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Title: MIS 220 INTRODUCTION To STRUCTURED BUSINESS PROGRSAMMING Author: ychoi Last modified by: Yong Choi Created Date: 9/11/2002 9:26:42 AM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: MIS%20300:%20Introduction%20to%20Management%20Information%20Systems

MIS 300 Introduction to Management Information
  • Yong Choi
  • School of Business Administration
  • CSU, Bakersfield

First Announcement
  • If you have not registered for this class, please
    leave this room as quiet as possible.
  • Please follow your official class time no
    change of section

  • Name Yong Choi, PhD
  • Office BDC 101
  • Office Hours see the syllabus
  • Phone (661) 654 - 6691
  • Email ychoi2_at_csub.edu
  • No email checking during weekend

Course Materials
  • MIS 2010, 1st Edition
  • Hossein Bidgoli
  • ISBN-10 0324830084
  • ISBN-13 9780324830088
  • Course Website
  • Blackboard
  • GIS online courses by ESRI
  • http//campus.esri.com

Course Description
  • Hybrid Class
  • Since spring 2010
  • The other section in-class
  • Designed for a student who has minimum computer

Course Description
  • Create and manage database system
  • Develop high quality website
  • Develop basic GIS maps

Websites for Course
  • Course website
  • http// www.csub.edu/ychoi2

Tour of Blackboard
  • http//www.csub.edu/els/bb9/
  • Submit an assignment, midterm and a project thru
    the course Blackboard.
  • Take final exam thru Blackboard.

About MIS Lab 1
  • You will never be penalized because of technical
    problems of this classroom.
  • Make sure the Internet connection of your
    computer works!
  • Bring a flash (stick) memory for the in-class

About MIS Lab 2
  • When the PC in our class is powered on and before
    it boots in to windows, a screen comes up that
    will allow you to chose which operating system
    you want to load.

About MIS Lab 3
  • All you have to do is select the first choice
    "Windows XP professional". The second is "Windows
    XP professional with Office 2003". Thus, if you
    do not see Office 2007, you need to turn off the
    PC and then, restart it.

MIS Lab Security Policy
  • IT and Deans office established an official
    security policy.
  • Students are not allowed to stay in the MIS Lab
    without a faculty member present.
  • Students will not be allowed to loan the MIS lab
    proxy card under no circumstances.
  • There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Contact the Deans office if you have questions
    or suggestions about this policy

Evaluation and Grading
  • Points scales are subject to change.
  • Assignment 60 Points
  • EC Project 1 and 2 20 points
  • Midterm 50 points
  • Final Exam 50 points
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Total 180 points

Submission 1
  • You must submit an assignment, a project, and
    exams through the Blackboard assignment/exam
    submission link. Otherwise, it will not be

Submission 2
  • If youd like to avoid any type of problems,
    please submit using a PC in the school computer
    lab and also try to submit at least two days
    before the due date.

Submission 3
  • When you turn in an assignment, file name of your
    assignment or project must make sense.
  • JohnDoe_assignment_3.doc
  • ECprjt_1_group_3

Course Guideline 1
  • Class Attendance
  • Is required
  • Notify me first by email prior to the absence.
  • Miss a class because of a documentable illness or
    other reasonable cause, I will provide help.
    Otherwise, I do not repeat any lectures, labs
  • The attendance will be checked.

Course Guideline 2
  • The Blackboard email is an ONLY official email
  • Every MIS 300 student is issued a Blackboard
    email account.
  • It is the student's responsibility to regularly
    check his or her Blackboard email to stay current
    with MIS 300 course communications.
  • If you email me using other email systems after
    10 days of the first class, I will not reply..

Course Guideline 3
  • No Break !! if you must go to the rest room, let
    me know (except ladies).
  • No interference Up to 40 of your total score
    can be deducted depending on the level of

No Interference
  • surfing the Internet without a permission
  • typing (email, paper)
  • talking to classmates during the lectures - If
    you have any question, let your instructor know
    directly. Do not discuss your questions with your
    neighbors (do not distract others.).
  • Coming class late (no back doors) and leaving
    class without any notification

Course Guideline 4
  • Peer Group Evaluation is a part of the grading
  • Your evaluation is 100 confidential.
  • To prevent free riding in the group, the
    contribution of each member will be assessed.
  • Each member is expected to submit a peer group
    evaluation at the end of the quarter.
  • No one will be allowed to see your evaluation.
  • Please remember that your final grade can be up
    or down graded based on the evaluation result.

Course Guideline 5
  • Any Work Turned in must be neatly done and should
    conform to the following specifications.
  • Microsoft Office is the ONLY official software
    for our university (No Microsoft Works). Thus,
    you MUST use Microsoft Office when you submit
    assignments and projects.

Course Guideline
  • Late work
  • will be penalized (25 each day late)
  • Failure to submit an assignment by the deadline
    will result in a grade of 0.
  • A written excuses from the appropriate person
    such as a medical doctor is the only acceptable
    form of excuse.

Course Guideline 6
  • Office hours
  • Please do not try to use office hours to make up
    for a missed class (I do not repeat any
  • You must be able to demonstrate you have already
    put a reasonable effort into solving and/or
    analyzing the problems.
  • Honor code
  • Classroom conduct
  • Everyone is equal.

Group Activity 1
  • 1st part of EC group project Proposal
  • Establish your own E-Commerce
  • Submit thru Blackboard/online presentation
  • Examples are available on our class web page.

Group Activity 2
  • 2nd part of EC group project
  • Website development based on the proposal
  • You are required to develop your own E-Commerce
    website based on your proposal

Group Activity 3
  • Submit your website through Blackboard
  • Extra points will be given if you publish thru
    one of the free web hosting service web sites

Class Schedule
  • Week 3 online classes
  • September 28 and 30
  • At the end.possibly, one more online week
  • Week 8 or 9

Who are you? (next class)
  • Introduce yourselfplease stand up
  • Name
  • Standing (i.e., senior, junior)
  • Major
  • Your expectations
  • Class time preference
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