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Careers in the Film Industry


A person that represents an actor or performer in exchange for a percentage of ... Star Wars IV, Superman, Superman II, The Force of One, Lucky Lady, A Clockwork ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Careers in the Film Industry

Careers in the Film Industry
A person that represents an actor or performer in
exchange for a percentage of the actors wage or
flat fee. An agent typically negotiates or wheels
and deals to get the most money for their client
because then they tend to make more money.
Dianne Crittenden
  • Has been an agent for the following films. Star
    wars, Electra, Spiderman II, Pretty woman, Three
    Men and a baby, wise guy, Crocodile Dundee II,
    Time after time, The In-laws, Oh, God!, The world
    fasted Indian and shooting fish.

People portraying the characters in a movie or
television program.
Cast of Star Wars III
  • Although there are many actors and actresses
    portrayed in George Lucass Star Wars Episode
    III, these are the best. Ewan Mcgregor, Natalie
    Portman, Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid,
    Samuel Lee Jackson, Frank Oz, Christopher Lee,
    and Kenny Baker.

Person who oversees all aspects of a production
at every stage along the way. The producer locks
in the financing for each project, as well as
being involved in creative decisions such as
script rewrites, who will be cast in the movie,
and how the film will be distributed.
Gary Kurtz
Some movies that Gary Kurtz has produced are The
tale of Jack Frost, The Steal, Slip String,
Return to Oz, Star Wars IV, V, VI, The Dark
Crystal, The God Father, Beach Ball, The Hostage
(1967), Blood Bath.
The person responsible for the interpretive
aspects of a stage, film, or television
production the person who supervises the
integration of all the elements, as acting,
staging, and lighting, required to realize the
writer's conception.
Geroge Lucas
George Lucas was a director for all Star Wars
movies, Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, Look at
Life, Man and His Car, Freiheit, and some other
non important ones because they are not Star Wars
or Indiana Jones Related.
Property Master
Usually called the Prop Master, this is the
person in charge of acquiring props as required
by the script and overseeing their use over a
production. Prop masters and their assistants are
almost always firearms technicians, trained in
the safe use of guns and ammunition.
  • John Barry did a fabulous job being a Prop Master
    for the following films. Star Wars IV, Superman,
    Superman II, The Force of One, Lucky Lady, A
    Clockwork Orange, and Fast Break.

John Barry
Script Supervisor
The person responsible for keeping track of the
take and roll numbers, camera and sound reloads,
script revisions, how long each take lasts, scene
numbers, slate numbers, prompting the actor(s)
when they forget their lines, and making sure
that continuity is held between takes and
different angles. Also called a continuity person.
Rick McCallum
Rick McCallum was a co producer for the special
edition of Star Wars, Treasure Planet, Red Tails,
God Speed, Indiana Jones, Blackeyes, Strapless,
Castaway, and many more movies.
Set Dresser
  • Person who dresses the set with decorations,
    artwork, rugs, etc. Sometimes called an on-set
    dresser, this person must supervise the
    continuity of sets under the under the
    supervision of the set decorator or art director.

Steve cooper
  • Is a set dresser who has worked one the sets of
    movies and TV shows such as CSI Miami, black
    knight, blown away and most importantly, Star

The group of crewmembers directly involved with
operation of the camera. Individual job titles
include clapper-loader, camera operator,
assistant cameraman, director of photography,
focus puller, (key) grip, dolly grip, additional
Camera Crew
  • Toy Belling, Carlos De Carvalho, David Franco,
    Simon Harding, Frankie Malhorta, Calum McFariane,
    Giles Nutggens were all part of the star wars
    film crew.

Kind of self explanatory, AKA Hairstylist,
Hairdresser Person responsible for maintaining
actors(s) hairstyles during filming.
  • Anette Miles is a hairstylist, and has pleased
    the world with her talents in shows such as The
    Painted Veil, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of
    the Sith, Peter Pan, Serenades Me Myself and I,
    and Wide Sargasso Sea

  • AKA actress.
  • A person who plays the role of a character.
    Historically, the term Actor referred
    exclusively to males, but in modern times the
    term is used for both genders.

Harrison Ford
  • The only actor to have a running career after
    star wars. He was unintentionally the most
    famous star of the first three Star Wars films.
    And starred in Indian Jones.