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Senior User Group


Online capture and submission of NIFF & SFIR Irregularities directly to the MA ... Automated generation of NIFF & SFIR forms for submission to BERR. Clawbacks ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Senior User Group

Senior User Group
  • 20th August 2008

Introduction Previous Actions
  • Nigel Williams

Key Achievements since Last SUG
  • 1 Full system acceptance completed with ONE
  • 2 User Testing with YF is substantially
    complete results on web site
  • 3 Security Accreditation obtained
  • 4 re-commenced implementation planning
  • 5 Gateway 4 readiness for service completed
  • 6 Scoped and planned remaining r2 development

OGC Gateway 4 Review
  • Richard Goodwin

OGC Gateway 4 Recommendations
  • The MCIS team needs to ensure that the testing of
    the linking of the system at YF to the core MCIS
    system is completed in August and that the
    rollout schedule is agreed with RDAs and Release
    1 of MCIS is fully implemented across all the
    RDAs in September and October. Amber
  • Finalise the requirements for Release 2 next
    week. (18-22 August). Any future changes to
    those requirements must go through a defined
    change control process, though the presumption
    should be that any changes should not be made to
    the finalised requirements. Amber
  • Encourage wider use of SharePoint in the RDAs.
  • Consider a website for the whole of the ERDF.
  • Continue to work with CLG and BERR at the highest
    levels to manage and implement the MCIS system
    and ERDF to best benefit. Green
  • These risks should be closely monitored and
    consideration should be given to the resources
    required to manage and mitigate them as the
    project goes forward and these resources should
    be included in the budget. Amber

OGC Gateway 4 Recommendations
  • The requirements for staff to support Release 1,
    Release 2 and the move to the new support
    contract for the software should be defined soon.
  • There needs to be consideration given to the
    level of planning and reporting needed, and these
    plans should include all the use of project team
    resources for Release 2 and the new contract to
    support the software used for MCIS system. This
    plan needs to be monitored by the project manager
    and the SRO. Amber
  • Consider using the regional leads as the main
    conduit for MCIS communication, within the
    context of ERDF more generally. Green

OGC Gateway 4 Recommendations
  • The project needs to resolve the remaining issues
    on IT security, including finalising the RMADS,
    (Risk Management Accreditation Document Set) the
    patching of all the software and testing that the
    backup tapes work correctly. Amber
  • The project needs to consider carefully how best
    to fund support and development work for MCIS and
    the appropriate timing of any request to the
    RDAs, and may find it beneficial to make a
    request when it can point to the success of MCIS.
  • Recommendation CLG should report on the benefits
    derived from the MCIS system. Green

Progress Test Status
  • Mark Swan, Jemma Cornish

Test Script Coverage Statistics Last SUG, 23/07
Test Script Coverage Statistics This SUG, 28/08
Test Script Coverage and Statistics Comparison
  • of resolved and closed in scope issues as a
    of total, as at last SUG, 23/07
  • Defects 79.5
  • Questions 68.6
  • Requirements 27.9
  • Total 72.2
  • of resolved and closed issues as a of total,
    as at this SUG, 20/08
  • Defects 84.0 A bit better
  • Questions 66.7 About the same
  • Requirements 35.3 Being collated for future
  • Total 74.8 About the same

Test Script Coverage and Statistics Trend
Live Use of MCIS at OneNE
  • Jemma Cornish

ONE are Go!!!!
  • MCIS Acceptance Meeting was held on 24th July and
    following on from this.
  • ONE went live with MCIS on the 28th July as
  • Current Activity
  • Training programme rolled out across Agency
  • First users, organisations and projects set up on
  • ONE specific user guidance being developed
  • Any issues discovered are logged on SharePoint
    and resolved with help of MCIS Team
  • Overall feedback from training and initial usage
    has been very positive!

User Acceptance Testing in YF
  • Mark Swan, Lee Pepper

Core User Testing at YF, Topics
  • Progress with YF
  • Issues found, lessons learned
  • Current actions
  • Data dictionary status

Yorkshire Forward Systems Integration Testing
  • Progress
  • YF systems have been built to incorporate the
    MCIS Data Dictionary Validation Rules
  • Proven that YF systems can produce claim and
    project summary XML files as per the XSD
  • General verification by business users that
    validation messages have sufficient information
    in them so that errors with the XML may be
    diagnosed and fixed
  • Successful upload into MCIS of XML files that
    have been generated by business users using local
    systems. Six projects and seven claims have been
    successfully loaded across two priority axes
  • Successful creation of aggregate claim to match
    submitted XML data
  • Reconciliation of project and claim XML data to
    MCIS reporting database (one issue reported on
    indicator data)

Yorkshire Forward Systems Integration Testing
  • Issues
  • Some of the Data Dictionary Validation Rules were
    not clearly articulated which meant that it was
    difficult to implement the rules correctly in the
    YF local system (e.g. claim schedule data)
  • Both the MCIS application and the YF local system
    did not incorporate all of the necessary Data
    Dictionary changes from version 1.7.0 (e.g. claim
    type code, priority axis code, expenditure
    category code)
  • Achieved indicator data was being reported
    incorrectly in the MCIS MI database
  • The aggregate claim workflow was not very user
    friendly, making it difficult to resubmit XML
    data following the rejection of an aggregate
    claim workaround exists and a defect was raised
    and fixed

Yorkshire Forward Systems Integration Testing
  • Current Actions
  • Agree a UAT timetable, with a formal UAT event to
    be scheduled for the week beginning 08 September
  • Publish guidance notes to the Data Dictionary
    Validation Rules document to aid understanding of
    the claim schedule and project cost and funding
  • Publish an Aggregate Claim Editor / Reviewer user
  • Address the application issues identified above
  • Ensure that there is real time Cognos reporting
    of the XML data, rather than using overnight
  • Improve some of the validation messages in MCIS
    (e.g. add the Project Name, rather than just the
    Project Ref. No.)
  • Provide a dump of the latest reference data from
    version 1.8 of MCIS

Yorkshire Forward Systems Integration Testing
  • Data Dictionary Update
  • There have been no updates to the data dictionary
    since it was last released

Implementation Status Plan
  • Nigel Williams, Mark Swan

Implementation Status Plan, Topics
  • Overview of timescales
  • Post implementation review
  • Timescales, actions, checklists

Overview of Timescales
Post Implementation Review
  • Learn lessons from early adopters
  • Template to be provided
  • Will be facilitated by MCIS team
  • Aim is help inform implementation approach in
    other RDAs and refine implementation templates
    and tasks
  • E.g. updated implementation go live checklist
    available, and action spreadsheets to be updated
    for each RDA

Audit Authority Assessment Desmond Mulcahy
Audit Authority Assessment, Topics
  • Clarification of AA requirements for final
    approval of RDA Annex XII statements
  • AA requirements regarding RDAs approach to Model
    Office and witnessing of end-to-end testing

Audit Authority Assessment, Areas to Examine
  • Probably drawn from the following list (not
  • User set up and on-going maintenance
  • Data accuracy integrity
  • System security and access control
  • Audit trails and version control
  • Reconciliation of financial and material balances
    across system components, e.g. finance and PMS
  • Documentation of local working practices and
    proof that they are being followed and that staff
    have had adequate training
  • Chinese walls surrounding RDA as a beneficiary
    are being observed
  • Business disaster recovery plan in place and
    evidence that its been tested
  • In general, statements of intent made in Annex
    XII are being followed in practice

End of Morning Agenda Items Any Other Business?
  • All

  • All!

System Demo
  • Paul Cooper

Risks / Issues Nigel Williams
Scope / Remaining Development Plan Alex McIntosh
Scope / Remaining Development Plan, Topics
  • Scope baseline
  • Remaining (R2) development
  • R2 timescales
  • Change control process

Functionality to be delivered in next release.
  • Project Categorisation, by , by
  • Priority Themes
  • Codes for the Form of Finance Dimension
  • Codes for the Territorial Dimension
  • Codes for the Economic Activity Dimension
  • Codes for the Location Dimension
  • But excluding Indicator Cross Cutting Themes
    (BAME, Gender, Disability).
  • Automatic generation of electronic Funding
    Agreement or contract variation letter-
    functionality similar to TESA
  • Fixes and changes required following UAT / Model
    Office / early live running at ONE and YF
  • Medium and low severity defects outstanding from
    System Testing

Functionality to be delivered in next release.
  • Visits,
  • Online capture and submission of Article 13 16
    visits for full system users
  • Submission of visits schema for core users as
    part of the aggregate claim evidence
  • Irregularities
  • Online capture and submission of NIFF SFIR
    Irregularities directly to the MA
  • Periodic upload of two irregularities schema into
    core MCIS
  • Automated generation of NIFF SFIR forms for
    submission to BERR
  • Clawbacks
  • Ability to manage Demand Note Offset
    clawbacks within full MCIS
  • Submission of clawback schema for core users as
    part of the aggregate claim

Functionality to be delivered in next release.
  • Real-time push-button reports
  • Project Claim Report
  • Project Report (printer-friendly snap shot of a
  • Programme monitoring reporting suite based on
    reports being actively used in TESA and MA, CA
    RDA reporting requirements
  • Support the implementation of payments interface
    with full user finance systems once they
    become available for end-to-end testing
  • and possibly also Aggregate Project
    Clawbacks (i.e. clawback from the funding
    available to a Priority Axis e.g. as a penalty
    for a systemic irregularity)

Functionality to be delivered in further
  • Further enhancements around Visits,
    Irregularities, Clawbacks and Funding Agreement
  • Project Funding Pot (a useful calculation that
    prevents projects claiming more ERDF than their
    remaining grant minus the value of any
    unconcluded irregularities)
  • Monthly Expenditure Forecasting
  • Electronic interface with SFC07 for
  • Maintenance of OP data
  • Submission of Declaration
  • Payment notification from SFC07

Functionality to be delivered in further
  • MCIS-SAP interface for
  • Receiving drawdown
  • Paying Aggregate Claims
  • NB minimal coding but substantial end-to-end
    testing effort
  • On line Expressions of Interest

Functionality to be delivered in further
  • Functionality that currently cannot be progressed
  • Global Grants - unclear whether RDA businesses
    will operate this way?
  • Article 55 Revenue Generating Projects - EC
    requirements substantially unclear
  • Programme Closure Pack - dependent on Article
  • Major Projects
  • Ineligible Expenditure
  • Single Pot Integration
  • Special Rules on Grant Calculations for VCLF
    Projects (e.g. Jeremy Jessica) (note might
    need to be in Release 2)

  • Go-live release workarounds to be removed
  • Visits, irregularities clawbacks work book
  • Project categorisation workbook
  • Manual entry of Claim Paid Date for RDAs
    ready to implement finance system interface
  • Funding agreement schedules
  • Workarounds required post release 2
  • Capture and tracking of targets against Cross
    Cutting Themes
  • Submission of the monthly expenditure forecasting
    spreadsheet to the Certifying Authority

R2 Timescales / Change Control Nigel Williams
Overview of Release 2 Timescales
Development Plan
Change Control
  • Baseline Scope covered by Functional
    Specification, being delivered in r1
  • Any further enhancements (inc r2) will go through
    formal change control
  • Change Control Panel and Process being
  • Will include a RDA members, one core an one full
  • All changes will be impact assessed, and will
    require cost/benefit justification

End of Afternoons BusinessAny Other Points?
  • All

Test Script Coverage Statistics Outstanding