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Dodge City, Kansas. Front Street, Dodge City, KS 1876. Dodge City, ... South Dodge City, KS ca. 1880 ... Dodge City was already setting a record for growth. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Streets

The USA,Kansas, Wichita
Russia. Novosibirsk
Streets names
Russia. Gubkin
Mexico, Veracruz, Xalapa
Streets names
  • Hmelnitckiy Bogdan Mihaylovich.
  • He is from Ukraine. In January in 1648 he headed
    the war of liberation against Polish dominion
    (1648-1654). He was a organizer of Ukranian
    government system. Street of his name is in
    Kalininskiy district.

Nastya Petrova Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
Streets names
Bluher Vasiliy Konctantin(1890-1938) He is a hero
of civilian war, marshal of Soviet Union. He was
born in village Barshchinka in poor peasant
family. He took part in first world war? he was
rewarded two George kross and a medal. The
street of his name is in Sovietskiy district of
Raschupkin Maxim Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
Streets names
Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoi

(1350-1389) He was great prince of Moscow (from
1359). He was an of Ivan II Red and his wife
Aleksandra. Dmitri ascended the throne, when he
was nine. In 1367-1368 white Kremlin in Moscow.
He was built headed the fight of Russian people
with Mongol-Tatars conquest. Street of name
Dmitri Donskoi is in Zaelcovskiy district.
Perepelitca Marina Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
Streets names
There is a marble column with inscription Ermak
is conqueror of Siberia in Russia. From the one
side of column was wrote the year of conquering
of Siberia 1581, from the another side was wrote
the year of Ermak death. The street of his name
is in Central district.
Ilya Astafyev Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
Streets names
Karamzin Nikolay Mikhailovich(1776-1826) He is
a historian, the member of Russian Academy
writer. He was born in 1766 in village
Mikhailovka. He died in 1826.He wrote 12 volumes
"History of Russian state Karamzin street is in
Central district.
Streets names
Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich He is painter and drawer.
He was born in city Elabyga (Tatarstan). The most
of his paints, for example Fern, Edge of a
forest, Darkforest were called the pearls of
Russian arts. Street of Shishkin name is in
Dzerzhinskiy ditrict.
Streets names
Borodin Alexandr Porfirevich
He is a composer, scienlist-chemist.
He wa s born in ST.Petersburg . In 1856.
He wrote more than 40 chemistry
works. Borodin is one of the
founders Russian classical
symphony and a guarter. Street
of A.P.borodin is in Kirovskiy district.
Matvey Polyakov Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
Streets names
Davydov Denis Vasilevich He is a poet, a hero of
Patriotic War in 1812. He was born in Vershnyaya
Masa in Siberia. He worked in army from 1801
till 1823. In 1832.his poems published. Street
of his name is in Derzhirskiy district
Alyona Pshenichnikova Gymnasium 12 Novosibirsk
  • Presented by Michelle Arreola, Alexis Thomas,
    Derrick Herron

Famous Streets
  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Front Street, Dodge City, KS 1876

Dodge City, Kansas
Famous Buildings
  • Front Street, Dodge City,
  • KS ca. 1880
  • Ham Bell's Variety. A saloon
  • south of the in
  • famous "Dead Line"
  • Great Western Hotel,
  • South Dodge City,
  • KS ca. 1880

History of the Buildings
  • By September of 1872, the shiny steel rails of
    the brand new Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
    railroad stretched into view.
  • The railroad initiated a tremendous growth for
    many years.
  • Already, south of the tracks, hastily built frame
    buildings and tents were housing two grocery and
    general merchandise stores, a dance hall, a
    restaurant, a barber shop, a blacksmith shop -
    even a saloon next to Sitler's original sod
  • The famous Front Street legend had begun. Dodge
    City was already setting a record for growth.

Broadway Street
  • The name implies central importance and location.
  • Broadway Street was called Broadway Avenue or
    Broadway Street.

Murdock Street Bridge and the Boathouse
  • by Derrick Herron

How the boathouse got started
  • In 1898 R.C. Israel established his sons Bob and
    Carl in the boat rental business on the south
    side of the Murdock Street bridge across the
    Little Arkansas River. they also call this the

How the business went
  • The boat rental business succeeded to such an
    extent that a larger Boat House was built with
    facilities for inside storage .

When the boathouse was remodeled
  • By 1920 the Boat House had been remodeled into
    the form which was to be familiar to Wichitans
    for the next half century, and in 1925 the old
    steel bridge was replaced by the concrete
    structure pictured on with its unique
    semicircular observation bays above each of the
    four pilings

Juan de la Luz Enriquez Street Why is it
famous Juan de la Luz Enriquez (1836-1892) was
an important army general who was born and died
in Veracruz. This street could be seen as the
main street in the city. Along it we can find the
State and Municipals Government Palaces, Juarez
Park (the most important park in Xalapa) and the
Cathedral (main Christian temple). Location in
your city Downtown
La Calle de la Amargura (actualmente
Revolución) Bitterness Street (Revolution Street
nowadays) Why is it famous Before the
fundamental historic event for our country took
place, the street known as Revolution Street
was known as Bitterness Street. The name is due
to a story about a young lover who lived there,
whose boyfriend loved her back. Relatives of
former neighbors recall today that the couple was
always seen taken of the hands, looking to each
other in the eye and promising eternal company.
In the morning, the boy used to go to his
fiancées house to greet her before going to
work. Meanwhile, she stayed home, helping her
mother in housework and preparing for marriage.
In the afternoon, he returned to visit, so they
spent their courtship happily and peacefully for
many months. One morning, the boy arrived very
distressed at his girlfriend's house as he was
informed that he had to join the ranks of the
Revolution, swearing to get back soon to get
married. The young lover never returned. Time
passed and the girl lost all hope to seeing him
again. The big effort her family made to take her
out of the deep sadness she was immersed in was
useless. She began making strange things among
its oddities, walked the whole street with a
bouquet of jasmine in their hands, asking tearful
to people
We are proud that many well-known people lived
and worked in our region the great poet and
revolutionary Raevsky, the general Vatutin, the
famous actor Shchepkin and many others. Gubkin is
considered to be as a city of high culture. In
1962 here a research institute (NIIKMA) was
founded. Later it was given the name of academic
Schevjakov. It was a great scientist. He devoted
almost 40 years to the science-pedagogical
activity. For those years he prepared hundreds of
mining engineers.
The biggest pride of the city is the greatest ore
pool in the world Kursks magnetic anomaly
(KMA). It was discovered by a great scientist
Inokhodtcev in 1773. And it was opened on the 7th
of April 1923. There is Inokhodtsev Street in
The main street of our town is Mira Street. Its
named so because in the year of its foundation
there was a great movement for peace in our
country. In the centre of our town you can see
Lenin Square. There is a monument to Lenin there.
If you want to get full picture about the town
youd go along the modern part of it. Raevsky,
Lazarev and Dzerzhinsky Streets were founded in
80s. On Lazarev Street you can see the Square of
Friendship built by the Bulgarian builders in the
1970s, the monument to P. Lazarev who did a lot
for the development of our city. He was an
academician one of the pioneersof iron-ore
mining industry.
There is one of our city fountains here. It is
very popular especially with children. You can
also see two volumetric flower-beds in form of
birds which people call the birds of happiness.
This place many people call the avenue of love
and like to walk here or to take photos near the
fountain or with birds.
Raevsky Street was named after V.F. Raevsky.
V.F.Raevsky (1795-1872) was born in the village
of Khvorostyanka (now Bogoslovka). From the age
of eight he was educated at Moscow University
boarding school. Every summer Volodya visited his
native place on holidays. The beauty of Russian
nature inspired him to be a poet and a great
patriot. Rayevsky was a hero of the First
Patriotic War. He was awarded a golden sword and
orders. He was loved by all soldiers. He hated
slavery and joined a secret society. A. Pushkin
and P. Pestel were his close friends. Pushkin
devoted three poems to Raevsky and some portraits
of Raevsky were drawn by him. Raevsky is known to
be the first Decembrist because he was the first
who was arrested and sent to Siberia.
Elena Babina (ELT), Ivanov Igor (9 grade), Babina
Nastya (7 grade), Boltenkova Yulya (9 grade),
Schedrina Yulya (5 grade)