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Shockingly Brief yet Rich History of electrochemistry Galvani frog legs~1780 Volta battery~1800 Davy- electrolysis~1820 Chemistry born from dead frogs Luigi ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Shockingly%20Brief%20yet%20Rich%20History%20of%20electrochemistry

Shockingly Brief yet Rich History of
  • Galvani frog legs1780
  • Volta battery1800
  • Davy- electrolysis1820

Chemistry born from dead frogs
  • Luigi Galvani nasce a Bologna nel 1737.
  • Physiologist noticed legs of dead frogs twitched
    when his steel scalpel touched brass staples used
    pin down frog legs

  • Galvani thought he discovered animal electricity,

but he just found a delectable appetizer!
Allessandro Volta (volt)
  • Didnt buy Galvanis explanation
  • Enjoying sticking 2 metals on his tongue, and got
    same twitching as frog legs
  • Invented the pile, a.k.a battery
  • More layers could be piled on to get higher
    voltages currents

Voltas pile same 200 yrs later!
  • Zn anode oxidation (-)
    Cu cathode reduction ()

Electrochemistry under the hood
Making a battery work Pick 2 different metals
  • Standard Reduction Potential (Eo)
  • The metal that will act as the cathode, be
    reduced, gain electrons has the most positive
    potential (electrons flow to )
  • Ag Eo .80
  • Cu Eo .34
  • Zn Eo -.76 Al Eo -1.7

Example CuZn has Eo 1.1V (zinc is
oxidized so its Eo sign is reversed) Electrons
flow from negative Cu anode to positive Zn cathode
Davy- cocky inventor of electrolysis
  • Sir Humphry Davy
  • Detested Gravy
  • He lived in the odium
  • there he discovered sodium

Only scientist besides Newton to be
knighted Contemporary of Volta, Ampere,
Gay-Lusaac, assistant was Faraday Discovered
many elements(Na,Ca,Mg,K,Ba,Sr) arc lamps,
laughing gas (N2O), water electrolysis, showed
oxidation need not oxygen,CO2
Electrolysis- Davys Domain
  • Volta 2 different metals produces current
  • Davy - chemical reactions produce current
  • Electrolysis- use a battery to drive even
  • reverse reactions!
  • almost any compound can be oxidized or
    reduced using the right voltage!

Electrolytic cell
  • non-spontaneous reactions (negative total
    potential) are possible using a battery
  • Negative end of battery provides electrons so
    reduction can occur at the cathode (-)