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The Globe Theatre


The Globe Theatre Katherine Wiley ... = history = comedy ... He generally portrayed her and her family as the saviors of England . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre
  • Katherine Wiley- Horn Lake High School

The Globe Theatre
  • In 1599 when The Theatre, the first permanent
    theatre in England, was torn down, the wood was
    used for building The Globe Theatre across the
    Thames River from London in Southwark, a major
    entertainment area of the time.

The Globe Theatre
  • The religious leaders in London considered
    plays to be immoral so they were banned in the
    city of London. That is why the theater was built
    in Southwark.

The Globe Theatre
  • The Globe Theatre was an open-air building with
    so many sides that it appeared to be circular.
  • It held nearly 3,000 people.
  • Shakespeare called this theatre the wooden O.
  • It was three stories high, with a large platform
    stage that projected from one end into a yard
    open to the sky.

Interior view of The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre
  • Laws prohibited theatre managers from
    advertising, so to announce that a play was being
    staged they would
  • raise a flag and
  • play a trumpet

The Globe Theatre
  • Different colored flags represented what type of
    play was being performed that day.
  • history comedy
  • tragedy

The Globe Theatre
  • Plays were performed between two and five in the
    afternoon when the sun would not be too bright
    and darkness had not yet fallen. WHY?
  • The roof of The Globe was made of straw and the
    middle of the building was open to the sky to
    allow the natural light in.

The Globe Theatreaerial view
The Globe Theatre
  • A show would last about two and a half hours
  • There were no acts, but frequent intermissions
  • The end of scenes was indicated by rhymed tags
    or a change in actors
  • There was little to no scenery, but there was
    elaborate props and costumes to give realitya
    prologue set the scene
  • The stage was set by the language

The Globe Theatre
  • Because the theatre itself contained three
    levels, actors utilized all three levels to help
    with scenery.
  • Devices such as trap doors, scaffolds were used
    to produce scenery or make scenery or actors
    disappear (extrees, gods, ghosts, etc.)
  • Because of the closeness of the stage to the
    audience, asides and soliloquies could
    effectively be used

The Globe Theatre
  • People who paid the most money were seated in the
    balcony. Usually these were the people in the
    upper classthe Lords and Gentry
  • People who paid a penny could stand at the front
    of the stage. These people were called
    groundlings and were usually from the lower

The Globe Theatre
  • Acting was not considered a respectable
    profession for women
  • ALL of the characters in plays were played by
  • Female roles were played by young boys between
    the ages of six and eighteen.
  • Because there were very few boys in Shakespeares
    company at one time, there were very few womens
    roles in Shakespeares plays and very few
    romantic scenes.

An Elizabethan actor had to be an expert in
  • fencing elocution
  • tumbling acting
  • dancing music

The Globe Theatre
  • Shakespeare loved to put Queen Elizabeth and her
    family in his plays, but he had to be very
    carefulshe had the power to behead him if she
    did not like what she read.
  • He generally portrayed her and her family as the
    saviors of England
  • .

The Destruction of the Globe Theatre x 2
  • In 1613, a canon that was being used for
    special effects was fired during a performance
    and caught the roof of The Globe on fire. It
    burned to the ground.

It was rebuilt in 1614, only to be destroyed by
the Puritans in 1643. They outlawed plays and
attending the theatre, making it a crime
punishable by seizure, whipping, and a fine.
The Globe Theatre
  • A replica of the Globe was built in 1999, 400
    meters from the site of the original. It was
    constructed using traditional materials, with
    very few modifications, so that it is as close to
    the original as possible.

Shakespeare the Playwright
  • The Globe Theatre is the theatre where
    Shakespeare wrote most of his plays.
  • He was inspired by other playwrights and their
    works including Seneca, Plautus, Ovid, Plutarchs
    Lives, Holinsheds Chronicles, Italian plays, and
    Marlows plays about kings in Greece and Romehe
    did not get ideas from his personal life or local
    London material.
  • He wrote at least thirty-seven plays and 154
  • He wrote easily to please his audience-
    he was intuitively creative
    made his characters real.

Things to Note about Shakespeares Style
  • Use of Puns humorous play on words indicating
    different meanings
  • Use of Metaphors comparing something in terms of
    something else
  • Use of Conceits whimsical, extravagant, fanciful
  • Use of Soliloquies somebody speaking to himself
  • Use of Asides saying something to the
    audience that
    other players
    cannot hear
  • Use of Blank Verse unrhymed

    iambic pentameter

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