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Cortland Rugby 101


... Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee canceled rugby as an Olympic sport. The riots over the USA winning those games was a major factor in the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cortland Rugby 101

Cortland Rugby 101
  • SUNY Cortland Recreational Sports Department
  • Made By Jennifer K. Jones
  • Cortland Student

Team History
SUNY Cortland Womens Rugby Team Name Peace
Frogs Established 1993 Coach No
Coach Division West Division II of New York
State Rugby Conference
SUNY Cortland Mens Rugby Team Name
Warriors Established 1970 Coach Dave the
Rock Sanders Division Division I of New York
State Rugby Conference
Rugby Facts
  • William Webb Ellis, an Englishman, started the
    game we know today in 1823.
  • After the 1924 Summer Olympic Games, the
    International Olympic Committee canceled rugby as
    an Olympic sport. The riots over the USA winning
    those games was a major factor in the
  • There are currently 97 nations playing rugby
  • 60,000 Registered rugby players in the USA
  • In 1991, the first ever Womens Rugby World Cup
    was played in Wales and won by USA.
  • In 1987, the first ever Rugby World Cup was
    played in Australia and New Zealand

The Ball
30 cm long and 60 cm in circumference (No laces)
28 cm long and 56 cm in circumference
Rugby Ball
The Field
Try Zone
Try Zone
Players and Positions
  • In rugby, there are 15 players on each team.
    Eight of the fifteen are in the pack and seven
    are on the wing.
  • Pack players can be compared to linemen in
    football. They line up three in the front row,
    four in the second row, and one in the back.
  • Wingers are lined up diagonally from the pack to
    move the ball down the field.

Ball Play
  • Rugby is unlike any other sport mainly for the
    fact that the ball can never be passed forward.
    All balls must be passed backwards. The only way
    the ball can move up the field is by kicking the
    ball or running it up.
  • Unlike football, rugby play never stops until the
    ball is out of bounds, and even then the ball is
    thrown in quickly. When a player is tackled,
    their teammates step over them and continue to
    run with the ball. The play doesnt stop like in

  • A ruck occurs when a player is tackled and both
    teams fight over the ball.
  • Step 1 Player is tackled
  • Step 2 Players from each team straddle the
    tackled player and push against each other
  • Step 3 The tackled player crawls out
  • Step 4 Whichever team pushes the hardest and
    gets over the ball, picks up the ball and is now
    on offense.
  • No hands allowed after the ruck has been formed,
    the ball must by hooked back by the feet and a
    player behind the wall can pick it up.
  • A team gains possession of the ball by pushing
    the hardest in rucks. Therefore, the team that
    has the ball is the team that can score.

  • The purpose of the scrum is to restart play
    quickly, safely and fairy after a penalty or a
    stop in the game.
  • A scrum is formed when the pack of one team binds
    with the pack of another team.
  • The heads of the front rows are interlocked,
    which creates a tunnel into which the scrum half
    throws in the ball.
  • The front row players then compete for
    possession by hooking the ball with their feet.
  • The only person that can pick up the ball is the

  • There is really only one major rule of tackling
  • No high hits.
  • A high hit is above the chest.
  • No spearing.
  • Spearing is when a tackler leaves the ground to
    lunge at a player, using their head to spear a
    player. This is an unnecessary risk for a neck
  • After the tackle
  • The player that was tackled must release the ball
  • The player that did the tackling must get up and
    away from tackled player. After that, they can
    ruck over the down player.

Scoring a Try
A try is made when a player touches down a ball
in the try zone. The ball must be touched down,
meaning that when a player enters the try zone,
they have to place the ball down on the ground.
If the ball is not touched down, the try does not
count. The placement of the ball determines the
location of the conversion kick. If a ball is
touched down by the sidelines, a straight line is
taken back from that point and that is where the
kick must be taken. The closer the ball is
touched down to the uprights, the easier the kick.
Try Zone
22 meter line
How to Score Points
  • Score a Try 5 points
  • Goal 3 points. A goal is scored by kicking the
    ball over the opponents crossbar and between
    the goalposts.
  • Conversion 2 points. A conversion is a kick at
    goal awarded immediately after a try from the 22
    meter line.

Line Outs
  • A line-out is used when the ball goes out of
    bounds. Each team forms a 3 or more person pod.
    They must be at least one meter apart, no
    shorter. Both pods line up facing the sideline
    where the hooker of the possessive team throws in
    the ball.
  • The jumper, usually a small taller player, is
    supported by two other players which are strong
    enough to hold him/her up in the air. They cannot
    lift them from the ground the jumper has to jump
    and the supporters jobs are to keep the jumper
    in the air.
  • The hooker must throw the ball straight between
    the two pods and the throw must go at least five
  • The jumpers on both teams will fight, while
    suspended, for the ball.
  • Once they have the ball, they pass it off to the

Schedule for Fall 2008
  • Men
  • 9/6 Home vs. Ithaca College (Scrimmage)
  • 9/13 Away vs University of Buffalo
  • 9/20 Away vs Brockport
  • 9/27 Home vs Syracuse University
  • 10/4 Away vs Binghamton
  • 10/12 Home vs Cornell
  • 10/18 Home vs Albany
  • 10/25 Home vs Canisius
  • Women
  • 9/13 Away at Fredonia
  • 9/20 Home vs Canisius
  • 9/27 Away at Buffalo State
  • 10/4 Home vs Geneseo