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William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare Biography, significance, theater, plays, teachers Othello The Globe Theater Shakespeare s Birth Born in Stratford, England Shakespeare s ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
  • Biography, significance, theater, plays,
  • Othello

The Globe Theater
Shakespeares Birth
  • Born in Stratford, England
  • Shakespeares baptism was registered on April 26,
  • Gilielmus filius Johannes Shakespeare
  • The actual date is unknown. Most people attribute
    the day to be April 23, 1564
  • Shakespeare died April 23, 1616

  • Shakespeares father, John, came to Stratford and
    was a glover. He also worked in wool, then earned
    other titles.
  • Dad owned three houses, and which one Shakespeare
    was born in is a mystery.
  • His parents couldnt read or write.
  • Dads position as aldermen came with free
    education for his children.

Shakespeares marriage
  • William married Anne Hathaway in 1582
  • Suzanna was born 6 months later 1583
  • Twins were born 1585 Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet
    died at age 11.
  • Once the Globe theater was built, and likely
    before then, his time was spent in Bankside, not

The Writer
  • How his career began is a mystery. In 1592
    theaters were closed due to the plague, (he wrote
  • In 1593, he caught the attention of the Earl of
    Southhampton, and his career took off. The earl
    was his patron.
  • Shakespeares first sonnets were dedicated to the
    Earl of Southhampton.

  • Shakespeare returned to the theater.
  • Became a prominent member of The Lord
    Chamberlains Men also called Lord Stranges
  • During this time he wrote Romeo and Juliet,
    Richard II, King John, Loves Labours Lost

Big role
  • Shakespeare was unusual because he wrote the
    plays, acted in the plays, owned the theater,
    shared the profits of the plays, and was one of
    the housekeepers of the building.
  • He was an owner of the Globe Theater for 17
    years, co-owner of Blackfriars for 9 years too.

Before the Globe
  • Shakespeare performed at the Swan, the Curtain,
    and the Theatre.
  • The Swan, south of the Thames, was famous!
    Shaped in the round with three levels of seats,
    room for groundlings, and an open stage, which is
    what the Globe looks like. The Rose was there
    early in 1587.
  • The Theatre and Curtain were on the north side of
    the London Wall. Shakespeare was there until 1597

The Globe
  • Originally constructed in 1599 from Timber taken
    from The Theatre.
  • The Globe was designed by Cuthbert Burbage, son
    of The Theatres creator, James Burbage.
  • 5 actors co-owned the Globe.
  • During a performance of Henry VIII, a misfired
    canon ball set the thatch on fire and the Globe
    burned down. -(

The second Globe
  • Within a year it was rebuilt, but without a
    thatched roof.
  • This one had a tiled roof and remained where it
    was built until 1644.
  • Housing was built over the site. There is a
    plaque commemorating the site, and it is about 3
    blocks from the current Globe.

The Third Globe
  • The rebuilt Globe was pioneered by American Actor
    Sam Wanamaker.
  • In 1949 Sam came to London and was disappointed
    that only a dull plaque stood as a memorial to
    Shakespeare. He founded the Shakespeare Global
  • In 1987, building began. Sam died in 1993. The
    project was completed in 1997.

Old and New
  • The old Globe was an open air theatre. Without
    electricity, it was lit by the heavens.
    Performances occurred during the day, and
    Sundays performances conflicted with church
    services. Churches wanted the theater shut down.
    To see a play on a weekday, one had to miss work.
  • The theater seated about 3,000, plus standing
    room for the groundlings.

Wealthy up top
  • The most wealthy were sat up-top
  • The poorest, groundlings, stood.
  • If it was market-day, they carried their food,
    fowl, whatever they had, with them.
  • There were prostitutes and pickpockets in the
    audience along with the highborn and the low
    born. Shakespeare had to appeal to a broad
    spectrum of patrons.

Location, Location, Location
  • The Globe was built Bankside, on the southside of
    the Thames known as Southwark.
  • To cross, one had to pay a pence to the ferryman.
    The Thames was very wide then and occasionally
  • The ferryman seat from the Renaissance period is
    preserved in London.

Four Reasons we read Shakespeare
  • 1.Illumination of the human experience
  • Shakespeares ability to evoke and summarize the
    range of human emotions, inner conflicts, hopes
    and defeats, in simple yet profoundly elegant
    verse, is unsurpassable.
  • No author in the western world has penned more
    beloved, quoted passages.

Reason 2 Great Stories
  • Better than Homer, more diverse than anyone,
    Shakespeares stories transcend culture and time.
  • Modern story tellers continue to remake his tales
    because they are just Great Stories!

Reason 3 Compelling Characters
  • Completely Compelling Characters!
  • There are some stock characters, but
    Shakespeares tragic characters are unequaled in
  • Shakespeares great characters remain popular
    because of their depth and complexity.

Reason 4 Art!
The Story of English
  • Ability to turn a phrase!
  • Bernard Levin said it best in the following quote
    about Shakespeare's impact on our languageIf you
    cannot understand my argument, and declare "It's
    Greek to me", you are quoting Shakespeare if you
    claim to be more sinned against than sinning, you
    are quoting Shakespeare if you recall your salad
    days, you are quoting Shakespeare if you act
    more in sorrow than in anger, if your wish is
    father to the thought,

Shakespeares verse
  • Shakespeare wrote in Early Modern English.
  • Its not Old English,that would read like
  • Its not middle English, that would read like
  • Its Early Modern English!

Behold- Old
  • Beowulf from the Anglo Saxon period is old.
  • Hwat! We Gar-Dena in Gear-dagum peod-cyninga
    prym gefrunon
  • Or
  • Lo! The Spear-Danes glory through splendid
  • Thats OLD, Anglo-Saxon English.

Shakespeares church
  • Shakespeare went to church in Southwark. When it
    was his church is was called St. Mary Ovarie
    referring to St. Mary over the river.

Southwark Cathedral
Shakespeares Head
Shakespeares head
  • Shakespeare looks pale and down toward the very
    busy theater district.
  • His hand was blown off in WWII and never
  • There are images of Shakespeare all over London!
  • This one seems to represent The peoples
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