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Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece The Establishment of the Greek Culture Map Of Greece Geography of Greece Geography of Greece Cultures in the Bronze Age Cultures in the Bronze Age ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece
  • The Establishment of the Greek Culture

Map Of Greece
Geography of Greece
2000 to 323 B.C.
1. The Sea
-links between most
parts of Greece also link to other societies.

-sea trade travel were important because
Greece had poor resources.
2. The Climate
-moderate temperatures
rain falls only in winter resulted in numerous
outdoor activities.
Geography of Greece
3. The Land
-3/4 covered in
mountains Mount Olympushighest- home of the
gods mountains divided Greece into many
-travel difficult due to rugged terrain.
-mountains influenced politics, lived in
collection of small independent communities.
-1/4 covered by tiny, fertile valleys never able
to feed large population some fruits
vegetables meat was rare principal crops
included grains, grapes and olives.
Cultures in the Bronze Age
A. Cretan Civilization (one of Greek islands)
1. Minoan (after legendary king Minos)
2. Seafaring traded palaces with fortified
walls pleasant lives women had social
equality delighted in nature plumbing.
3. Ended abruptly between 1400-1200 BC remains
a mystery
Cultures in the Bronze Age
B. Mainland Greece
1. Mycenaeans (leading city
Mycenae built to withstand attack) dominated
from 1600- 1200 BC.
Cultures in the Bronze Age
C. Bronze Age Society
1. Nobles enjoyed great wealth
buried with riches and treasures.
2. Wealth won by
warrior-kings - led armies in search of wealth.
3. Most
people lived as farmers.
Cultures in the Bronze Age
D. The Trojan War
1. Troy seaport in Asia
Minor fought because Trojan youth stole
Helen- the beautiful wife of a Greek king
took place around 1200 BC.
Dark Ages
A. Dorians
1. Migrated into
Greece less advanced than Mycenaeans
(collapsed around 1200 BC) skill of writing
was lost causing the Dark Ages.
2. Homer told epics (heroic poems)
Iliad Odyssey.
B. The Olympics 1. Beginning 776 BC were held
every 4 years would compete in Olympia lasting 5
Humanlike gods
A. Considered to be human 1. Struggled
with passions and weaknesses quarreled with one
another immortal 12 most powerful gathered on
Mount Olympus. 2. Used myths to
explain natural
3. Religion closely linked
to government.