DR)
  • Also act as Dancer Captains, leading teams of
    dancers in their Dance Marathon experience
    throughout the year
  • A DF Rep should be fun, inspiring, and creative,
    in order to help expand Dance Marathon's
    fundraising efforts across the community.
  • DF Chairs Kristen Steagall and Aaron Tarver
  • dmum.df_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionInternal Team
  • Family Hospital Relations (FHR)
  • Event Planning Coordinators (2) 
  • Work together to plan the creative and logistics
    of the family events throughout the year such as
    PJ party, Winter Event, and Charity Ball
  • Includes decorations, crafts, games and
    activities put on during the event. 
  • Looking for someone with fresh exciting ideas as
    we want to revamp Winter Event
  • Education Coordinators (2) 
  • Will plan, run and spearhead the new effort to
    focus on education within our organization and
    throughout the greater community
  • Includes education about our cause and as well
    as conditions which affect kids in need of
  • Responsible for keeping developments in pediatric
    rehabilitation up to date
  • Have a passion for creatively presenting
    information through mediums? Then this is the
    position for you!
  • All-Inclusive Coordinator (1) 
  • Will be in charge of all volunteering
    opportunities at both Mott and Beaumont hospitals
  • Other responsibiliites will include new projects
    developed during the year with a specific focus
    on new projects for the Marathon
  • FHR Chairs Avanthi Jayasuriya and Dana
  • dmum.fhr_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionExternal Team
  • Campus Relations Recruitment (CRR)
  • Greek Life Coordinator (1)
  • Recruit from Greek organizations from all four of
    the Greek councils to create house teams for UMDM
  • Residence Halls Coordinator (1)
  • Generate awareness in Residence Halls and recruit
    halls to join UMDM
  • Off Campus Coordinator (1)
  • Recruits sophomores-seniors living in off-campus
  • Special Events / Campus Relations Coordinator (1)
  • Assists in the planning of mass meetings, Diag
    days, and any CRR related events
  •  Student Orgs Coordinators (3)
  • This is all dependent on the final outcome of
    Student Orgs Pod
  • CRR Chairs Dan Haddad and Lola Oyebefun
  • dmum.crr_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionExternal Team
  • Development
  • Grants Foundations Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for researching and writing grants
    and contacting foundations that have a tie to the
    organization or cause (NOTE This is
    cross-referenced with Financial Management!!)
  • Corporate Matching Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for contacting and working with
    companies with corporate matching programs
  • New Contacts Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for researching and contacting
    potential DMUM sponsors
  • Alumni/Dancer Relations Coordinator (1)
  • Act as liaison between Alumni and Dancers
  • Recruit and manage the DMUM Alumni Mentorship
  • Regional Special Events Coordinators (2)
  • Responsible for working with the Regional Alumni
    Coordinators and Committees
  • Also in charge of regional Alumni events (local
    and regional) including the DMUM homecoming
    tailgate, bar nights, and the alumni dinner at
    the Marathon
  • Communications Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for organizing and editing the DMUM
    alumni newsletter "The Danceline
  • Annual Giving Coordinator (2)
  • Responsible for managing annual giving program
    and ensuring growth that is sustainable for DM_at_
  • Development Chairs Nicole Armbruster and Aaron
  • dmum.development_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionExternal Team
  • Hospitality
  • Benefit Dinner Coordinator (1)
  • Responsibilities will include researching and
    planning sponsorship dinners at a local Ann Arbor
  • Special Events Coordinator (1)
  • Responsibilities will include planning special
    events involving food at the Marathon, assisting
    in events that require food at year-round events,
    and other projects
  • New Sponsor Coordinator (1)
  • Responsibilities will include researching new
    potential sponsors, both local and corporate, and
    other projects
  • Sponsor Incentive Coordinator (1)
  • Responsibilities will include maintaining
    relationships with sponsors by ensuring they
    receive the incentives for their sponsorship
  • Hospitality Chair Meg Harrison
  • dmum.hospitality_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionExternal Team
  • Community Outreach
  • Public Relations Coordinator (1) 
  • Responsible for contacting and communicating with
    publications (such as newspapers, community
    newsletters, etc) and releasing announcements
    about Dance Marathon opportunities and events
  • Also responsible for communicating with radio and
    television stations to announce Dance Marathon
    opportunities and events
  • Must have excellent writing skills and a passion
    for Communications/Public Relations.
  • 1 Events Coordinator 
  • Responsible for planning and executing events
    that will
  • Raise awareness about Dance Marathon within the
  • Allow DM families, DM student participants, and
    families within the community to interact
  • Must be creative and innovative!
  • Community Outreach Chair Jessica Brierly-Snowden
  • dmum.outreach_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionExternal Team
  • Promotions
  • Photo Coordinator/DMUM Photographer (1)
  • In charge of photographing all DMUM events and
    documenting them for future use in promotional
  • Project based teams you can join
  • Video
  • Graphic Design and Apparel
  • Yearbook/Program
  • New Media
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Anyone who has a good new idea for promoting DM
    on campus is encouraged to contact Promotions as
    coming up with a new coordinator position is
    definitely possible!
  • Promotions Chair Jess Hoffman
  • dmum.promotions_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionOperations Team
  • Administration
  • Database Coordinator (2)  
  • Responsible for helping create and maintain Dance
    Marathon's new organizational database.  
  • May assist in some database training, data entry,
    and data analysis.
  • Experience with FileMaker/FileMaker Pro or
    database creation software is a plus, but not
  • Marathon Projects Coordinator (2)
  • Responsible for compiling dancer bios,
    organization and assembly of Marathon name tags,
    creation of the official Marathon invitation, and 
    other Marathon projects as they come up.
  • Office Space Coordinator But That's MY Stapler!
  • Responsible for keeping education and family
    information updated in the Dance Marathon office,
    maintaining an inventory of supplies and
    resources in the office, and updating the
    bulletin board/dancer information area of the
  • Historian Coordinator (1) 
  • Responsible for creating the scrapbook and
    assisting with the end of the year collage.
  • Admin Chair Kate Balzer, dmum.admin_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionOperations Team
  • Financial Management
  • Analytics Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for analyzing the financial status of
    our organization
  • Including calculating event and fundraiser
    returns on investment and establishing an in-kind
    donation tracking system.
  • Funding/Grant Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for working with Development to
    expand DMUM's grants and university funding.
    Note This is a joint coordinator position with
    the Development committee.
  • Strong Writing Skills Required
  • Money Counting Coordinator (2)
  • Will assist with the development of counting
    strategies that ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Responsibilities will be understanding and
    executing the financial system and assisting with
    other tasks.
  • Financial Management Chairs Eric Elgin and Alyse
  • dmum.finance_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionOperations Team
  • Web Marketing
  • Media Coordinator (1)
  • In charge of adding flare and a personalized
    touch to the website by creatively displaying
    photographs and videos of all events and
    participants throughout the year
  • General Web Marketing Coordinator (2)
  • This position includes a vast range of activities
    including updating and redesigning pages of the
    website, researching and implementing new
    integrated web programs, special projects,
    implementation of a blog, collecting and
    analyzing web-activity data, branding the
    website, and more
  • Organizational Relations Coordinator (1)
  • Responsible for finding, gathering, and
    organizing various stories and happenings
    throughout the entire organization to be
    presented on the brand new stories section of the
    DMUM website
  • Analytics and Advertising Coordinator (1)
  • This person will be responsible for working
    helping to monitor web traffic, organizing
    information within the site, and helping to
    redesign pages based on research provided by a
    class at Eastern Michigan University, Google
    Adwards  and Google Analytics
  • Web Marketing Chairs Chantal Laurens and
    Veronica Ward
  • dmum.webmarketing_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionPlanning Team
  • Entertainment
  • 2-3 Entertainment Coordinators
  • Provides all Entertainment needs throughout the
    year which include
  • Live From MichiganIts Thursday Night will
    brainstorm, plan, and recruit performers during
    the first few weeks of school will also assist
    during the actual performance (October 22nd)
  • The Marathon!!!
  • Main responsibility crafting and executing the
    schedule for the best 30 hours of the year!!
  • Working on logistics by communicating with
    performers, MCs, and Event Management
  • Devise new ideas that will enhance the event and
    dancer experience
  • Note coordinators make up the entire
    Entertainment Committee
  • Previous Planning experience and video editing
    skills are welcome, though not required!!
  • Entertainment Chair Emily Wanserski
  • dmum.entertainment_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionPlanning Team
  • Event Management
  • Decorations Coordinator (2)
  • In charge of not only the physical decorations
    themselves but also the aesthetic presentation of
    the Marathon.
  • Must love arts and crafts and have a knack for
    transforming large buildings into timeless
  • Marathon Logistics (1)
  • In charge of the set-up and tear-down of the
    Marathon in addition to other general Marathon
  • Also responsible for working with the Event
    Management chair to most utilize the space we
    have allotted for us.
  • Event Logistics (1)
  • Main responsibilities include the logistics of
    the marathon focusing on the outside the building
    (parking, transport, the like)
  • This person will also work with the EM chair and
    Marathon Logistics coordinator on various other
    marathon projects throughout the year.
  • Event Management Chair Hersh Shroff
  • dmum.management_at_umich.edu

Description of Each PositionPlanning Team
  • Morale
  • Morale Captains, aka MCs(24-28)
  • Main responsibility is planning and executing the
    activities and competitions that take place and
    entertain the dancers throughout the year and at
    the Marathon
  • Will be placed on two dancer teams to help keep
    the dancers informed and excited about the events
    taking place
  • Is also a part of the Morale Committee and will
    be a member of one of the four smaller
    sub-committees Spirit and Dancer Ownership,
    Activities, Smaller Activities, and
  • Members of the Morale Committee should be
    creative, supportive, dedicated, and most of all,
  • General time commitment for an MC includes 2-3
    hour meetings every Sunday, a weekly
    sub-committee meeting, all of your dancer teams
    meetings, 2-3 hours/week of Linedance practice
    (2nd semester only), and general leadership and
    DM meetings and events
  • Morale Chairs Feras Ackall and Lea Wender
  • dmum.morale_at_umich.edu

Next Steps
  • If you are interested in any DMUM leadership
    positions, please contact the corresponding chair
    via email (all chairs emails are listed on their
    corresponding slide)
  • They will respond to you with the next steps
  • If you are interested in being a Dancer
    Fundraising Representative, Dancer Relations
    Representative, or Morale Captain, please fill
    out the leadership application attached to the
    All-Star email (the application can also be found
    on the website)
  • Leadership Application is due September 14th
  • If you have any questions, please contact any CPT
    member or me at dmum.exec_at_umich.edu

Thank you!!!
  • THE END!!
  • Thanks for reading through the presentation and I
    cannot wait to see you all around campus and at
    the Welcome Week 2009 Festivities!!
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