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Run With The Vision


There is a global crisis but in the Chinese language (crisis = danger opportunity) ... worship, temple cults, magic, exorcism, astrology, and the teachings of gurus ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Run With The Vision

Run With The Vision
  • A Remarkable Global Plan
  • For the 21st Century Church
  • Bob Sjogren/Bill Amy Stearns

The Future Wont Be Easy,But It Will Be
  • The near future holds everything but what we
    expect. Our era on this planet will not be
    business as usual politically, economically,
    socially, or personally!
  • Read Habakkuk 15
  • God is willing to use crazy ideas to accomplish
    His task of world evangelization

Evidence of 21st Century Readiness
  • Committed, Bible-believing Christians (560
    million) is doubling every 10 ½ years while the
    world population is doubling only every 35 years
  • In 1992 the best-selling book in Japan was the
  • Estimates of believers in China range from 30 to
    100 million
  • In India believers account for 10 of population
  • Across Africa 20,000 are daily added to church

More Evidence of Divine Purpose
  • George Otis, Jr. estimates 70 of all the
    churchs outreach since its beginning until today
    has been accomplished in this century alone.
    About 70 of what has been accomplished in this
    century has taken place since 1945. Of the
    combined outreach of the church since 1945 about
    70 has happened since late 1989.
  • About 120,000,000 people are presented the Gospel
    for the first time each year
  • In 1995 80,000 Korean students publicly dedicated
    themselves to world evangelization. Another
    25,000 later signed commitments to send or go as
  • 1.7 million billion people now listen to
    Christian radio or watch Christian TV on a
    monthly basis

Take Off Your Kid Gloves
  • More missionaries have been martyred for their
    faith in Christ in the past 20 years than in the
    previous 200 years
  • Every year since 1950 the average number of those
    killed for their faith in Christ worldwide is at
    least 150,000.
  • There is a global crisis but in the Chinese
    language (crisis danger opportunity)
  • Read I Corinthians 169 Revelation 1210-12

Flash Point of History
  • We as a church just might be at the flash point
    of history, and God is looking for a few good men
    and women who are tough enough for such a time as
  • Goers those who go to foreign locations who
    cross cultural barriers
  • Welcomers those who minister to internationals
    God brings to their city
  • Senders those who strengthen the church for its
    task locally in order to reach globally
  • Mobilizers those who encourage others to
    fulfill their strategic roles in what God is
  • The unreached people of the world number 2
    billion plus.

An Overview of Gods Global Plan
  • Its time for people-group thinking
  • The day of viewing the world as a mix of
    politically defined countries is over. Its time
    to look at the world as the Bible does, in terms
    of people groups
  • People-group a significantly large ethnic or
    sociological grouping of individuals who perceive
    themselves to have a common affinity for one
    another a unit of people that can be identified
    by a proper name and a location
  • Unreached people-group have no indigenous
    community of believing Christians with adequate
    numbers and resources to evangelize their
    people-group without outside assistance

Gods Global Plan (continued)
  • An unreached people group is one that
  • Has not been presented the Gospel message
  • Does not have Gods Word in their heart language
  • Does not have access to Gods Word perhaps
    because of illiteracy
  • Has not responded to the Gospel

Gods Global Plan (continued)
  • Its time for a closure mentality
  • In the Great Commission Christ is telling us to
    go to every distinct ethnic group on the face of
    the earth and start a church
  • The Great Commission of discipling the nations is
    to be finished
  • All that we do is a distinct step toward the
    cosmic purpose of history
  • Its time for strategic action
  • Believers must move only in the directions God is
    going. Now is a time when the good is especially
    the enemy of the best
  • Its time for each of us to fulfill our personal
    strategic role

Understanding Our Harvest Field
  • World C 10 of committed Christians and 20 of
    nominal Christians on a the planet
  • World B 30 of the global population who are
    non-Christians living in cultures that have
  • World A 40 of the world that make up the
    populations of unreached peoples
  • Defining The 10/40 Window
  • More than 95 of the worlds unreached peoples
    live in this area
  • The 10/40 Window outlines the heartlands of the
    major non-Christian religions of the world
    Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism,
    Confucianism, etc.
  • About 80 of the poorest of the worlds poor live
    in this region, enduring humanitys lowest
    standards of living

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Muslim Unreached Peoples
  • Islam submission Muslim one who is submitted
    to Allah
  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • Recite the creed
  • Pray 5 times daily
  • Fast for the lunar month of Ramadan
  • Give alms (2.5 of income to mosque)
  • Make the hajj (holy pilgrimage to Mecca)
  • Jihad or holy war

Islamic Misconceptions
  • God is one. How can Jesus be God?
  • How can Jesus be the Son of God? Who is Gods
  • Would God allow His faithful prophet Jesus to die
    the death of a criminal?
  • Christianitys seeming pagan beliefs and worldly
    lifestyle leave the impression that Christians
    have fallen for a corrupted Gospel self-centered
    distorted Gospel
  • Christian cultures represent Christianity

Growth Rate of the World's Religious Blocs

Bible-believing Christians
Nominal Christians
Total Population
Tribal Unreached Peoples
  • There are 3,000 6,000 unreached groups of
    Tribals worldwide
  • Most of the worlds 2,000,000 nomads are actually
  • The great mystery of life for tribal clans is
    How can we control the spirits?
  • Fear keeps Tribals in bondage and usually very
    resistant to the Gospel

Hindu Unreached Peoples
  • There is a spark of divinity in every human
  • Karma is the sum of a persons good deeds
  • Salvation is gained through
  • The way of knowledge
  • The way of devotion
  • The way of good deeds
  • Is a mixture of ancestral tradition, animal
    worship, temple cults, magic, exorcism,
    astrology, and the teachings of gurus
  • God is not personal He neither loves nor hates
    human beings, neither helps nor hinders them

Buddhist Unreached Peoples
  • Life is basically a pattern of pain and suffering
    that results from desire
  • Absence of desire is known as nirvana
  • Discipline eventually leads to nirvana (emptiness
    or nakedness) the state in which the lack of
    desire allows perfection and pure peace
  • Five donts dont steal, lie, take a life,
    engage in illicit sex, or drink liquor

Chinese Unreached Peoples
  • Humankind determines its own destiny
  • Religion is a dangerous fantasy the opiate of
    the people
  • Rational thinking science leads to truth
  • Christianity is the running dog of imperialism
  • Espouses passivity and harmony with life and

Gods Perfect Design/Plan
  • God created the sun to be 400 times larger than
    the earths moon, which is 400 times closer to
    the surface fo our planet. Thus He designed
    for some wonderful reason the possibility of
    the perfect eclipse. Arent we of far more worth
    than a solar eclipse? God planned the growth of
    His church in perfect proportion to the vastness
    of the harvest!
  • Think globallyAct locally!!

Trends In The Harvest Force
  • Trend 1 The church is growing like wildfire
  • Trend 2 The two-thirds-world mission force
  • Trend 3 Short-term missions
  • Trend 4 Non-traditional missions
  • Trend 5 Global, functional unity

Trend 1Church Is Growing Like Wildfire
  • In the late 1980s it was estimated that every
    day more than 70,000 believers were added to the
  • In 1991 the church increased by more than 174,000
  • In 1994 estimated growth of the church was
    178,000 daily

Trend 1 - continued
  • 1790 2 per 100 (2) 1 out of 50
  • 1940 3 per 100 (3) 1 out of 33
  • 1960 4 per 100 (4) 1 out of 25
  • 1970 5 per 100 (5) 1 out of 20
  • 1980 6 per 100 (6) 1 out of 17
  • 1983 7 per 100 (7) 1 out of 14
  • 1986 8 per 100 (8) 1 out of 12
  • 1989 9 per 100 (9) 1 out of 11
  • 1993 10 per 100 (10) 1 out of 10

Trend 2Two-Third-World Mission Force
  • 60,000 churches in the U.S. annually report no
    conversions to Jesus Christ
  • About 85 of Americas churches are either
    stagnant or dying
  • For the first time in 50 years the number of
    American career missionaries has dropped from
    50,500 in 1988 to 41,142 in 1992
  • South America has 50,000 new churches per year
    while 60 churches per week are closing in the U.S.

Trend 2 - continued
  • The third church will be responsible for the
    greatest growth of Christianity through the
    indigenous movements of the Two-Third-World
  • First Church first millennium A.D. was
    predominantly Eastern, centered in Jerusalem/Rome
  • Second Church second millennium A.D. was
    focused in the west, Europe and its colonies,
    including the U.S.
  • Heartlands of the church are now in Latin
    America, in certain parts of Asia, and in Africa.
    Christianity is no longer a Western Religion

Trend 3Short-Term Missions
  • In U.S. alone 208 of the total of nearly 700
    mission agencies sent out more than 31,000
    short-term missionaries in 1988
  • Dan and Brenda Clowers (WMM full-time)
  • General criticisms
  • Results are unreliable
  • There is little lasting fruit
  • The financial costs are high
  • Short-termers distract career missionaries
  • Theyre not real missionaries

Trend 3 - continued
  • Keys to Short-term Mission Projects
  • Look to the fields
  • Be careful stewards
  • Consider follow-up efforts in your plans
  • Prepare carefully
  • Serve
  • Debrief
  • Mobilize
  • Keep the visited people group in the prayers of
    the whole church

Trend 4Non-Traditional Missions
  • Weaknesses
  • The one quality in any culture that conveys a
    persons genuineness is an understanding of
  • Painful personal histories that at best raise
    eyebrows among mission agency recruiters can be
    what makes a candidate effective not defective
    for ministry
  • Women
  • Women are more than ever a powerful force in
    world evangelization
  • Women form 60 of the global church, and are 80
    of the churchs prayer warriors

Trend 4 - continued
  • The Mission Team Concept
  • Team concept has no age limit
  • Apostle Paul always journeyed with a team
  • Mission agencies encourage groups of friends to
    go as teams
  • Creative Access
  • 80 of countries with unreached peoples will soon
    no longer accept missionaries
  • Non-resident missionaries
  • Secular employment (tentmaking)
  • Tentmaking in teams (entrepreneurial)

Trend 5Global, Functional Unity
  • Today like-minded churches and groups are
    encouraged to find out how each can augment the
    ministry of the other
  • Functional unity among denominations and
    parachurch groups is a practicality whose time
    has come (Ephesians 411-16)

Further Trends To Follow
  • Charismatic renewal
  • Focus on cities to accentuate growth
  • Clarifying the message ministering to both spirit
    and body
  • The techno-Gospel
  • Jesus Film (33 million commitments)
  • Radio, TV, Computer, Internet, etc.
  • Kid power

Additional Impact Trends
  • Population growth in southern countries
  • Increased mobility migration to cities
  • Free exchange of information/ideas
  • Threat of economic collapse
  • Scarcity of resources/environmental concerns
  • A developing world view
  • Quarantining/forgetting of Africa
  • Increasing womens power/importance
  • Increasing onslaught of Biblical values
  • Increasing influence of religions
  • Growing power of grassroots movements

  • With just perhaps 10,000 totally unreached
    peoples left on the face of the earth, the Great
    Commission is doable.
  • The world can easily be evangelized in this
    generation IF we begin to think strategically.

Reaction To This Quote
  • At the turn of the century, the most extensive
    evangelical awakening of all time occurred. The
    Sixth Great Awakening began with the Welsh
    Revival of 1904-05. The movement swept every
    state and province of North America. Its power
    is felt in every nook and corner of our broad
    land. Affected was nearly every brand of
    evangelical church in North America, Europe,
    Australia, and South Africa together with their
    daughter churches and missionary causes in Asia,
    Latin America, and the islands of the sea. The
    remarkable awakening led to the conversion of
    over 5,000,000 people worldwide. J.Edwin Orr
    called it a blaze of evening glory at the end of
    the 19th century.

One Lord, One Faith, One Mission
  • What are the two most often misquotes regarding
    Acts 18
  • Either Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, etc.
  • First Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, etc.
  • What our heavenly Father wants us to realize is
    that no matter what we do individually or
    corporately as a church, our impact is to be both
    local (where you are) and international (to the
  • It is not an either/or option or a progressive
    oneits simultaneous

What Is A Healthy World Christian?
  • A person who obediently integrates the Great
    Commission with the Great Commandment loving
    God with all your heart, soul, mind, and
    strength, and loving others as yourself.
  • Put together the two commands are like the cross
    hairs of a long-range rifle helping sight your
  • If the cross hairs are off, or one is missing,
    you will ultimately miss the target

The Integrated, Overall Mission of the Church
Psalm 67 Acts 18
God blesses us...
The Church bless every people.
The Integrated, Overall Mission of the Church
Psalm 67 Acts 18
God blesses us...
Our Own People bless every people.
Including Our Own Community
  • In evangelism
  • In ministering to community needs
  • In standing up for righteousness in ones own
    people group

The Integrated, Overall Mission of the Church
Psalm 67 Acts 18
Reached Peoples
God blesses us...
Our Own People
Crossing Cultures bless every people.
Including Reached People
  • A fellowships ministries in this third stage
    bridge language, social, or other cultural
  • Blessing other reached peoples entails
  • Serving their churches
  • Empowering them to bless their own culture and to
    equip other reached peoples
  • Partnering with them to offer Christs redemption
    to unreached peoples

The Integrated, Overall Mission of the Church
Psalm 67 Acts 18
Unreached Peoples
Reached Peoples
God blesses us...
Our Own People
Crossing Cultures bless every people.
Including Unreached People
  • Pre-evangelism
  • Church-planting
  • Discipled to be strengthened
  • Reaching out into their own people
  • Crossing cultural barriers in their own history
    of being blessed to be a blessing to every people

Specifics of the Family Business
  • Were heading toward an explicit goal
  • The identity of these people groups is definable
  • There is a timetable for the task
  • An integrated vision in a fellowship is not only
    specific, it is noncompetitive
  • An integrated vision in a fellowship is also
  • Every church need not feel pressured to do
    everything, to spread its limited resources too
    thin, to run ministries simply because all the
    growing church are doing this.

Malfunctions In The Mission
  • Us-them mentality destroys the unity in the
  • Our mission can get stuck on Stage One
  • Our single-vision mission is neglectful of Stage
  • Lack of resources to accomplish the mission (slow
  • By failing to impact its own culture in Stage Two

Your Strategic Role In The Kingdom
  • Own the Lordship of Jesus Christ (John 1421 I
    Corinthians 619)
  • Make the end goal of all you do to impact
    nations (sign a Caleb declaration p. 114)
  • Be committed to finish the race (I Cor.924)
  • Very little happens in Gods work until God
    raises up a man/woman who refuses to settle for
    less than what God has put on his/her heart. The
    world has long understood that motivation,
    determination, ambition, passion, vision, dreams,
    hunger, drive, guts, will to win, call it what
    you like, is by far a greater factor in who
    accomplishes something and who doesnt

More Strategic Qualities
  • Keep from clinging (Luke 1433)
  • Acknowledge your role as a priest (Exodus 195-6
    I Peter 29)
  • Get to know yourself (Psalm 13913-16)
  • Determine your spiritual gifting
  • Practice your gifts in ministry (I Cor.125)
  • Explore a variety of settings for ministry
    (I Cor. 126)
  • Find your niche (Ephesians 210)

Consider Your Call
  • God can clearly call anyone He chooses for a
    particular task
  • Nowhere in Scripture do we find that a dramatic
    call into ministry is a doctrine or a
  • Gods guidance to a particular ministry is more
    often a case of hearing His direction while were
    moving on what we already know about His great
    plan (Isaiah 3021)

What Are You Waiting For?
  • Failing to receive a specific call, a person
    can be guided by the Default Theory. This theory
    is not tenable because
  • It is not Biblical
  • It causes us to trust in our surroundings rather
    than the Lord Himself
  • It has been said that if you dont practice Acts
    18 you will get Acts 81
  • Discussion Defend the concept of a call to
    ministry (pp. 124 -128)
  • Stand and read together from page 130

Deciding To Go
  • More believers than were led to expect are goers
  • The mindset that we arent goers can be traced to
    the overblown notion that without a dramatic call
    one would be doomed to attempt missionary service
  • Its incredible how the enemy of human souls has
    convinced the church that only a few hardy
    individuals are actually designed for missions
  • Climb out of your own personal comfort zone and
    ask yourself
  • What keeps me here?
  • What would it take for me to go?

How We Should Regard Ourselves
  • Read I Corinthians 41-5
  • The term missionary is not found in the Bible.
    It comes from the Latin, Missio, meaning to
    send (John 2021)
  • Apostle is derived from this word
  • Not everyone is an apostle (I Cor.1229)
  • We are all witnesses (Acts 18) but were not all
  • Goers or sent ones are gifts from God

What Is A Missionary?
  • It is generally held that a true missionary is
    anyone ministering in a people group other than
    his/her own
  • Goers to unreached peoples are perhaps best
    described not as the only true missionaries but
    as frontier or pioneer missionaries
  • Your availability is much more important than
    your ability

Last ObservationsAbout Goers
  • Read Exodus 37-10
  • God refers to Himself 9 times. Yet Moses focuses
    on himself in his Who am I that I should go
  • What disqualifies a goer?
  • In addition to having no sending church, having
    deep-seated character issues and mental illness,
    Leick identifies these two other factors which
    disqualify a goer
  • No experience whatsoever in sharing his/her
    faith, discipling someone or leading a Bible
  • Lack of practice of the basic disciplines of the
    Christian life

Getting There!
  • The key to a missionarys success is that he/she
    is hungry to learn
  • Connecting with a sending agency will advance
    your ability to go (Popes)
  • What do you do to prepare to go?
  • Develop a good relationship with the home church
    that will sponsor or send you
  • Learn to derive your joy from your relationship
    with Jesus rather than serving Him
  • Work towards a good self-image
  • Learn how to resolve relationship conflicts
  • Spread your vision with others for strong prayer

What Else Do You Do To Get Ready?
  • Become equipped
  • Develop cross-cultural skills (Popes)
  • Learn to work in small groups
  • Get down to basics in your lifestyle
    INTO IT! As much as is possible, avoid debt.

Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Three expectations if you are a Westerner are
  • Dont expect to be highly regarded as a
    respectful foreigner
  • Dont expect to understand everything about
    another culture as it relates to yours
  • Expect practical problems in living conditions

Benefits Of Raising ChildrenOn The Field
  • They are not bombarded by materialism
  • They are sensitive to others life situations
  • Most grow up bilingual and bicultural
  • Their education can be quality as well. One of
    the biggest fears of furloughing missionaries is
    bringing their children home to the U.S. culture

Raising Support
  • IPHC missionaries itinerate to raise support
    through Faith Commitments
  • Itinerating achieves many objectives
  • Test the vision of the missionary
  • Raises necessary support
  • Creates awareness in the local church
  • Develops valuable connection between the mission
    field and the local church
  • Review the list of missionaries and select one to
    support for the next year

Answering Objections
  • First, theyve never seen the global heart of God
  • Second, theyve probably not experienced the
    glory of God receives when you worship God from
    another culture
  • Third, share with those who doubt and question
    that while their primary part in Gods global
    plan may be local ministry, your part may be
  • It isnt a question of What is Gods will for MY
    life? Rather it is God, what are you doing in
    the world and how can I serve you?

Question Of Success/Failure
  • Since fear of failure prevents many from
    committing to missions work, the author points
    out that it is not a question of success or
    failure but one of obedience or disobedience.

Taking Care of the Fatherless,the Widow, and the
  • Luke 1025-37 Deuteronomy 1018-20 2719
    2612 Leviticus 1934
  • There are more than 40 references in the OT alone
    to looking out for the foreigner in our midst
  • God moves people who need Him to your doorstep
  • Around 80 of all international students who
    study in America never make it into an American

International Students
  • Based upon what they see and hear, millions of
    Two-Thirds-World immigrants hold the world view
    that the Christian west is thoroughly corrupt
    and immoral
  • International Students Incorporated reports that
    100,000 international students come to the U.S.
    annually to study and 800,000 are in the U.S. at
    any one time, many of whom will become national
  • Welcomers need to be strong in 3 areas
  • In love
  • In ability to demonstrate Christ through their
  • In wise use of time inclusive in busy lifestyle

Sending Specialists Team
  • Logistics specialist
  • Prayer coordinator
  • Communications specialist
  • Researcher
  • Financial manager
  • Re-entry coordinator
  • Read Romans 1014

Research Focus
  • The five major categories of information one
    needs to obtain about a particular people group
  • Basic needs
  • Influences
  • Institutions
  • Mind molders
  • Spiritual core

Culture Wheel
Beliefs Principalities Powers Bondage Identity
Law Government
Become a World Christian
  • A believer who is conscious that his/her
    lifestyle doesnt need to reflect the unredeemed
    values of society. A disciple who realizes that
    whatever ministry or activities God has given
    him, it is to be done wholeheartedly as a means
    toward the overall goal of reaching the nations.
    A person who balances the Great Commission with
    the Greatest Commandment, loving God with all
    your heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving
    others as yourself.
  • Sending is more about character than money!

Mobilizing As A Ministry
  • Compare the following two Scripture passages
  • Matthew 2514-30
  • God rewards faithfulness with what weve been
  • Luke 1912-27
  • Because they all started out equally we learn God
    not only wants us faithful with the talents weve
    been given, but He also rewards the maximum use
    of those talents. God wants us to maximize our

Characteristics of a Mobilizer
  • Able to be a servant
  • Desires to see more laborers raised up
  • Has the gift of encouragement
  • Apt to teach or is strong in recruitment
  • Public speaking skills
  • Leads others well
  • General heart for the world peoples
  • Sees priority of waiting mobilizing others
  • Is part visionary and part implementer

Observations About Mobilizers
  • Noting that a mobilizer with an attitude can
    cause problems, the authors affirm Peter Wagners
    statement that the vision of where God wants the
    church to go usually is channeled through the
  • Three major things a mobilizer needs to know are
  • Gods Word
  • Gods World
  • Gods Work

How A MobilizerCan Serve The Local Church
  • Develop a prayer core
  • Choose resources appropriate to your fellowship
  • Serve your fellowship as they catch, build and
    act on a vision of Gods heart for every people
  • Determine the vision of the group of individuals
    and the pastor

A Maturing Christian
A Christian
A Ministering Christian
A Missions-Minded Christian
At Bat
Steps To Action
  • Ready! Choose an unreached people (in 90 days)
  • Aim! Prepare for commitment
  • Fire! Focus on a people
  • Fasten your seatbelts