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Figures of Speech


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Title: Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech
  • By Irene Ricks

  • Definition something used, or regarded as being
    used, to represent something else
  • Tranquility
  • Time slides
  • a gentle ocean
  • waves upon waves,
  • washing the shore,
  • loving the shore.
  • By Starfields

  • Definition A figure of speech that expresses a
    resemblance between things of different kind,
    usually formed with like or as
  • Flint
  • An emerald is as green as grass,A ruby red as
    bloodA sapphire shines as blue as heavenA
    flint lies in the mud.
  • A diamond is a brilliant stone,To catch the
    world's desireAn opal holds a fiery sparkBut
    a flint holds a fire.
  • By Christina Rossetti

  • Definition the representation of a thing or
    abstraction in the form of a person
  • A Thunder-storm.
  • The wind begun to rock the grass
  • With threatening tunes and low, -
  • He flung a menace at the earth,
  • A menace at the sky.
  • The leaves unhooked themselves from trees
  • And started all abroad
  • The dust did scoop itself like hands
  • And throw away the road.
  • By Emily Dickinson

  • Definition the commencement of two or more words
    of a word group with the same letter
  • Daddy's Gone A Hunting
  • Bye, baby bunting,Daddy's gone a - hunting,Gone
    to get a rabbit skinTo wrap baby bunting in.
  • By Mother Goose

  • Definition the use of words to convey a meaning
    that is the opposite of its literal meaning
  • Ironic Death
  • You take everything for granted,Now the ending
    is near.You complained about your chores,Now
    you will do anything to live.You only wanted to
    do what you want,Now you only do what others
    want.You only cared for yourself,Now others
    must care for you.You never had any fun,Now you
    wish you had more.
  • By Unknown

  • Definition obvious and intentional exaggeration
  • 8 Days a Week
  • Ooh i need your love babe,Guess you know it's
    true.Hope you need my love babe,Just like i
    need you.Hold me, love me, hold me, love
    me.Ain't got nothin'but love babe,Eight days a
    week.Love you ev'ry day girl,Always on my
    mind.One thing i can say girl,Love you all the
    time.Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.Ain't
    got nothin'but love babe,Eight days a week.
  • By The Beatles

  • Definition the formation of a word, as cuckoo or
    boom, by imitation of a sound made by or
    associated with its referent

  • Definition Concrete language that appeals to the
  • Harry Potter 5
  • He could smell the dementors putrid, death-cold
    breath, filling his lungs, drowning him
  • By J.K. Rowling