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Workplace Harassment Awareness


... leave, promotion, favorable performance appraisal, etc); Quid pro quo; OR ... Quid Pro Quo. Definition: 'This for that' ... Examples of Quid Pro Quo ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Workplace Harassment Awareness

Workplace HarassmentAwareness
It is the policy of Arkansas State University
that all employees, students, customers,
contractors, and visitors to our campus enjoy a
positive, respectful and productive work
environment free from behavior, actions or
language constituting workplace harassment.
  • Engaging in workplace/sexual harassment is
    unacceptable conduct which will not be tolerated.
  • Any employee found to have engaged in
    workplace/sexual harassment will be subject to
    disciplinary action up to and including
  • Managers and supervisors who know or should have
    known of workplace harassment and fail to report
    such behavior, or fail to take immediate,
    appropriate action, will be subject to
    disciplinary action up to and including

  • This policy recognizes ASUs commitment to the
    understanding that the maintenance of ethical
    standards and the concerns for academic freedom
    prohibit the exploitation of employees and
  • ASU is required by law to take all steps
    necessary to prevent sexual harassment. These
    steps include informing individuals of their
    rights and responsibilities, developing
    educational programs to sensitize the campus
    community to the issue, and developing sanctions
    against harassment.

  • Employees may be held personally liable for acts
    of discrimination or sexual harassment. Because
    the filing of a complaint is serious, an
    individual found to have filed false charges,
    will be subject to disciplinary action up to and
    including termination.

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  • Such conduct has the purpose or effect of
    unreasonably interfering with an individual's
    work (or academic) performance or creating an
    intimidating, hostile or offensive working
    (learning) environment." 

  • Which situations could be harassment?
  • suggestive photos displayed in an academic office
  • repeatedly asking someone for a date
  • gestures which have sexual meaning

Quid Pro Quo
  • Definition This for that
  • Employment decisions/student grades based on
    sexual favors

Examples of Quid Pro Quo
  • Firing an employee or failing a student who ends
    a romantic relationship
  • Changing performance expectations after an
    employee or student refuses repeated requests for
    a date

Hostile Environment
  • When verbal or nonverbal behavior (in the
    workplace or classroom)
  • focuses on the sexuality of another person or
    occurs because of the persons gender
  • is unwanted or unwelcome and
  • is severe or pervasive enough to affect the
    persons work (classroom) environment

Examples of Hostile Environment
  • Remarks about sexual activity
  • Touching--brushes, pats, hugs, shoulder rubs,
    pinches, etc.
  • Repeated requests for dates
  • Sending sexual mail, notes, e-mail or making
    sexually explicit phone calls

Hostile Environment
That sweater is hot!
Go for a date?
  • Usually repeated several times

Behaviors That May Create Hostile Environment
  • When they are UNWANTED
  • Off-color jokes or teasing
  • Comments about body parts or sex life
  • Suggestive pictures or drawings
  • Inappropriate language
  • Leering, stares or gestures

Gender Harassment
  • A form of sex discrimination
  • Need not be sexual in nature
  • Would not have occurred except for victims
  • youre a pushy broad

Jokes not a laughing matter
  • two chicks at a bar and
  • the farmers daughter
  • how many dumb blondes does it take
  • you know youre hen-pecked if

Harassment via technology
  • Communications Act of 1934 amended in 1968
    regarding telephone calls
  • Stalking and harassment via e-mail also unlawful

Victims Rights
  • Does not have to suffer tangibly
  • Does not have to object

In the eye of the beholder
  • Defined by the victim
  • No intent? Not innocent!
  • Unwanted behaviorsexual harassment

What should you do?
  • If youre a victim
  • tell your Chair or Dean
  • tell your HR representative

You can stop it
  • Let others know if they behave in a way that
    makes you uncomfortable

What should you do?
  • If youre a harasser
  • reconsider your priorities
  • dont say things that demean men or women

Standards for Everyone
  • Read and understand the policy
  • Uphold the policy, state and federal law
  • Know ASUs complaint procedure
  • Report any incident you think is harassment

What will happen?
  • Informal mediation--attempt to resolve
  • Formal complaint (grievance)
  • Data gathered
  • Determination of sufficient evidence to support
  • Appeal possible
  • Grievance hearing
  • Disciplinary action

Use your power wisely
  • Use power over students to enrich, not instill
  • Use influence with peers to create a balanced
    work environment
  • Build a cordial atmosphere for students, faculty
    and staff

Human Resources will provide you with ASUs
Sexual Harassment Policy and require that you
sign a statement acknowledging that you are
familiar with the policy.