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The 27 Amendments


The 27 Amendments Amendments 11-27 11th Amendment This amendment provides immunity of states from certain lawsuits. In other words it protects states from being sued ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The 27 Amendments

The 27 Amendments
  • Amendments 11-27

11th Amendment
  • This amendment provides immunity of states from
    certain lawsuits. In other words it protects
    states from being sued by other states, countries

12 th Amendment
  • This amendment creates a separate ballot for
    President and Vice President. Vice Presidents
    must also meet the same qualifications as

13th Amendment
  • Abolished slavery
  • Also the first of the Civil War Amendment (13,14
    and 15th Amendment)

14th Amendment
  • A due process amendment for state government
  • Due Process means the government must act fairly
    and by established rules (Miranda Rights with
    Police would be an example)

15 th Amendment
  • This amendment says you cannot be denied the
    right to vote based on color, race or previous
    condition of servitude.
  • Last of the Civil War Amendments

16th Amendment
  • Power of Congress to Tax incomes
  • This was one of the major flaws of the Articles
    of Confederation

17th Amendment
  • Popular Election of Senators
  • This means that we elect who represents us in
    Washington D.C. as our Senators

18th Amendment
  • This amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol. It
    made illegal throughout the country.

19th Amendment
  • This Amendment gave women the right to vote

Amendment 20
  • This amendment states that Congress will open on
    Jan. 3rd , and Presidents will start their terms
    on January 20th.

21st Amendment
  • This repealed the 18th Amendment. It was now
    legal to again buy, sell, and make alcohol.

22nd Amendment
  • Limits the president to only two terms.
  • FDR- four term President!!!! Republicans did not
    like this! So they wanted to make sure it didnt
    happen again.

23rd Amendment
  • Washington D.C now votes for President. They get
    amount of electoral votes equal to the smallest
    state in the Union (United States)

24th Amendment
  • This Amendment abolished poll taxes.
  • Poll taxes were once very common in the South
    after African Americans were given the right to
    vote in order to try and prevent them from
    voting/participating in elections

25th Amendment
  • Presidential Succession. This amendment refers to
    who takes over for the President if something
    were to happen to him
  • Look at page 359.
  • Who are the next three in line if something were
    to happen to the President?

26th Amendment
  • Right to vote for anyone 18 or older. This
    Amendment was passed shortly after the Vietnam
    War. Many men were upset that they were old
    enough to die but not old enough to vote for
    their countrys political leaders

27th Amendment
  • This Amendment talks about the Congressional pay
    or salary of Congress
  • Any increase in pay does not occur until after
    the next Congressional election.