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What were the problems facing Henry VIII?


A portrait of Henry VIII (1509-1547) by the artist Hans Eworth painted around 1545. How useful is this painting in understanding what Henry VIII was like? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What were the problems facing Henry VIII?

A portrait of Henry VIII (1509-1547) by the
artist Hans Eworth painted around 1545. How
useful is this painting in understanding what
Henry VIII was like? ?How well does Henry
VIII compare with some of the other monarchs you
have studied, like William the Conqueror or Henry
What were the problems facing Henry VIII?
  • Despite his charisma success, Henry faced many
    difficulties uncertainties

? LOs TBAT explain the main problems Henry faced
write a letter of advice to him
? Your task
  • Listen to the problems Henry faces and complete a
    table similar to the one below

Type of problem Evidence
Death of Arthur
Henry, I am the ghost of your brother Arthur. As
your elder brother I should really have been
king, but sadly I died as a young man before I
could be king. Now you are king. May God give you
his blessing.
Catherine of Aragon
Henry, I know I was not your first choice. I am
your dead brothers widow. But your father
decided it would be best for both our countries
if we married. I am your most faithful wife,
Henry. I love you. I also love God most dearly
and I pray to him every day he will grant me a
son so I can make you happy. I know you want a
son more than anything, Henry. Please be patient.
God will grant us our wishes soon. In the
meantime, please spend more quality time with our
daughter, Mary. She asks after you every day!
Anne Boleyn
Your Majesty, you flatter me with your attention.
Many thanks for your poems and love songs, but
surely you should be sending these to your wife
Catherine, not to me a mere lady-in-waiting. I
fondly remember the time we spent together at the
Field of the Cloth of Gold and would love to see
more of you, but remember you are a married man
and it would be sinful to be any more than
friends do you not agree?
Pope, Clement VII
First of all Henry I would like to thank you for
your recent book attacking all the critics of my
Church. For this I grant you and all your heirs
the title, Defender of the Faith. Now, with
regard to your marital difficulties you should
work things out with Catherine. Whats all this
nonsense Im hearing about here in Rome
concerning you and a six-fingered chambermaid?
Have you lost your marbles? Remember a wife is
for life. Its too late to change your mind now.
Charles V
Im the most powerful man in Europe, the Holy
Roman Emperor. I own parts of Germany, Holland,
Spain Italy. If the Pope arranges the divorce
of my niece, Catherine, Ill invade the Popes
lands in Italy. So watch out!
Thomas Cromwell, Kings Chief Minister (adviser)
If you really love this Boleyn girl, why not
divorce Catherine. Im sure something can be
arranged and if his Excellence the Pope
disagrees then tell him youll start your own
Church and get a divorce settled that way! Think
about it, your Majesty. Head of your own Church.
Think how powerful and wealthy that would make
you! And er whilst were on the subject of
wealth, dont forget there are still quite a few
outstanding bills for all your wars with France
and Scotland and for the Field of the Cloth of
Gold. Break from Rome and sell off the Churchs
property and you could be quids in!
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury
You should think very carefully about Thomas
Cromwells advice. If you set up your own Church
you could make drastic changes to the way things
are done. The Roman Catholic Church is full of
sinful priests who think more about their bellies
and their beautiful churches than the word of
God. Theres a new religion that everyones
talking about called Protestantism. If you start
a new Church it could be a Protestant one thats
much more holy. Just think, if God was really
pleased with the changes you made, he might even
grant you a son!
? Your task
Example letter
  • Its 1532. Imagine you are Henry VIII and need
    help with all your problems. Write to a Tudor
    Agony Aunt for advice. Focus on the four main
    problem areas - love, money, power and above all
  • Extension task reply to Henrys letter as a
    Tudor Agony Aunt

Satisfactory Good Wow factor!
You have included some, not all of the problems Henry faced You have included all the problems Henry faced, but you need to explain them further You include all four problems and explain them clearly, using examples from your notes It is written like a letter requesting advice
? Plenary
  • What qualities did Henry have that made him a
    powerful leader
  • What were his weaknesses?
  • Explain these problems love, money, power and
    above all faith
  • ? What advice would you give Henry?
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