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BLUETOOTH SECURITY VS What is Bluetooth/Background? Technical Specifications Bluetooth Usage Security Concerns in Ad Hoc Networks Bluetooth Advantages – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • What is Bluetooth/Background?
  • Technical Specifications
  • Bluetooth Usage
  • Security Concerns in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Bluetooth Advantages
  • What Bluetooth Security Offers?
  • Problems Associated w/Bluetooth
  • Conclusion

Presented by Jim Burley
What is Bluetooth
  • A cable-replacement technology that can be used
    to connect almost any device to any other device
  • Radio interface enabling electronic devices to
  • communicate wirelessly via short range (10
  • meters) ad-hoc radio connections
  • A standard for a small, low cost ( 5), low
  • power, radio based chip to be plugged into
  • computers, printers, keyboards, monitors,
  • phones, refrigerators??, PDAs, etc

  • It was developed by a group call Bluetooth
    Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • formed in May 1998
  • Founding members were Ericsson, Nokia, Intel,
    IBM and Toshiba
  • Since then, almost all of the big companies in
    telecom business (e.g.
  • 3Com, Microsoft, Motorola) have joined the
    SIG and the number of
  • participating companies is now over 1500

Technical Specifications
Bluetooth devices are categorized into 3
different classes by the power they use gt
Class 3 device has a 1 mW transmission power and
a range of .1-10 meters gt Class 2 device has
a transmission power of 1-2.5 mW and a 10 meter
range gt Class 1 device has transmission
power of 100 mW and a range up to 100 meters
Architecture of Bluetooth is formed by the radio,
the base frequency part and The Link Manager gt
Bluetooth uses the radio range of 2.45 GHz, Max
bandwidth is roughly 1 MB/s
Bluetooth Usage
  • Several Bluetooth devices can form an ad
  • hoc network called a piconet
  • In a piconet one device acts as a master (sets
  • frequency hopping behavior) and the others as
  • Example A conference room with many
  • laptops wishing to communicate with each
  • other

Security Concerns of Ad HocNetworks
  • Must consider standard ad hoc network issues
  • Availability
  • DOS attacks easy to perform (info trans by air)
  • Routing protocol attacks (changing topology
  • and attacks)
  • Battery Exhaustion attacks (devices have
  • energy conservation schemes)
  • Authorization Key Management
  • Confidentiality Integrity
  • Anyone can sniff messages from the air
  • Radio Interference

Bluetooth Advantages
  • Designed for quick, seamless short range networks
  • Features low power consumption, small protocol
  • robust data voice transfer
  • Cheap price
  • Good choice for WPAN (Wireless Personal Area

What Bluetooth Security Offers?
  • Every bluetooth device has 4 entities for
  • security
  • 1 - Bluetooth device address 48-bit address that
    is unique for each Bluetooth device and defined
    by IEEE
  • 2 - Private authentication key 128-bit random
    number used for authentication purposes
  • 3 - Private encryption key 8-128 bits in length
    that is used for encryption
  • 4 - Random number frequently changing 128-bit
    random or pseudo-random number that is made by
    the Bluetooth device itself

Bluetooth Security (Cont)
  • In Bluetooth Generic Access Profile, security is
  • divided into 3 modes
  • non-secure
  • service level enforced security
  • link level enforced security
  • Device initiates security procedures before the
    channel is established
  • Device security modes
  • Trusted or untrusted
  • Service security modes
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Authentication only
  • Open to all

Problems Associated w/Bluetooth
  • Use of PIN code in the initialization process
  • of two devices (enter PIN code twice every
    time you connect to two devices)
  • Ad hoc network every machine is initialized
  • separately (can be cumbersome)
  • Unit key scheme, authentication and encryption
  • based on assumption that link key is the
    participants shared secret

  • Bluetooth security seem to be adequate only for
    small ad
  • hoc networks, ex participants in a meeting.
    Connecting a
  • PDA to a mobile phone using Bluetooth seem secure
  • enough, but may not be secure enough for money
  • transfers or transferring of other sensitive
    information. It
  • seems security of Bluetooth only considered the
  • issues and the more functional has to be built
    above it.