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Executive Branch


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Executive Branch

Executive Branch
Requirements for President
  • Natural born citizen
  • Lived in US for 14 years
  • Must be 35 years old

Number Of Terms
  • Term of Office is 4 years
  • Maximum is 8 years

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Oval Office
Presidential Amendments
White House
  • 12th Amendment is required that the president and
    vice- president be elected separately.
  • 22nd Amendment-the president can only run for 2

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Electoral College
  • President is chosen by Electoral College.
  • Electors are chosen by popular vote from each
    state which is the total number of
    Representatives and Senators.

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Presidential Succession
  • 25th Amendment-Presidential Succession
  • When the president and vice-president cant take
    office, the Speaker becomes President.
  • The pro-tempore of the Senate becomes

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Presidential Succession
  • The President can nominate a new vice-president
    and Congress can approve it.
  • If the president is disable, then vice-president
    becomes acting president.
  • Congress can rule if the president is disable.

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Delegated Powers for the President
Military Powers(War Powers Act)
  • The president must notified Congress within 48
    hours that he going to send the troops to war.
  • Congress has 60 days to authorize action.
  • Congress doesnt authorize it, then the president
    must withdraw the troops.

Washington Crossing the Delaware By Emanuel
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Diplomatic Powers
  • Treaties are negotiated by president. He needs
    2/3 approval by Senate.
  • Executive agreements are made with other
    countries. He doesn't need congressional approval.

Military Seal for the president
Executive Powers
  • Executive Orders are rules and regulations that
    have effect of law. (Ex. Or 9066)
  • Presidential appointments for judges, ambassadors
    or Cabinet positions
  • Presidential reprieves and pardons for federal
  • Executive Privilege-the president doesn't have
    to testify.

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Legislative Powers
  • Veto Power- president disapproves a bill.
  • With no decision within 10 days, its law.
  • Presidential veto can be overturned by 2/3 vote
    in Congress.
  • If Congress is on vacation, the bill can die.

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Executive Office of the Presidency
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The White House
  • The president works from the Oval Office.
  • Chief of Staff directs the staff.
  • Personal Secretary
  • Chief Counsel advises on law.
  • Press Secretary releases info to the press.

The White House
The Office of Management and Budget
  • Designs budget for the president
  • Federal Budget gives detailed estimates on
    government income and expenses
  • Monitors the spending of Congress department

The National Security Council
  • Advises and coordinates military and foreign
  • They are an advisory body.

Dr. Rice First woman to head the National
Security Council
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The National Economic Council
  • They help with economic planning.
  • They check if the economy is healthy.

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The Office of National DrugControl Policy
  • They initiate programs to control the use of and
    the sale of illegal drugs.

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The Office of US Trade Representatives
  • They advise the president on trade matters.

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