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Mars Venus in the Workplace Selling to Men, Selling to Women


Mars Venus in the Workplace Selling to Men, Selling to Women Presenter Details Intro To get the most out of your learning, You must be willing to have some ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mars Venus in the Workplace Selling to Men, Selling to Women

Mars Venus in the Workplace Selling to Men,
Selling to Women
  • Presenter Details Intro slide

To get the most out of your learning, You must be
willing to have some ...
To make sure you get the most out of your
learning ...
The changing face of Australian business
  • 81 of principal household shoppers are women
  • 40 of the workforce is now female
  • 54 of university graduates were women
  • 34 of small business is currently run by women
    and that figure is expected to rise to 50 within
    the next five years

The greatest destroyer of sales is fear
  • Your buyer is
  • initially afraid of you
  • afraid of making a mistake
  • afraid of being lied to
  • afraid of incurring debt
  • afraid of losing face
  • afraid of the unknown

Apples and Oranges
  • Different ways of thinking and behaving can
    complement each other rather than create
    conflict. Differences between men and women are
    like apples and oranges, one is not necessarily
    better than the other. A customer may prefer
    apples but that doesnt make apples better for
    every customer. An apple is not intrinsically
    better than an orange
  • (Mars Venus in the Workplace, 2002, p.23)

The benefits of learning the language of the
opposite gender
  • greater co-operation between you and your
    customers and clients
  • more harmonious customer and client interactions
  • a better understanding of the needs and concerns
    of your customers and clients
  • a greater competitive advantage for your company
    as a whole when they utilise both the masculine
    and the feminine skills

Understanding the buying process
Building the Sales Relationship
  • Through rapport - i.e. understanding each
  • Listening style
  • Use of language
  • Motivators
  • Problem solving approach

Session outcomes
  • Today you will learn how to
  • Identify motivators for each gender
  • Recognise different gender responses to problem
  • Recognise the different ways in which people use
  • Utilise this knowledge to improve your rapport
    building sales skills with the everyone,
    including the opposite gender!

  • offer unsolicited advice and direction
  • feel motivated when they feel respected
  • study people and relationships
  • feel an instinctive need to talk about what is
    bothering them many times they discover what is
    wrong by talking
  • get together and share their problems talk
  • sense of self is defined through the quality of
    her relationships
  • experience self worth through caring,
    understanding and respect

When she has a problem...
  • Wants to talk about it
  • Seeks out colleagues who may be able to help
  • Walks around the office
  • Openly discusses the issues
  • Just wants the right answers

  • offer solutions, often invalidating a womans
  • feel motivated when they feel needed
  • study things rather than relationships
  • tend to pull away and silently think over what is
    bothering them
  • go to their caves to feel better and solve their
    problems alone
  • sense of self is defined through his ability to
    achieve results
  • experience self worth through trust, acceptance
    and appreciation

When he has a problem...
  • Appears to shut down
  • Retreats into himself
  • May go into his office and shut the door or leave
    the office
  • Wants to be left alone to think
  • Needs to work it out himself

Strategies for men women
  • 4 Strategies for men
  • Promote your support team as well as yourself
  • Avoid monopolising conversations
  • Respect her abilities
  • Dont lecture
  • 4 Strategies for women
  • Promote yourself
  • Avoid tag endings
  • Be direct
  • Be concise

Create a dialogue
  • Assess your sales talk
  • how interactive are your sales dialogues?
  • Commit to do something different
  • ask more probing questions, listen more
  • Stop thinking in terms of educating customers
  • think more about educating yourself about your

NLP Rapport building
  • Modelling people who had deep levels of rapport
    it was discovered that this occurs when people in
    the interaction had the same or similar style of
  • posture
  • movement and gestures
  • breathing levels
  • voice tone and quality
  • language content - visual/auditory/feelings and
    key words
  • beliefs and values

Basics of communication
VAK Rapport building
  • V - visual
  • A - auditory (hearing)
  • K - kinesthetic (feeling)

The Words we use...
  • Visual
  • see your way clear, look into it, get the picture
  • Auditory
  • Its your call, tell me about it, hear what you
    are saying
  • Kinaesthetic
  • get a grip, feel good factor, gut feeling

  • Sit or stand erect with eyes up
  • Rapid shallow breath
  • Speak fast
  • Lean forward in chair
  • Well organised and groomed
  • Neat
  • To sell to them
  • Use words that create pictures
  • Brochures and presentations
  • Use visual language

  • Love music
  • Love talking
  • Move their eyes sideways and breathe from centre
    of chest
  • Use gestures around the chest area and keep their
    palms up
  • Appreciate distinct enunciation
  • To sell to an auditory
  • Appeal to their ears
  • Describe ideas using auditory words
  • Speak clearly
  • Ensure you choose meeting places that are not too
    noisy and distracting

  • Typically breathe from the bottom of their lungs
  • Tend to move and talk slowly
  • Will stand close to people
  • They work on gut feel
  • To sell to a Kinaesthetic
  • Give them a sense of how good it will feel to use
    your product or service
  • Use the try before you buy approach
  • Let them get physically involved with your product