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Ethics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI)


Ethics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Ethics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Evolution of robots (then) What can robots do? How do they fit into our ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ethics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI)

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Evolution of robots (then)
  • What can robots do?
  • How do they fit into our
  • What are the possibilities?
  • Dangers?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI)
  • Asimov's laws (1942)
  • (1) A robot may not injure a human being or,
    through inaction, allow
    a human being to come to harm.
  • (2) A robot must obey any orders given to it by
    human beings, except
    where such orders would conflict with the First
  • (3) A robot must protect its own existence as
    long as such
    protection does not conflict with the First or
    Second Law.
  • (Wikipedia http//
  • 0th law (added later) A robot may not harm
    humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come
    to harm.

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Impact of the robot evolution on roboethics
  • What should we consider?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Roboethics is a young field even less has been
    studied about roboethics applied to HRI
  • Good robotics
  • What does this mean?
  • What are the implications of more able robots?
  • Necessary paradigm shift
  • From Design from the engineer's perspective
  • To Design from the perspective of the end user
  • What does this require?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Facts
  • In 2006, there were 77 reported robot-related
    accidents in England alone, according to the
    Health and Safety Executive. (Robots AI Methods
    in Robotics)
  • In 2007 a military robot used in the South
    African army killed nine soldiers after a
  • According to the United Nations Economic
    Commission for Europe's World Robotics Survey, in
    2002 the number of domestic and service robots
    more than tripled, nearly outstripping their
    industrial counterparts. ...
  • If a robot is autonomous and capable of learning,
    can its owner/designer be held responsible for
    all its actions?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • A few basic questions to consider
  • If someone is harmed by a robot or because of a
    robot's actions, who's to blame?
  • If robot is a tool, could we
    blame the saw manufacturer if
    somone gets cut?
  • If someone is harmed because they use the robot
    for a purpose other than that intended, who is to
  • If the robot experiences catastrophic failure,
    and someone is harmed by the robot's inaction,
    who's to blame?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • These are diffcult questions to answer
    definitively, but what about unpredictable
  • Emergent behavior is the sometimes unexpected
    behavior that results from interactions between
    the robots control system and the real world
  • Not uncommon!
  • How accountable is the designer for emergent
    robot behavior?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Open texture risk
  • Risk occurring from unpredictable interactions in
    unstructured environments.
  • Example getting robots to understand the
    nuances of natural (human) language.
  • Ambiguity resulting from interpretation that
    varies due to outside factors.
  • Asimovs Three Laws do not specifically address
    these risks!
  • Ethics are embedded into robots
  • Through code designed to resolve issues

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Executing complex tasks in unstructured and
    dynamic worlds is an immensely challenging
  • The most efficient form is the humanoid robot
    form since the real world environment is designed
    to serve dual-armed bipeds (stairs, railings,
  • However, merely giving a robot the human shape
    does not make it friendly to humans.
  • Present day humanoid robots instead of
    stepping over a person lying on the ground
    would most probably walk on the person
    without falling over
  • What expectations does a humanoid inspire?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Key areas for emerging roboethics include
  • Ensuring human control of robots
  • Preventing illegal use
  • Protecting data acquired by robots
  • Establishing clear identification and
    traceability of the machines

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Case study Hospital delivery robot
  • What kinds of services could this robot provide?
  • Provide directions to specific hospital locations
  • Provide efficient delivery of meds, charts, food
  • Consult with patients' families regarding
    diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
  • Self care (charge battery, etc)
  • Stay out of the way!
  • What kinds of services should the robot provide?
  • How should the robot accomplish these tasks?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • Ethical issues for robots used in health care
  • If the development and use of carebots is driven
    by management motivations will this be the only
    motivationand expected benefit?
  • Are carebots also meant to improve the care
  • Will they actually improve care?
  • Will they enhance the quality of the lives of the
  • Will they enhance values such as autonomy?
  • Is it ethically desirable or allowed to replace
    human-human interaction with human-robot
    interaction in this context?
  • What is genuine social interaction?
  • The use of robots may allow more frequent contact
    with patients, but what is the value of that kind
    of contact desirable? And how can we evaluate
  • Will carebots enhance the quality of life of
    patients, given that human-human interaction will
    be substituted for human-robot interaction?

Ethics in Human Robot Interaction(HRI)
  • A few last thoughts
  • Robot use is becoming increasingly pervasive in
  • Assist ill and elderly people by monitoring them
  • Assist developmentally disabled adults and
  • Helping stroke patients with rehabilitation
  • Deliver drugs, food, mail in hospitals
  • Robots in the home assist with domestic tasks
  • How can we prepare?
  • Design, develop and test realistic scenarios and
    evaluate these scenarios as we focus on the
    ethical aspects of HRI
  • Design, develop and implement contingencies to
    handle potentially harmful robot behavior