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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A family

  • A familys story in the Reformation

The Tudor Family
  • Upstart Rulers from Wales
  • Henry VII had taken the throne by killing
    Richard III from the rival family The Yorks.
  • The War of the Roses
  • To solidify his rule he married Richards niece
    Elizabeth of York

SURPRISE! Henry VII was a good king
  • Sought prosperity for England.
  • Fell in love with his wife and had six kids.
  • Arthur
  • Henry
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Child that died in childbirth with Elizabeth.

Henry VIIIs Childhood
  • Grew up in a loving family QUITE UNUSUAL!
  • Second son his parents planned on him becoming
    a priest and maybe someday a pope?
  • But that all changed in 1502!

  • Henrys older brother Arthur did two things
  • Married at 15
  • Political marriage to Catherine of Aragon
  • VERY wealthy girl
  • VERY connected
  • An Uncle was pope
  • Daddy was King of Spain
  • A nephew eventually became the Holy Roman Emperor
  • Died

What was Henry VII going to do?
  • Henry now moved to be the heir to the throne.
  • But what about Catherine?

Henry VIIs Solution
  • Married one sons widow to his surviving son.
  • Took until 1509 to maneuver the marriage.
  • Henry was 17
  • Catherine was 22

Henry VIII Takes Over
  • 1509 his father died.
  • Henry was king at 18 of a very prosperous country
    and had one of the richest women as his wife.
  • Could he be content?

Henry VIII
  • VERY intelligent
  • Was interested in humanism
  • Catholic, but realized there were changes needed
    in Rome.
  • Sympathetic with Protestants

Henry VIII had one BIG problem
  • No son
  • There was a belief that a woman could only be
    queen if her husband was the king.
  • Henry and Catherine had only one surviving child
  • Six pregnancies.

Henry VIIIs Problem
  • Marriage with Catherine had started off okay.
  • He trusted her to rule while he was at war.
  • She never complained at all the affairs he had.
  • And there were a LOT of them!

Henry VIII was in a panic!
  • No son to follow him?
  • Would civil war break out like what his parents
    had lived through?
  • Failure of the Tudor Family to have only 2 kings?
  • Angevins 5
  • Plantagenants 12

About 1525, Henry read Machiavellis THE PRINCE
  • What is a king to do if his wife is getting past
    the age to give him an heir?
  • She is too connected to kill.
  • He did kind of like her.

  • Henrys longtime advisors and friends said
    Accept Gods will.
  • Cardinal Woolsey
  • Thomas Moore

Thomas Cranmer offered another bit of advice
  • Turn Protestant and divorce Catherine.
  • While you are at it, outlaw Catholics and
    confiscate all the wealth that the churches,
    monasteries, and convents have in England.

The spark that started the fire of change in
  • Anne Boleyn
  • The girl who said no to being a kings mistress.

Henry VIII
  • Turned Protestant and divorced Catherine.
  • It was against the Bible to marry his brothers
  • Confiscated all the Churchs wealth in his
  • for Henry
  • Married Anne Boleyn.

Henry VIII
  • Act of Supremacy stated the only supreme head on
    earth of the Church of England is Henry VIII.
  • Sold confiscated church land to the nobles in
    exchange for their loyalty.

Henry VIII
  • Beheaded, imprisoned, and intimidated many to
    become Protestant.
  • Sir Thomas Moore
  • Beheaded
  • Archbishop Woolsey
  • Gave his treasure to Henry.
  • Was still arrested and died.

What about Catherine?
  • Divorced and under arrest.
  • Died
  • His daughter Mary was declared a bastard for
    siding with her mother and refusing to become
  • She couldnt be a princess.

What about Anne?
  • Had a daughter Elizabeth right away.
  • 2 miscarriages of sons.
  • The spitfire personality her husband had
    married her for now turned into being a nag and

Anne Boleyn
  • Henry tried to divorce her.
  • She refused to see her daughter called
  • Put her on trial for treason
  • Accused her of sleeping with her brother and
    music master.
  • Beheaded her.

Anne Boleyn
  • Married and made Queen 1533.
  • Beheaded May 19, 1536

Henry VIII
  • Married 3 on May 20, 1536.
  • Jane Seymour
  • Opposite personality to Anne.
  • Was Protestant
  • October 1537 delivered a son.
  • Died after.

The Baby Edward
  • Sickly child.
  • Henry began to worry he was being punished for
    his actions.
  • Tried to rebuild relationships with Mary and a
    bit with the little girl Elizabeth.

Thomas Cranmer was worried that Mary would
convince her father to become Catholic again.
  • Quickly arranged a fourth marriage.
  • A Protestant German Princess that came from a
    family that was known for producing a lot of
  • Anne of Cleves

Wife 4 Anne of Cleves
  • Married January 9, 1540
  • Divorced July 9, 1540
  • Stayed on in England as a friend of King Henry
    and served as a sort of mother to Mary and

Henrys Habit Turning on his friends!
  • Began to talk about becoming Catholic again and
    had more Catholic advisors.
  • Edward still sickly
  • Mary now was favored.
  • Elizabeth was out of favor.
  • Protestant raised
  • Mother had been beheaded

Wife 5 Katherine Howard
  • 29 years younger than Henry.
  • Barely educated.
  • Catholic.
  • Cousin to Anne Boleyn.

Katharine Howard
  • Married 1540
  • Accused of adultery
  • It was true this time.
  • Beheaded 1542
  • Only 19 or 20 years old.

Catherine Parr The LAST wife
  • Henry was attending mass and favoring Catholics.
  • Married a Protestant widow in 1543 until his
    death in 1548.
  • More companion.
  • Helped him create a relationship with all his
    children but in particular, Elizabeth.

Henry knew he left a mess in regards to religion
in England
  • Next king Edward
  • Protestant
  • Sickly
  • Next in Line Mary
  • Catholic
  • Next in Line Elizabeth
  • Protestant

King Edward VII
  • Probably had leukemia.
  • Never a strong king.
  • Land continued to become more Protestant.
  • Stronger penalties for being Catholic.
  • Died without being married and childless.

Mary I
  • Believed it was her duty to return England to
  • Outlawed many Protestants.
  • Many executions
  • Married her cousin King Philip of Spain and
    involved England in many Spanish causes that
    werent good for England.

Mary I
  • Comeuppance (penalty) time for Thomas
  • Mary blamed him for causing her father to leave
    Catholicism and divorce her mother.
  • Tortured into saying Protestants bad
    Catholics good.
  • Changed his mind
  • Burned at the stake

The Feelings of the People
  • Conflicted between Catholics where the pope has
    supremacy and ANGLICANISM Protestants that
    believe the king has the right to say what they
    should believe.
  • Act of Supremacy stated the only supreme head on
    earth of the Church of England is Henry VIII
  • Unpopular Spanish wars were draining the people.

Marys Problem
  • Mary was dying and childless.
  • The only other heir was Elizabeth.
  • Going to Catholic mass but suspected of being a
  • Daughter of the woman that had caused Marys
    father to leave Marys mother.

  • Urged to arrest and execute her sister.
  • Make her husband or a cousin, Mary Queen of Scots
    the next ruler.
  • They were both Catholic.

Mary to Elizabeth
  • Mary died keeping to her fathers wishes.
  • Elizabeth became Queen.
  • Ruled England 1558 1603
  • The Golden Age

Elizabethan Compromise in England
  • Elizabeth was Protestant and thought herself the
    head of the Anglican Church, and made decisions
    about what people should believe.

Elizabethan Compromise
  • Catholics if they were loyal to Elizabeth
    were tolerated.
  • Special taxes.
  • At times, if a Catholic priest was caught, they
    would be executed.
  • Priest Holes in some old houses to hide priests.

Queen Elizabeth A woman ruling in a
Machiavellian Mans World
  • Had to sometimes be more brutal than her
    opponents if she wanted to stay alive.
  • Was not above torturing people to get
  • Used political assassination?
  • Beheaded her Catholic cousin, Queen Mary of the
  • Her navy defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  • Spains strongest force to put Catholicism in
    place in England.

The Golden Age
  • Elizabeth took a bankrupt country and made it one
    of the most prosperous and strong countries in
    the known world before her death.
  • Peace and Prosperity for many.

The Golden Age
  • Shakespeare flourished.
  • Exploration of the New World and beyond.
  • Sir Francis Drake
  • Sailed around the world and brought wealth to
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Started colonies in the New World
  • Roanoake Mystery
  • Virginia named for Elizabeth.

The Golden Ages Price
  • Elizabeth never married.
  • To the very end, had to stay tough to prove a
    woman could rule.
  • Arguably the best ruler England has had.

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