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Top Tips for ICD-10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

    Top Tips for ICD-10 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Top Tips for ICD-10 webinar by SuperCoder is peppered with handy, practical tips on ICD 10 changes, ICD 10 code lists and important ICD 10 guideline changes, keeping you updated with the changing coding landscape. The webinar is created and presented by Rachel M. Kaser, BS, CPC, MHSA, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer, an expert who delivers the webinar in a precise manner, touching all the key points thoroughly. Some of the topics broached in the webinar include how to code for post-op seroma, atypical fractures, and using H-90 for conductive hearing loss, among other things. The webinar also focuses on key ICD 10 guideline changes to Tabular and Alphabetical Index, Neoplasm Table, Table of Drugs and Chemicals and Index of External Causes. The SuperCoder webinar will also teach you how to leverage existing ICD 10 specific tools to select the right codes to avoid claim denials and compliance mishaps, to safeguard your revenue. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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