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John Keats


John Keats Garrett Barrow, Jeremy Muday, Tommy Adams, Shakera Bowman, Libby Mason, Christian Kiser, Hayley Pizzino John Keats Born into a working class in London ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: John Keats

John Keats
  • Garrett Barrow, Jeremy Muday, Tommy Adams,
    Shakera Bowman, Libby Mason, Christian Kiser,
    Hayley Pizzino

John Keats
  • Born into a working class in London
  • Successfully managed a medical career and got his
    pharmacist license before turning to poetry.
  • Studied many subjects that differed from those of
    the other poets in his time (astronomy,
    chemistry, materialist philosophy, and English
  • Borrowed money for many things even though he was
    financially well-off.
  • Through Leigh Hunt, he was able to acquaint
    himself with several other successful poets of
    the time.

John Keats ( textbook )
  • In 1818 his brother died of tuberculosis. and met
    the love of his life Fanny Brawn which greatly
    fueled his creativity
  • Writing reflected his sensitivity to the deep
    contradictions of life the sadness of every joy
    contains and the emptiness of every fulfillment
  • Died an early death in 1821 from tuberculosis
  • He wrote his on epitaph here lies one whose
    name was writ in water
  • Argument over whether Keats poems reflected a
    rebellious personality towards oppressive
    government or not is still currently debated.

Ode on a Grecian Urn
  • The main thing that captures the speaker's
    attention about this urn is that the figures on
    it are frozen in time in the middle of what they
    were doing and they will remain there, unchanged,
    for eternity. The "bold lover" will never kiss
    the girl he is pursuing, but then, she will never
    age either. The boughs will never lose their
    leaves. The piper will be "For ever piping songs
    for ever new," and the ceremonial procession will
    always be on its way to the sacrifice. Of course,
    these claims are only true in the imaginary
    sense, since there are no real lovers, trees

Ode of a Nightingale
  • This poem expressed the Romantic theme well.
    Keats expresses his love of nature and loathing
    of the complexity of everyday life through the
    description of a nightingale. He notes how
    simple, and therefore happy, the nightingales
    life is. He also states his envy of the
    nightingale because of how easy it can escape
    to the wilderness. Keatss discussion of life,
    death, and immortality shows he might have
    suffered from depression.

When I Have Fears That I May Cease to be
  • In this poem the speaker expresses his fears of
    death and mortality. He also fears that he will
    not have the chance to express all of his ideas
    before he dies. The speaker eventually discloses
    his fear of dying alone without love.

On First Looking into Chapmans Homer
  • In this poem, the speaker says that hes seen
    much of the world and its wonders, but when he
    was introduced to Homers works, it was like he
    was looking on a whole new world.

Best Poem Ode to a Nightingale
  • Ode to a Nightingale is Keatss best poem because
    it represents the Romantic theme better than any
    other poem. His discussion of the simplicity and
    beauty of nature and the complexity and evil of
    everyday industrialized life is at the heart of
    the Romantic theme. The way Keats describes his
    thoughts draws emotion of the reader in a way the
    other poems failed to do.

Theme timeless world
  • The people on this urn never have to deal
    with changes in their world.  The poem contrasts
    the timeless world of the urn with the
    upside-down hourglass that is human life. In the
    real world, joyful panting after an erotic chase
    can easily turn into a fever and a bad case of
    dry mouth.
  • (using a quote) "thou foster-child of silence and
    slow time (line 2)

Theme mortality
  • n "when i have fear that i may cease to be" keats
    talks about the inevitability of death, or
    mortality. he speaks on the slow acts of death
    and their everyday occurance.

Theme the fear of dying before you live up to
your full potential
John Keats initially expresses his fears of not
completing everything he wants to in his life,
such as becoming famous off poetry
and understanding true love. but in the end he
realizes that fame and love means nothing.
Theme Transience
  • this picture sows the theme of "transience" from
    the poem "ode to a nightingale. the speaker of
    "ode to a nightingale" imagines himself in a
    nightingale's world, but its not strong enough to
    carry out his wish to escape from the would
    drunken in the fumes of nature, not so much as