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Safety'''' MY Responsibility


Password: reader01. Nice pictures: but . still NO PPE! ... oncoming cars. because of the hill-top. Both should have. slowed down and kept. to the far right. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Safety'''' MY Responsibility

?????????? ??????????????????? Safety?...
. MY Responsibility!
PDO Safety Week 16-22/July/2005
UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
Safety Week A focused week of activity with the
aim of improving safety performance within UWD
  • Key themes
  • Summertime incidents
  • Driving
  • Empowerment to Stop unsafe acts
  • Well Engineering Fatality and Review

UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
Summer Trends, Well Engineering
UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
Well Engineering LTIs the year so far! They
have increased dramatically 5 in the last 6
weeks! Summer effect?
Fall from ladder 02/07/05
  • What happened ?A Schlumberger welder was
    standing on a ladder to drill a hole in a
    portacabin. The electrical technician was to help
    him and cool off the drill-bit by spraying water.
    In order to reach he climbed on another ladder.
    When he got to the second step he fell over.
  • Result
  • Broken wrist
  • Off work for 4 weeks
  • Learning
  • Use a proper stable work platform
  • Get somebody to help and hold the ladder
  • Note spraying water near a 240V electric
    drill might not be a good idea!

Broken Finger 01/07/05
  • What happened ?Dalma driller and assistant
    attempted to screw a 2" union connection. The
    line suddenly slipped down a hole and the hammer
    union crushed the drillers finger against the
    floor plate.
  • Result
  • Broken finger off work for 3 weeks
  • Learning
  • Think what if look for pinch-points
  • Secure pipe-work before working on it

Crushed Finger 27/06/05
  • What happened ?The NDSC roustabout-foreman was
    setting out pipe stands next to the catwalk in
    order to lay-down casing joints. The forklift had
    raised one end of the stand off the ground so
    that a piece of wood could be placed under it for
    leveling. The forklift lowered the rack before
    the foreman could remove his hand. His index
    finger got crushed between the steel rack and the
    piece of wood.
  • Result
  • Crushed/broken finger
  • Off work for 4 weeks
  • Learning
  • Use correct equipment (crane not forklift)
  • Toolbox talk to discuss method and hazards

Chemical burns on leg 22/06/05
  • What happened ?The MBPS Assistant Driller was
    taking a sample from the mixing tank containing
    concentrated Calcium Chloride. His foot slipped
    and his leg immersed up to his knee in the
    chemical solution. CaCl is a severe irritant to
  • Result
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns from the knee down.
  • at least 1 wk off work

Nice pictures but . still NO PPE!!
  • Learning
  • Design better sampling method (ergonomics !)
  • Proper PPE Check the SHOC card
    User Name shocuser
    Password reader01

Broken arm 28/05/05
  • What happened?
  • The Shiv-Vani rig was running casing. With 40
    tons of casing hanging from the traveling block
    the steel hoist wire-rope failed. The traveling
    block came crashing down from a height of about
    8m. 3 of the floor man were hit by recoiling wire
    rope and flying wire pieces.
  • Result
  • 1x LTI broken arm 4 weeks off work
  • 1x MTC and 1x FAC
  • How to avoid recurrence
  • Staff competence and hazard awareness
  • Understand the hazard of poor cable spooling
  • Rig alignment procedures

Broken Leg 15-April-05
  • What happened?
  • While changing a flat rig tire, the 2.5 ton wheel
    suddenly came off and fell over. 2 ODE mechanics
    jumped away but were hit by the tire. A third one
    passed through the centre of the wheel he was
    very lucky!
  • Result
  • One broken leg (LTI) 3 month off work
  • One MTC
  • How to avoid recurrence
  • Develop and implement a procedure for
    non-routine operations such as this.
  • Do not stay close to the wheel when jacking it up.

Finger Injury 26/Feb/05
  • What happened?
  • While securing the crossover the Deutag
    roustabout got his finger crushed between the
    crossover and stabilizer.
  • Result
  • Broken finger
  • 2 wks off work
  • How to avoid recurrence
  • Hazard identification
  • Use proper equipment

Foot injury 5/Jan/05
  • What happened?
  • While securing a material basket on the trailer
    deck with a chain the wooden deck failed and the
    steel basket fell on the foot of the MB rigger.
  • Result
  • Lost 2 toe nails
  • 10 days off work
  • How to avoid recurrence?
  • Design of basket (point load)
  • Inspection/maintenance of trailer deck

UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
Road Traffic LTIs
RTA - Head on! 07/07/05
  • What happened ?A PAJV pickup driving along the
    pipeline Right of Way approached a small hill-top
    and had a head on collision with a oncoming third
    party land cruiser.
  • Result
  • Driver broken leg
  • Passenger broken arm
  • 3 people MTC/FAC
  • Learning
  • A classic mistake of poor defensive driving
    both drivers were unable to see oncoming
    cars because of the hill-top. Both should
    have slowed down and kept to the far right.
    They did not.
  • Seatbelts save lives!

Rollover-broken arm 17/06/05
  • What happened?
  • A Fahud Desert Trading articulated water tanker
    with a half full tank of water tipped over at a
    T- junction.
  • Result
  • Helper broke his arm Nerve damaged - possible
    loss of hand movement
  • 8 weeks off work
  • Learning
  • Slow down
  • Slow down even further when the tank is half
    full sloshing !

Broken Neck 31/Jan/05
  • What happened?
  • A Galfar pick up hit a camel on the Fahud to Ibri
    blacktop road.
  • This happened during daylight.
  • Result
  • Passenger paralysed neck downWheel chair for
    the rest of his life Permanent Total Disability
  • How to avoid recurrence
  • Drive defensively
  • Expect the unexpected(e.g. camels)

Not UWD incident but a very important reminder,
  • Could any of these accidents have happened in
    your team?
  • What have you learned from these LTIs ?
  • Are you going to do things differently ?
  • Do you HAVE a Toolbox talks/meeting before you
    start a new job/task? Why?
  • A free tip Find Hazards BEFORE
    They find YOU!!

UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
Fatality PDO Rig 88 Tuesday 31st May
2005 Deceased Ahmed Juma Mohammed Al Balushi
22 Years of age Single
UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
  • Why did Ahmed Die?
  • The team/crew did not follow written procedures,
    designed to keep them safe
  • Not stopping the job when it clearly was being
    done unsafely and knowingly against the company
  • His Supervisors did not look after him enough

UWD Well Engineering and Logistics
After Fatality 3RD Party Review Not a good
picture in the Field The bad practices that
caused the death of Ahmed were present on many
Leadership Commitment
Chemicals exposed to sun
House keeping
Environmental incidents
Safety harnesses neglected
Broken Shackle in a bundle
Lock nuts not engaged on a crown block
Bolts missing
Equipment Integrity
Fall arrester cable looped over a square beam
Correct pins not used
Wrong shackles for job
Damaged oil soaked strop used to sling in pipe,
no other lifting device available in unit!
What the rigs look like
Thank You