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DRAWING CONCLUSIONS Interpretative Reading Skill Learning Goals I can read a selection and draw a conclusion based upon that reading. I can view a picture and draw a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • Interpretative Reading Skill

Learning Goals
  • I can read a selection and draw a conclusion
    based upon that reading.
  • I can view a picture and draw a conclusion about
    what is happening.
  • I can listen to an audio clip and determine the
    outcome, what might happen next, and/or even how
    a character may react.

When you are asked to draw a conclusion, you
might have to-
  • Find an example
  • Note a contrast
  • Generalize
  • Identify a cause and effect relationship
  • Detect a mood
  • Recognize an analogy
  • Identify a time-and-place relationship
  • Make a comparison
  • Anticipate an outcome

When you make a conclusion
  • You are making a judgment based on the
    information provided
  • And-
  • What you know in your head.

When selecting a choice-
  • The correct answer is either highly likely or
  • Example I sleep in a crib. I drink from a
    bottle. I cannot walk or talk. Who am I?
  • Answer?

Drawing Conclusions Listening Activity 1
  • 5-Minute Mystery Carnival Murder

Beginning Practice
  • Story 1 You are visiting a friend in Vermont. It
    is February and the temperature is about 30
    degrees. The clouds are low and dark. You have
    helped bring in plenty of wood for the fireplace.
    Your friends father is going to buy some extra
    food and salt for the driveway. The weatherman is
    forecasting ___________________.

And another-
  • Max has a very strong arm. He keeps his lucky
    leather glove in good condition. All spring he
    practices to get in shape. He has a great fast
    ball and is working on his curve ball. He plays
    for the City Diamondheads. He is their

Last one-
  • Abbie has her backpack on her bed. She is packing
    for a trip. She lays out a waterproof jacket and
    rain hat, extra socks, a flashlight, compass,
    binoculars, and water bottle. She hunts for extra
    batteries and decides to bring her camera. She
    checks on her sleeping bag and helps her parents
    bring out the tent. Abbie and her parents are
    going ___________________.

Time to get out of your seats!
  • ACTIVITY1 Guess the Emotion
  • We will divide into groups
  • each group will recieve an index card with an
    emotion written on it.
  • Each group must come up with several hints
    that would describe a person who is feeling that
  • The other groups must figure it out! (Drawing
    Conclusions about a Characters Mood)

Multiple Choice Practice
  • Which conclusion is best supported by this
    sentence "The Golden Gate bridge spans the San
    Francisco Bay, connecting northern California to
    the peninsula of San Francisco."
  • A. The bridge enables many people to go from San
    Francisco to northern California
  • B. The bridge has the longest span of any other
    suspension bridge
  • C. Thick cables are best
  • D. The bridge is the most popular bridge in the
    Bay Area
  • Answer A

Drawing Conclusions True or False
  • When a poem's speaker describes beautiful
    flowers, bright sunshine, and a happy childhood,
    you might conclude that he or she has a negative
    outlook on life.
  • False
  • True
  • Answer False

More on True or False
  • Georgie Porgie is running in the track meet later
    today. He is very distracted in class and has had
    trouble concentrating. His teacher would be
    drawing conclusions if she assumed he is excited
    about the track meet.
  • True
  • False
  • Answer True

Drawing Conclusions Opinions
  • Martin Scorsese is a director of astonishing
    power and Gangs of New York is a movie of
    astonishing imagination, ambition, and scope. The
    first fifteen minutes are as dazzling as any
    images ever put on screen. The rest of the movie
    veers from brilliant to flawed, but it is
    unfailingly arresting, provocative, and
    powerful.adapted from "Movie Mom's Review of
    Gangs of New York" by Nell Minow What will be
    the reviewer's final opinion on the movie?
  • A. The reviewer will give the movie a negative
  • B. The reviewer will not like the movie past its
    first fifteen minutes.
  • C. The reviewer will not recommend the movie
    because it was made by Martin Scorsese.
  • D. The reviewer will give the movie a positive
  • Answer D

Drawing Conclusions Titles, Resources, Materials
  • Which resource below provides Leisure and
    Activity Statistics?
  • A. "The Benefits of Fun"- magazine article
  • B. Online Library Catalog
  • C. Directory of Resources from Book, How to Have
  • D. pie chart- Info. from Nat. Federation of State
    High School Associations
  • Which resource provides information about the top
    ten sports for both high school male and female
  • A. magazine article
  • B. Info from National Federation of State High
    School Associations - pie chart/diagram
  • C. online library catalog
  • D. newspaper article

Feeling Confident, yet?
  • You totally got this.

The Math of Drawing Conclusions
  • Text Clues What I already Know My Conclusion

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Time to get out of your seats again!
  • Activity 2 You are what you bring

Drawing Conclusions Cause and Effect Keywords
  • Because of
  • Resulted in
  • In order to
  • In response to
  • So
  • Led to
  • Increased/decreased
  • Due to
  • Caused
  • Since
  • As a consequence of

Drawing Conclusions Listening Activity 2
  • 5-Minute Mysteries Death Calls at Dinner

Drawing Conclusions-Comics
(No Transcript)
  • Test your skills----Word Lists
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