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The Bermuda Triangle Mysteries


The Bermuda Triangle Mysteries No doubt you have wondered about the Bermuda Triangle. It is the greatest modern mystery of our supposedly well understood world: a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

The Bermuda Triangle Mysteries
  • No doubt you have wondered about the Bermuda
    Triangle. It is the greatest modern mystery of
    our supposedly well understood world a region of
    the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami,
    Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, where
    disappearances of ships and planes defy
    explanation (Gian Quasar, www.bermuda-triangle.or

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the greatest
unexplained mysteries of modern times. The
Bermuda Triangle is also known as The Devils
Triangle (caesar,
Table of Contents
  • Statement
  • What Was Flight 19?
  • Scientific Theories
  • Scientific Theories Continued
  • Supernatural/Paranormal Theories
  • Supernatural/Paranormal Theories Continued
  • Experts Say
  • Experts Say Continued
  • My Opinion
  • Reference Sites

  • There have been many disappearances associated
    with The Bermuda Triangle
  • Ellen Austin (Found a mysteriously deserted ship
    that sailed through the area in 1881)
  • USS Cyclops (The ship and crew of 309 vanished in
  • SS Marine Sulphur Queen (A civilian tanker
    carrying bulk molten sulphur sank in 1963)
  • Various aircraft disappearances between 1942 and
  • However, I will be focusing on probably the most
    famous case
  • Flight 19

What Was Flight 19?
  • It is the disappearance in peacetime of an
    entire squadron of 5 US Navy torpedo bombers and
    their crews while flying a routine training
    mission off Florida on December 5, 1945
  • The squadron was led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor
  • Reported his and the rest of the squadrons
    compasses failed and they were hopelessly lost
  • After a couple more hours of flying, they were
    running out of fuel
  • Eventually radio signals died out, and there was
    no further communication with the flight
  • The Mariner, a search and rescue aircraft, was
    sent out to find Flight 19
  • While searching, The Mariner, too, disappeared
    and was never heard from again

Scientific Theories
  • Live bombs in the ocean
  • Some may have been left from past wars
  • Ships sail over them, causing them to explode
  • Methane Hydrates
  • There are vast fields of methane hydrates off the
    southeastern coast of the US, around the edge of
    The Triangle
  • Methane eruptions in the ocean can lessen the
    density of the water, making it inadequate
    buoyancy for ships
  • Likewise, methane could have changed the density
    of the air for planes, thus providing not enough
  • Tidal Waves
  • They can reach 100 feet in height and are known
    to take out large ships instantly and easily
  • Though rare, ocean currents cause tidal waves to
    erupt in some areas more than others
  • Waves can be caused by rising methane seeping
    from the ocean floor

Scientific Theories Continued
  • A downed Comet
  • About 11,000 years ago, a comet may have crashed
    into The Bermuda Triangle area
  • Scientists believe it could have strange
    electromagnetic properties that throw off
    compasses and aircraft engines
  • Magnetic Fields Askew
  • It is said The Bermuda Triangle is one of the two
    places where a compass points true north instead
    of magnetic north
  • In the 19th century, it was known to point true
    north, but Earths magnetic fields are constantly
    changing, therefore varying compasses
  • Human Error
  • Unpredictable Weather
  • Sea Piracy

Supernatural/Paranormal Theories
  • A time vortex a.k.a. electronic fog
  • A strange fog that, when flown into, reportedly
    causes compasses to spin wildly
  • Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon reported that he
    flew into such a cloud and ended up in an area
    miles away from where he was originally
  • He concluded he must have gone through some sort
    of time vortex
  • UFOs and/or Alien Astronauts
  • Aliens possibly take our people, planes, ships,
    and other objects to their planet to study
  • Some think the objects are sent to another
  • Sea Monsters
  • Giant, prehistoric-like monsters sink the ships
  • Atlantis
  • Magic crystals left over from the fabled sunken
    city lie within The Triangle and supposedly cause
    ships and aircraft to crash and sink
  • Some believe there is a connection between the
    Bimini Road and Atlantis that causes mysterious
    things to happen

Supernatural/Paranormal Theories Continued
  • Government Testing
  • AUTEC (Atlantic Test and Evaluation Center) is
    stationed on Andros Island, right in the center
    of The Triangle
  • Some believe they dont just test subs, weapons,
    and sonar, but rather reverse-engineered alien
    technology in association with
    extraterrestrialsCould it take down ships and

Experts Say
  • Michael McDonnel
  • Wrote an article for the Naval Aviation news in
  • Concluded Flight 19 simply ran out of gas and
    crashed into the ocean
  • The flight could have been flying through a
    magnetic storm, causing all compasses to
  • Even though the pilots were experienced, the
    flight was a training flightAll people make
  • As for the lack of wreckage found, the planes
    were most likely destroyed on impact, and the
    crewmen probably killed. Had any of the crew
    survived, they would not have lasted long in the
    icy water
  • The bodies would have probably been eaten by the
    sharks or barracuda that infested the waters

Experts Continued
  • Lieutenant Commander Peter Quinton
  • Meteorologist and satellite liaison officer with
    the Fleet Weather Service at Suitland, MD
  • Says The Bermuda triangle is notorious for
    unpredictable weather
  • If the area is large enough, a thunderstorm can
    turn into an intense hurricaneBut hurricanes can
    usually be spotted by meteorologists using
    satellite surveillance.
  • It is the small, violent thunderstorms known as
    meso-meteorological storms that they can't
    predict since they are outside of normal weather
  • Allen Hartwell
  • Oceanographer with Normandu Associates
  • Waterspouts (Basically tornadoes over the ocean)
    can pull, raise up, and destroy practically
  • The Triangle has perfect ocean currents of cool
    and warm water to create such a formation

My Opinion
  • Before I researched this topic, I leaned more
    toward the supernatural sideI mean, the world is
    extremely mysterious, and you never know if
    things really are what they seem.
  • However, I now believe The Bermuda Triangle to be
    nothing more than a freakish area in the ocean.
  • The many scientific theories cover most, if not
    all, mysterious aspects of The Triangle, making
    the disappearances natural

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