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Inner Health Outer Beauty


'I must eat well, exercise enough, and not smoke, or drink too much, ... Detox. Low GI. High protein. Low calorie. What to eat - traditional solutions. Eat food! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Inner Health Outer Beauty

Inner Health Outer Beauty
  • Dr Joanna McMillan Price

What motivates women?
I must eat well, exercise enough, and not smoke,
or drink too much, to avoid ill health and
I want to eat well, exercise enough, and not
smoke, or drink too much, to look and feel my
absolute best
Challenges for women
What to eat - controversies
How much exercise
Best types of exercise
Controlling hunger
Cooking for self/partner/family
Emotional eating
Cooking skills time
What to eat - modern dilemmas
Low carb
Low fat
Low GI
High protein
Low calorie
What to eat - traditional solutions
  • Eat food!
  • Forget counting carbs, fats or calories
  • Think quality
  • Think minimally processed
  • Cook more - yourself or eat food made by others
  • Use modern processing preserving techniques
    wisely for convenience

Secrets to a long health life
  • Okinawans have the longest life expectancy in the
  • 50/100,000 centenarians cf 10-20/100,000 in other
    developed countries
  • Low rates of heart disease, cancers, osteoporosis

Secrets of the Okinawans
  • Very active in daily lives including work, even
    into later years
  • Regular exercise - martial arts, dancing,
    walking, gardening
  • Tend not to smoke
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
  • Lots of fruit and veg incl seaweeds leafy
  • Lots of soy - but not processed
  • Lots of fish seafood
  • Low glycaemic load
  • Relatively low kJ
  • They are not fat
  • Practise hara hachi bu - eat till 80 full

Ushi Okushima 100 years old
What to eat - ethical considerations
  • Environmental concerns
  • Organic -vs- conventional
  • Vegetarianism
  • Sustainability eg seafood
  • Food miles
  • Fair trade
  • Animal welfare

Then now
  • 1961
  • World total meat supply 71 million tonnes
  • 2007
  • World total meat supply 284 million tonnes

Predicted to double again by 2050 - is it really
possible to meet this demand for meat?
7 good food rules for life
  • Real food first
  • Close to nature
  • Brown rice over white
  • Muesli over processed sugar laden cereal
  • More wholegrains such as quinoa, barley, freekeh
  • Home cooking over factory-processed

7 good food rules for life
  • 2. Exit the additives
  • Read ingredients lists over nutrition panels
  • A potatoes, veg oil salt
  • B corn, veg oil, cheese powder, salt, buttermilk
    powder, wheat flour, whey protein concentrate,
    tomato powder, flavour enhancers (621, 627, 631),
    onion powder, whey powder, garlic powder,
    dextrose, sugar, emulsifier (339), food acids
    (270, 330), natural flavour, spices, colours
    (129, 150, 110)

7 good food rules for life
  • 3. Know the locals
  • Support local farmers growers where possible
  • We have fabulous aussie olive oil, wine, fruits,
    vegetables, meat, fish and many grains

7 good food rules for life
  • 4. Meat with substance
  • Meat closest to our ancestral past low in sat
    fat, higher in omega-3s
  • Look for pasture fed and free range

Kangaroo arguably the best choice - nutritionally
7 good food rules for life
  • 5. Reconnect with nature
  • Consider organic where possible but price
    prohibitive for most
  • Free range chicken eggs
  • Make most of local small producers
  • Food in season

7 good food rules for life
  • 6. Eat something fishy
  • Our intake of omega-3s far less than in past
  • Need 2-3 serves of oily fish per week
  • Eat more seafood
  • Sustainable Seafood Guide

7 good food rules for life
  • 7. Go the veg
  • Our ancestors ate far more plant food than most
  • Reduce our reliance on animal foods
  • Broad range of micronutrients phytochemicals
  • Be adventurous

Gain Control
  • I try to eat well most of the time, but
    sometimes I crave chocolate or soemthing sweet so
    badly that I cant think about anything else.
    When I finally give in, I cant stop until Ive
    eaten the whole block.
  • Carole, 30s

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Im doing such rude things to my body here in
Italy, taking in such ghastly amounts of cheese
and pasta and wine and chocolate and pizza Im
not exercising, Im not eating enough fibre, Im
not taking any vitamins. In my real life I have
been known to eat organic goats milk yoghurt
sprinkled with wheat germ for breakfast. My
real-life days are gone Still, when I look in
the mirror of the best pizzeria in Naples, I see
a brigt-eyed, clear-skinned, happy and healthy
face. I havent seen a face like that on me for a
long time.
5 steps towards taking control
  • Stop dieting
  • Stop feeling guilty about food
  • Listen to your body
  • Make a habit of eating healthy foods that you
    know make you look and feel good
  • Feel good about yourself

Attitudes to food
  • On a scale of 1-4, how much of an effect do you
    believe diet has on good health?
  • Ice cream belongs best with delicious or
  • Fried egg belongs best with breakfast or
  • Circle the word that you think is most different
    from the other two
  • bread pasta sauce
  • carbohydrate bread butter

Rozin P Appetite 1999
Become a little more French
  • French eaters
  • Did rate themselves to be healthy eaters
  • Were more likely to view food positively
  • Tended to associate food with culinary rather
    than nutritional factors
  • Rated the pleasure of food as extremely important
  • American eaters
  • Less likely to rate themselves healthy eaters
  • Bought more low-fat modified foods
  • Worried about what they eat effects on health
  • Were more concerned about family friends who
    dont eat well
  • Placed less importance on food as a positive
    force in life and took less pleasure from it
  • Tended to associate foods with nutritional
    factors rather than culinary

Internal vs external cues
  • Do you listen to your body or your environment?
  • What triggers you to start and stop eating?
  • Do you start to think about eating when you feel
    hunger pangs?
  • Do you go and grab lunch because the clock says
    it is lunchtime?
  • Do you suddenly feel like a snack when the person
    next to you has one?
  • Do you stop eating when you are satisfied or when
    you have cleared the plate?

In company I sometimes eat a bigger amount than
I know I need, especially as I was brought up to
eat all of the food on my plate - its difficult
to go against such training. Jane, 60s
Tips for learning to listen to internal cues
  • Always sit at the table to eat avoid eating on
    the run. Make eating conscious not automatic.
  • Slow down and put your cutlery down between
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Make mealtimes pleasant. Avoid arguing with your
    partner over dinner.
  • Staop eating when you feel satisfied, not full.
    (Hara hachi bu)
  • Before you eat, think about how hungry you are.
    Ask yourself if you are seeking food to fulfill
    some other need.

Top foods drinks consumed in response to
  • Anger
  • Alcohol 38
  • Pasta starchy foods 10
  • Sweet foods 10
  • Chocolate 10
  • Fatty foods 7
  • Sadness
  • Chocolate 29
  • Alcohol 24
  • Sweet foods 14
  • Stress
  • Alcohol 40
  • Sweet foods 24
  • Junk fatty foods 14
  • Joy
  • Champagne 45
  • Celebratory cakes 10
  • Healthy food 5
  • Chocolate 5

Key concept
  • Its what happens regularly over time that
    really counts. No one food, one meal or even one
    whole day of eating badly is going to do much

8 strategies to reduce emotional eating
  • Structure - 3 meals 1 or 2 snacks
  • No skipping meals
  • No more than 4 hrs without food
  • No forbidden foods or drinks
  • Dont obsess over fat, carbs or protein - choose
    wholesome natural foods
  • Allow treat foods in small but regular quantities
    when you really feel like them
  • Other means of dealing with emotions
  • Surround yourself with people with positive
    influence on eating lifestyle

Move More!
  • 1 or 2 PT sessions a week are not enough - need
    to advise on daily activity
  • Walking is essential for most
  • 10 mins extra walking a day 1.4kg fat over a
  • Enough to prevent middle-age spread

How much exercise?
  • IASO recommends matching our EE to match the
    ratio of our ancestors
  • 1/3 daily intake on exercise
  • 60kg woman on 8000kJ/d 2670kJ on exercise
  • Currently burns 1120kJ (1/7 intake)
  • Needs to burn extra 1550kJ
  • 120mins housework, 90mins gardening, 60mins
    aerobics, 35 mins running

Make it happen
  • Goal setting
  • Weekly - food goal, exercise goal, behaviour or
    lifestyle goal
  • Monthly - weight, waist, fitness etc
  • Ultimate aim - long term goal
  • Monitoring
  • Weight body fat
  • Waist - lt80 ideal, 80-88 ?risk, gt88 serious
  • Other measurements
  • Fitness tests - cardio, strength, flexibility

Create a healthy meal
healthy fat
quality carb source
vegetables and/or fruit
quality lean protein
More information Coming soon