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Creator, supervisor, GL can edit the document before SEND ... Icon size selection in Desktop. Spelling mistakes in Outlook calendar entry ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: EDH

  • tips and tricks what you always wanted to know
    but were afraid to ask

This Presentation
  • A collection of Tips and Tricks on how to use EDH
    more efficiently
  • With focus on GL activities

EDH Document Lifecycle
Transfer documents
Find Documents /The EDH Desktop
Find Documents / Use of Desktop
  • Notification Preferences
  • Alert immediately when a signature is requested /
    once a day / never
  • Receive notification when signature is bypassed
  • Absence
  • Deputy is the Document Creator
  • Deputy has already signed
  • Create appointments in Outlook for authorized
  • Customize the homepage to tailor which icons are
    to be displayed

Find Documents / Use of Desktop
  • New icons for direct access to catalogues
  • Find field accepts document and order numbers

Find Documents / Document Search
  • Find documents by description, full text or
    workflow info
  • Using Document specific search fields
  • Build complex queries for specific cases
  • Date range has an impact on performance
  • There are 2 types of indexes
  • One for last 3 months one for all documents
  • Thus, searching for Last year can actually be
    slower than all time if your criteria is not
    very selective
  • Save and reuse frequent searches
  • To search the orders (generated by DAIs, etc.)
    use the Order Search tool

Editing Documents
Editing Documents / Input fields
  • Budget code
  • The charge date can be changed by adding the year
    at the end of the code's name
  • It is possible to add more than one code with /
    without percentages
  • Person Input
  • Many ways to find someone (CERN ID / Person ID /
    Name Unit)
  • Location inputs may return different results
  • Some locations have a Zone
  • DAI, Material Request does not allow to deliver
    to locations without a zone
  • Some can receive / store gas
  • Material Request / Rental Request check the
    location when gas is involved

Editing Documents / Search screens
  • Use a search screen when you dont know keywords
    for the input-objects
  • Multiple words can be entered. They form a
    logical AND relation
  • Use Wildcards (, _, )
  • Show details checkbox will present more columns
    in the result list
  • More options checkbox allows more specific

Editing Documents / Document Recovery
  • Sometimes errors prevent saving of a document
  • Sometimes the document times out
  • Changes fields stored in the recovery logs
  • EDH support can restore these unsaved changes

Routing of a document
Routing of a document / Confidential and Urgent
  • Urgent flag
  • highlights rows in yellow on document search
    screens (DAI)
  • can be set/revoked before SEND and at SIGN time
  • Confidential flag
  • limits access to signatories, super-users and
    people on the special access list
  • can be set before SEND time

Routing of a document / Signatures
  • Changing authorization password
  • Why it is different from the Login password
  • Send without authorization password
  • How long do I have to sign?
  • Default due date is 3 workdays can be
  • TID technical contact has no timeout
  • Timeout check (past end date, gone on leave)
    happens at 800am
  • Workflow engine runs between 0705-1755
  • Blocking delays time out!

Routing of a document / Signatures
  • Why do I need to sign twice sometimes?
  • Sign if already signed flag is true for the
  • Forwarding, Forwarding with resign has been used
  • Why is there a protection against signing from
    desktop (ACRQ, MAPS, etc.)

Routing of a document / Signatures
  • Block, reject and cancel generate a notification
    to the creator, but not to the other signatories.
  • Use comments field on the sign screen to give
  • How to cancel a document never sent?
  • Via Desktop document search screen
  • Leaving it as it is will cause no harm at all !
  • How to cancel a transferred document?
  • Contact target system support to undo changes
  • Rerouting
  • It hands over the current signature to somebody
  • DPOs have access to the Reroute tool

Routing of a document / Forwarding
  • Forwardees are requested to sign in parallel /
  • Forward for information only, dont ask for a
  • You can request to resign after each forwardee is
  • Transfer your current rights to the forwardees
  • There is no timeout on a forwarded signature

Document Transfer
Document Transfer / external systems
  • EDH connects to many other systems
  • Foundation, HR, Qualiac, Baan, etc.
  • Outgoing data
  • Transfer programs
  • Incoming Data
  • Every night propagation time
  • Types budget code data, etc
  • Exception Personnel data uses fast extraction
  • Direct lookups
  • Family situation in HR for CDFS,
  • Existing access in HR for ACRQ,
  • Subscription/ Phone availability in Foundation
    for GSM Request

Document Specific Hints
Document Specific Hints / Leave Request
  • Why dont I have a home leave allocation?
  • Contract extension needs manual entry in HR
  • New HL period is only available 1 month before
    its start (automatic)
  • Outlook integration for authorized requests
  • Automatic Home Leave / Additional Travel claim
  • Manual creation still possible for certain
    retroactive cases

Document Specific Hints / Leave Overview
  • EDH up-to-date
  • The result list is fetched from the on-line leave
    tables on the fly
  • Shows current situation but may be slow for large
  • HRT faster
  • The result list is from a snapshot refreshed
    every night
  • Fast but does not show todays changes

Document Specific Hints / Leave Admin
  • It is possible to define special supervisors
  • They are inserted into the normal org. unit based
    supervisory chain
  • These assignments must be maintained manually.
    They never expire nor are modified when the
    person changes unit.

Document Specific Hints / DAI
  • Small Orders
  • What does it mean?
  • Total value lt1000 CHF
  • Goods are not already delivered
  • No estimated prices
  • What happens?
  • Simplified financial routing
  • No Purchasing Officer involved
  • Order FAXed directly to supplier

Document Specific Hints / Special Budget code Use
  • Shipping and Transport Requests
  • Additional costs not usually borne by the
  • GSM Subscription
  • A sufficiently high (10k) signature right is
    needed to cover the expected cost
  • No 10k charge on the budget code

Document Specific Hints / MAPS
  • Collaborative creation phase
  • Creator, supervisor, GL can edit the document
    before SEND
  • Group leaders are involved in 2 signatures
  • Assessment, Proposal
  • SENDBACK function
  • To correct mistakes of a previous signature step
  • Bypass routing with forward is a no go
  • Rights are missing
  • Fields are not editable/hidden
  • No possibility of signing from desktop for parts
    of the routing (SUPgtGLgtCRgtGL)

Document Specific Hints / MAPS
Document Specific Hints /Personnel Action Forms
  • Mid-End Probation Period SENDBACK is possible
    from DAO to Supervisor
  • Review of Appointment Expiration (staff)
    SENDBACK is possible only from DAO to GL

Document Specific Hints /Personnel Action Forms
Document Specific Hints / EDH Admin
  • What are
  • Roles
  • Profiles
  • Signature Rights
  • How are they assigned
  • By hand via EDHADMIN
  • Automatically via FOUNDATION
  • Whenever changes take place to the holder or the
    target of the assignment
  • The changes cascade from role to signature right
  • How are they used
  • EDH checks the signature rights in the routing

End of Slideshow
Questions raised during the discussion
  • Bypass notification does not give access rights
  • Icon size selection in Desktop
  • Spelling mistakes in Outlook calendar entry
  • Is the recovery screen available to end-users?
  • MAPS access - problems when re-organizations
  • Can both MAPS Coordinators intervene after a
    change in Department?
  • MAPS Overview does a search on Enter - it should
  • Removal of access should not go to the person
  • e-mail confirmation of leave does not go to
    person concerned
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