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Downloading and Storing Data


2) be careful about which files you download and the sources of the files! How Best to Find ... Download winzip100.exe using FTP software. Compressing and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Downloading and Storing Data

Downloading and Storing Data
  • Using FTP and Other Services to Transfer and
    Store Data

Understanding File Transfer Protocol (1)
  • E-Mail servers may limit the size and type of
    files you can send
  • At ACCD, 2 MGB is the max
  • No files that execute programs
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protocol that
    transfers files between computers connected to
    the Internet
  • Resolves problem of sending/receiving/storing
    large files
  • Any file type can be sent/received using an FTP

Understanding File Transfer Protocol (2)
  • FTP is operating neutral makes no difference
    that operating systems are different (FTP
    transfers files seamlessly)
  • FTP Site/Server site to which you send (upload)
    files or receive (download) files
  • Local Computer your computer connected to a FTP

Understanding File Transfer Protocol (3)
  • Transfers Modes usually chosen automatically by
    FTP program
  • ASCII mode (Plain Text)
  • Binary mode (Everything else)
  • File Types and Extensions
  • File extensions (.xls) determine file type (Excel
  • File extensions help FTP programs determine which
    transfer mode to use

File Types and Extensions
Connecting to an FTP Server
  • Two methods of connecting to FTP Server
  • Web Browser most support FTP but have limited
    functionality ok for occasional file transfer
    but a FTP client program is better for
    transferring lots of files
  • FTP Client Program a program on your PC that
    transfers files between your PC and an FTP site
  • Log-On regardless of which method is used,
  • user usually must log-on to FTP site with user
  • name and password

Levels of Access for FTP Servers
  • Pubic Access FTP
  • Anyone can log-on to a public FTP site, usually
    using an anonymous login
  • Access is restricted to designated public files
    and folders (pub directory)
  • There are limits on uploading files (time limits
    files are available to other FTP users)
  • Full-Privilege FTP
  • Access to non-public FTP requires user name and
  • Usually can store files for longer periods of

Use Web Browser to Navigate FTP site
  • Not difficult to use since most users are
    familiar with Web browsers and hyperlinks
  • FTP site are organized hierarchically, like
    folders and files on a PC hard drive
  • Root Directory starting point, contains other
    directories with files and other directories
  • Viruses 1) any file downloaded from Internet
    can contain a virus be sure to scan downloaded
    files for viruses! 2) be careful about which
    files you download and the sources of the files!

How Best to Find Good FTP Software?
  • Use Internet search engines look for reviews or
    comparisons of software by users, vendors, or
    computer magazines
  • Web Sites - several Web sites provide links to
    freeware shareware software, as well as
    software descriptions and user ratings

Downloading Programs (1)
  • Four types of downloadable software
  • Freeware no cost, no restrictions
  • Good way to get user feedback on new software
  • Some software may contain bugs
  • Shareware similar to Freeware, but is usually
    available for free only for a short evaluation
  • Usually more reliable than Freeware
  • Usually have established ways to report bugs and
    receive free or low-cost software upgrades and

Downloading Programs (2)
  • Limited Edition free restricted version of
    software that does not provide all of the useful
    features of the software
  • Licensed (full version) software that must be

Download FTP Client Program Download Winzip
Using FTP
  • Download and install WSFTP_HomeT40_Install.exe
  • After installation, program can be used to
    transfer files
  • Read WS_FTP Home Release Notes file or Help menu
    for program instructions
  • Download winzip100.exe using FTP software

Compressing and Decompressing Files
  • Compressed files many Internet files are stored
    in compressed form they use less space and take
    less time to transfer from one computer to
  • File Compression program (e.g. Winzip) can be
    used to compress (zip) files or decompress
    (unzip) files

Tracing an Internet Route
  • When downloading software from a Web site, you
  • might be asked to select a download location
  • site) from which to download a file
  • Mirror site a replica of an existing server
    that provides an alternate location for
    downloading files
  • Objective - find one closest to you a more
    direct connection
  • Hop connection between two computers by
    minimizing the number of hops between computers,
    you reduce the download time for transferring
  • Use Windows tracert program to do this

Online Storage Services
  • Some ISPs provide free space to store a Web site
    or files (good for individual but not to share
    with others)
  • A company could set-up its own FTP server or
    share access to one (hardware/software costs)
  • From this need, ISPs and other entities started
    providing storage space on their servers, with
    access via FTP client program, Web browser, or
    other interface

Online Storage Providers
  • Advantages
  • Space is secured by account name and password
  • Permits sharing of files by many users (remote
    offices, employees traveling)
  • Used by businesses to send/receive large files
  • Store computer backup files
  • Accessible to wireless devices
  • Examples
  • Xdrive
  • My Docs Online
  • FilesAnywhere
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