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Joshua 8-9


Joshua 8-9 Old Testament Bible Study True Love Church of Refuge Prophetess Delisa Lindsey Class 2/25/09 Joshua 8:1-2 Ai is taken by ambush After Joshua obeys the Lord ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joshua 8-9

Joshua 8-9
  • Old Testament Bible Study
  • True Love Church of Refuge
  • Prophetess Delisa Lindsey
  • Class 2/25/09

Joshua 81-2 Ai is taken by ambush
  • After Joshua obeys the Lord and exterminates the
    curse from the camp, God reassures him that He
    has given Ai, the king and all the people.
  • He tells them that as they did to Jericho with
    one exception. They would be able to retain the
    spoils of Ai for themselves.
  • He instructs them to lay an ambush behind the

Joshua 83-8
  • God commanded Joshua to select 30,000 men to send
    away by night to make a 13 mile journey to Ai.
    They would position themselves on the west side
    of the city and lie in wait (ambush).
  • The main army followed Joshua to the north side
    of Ai.
  • The strategy was to draw the forces of Ai at
    morning light to chase Israel. Then the forces
    lying in wait would raise up to invade the city.
  • The turning point of the battle would be when the
    30K men of valor move into Ai. They would set the
    city on fire as God commanded.

Joshua 89-13
  • Joshua takes about 5k men to station themselves
    between the cities of Bethel (house of God) and
    Ai (heap of ruins) to prevent the forces of
    Bethel from joining alliances with Ai.
  • After all the men were set in place, Joshua spent
    the night in the valley.

Joshua 814-17
  • The King of Ai rose early and observed the
    Israeli army and called his army to pursue them
    as before. Joshua and his forces fled
    intentionally to draw Ai out of the city. The
    King had no way of knowing that there were
    soldiers lying wait.
  • Joshua and his forces feigned defeat and fled
    into the wilderness. All the men of Ai chased and
    pursued them until they all were drawn out of the
  • All the men of Ai and Bethel left their cities
    and chased after Israel.
  • Joshua, like Christ, conquered his enemy by
    appearing to be defeated. Just because you lost a
    round, doesnt mean you lost the fight. You
    cannot beat the enemy on his turf, draw him onto
    yours. Jesus didnt fight His battle in the
    flesh, he won his battle in the Spirit. We have
    to battle the Lords way. He shows us which
    techniques we must use and when to go to war.
  • Satan thought when Jesus gave up the ghost, that
    he won the battle. He won the round, but he loses
    the battle every time we call on the name of the
    risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Joshua 818-23
  • God tells Joshua to stretch out his spear toward
    Ai and He will give it into his hand. The ambush
    arose immediately out of their hiding place and
    entered the city, laying it siege, and burned it
    with fire.
  • The men of Ai looked up and saw the smoke of
    their city ascending to the heavens. They fainted
    in their hearts and lost sense of direction.
  • While their enemies were panic stricken, the
    northern army turned back and pursued their
    pursuers. They slew their pursuers while the
    western army burned the city down. The remnant of
    Ai ran out of the city in the midst of the
    Israeli army and were consumed. The only man left
    alive was the king of Ai.
  • God gave complete victory to the Israelites. The
    camp of Ai could only slay 36 of Joshuas men,
    they consumed the entire city.

Joshua 824-27
  • All in all, 12,000 men, women, and children were
    destroyed in Ai. They utterly destroyed all the
    inhabitants of Ai.
  • The cattle and the spoil (loot) were possession
    of the Israel according to what God commanded

Joshua 828-29
  • Joshua burnt Ai and made it a heap unto this day.
  • The king was hung on a tree until evening when
    the body was removed, cast at the entrance of the
    former city, and buried in a mountain of stones.

Joshua 830-32 Blessings and Curses Read
  • Joshua built an altar unto the Lord in Mt. Ebal
    where the children of Israel offered up burnt
    offerings and sacrificed peace offerings.
  • He wrote upon the stones a copy of the law of
    Moses in the presence of the children of Israel.
  • Deut. 2712, Moses commanded the children to
    pronounce blessings and cursings once they
    crossed over Jordan
  • Half of the camp were to stand on the side of Mt.
    Gerazim mountain of blessings, and the other
    half were to stand on the side of Mt. Nebal
    mountain of cursings. The Levites were standing
    in the middle, the intercessors.
  • The entire law was read to the camp of Israel,
    the women and children, and the foreigners.
  • When enjoying a great victory, it is humbling to
    giving oneself to prayer and fasting to resist
    spirits of pride and arrogance. Each time the
    children of Israel celebrated as great victory,
    they were to keep in remembrance the Law of
    Moses. Likewise whenever we celebrate a great
    victory or in our life, we should always
    acknowledge where our help came from. After the
    celebration and the praise, we should give
    ourselves to fasting and prayer. Paul wrote that
    he kept under his bonds otherwise that after he
    finished preaching to others he may become a cast
    away. Consider Jesus, who stole private moments
    to fast and meditate after performing great
    miracles. This keep us humble, meek, and lowly.

Israels Southern Campaign
  • Joshua 91-1043

Joshua 91-15
  • Joshua deceived by the guile of the Hivite
    inhabitants of Gibeon, Caanan

Joshua 91-2
  • This is the main reason we steal away to pray and
    meditate after great miracles and breakthroughs,
    because the enemy is poising for his next round,
    of defeat, nevertheless, the next round.
  • Good news travels fast. The demonic empire has
    ears to hear when the children of God have won
    battles and they provoked more enemies to stand
    against Joshua and his army.
  • All the kings from the hills and the valleys, and
    the coasts gathered to battle against Joshua. The
    ites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the
    Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the
    Jebusites heard of this magnanimous defeat at Ai
    and gathered themselves together on one accord to
    fight against the children of God.

Joshua 93-9
  • The Gibeonites (Hivites) were cunning and devised
    a plan to spare their lives from the Israelites.
    The pretended they were ambassadors, packed bags,
    and made themselves appear as if they were
    traveling and were poor. They wore old, worn
    shoes, tattered clothing, worn wine skins to
    appear as if they had been traveling a while.
    They went as far as to secure moldy bread.
  • They entreated Joshua as if they were from far
    away and asked for a peace treaty. Joshua
    responds that if they dwell among them, what
    manner of covenant are they looking for. They
    offered themselves as Joshuas servants.
  • The offering of oneself as servant was a common
    Eastern token of respect.
  • Joshua wants to know who they are and where they
    are from. They lied and said they were from a far
    country and traveled to them because they heard
    the name of the Lord was among them, they heard
    of their fame, and they heard of their
    deliverance from the Great Pharaoh in Egypt.

Joshua 910
  • Notice how they recall Moses victory over the
    strongmen of the Amorites which dwelled at
  • Moses defeated Sihon, King of Heshbon and Og,
    King of Bashan which was at Ashtaroth.

Joshua 911-15
  • SO they say that their elders advised them to
    take food and go meet these people and offer
    themselves as servants by entering into an
  • They further conjured the tale that their bread
    was hot from the oven upon the day they left, but
    because of their long journey, it is now moldy.
    They made mention of their wineskins being
    weather-beaten and their shoes and clothes being
  • Without inquiring of the Lord, Joshuas men took
    the strangers in, entered into covenant with them
    and the tribe leaders swore to let the strangers
  • What Joshua and the princes of Israel failed to
    realize is that God did not permit Israel to
    enter into treaty with the seven Canaanite
    nations neighboring them. These warnings may be
    found in Deuteronomy 71-2 and Deut. 2010-25.
  • Lean not unto thine own understanding, but always
    acknowledge the Lord in all your ways.

The Servant hood of the Gibeonites
  • Joshua 916-27

Joshua 916-21 Gibeonites Made Bondsmen
  • The enemy disguised himself and took up residency
    in the camp of Israel. Watch as well as pray. The
    devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking
    whom he may devour.
  • Three days later, it was discovered that
    strangers were in actuality, Israels neighbors,
    their enemies, and were now dwelling among them.
  • During this time, the Israelites had traveled
    into Gibeonite territory but could destroy them
    because of the AGREEMENT.
  • The children of Israel began to murmur against
    their leaders.
  • Four cities were saved alive because of this
    deceptive tactic used against Gods people. The
    devil had legal grounds, a license to remain in
    their midst.
  • Israel had to honor her treaty, it was sin to
    take the name of the Lord in vain. Whatever we
    do, we do it unto the Lord. Say what you mean and
    mean what you say, our deeds are being recorded.

Joshua 922-27
  • Although they could not break the oath with the
    Gibeonites, they severely punished and cursed
    them to slavery.
  • Joshua scorned and reprimanded them for their
  • They responded that it was certainly told that
    God commanded Moses to give you this land. We
    were sore afraid of our lives.
  • We are in thine hand, as is seems good and right
    unto you to do unto us, do.
  • Joshua made them slaves forever for the House of
    the Lord. They were commanded as hewers of wood
    and drawers of water for the congregation and for
    the House of the Lord.