????????? ???? ????? ?? ????? There is a 'book on the 'desk. My 'sister 'put up a 'picture on the 'wall. 'John 'wants to 'see the 'teacher after 'class. An 'elephant is an 'animal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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????????? ???? ????? ?? ????? There is a 'book on the 'desk. My 'sister 'put up a 'picture on the 'wall. 'John 'wants to 'see the 'teacher after 'class. An 'elephant is an 'animal.


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ????????? ???? ????? ?? ????? There is a 'book on the 'desk. My 'sister 'put up a 'picture on the 'wall. 'John 'wants to 'see the 'teacher after 'class. An 'elephant is an 'animal.

????????? ???? ????? ?? ????? There is a
'book on the 'desk. My 'sister 'put up a 'picture
on the 'wall. 'John 'wants to 'see the 'teacher
after 'class. An 'elephant is an 'animal.
???? Sentence Stress
??????,????????????,?thing, person, place,
????????????,? man, woman, fellow, time,
ship,????????????,????????? 'Thats a 'nice
thing. (?? 'Thats a 'nice 'picture.) Hes an
'easy person to 'get a'long with. Hes the 'right
man for the 'job. Its al'ready 'lunch time. (??
Its 'time for 'lunch.)
???? 1.???? 'This is 'not what I 'mean. 'That
'isnt the one I 'asked for. 'Do you 'like
(')these 'flowers? ?????????????,?????????? 'How
do you 'like those 'little ones? 'Who 'wrote this
'interesting 'story?
2. ??????? 'Yours is 'much 'nicer than 'mine. The
'red one is 'his. ????????,????????? Im
'writing to a 'friend of mine. 3. ???? I 'saw
it my'self. The 'man him'self 'told me
so. 4.???? 'Who are you 'talking to? 'What can
I 'do for you? 'Who 'came to 'see you this
???????????,????,????(????),????,???? He
'hasnt 'seen my 'brother yet. He 'hurt himself
when he was 'playing 'football. They 'often 'help
each other. The 'girl who 'spoke to you just 'now
is my 'sister.
???(????????)?????? ???????? The 'streets are
'wide, 'clean and 'beautiful. 'This 'narrow
'valley was the 'scene of a 'famous
'battle. His 'first daughter is fif'teen. Its a
'dull and disap'pointing film. 'Thats ex'citing
news. The 'worried man 'entered the 'crowded
'street. He 'bought 'ten 'cups and 'I bought only
???????? He 'lives in a 'house 'not 'far from the
'school. It's an 'hours 'drive from the 'old
'station. The 'man 'over there is my 'brother. An
'elephant is an 'animal.
?? ????,???????????(notional verb)????
(be?have ??) He takes a walk after supper
every day. Dont forget your homework. I
suppose you know him. ???????????? ??? We
decided to start the next day. ?? We 'sat
at the 'desk 'writing a 'letter. ??? Its 'no
'use 'asking him about 'that.
Do ???????????,????? I 'do hope 'this will be
ef'fective. He 'does need your 'help. We 'did
warn you be'fore. 'Do 'drop 'in when you are in
?????? ??? He did 'not work 'hard for the
e'xam. We were im'pressed by their
a'chievements. 'Much has been 'said a'bout
it. They will be sur'prised at 'that. ???? He
should be 'criticized for 'doing 'that. 'Mary
could 'do it 'better than 'Herbert. I must 'go
'now. 'Who can 'answer this 'question?
??????? They 'came 'back 'early 'yesterday.
'Where did you 'buy it? 'Why do you 'come? You
'meet 'people 'everywhere. Ive 'never 'heard of
'such a thing be'fore. Per'haps shell ar'rive
to'night. 'Tell him to 'come 'in. A 'car 'dashed
'past. 'Thank you for 'coming to 'see me 'off.
???????? He 'visited the 'small 'village where
he was 'born. They 'came 'right at the
'time when we 'needed their 'help. 'This is
the 'reason why they 'failed. ?? ???????????
'All but 'one of the 'family are at 'home. 'How
'far is it from 'Paris to 'London? 'What are you
'looking at? 'Thats what I was 'thinking of.
?????????,?????? Ill 'do it (')after 'lunch.
He 'finished the 'article (')during the
'holidays. The 'man 'walked a(')long the
'street. He 'searched a(')mong the 'papers. I
for'got 'all a(')bout it. I have 'nothing to
'say con(')cerning this 'problem. 'Put
it 'opposite the 'door.
?????????be??????, ??????????????? Theyre 'by
the 'window. He was 'in the 'sitting-room. Is
it 'near the 'post office? The 'teacher was
'with us at the 'picnic. It was 'during the
'interval. He was be'side himself with 'rage.
They are be'hind the 'door.
?????????? 'On his 'way 'home he 'met an 'old
'friend. 'In the 'room they 'found a 'little
'boy. 'Under the 'tree 'stands a 'tall
??? ????????(???????both and
neithernor?)????????? He 'came and 'spoke to
us. I 'saw it but 'didnt 'read it. 'Lets 'run
or well be 'late.
?????????,??????????? (that ??) 'When he 'comes
Ill intro'duce him to you. 'After Ive
'finished it Ill 'show it to you. 'As I was
'waiting for the 'bus, it 'suddenly be'gan
to 'rain. ? That we can 'do it with'out him is
????who (whom, whose) what, which ????? when,
where, how, why ????,?????? I 'wonder 'who 'that
was. 'Ask him 'which is 'better. I 'dont 'know
'how they 'are. I 'dont 'know how 'things are
in 'their 'school. Im 'not sure 'when hes
'coming. I 'cant under'stand 'why he re'fuses
to 'go. Do you 'see what I 'mean? He 'doesnt
know 'what he should 'do 'next.
?? street ??????? 'Oxford Street
'Downing Street 'Eighth Street
Wall Street ?road, avenue, lane, way, hill,
town, park, palace???????????? 'York 'Road
'West 'Lake 'Hyde 'Park
'Buckingham 'Palace 'Hampton 'Court
?? O O O O
'times 'up. 'make 'haste
'next 'week 'whats 'this 'work 'hard
'well 'done 'all 'right
'quite 'good 'Yes, 'please.
'hold 'on 'thats 'true
'too 'bad 'good 'news 'this 'month 'not
'yet 'come 'in
O o O O o O
'never 'mind 'wait and 'see 'leave at
'once 'word by 'word 'let me 'see
'thanks a 'lot 'out of 'date 'quite
a 'lot 'try it 'out 'good
i'dea 'come a'long 'far and 'wide 'time
and 'tide 'little 'girl 'what a 'day
O o O o O o O o
'wait a 'moment 'give me 'this
one 'lets get 'started 'spring is
'coming 'Merry 'Christmas. 'come and 'help
me 'glad to 'see you 'very 'funny
'let me 'help you 'who can 'help
me 'quite a 'lot of 'rather 'boring
'go and 'get it 'when to 'do
it 'just imagine 'time is 'precious
o O o O o O o O
the 'latest 'news a 'waste of 'time
hes 'late for 'class shes 'gone 'away a
'lot of 'noise Id 'like to 'come it
'doesnt 'work wed 'better 'go a 'sign
of 'smoke he 'always 'sings its 'time
for 'lunch Ill 'see you 'off its 'hard
to 'say a 'day of 'work Ive 'no 'idea
Im 'sure you 'will
O o o O 'lots to be
'done 'lend me a 'hand 'get in the
'crops 'nothing at 'all 'bring
him 'along 'send it by 'mail 'not
in the 'least 'clear it 'away
'once in a 'while
  • O o o o O
  • 'carry it 'away
  • 'follow my 'advice
  • 'see you in a 'week
  • 'try to be in 'time
  • 'come and have a 'look
  • 'leave it on the 'desk
  • 'cut it with a 'knife
  • 'everything is 'clear
  • 'bring along your 'friend

o O o O o Im 'glad to 'see
you. Youre 'always 'welcome. I 'hope you 'like
it. Id 'like to 'hear it. I 'beg your
'pardon. Youd 'better 'hurry. Im 'very
'sorry. It doesnt 'matter. Hes 'rather 'funny.
o O o o O o o Ill 'borrow
a'nother one. Youll 'get it on
'Saturday. Per'haps youve 'heard of it. Theyve
'all gone on 'holiday. Its 'very
un'fortunate. Lets 'open the 'other one.
  • ???????????????????
  • ??????????????????????????
  • ????????????????????????????Yes
  • ???????????,???????????

  • ??
  • ?????
  • I have already read that book. ?
  • That street is two miles long. ?

  • ?
  • 1. I understand.?
  • 2. Its difficult.?
  • 3. Beijing is the capital of China.?
  • 4. There is a book on the desk.?
  • 5.They are going to have a picnic.?
  • 6. The balloons are flying away.?
  • 7.The birds are singing in the trees.?
  • 8.Daming is having a birthday party.?

  • ???????
  • What has happened to him? ?
  • Which direction is it to the post office? ?
  • ?????????????????????????
  • What is your major? ?
  • Where shall we go for the holiday? ?

  • ??
  • 1.What do you want to eat?
  • 2.How much is a hamburger?
  • 3.When are we going to eat?
  • 4. Who can help me?
  • 5.Where is Simons mum?
  • 6. How does Amy go to school?

  • ?????
  • Go back to your seat! ?
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me. ?
  • ?????
  • What a small world! ?
  • Oh! My poor Mathilde, how youve changed! ?
  • ????????or?????
  • Do you want to ride or walk? ?
  • Would you like coffee or tea? ?

  • ??
  • ???????
  • Do you mind if I sit here? ?
  • Can you hand in your compositions today? ?
  • ??????????????,??????????,???????
  • Are you satisfied? ?
  • Will you take off your hat, please? ?

  • ??????????????
  • For each incomplete sentence, there are four
    choices marked A?, B?, C?, and D. ?
  • We study Chinese ?, history ?, geography ?, and
    English. ?
  • ?????,?????????????????
  • Your really want to do it? ?
  • She might have gone. ?
  • I think so. ?

  • ????????????????
  • After dinner ?, I read a magazine and made
    telephone calls. ?
  • While you were writing letters ?, I was reading a
    book. ?
  • ???????????,????????
  • My fever is gone ?, but I still have a cough. ?
  • My major is English ?, and I like it. ?
  • ???????
  • Excuse me, sir ?. Can you help me? ?
  • ?????
  • Mrs. Smith ?, this is Tom Jones. ?

  • ??
  • ???????,???????
  • We are going to Florida, she said brightly. ?
  • How do you feel, boy? I asked him. ?

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