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The Tale of Mr. Grimm Click here to enter


The Tale of Mr. Grimm Click here to enter By Tiffany, Christy, Gabriella 9.2 2003/2004 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Tale of Mr. Grimm Click here to enter

The Tale of Mr. GrimmClick here to enter
  • By Tiffany, Christy, Gabriella
  • 9.2 2003/2004

Phineas Poirot
  • Full Name Phineas Percival Poirot
  • DoB January 5, 1898
  • Nationality Belgian
  • Religion Catholic
  • Occupation Investigator/explorer
  • Degree Master Investigator of Harvard University
  • Relations Hercule Poirot
  • Current Mission To save Grimsville

Start Mission
13 June 1920 Intro
  • The property of Mr. Grimm. No smiling. No
    joking. No playing. Or Mr. Grimm will put you in
    JAIL. Remember, always be sad
  • That sign has been up the Grimsville for as
    long as anyone could remember. Mr. Grimm was the
    governor of Grimsville. All the buildings looked
    gray and bleak. No birds ever sang, and flowers
    never bloomed. The fountain at the town square
    only let out a steady trickle of water that gave
    off a stench. The people that lived in Grimsville
    were not any different. Everyone was poignant,
    going about their business with sad faces, as if
    there was not a single good thing in the world.

Go on
14 June 1920 Exuberanie Mansion
  • Phineas arrived in Grimsville by summon of the
    Exuberanie family. For almost five decades, they
    have been living in utter misery, lest they will
    be jailed by the ferocious Mr. Grimm.
  • Our city wasnt known as Grimsville in the
    past, Mr. Exuberanie began. This city used to
    be very lively, but the murder of the current Mr.
    Grimms parents disturbed this tranquility.
    Grimms parents were the mayor of the town and
    they were very well-liked. The assassination was
    a dreadful to young 8-year-old Grimm.
  • Since the day of the murder until he was
    eighteen, Grimm was in a sort of dream. This was
    probably because he was traumatized by the
    gruesome murder performed in front of his eyes.
    Not many people were aware of this fact. But when
    he reached his twenties, he started campaigning
    for the mayoral position. He made false promises,
    and unfortunately everyone was fooled

  • What Grimm did once he was mayor was to strip
    everyone of their wealth and inheritance. He then
    put the sign you see everywhere. People
    complained but Grimm managed to silence them and
    thus gained tyrannical control over what is now
    called Grimmsville. This was before my time, but
    I knew of this from my parents.
  • But there is another side of the story. He
    offered a reward to anyone who could find the
    date and day of the assassination. He, himself
    cannot remember and he is the oldest person alive
    here in the town. Finding him the date will also
    break this curse of misery over the town.
  • Though youre still young, Ive heard of your
    excellent investigating skills Mr. Poirot.
    Please, please I beg you, save this town. Find
    the date and day of the assassination. I, myself
    cannot offer you anything, but Mr. Exuberanie
    left the sentence unfinished.
  • Phineas thought of the request for a while.
    What? Work without pay? Should I accept?

  • Thank you so much Mr. Poirot. Although we
    cannot offer you any pay, please consider Grimms
    reward. I cannot tell you anymore because my
    information is limited, and what I have just told
    you is all that I know. Im sure that you can
    find more information if you ask around. Thank
    you again Mr. Poirot. Mr. Exuberanie rose and
    shook Phineas hand.
  • He escorted Phineas to the door and bid him
    farewell and luck. Just a reminder Mr. Poirot,
    be careful of Grimm. Dont cross his path and
    always keep an appointment.
  • Phineas stepped into the sunlight and looked
    around the town. It was almost deserted and very
  • Where shall I go now? Ask the town people or
    go to Grimm himself? What does Mr. Exuberanies
    warning mean?

Go to Mr. Grimm
Ask Around the Town
14 June 1920 Waterfront Inn
  • Phineas entered the old-fashioned inn. It was
    dimly lit and a slight smell of tobacco lingered
    in the air. The inns bar was almost empty.
    Phineas went to the counter and sat down.
  • Ow can me help ye youn un? inquired the
    bartender in a deep voice.
  • Yes, I want to know more about what happened
    to Mr. Grimm, the town mayor when he was
    younger, Phineas replied.
  • Ye new ere? Ah..I see. Well, me dunno but me
    know sumone ho knows. See that lad? e knows.
    But ye gotta be careful, es trickee, the
    bartender pointed to a boy of fifteen sitting at
    the corner.
  • The boy was tall for his age and he was now
    drinking his second tankard of beer. I dont
    like the look of him, thought Phineas, but must
    I talk to him?

Leave the Inn
Approach the Boy
  • Ah, I knew you would come to me. the boy
    said, grinning at Phineas.
  • But how do you know? Who are you? he asked
  • They call me Robyn the Watcher. I have my ways
    getting information, he said mysteriously, still
    grinning from ear to ear.
  • Alright then, since you already know, can you
    give me what I seek? Phineas asked.
  • By accepting Exuberanies quest, you have to
    find the date, month, year and day of the week of
    the Grimms murder. The tragedy fell on the last
    day of the tenth month. Forty nine years has
    passed and a soul knows not of the killer nor
    day. Robyn whispered.
  • Is there someone who remembers the day?
  • Not one. But I know of a person who can tell
    you. He is an alchemist and a mathematician. He
    lives in an old castle twenty miles from this
    town, but he is sly and can be dangerous. You
    have to have wits to face him and dont ever make
    deals with him. Who knows youll never get out of
    there alive. His name is Salazar Nigellus. Good
    luck, youll need it, Robyn gave Phineas yet
    another grin.

Pay Salazar a Visit
14 June 1920 Townhall
The Townhall stood in the center of the town.
The once white building was stained grey. Phineas
entered the building and asked for the
mayor. Do you have an appointment? the
secretary asked him. Phineas shook his head.
Well you have to make one, she said
curtly. Im sorry but cant I just see him?
Its only for a while, Phineas said. The
secretary looked at him strangely with surprise
in her eyes. What? Well, but its at your own
risk. Follow me. The secretary led Phineas along
the dark corridor to the last door. Mr. Grimm
is in this room. You still want to see him? Its
wise if you dont, the secretary warned him.

Open the Door
  • Mr. Grimms office was well-lit and
    neatly-furnished. Phineas saw Mr. Grimm sitting
    soberly on his desk, which was facing the door.
    Two guards stood behind him.
  • Who are you? What brings you here? he
    demanded. He surveyed Phineas from head to toe.
  • Mr. Grimm, I want to help you find the
    date of the tragedy. Can you give me some
    information? Phineas asked, almost timidly.
    Anger flushed into Mr. Grimms face.
    TOWN AGAIN! spat Mr. Grimm.
  • Security! Get this man out of the town!
    he commanded his guards.

Start Over
17 June 1920 Salazars Castle
  • The ominous-looking castle stood erect on top
    of the steep cliff. Many of the stone walls were
    covered with moss and ferns. Phineas made his way
    to the big wooden door of the castle and knocked
  • The door creaked and open magically. Once he
    entered, Phineas felt a chill go down his spine.
    The castle was spooky and dark. He also got the
    awful feeling that he was being watched.
  • Easily curious, Phineas wandered around the
    castle. He then reached a big iron door that was
    heavily bolted. Before Phineas could guess what
    was behind the door, footsteps echoed along the
    corridor. Then a voice said
  • Who are you, wondering into my castle? Do you
    know what I do to people like you?

Run Away!
  • Sorry, Sir! Didnt mean anything! I got lost
    But Ill leave now if you wish Phineas trembled
    under the icy glare of the man.
  • Phineas turned on his heels, and ran for his
    life, as if the hounds were after him.

Too Bad! You cant get the formula!
  • Behind Phineas stood a tall man. After getting
    a good look at him, Phineas concluded that this
    man, who was still around his early thirties, was
    the alchemist and mathematician Robyn must be
    talking about.
  • Im a foreigner around these parts and I have
    come to seek your help. I need to find the day of
    the week for any given date. Phineas replied.
  • And what will you give me in return? the
    Alchemist asked, with one eyebrow raised.
  • I dont know
  • Ill make you a deal First you have to help
    me get something I want, then Ill give you the
    formula used to calculate the day. Deal? He gave
    his hand out to Phineas

  • Deal, Phineas shook Salazars outstretched
  • Excellent! Come to the library now and Ill
    show you what to get me. Phineas followed him up
    a spiral staircase and into huge dimly lit room.
    It was very dusty and contained hundreds of
  • These books must be dated more than hundreds
    of years back! Phineas whispered excitedly.
  • Quite correct, replied Salazar, taking down a
    very tattered book from one of the shelves,
    here, I want you to get this for me. Salazar
    pointed to a picture of a dark-shiny stone.
    Below the stone were the words The Philosopher
  • What? Thats impossible! It doesnt exist.
    Many other alchemists tried to make or find it
    and none of them succeed. What makes you any
    different? Phineas reasoned.
  • Well one, I dont use magic but Math. So you
    admit it is impossible? asked the alchemist.
    Phineas nodded his head. Salazar put the book
    away and turned to Phineas, smiling his wicked

  • Well then, it will also be impossible for me
    to give you the formula. Remember the deal,
    Salazar said.
  • Alas, only now Phineas remembered Robyns
    warning, dont ever make deals with him It
    was too late and Phineas knew that he was done
  • P-please can we ch-change it? Phineas asked
    in a small voice.
  • No, a deals a deal. But I know how you can
    make up for it, Salazar replied. Seeing Phineas
    confused face, he continued, you can help me
    clean and organize the books in this library. I
    used to know the formula, but I forgot which book
    I found it in. My library is huge, so I did not
    look for it. Maybe you can come across it while
  • What? Just like that? But I-I thought you were
    more cruel than this, Phineas said in mild
  • Well that just shows you that you shouldnt
    judge someone before you know him. If you want to
    get the formula sooner, you better start

Start Cleaning
18 June -2 July 1920 Salazars Library
  • Working from morning till evening, Phineas
    dusted and cleaned the library. He found that the
    books were in total disarray, in no order at all.
    Being diligent as he is, Phineas spent the first
    5 days stacking all the books in the library
    corner and re-organizing it according to the
    genre and author name for the next 7 days.
  • Many of Salazars books were written over
    hundreds of years back. Two or three were even
    more than a thousand years old. Despite the old
    age, the books were still in good conditions for
    reading. Almost half of the library books were
    about Mathematics. During his break from
    cleaning, Phineas spent the time reading about
    mathematic formulas discovered over the years. In
    the end of two weeks he knew more about
    Mathematics than anything else. However, he still
    hadnt found the formula he needed.

3 July 1920 Salazars Library
  • It was the morning of July 3, that Phineas came
    across a tattered old book entitled Ancient
    Times. Suddenly he felt his heart jump, as
    though anticipating a wonderful surprise. He
    flipped the book a few pages, and began to read.
  • Then there it is! In big, bold letters, the
    heading of the formula he was looking for was
    clear Finding the Day of a Date. He was
    excited, and read on, eager to know more.
  • Quite abruptly, Salazar came in, startling
    Phineas. He strode over to Salazar and showed the
    alchemist his prize. Grinning broadly, he began
    to read again and tried to prove the formula.
  • But there are TWO formulas! Which one should he

Key Value Method
Zellers Rule
The Zellers Rule
  • K is the day of the month, the Phineas read,
    The date of the murder is 31 October 1871. Then
    for this date the k is 31. M is the month, in
    this case its 8. This is special for Zellers
    rule, for March starts as 1, April the 2, and so
    on. This works as Februaries are last, number 12,
    because they are counted last in leap years.
  • D is the last 2 digits of the year. Because of
    the month numbering, the D is then 70, though the
    year is actually 1871. C stands for century
    wow, this stuff includes centuries?? its the
    first two digits of the year. In our case C is
  • Then the book says to subsitute the date into
    the formula
  • fk (13 x m-1)5 d d4 c4 2 x
  • So f31 (13 x 8-1)5 70 704 184
    2 x 18
  • Then mmm f is105.2! cried Phineas, trembling
    from excitement.
  • But wait, theres more!

Excited too? Run to the next page!
  • The book says, once f is found, divide it by 7
    which makes 15.028 but we have to drop
    everything after the decimal point, so it is 15,
    the remainder is 2. It says that Sunday is 0,
    Monday is 1, and so on. So the murder happened on
    Tuesday!, Phineas whispered, breathlessly.
  • Why dont you try the other formula, just to
    make sure boy. Or maybe you would like to leave
    right away? asked Salazar.

Leave NOW!
Try the other formula
Key Value Method
  • I think I will try this one. It says that this
    method uses codes for different months and years
    to speed the calculations up. The date of the
    murder is 31 October 1871.
  • Take the last 2 digits of the year, which is
    71. Divide it by 4, and drop any remainder, so
    equals to 17. Add the day of the month. In our
    case it is 17 31 48. Then add the months key
    value. Oh, theres a table! Jan-1, Feb-4,
    March-4, Apr-0, May-2, June-5, July-0, August-3,
    Sept-6, Oct-1, Nov-4 and December is 6! Well that
    means 48 plus 149. If the date is in January or
    February of a leap year, subtract 1. But were on
    October so we dont have to worry.
  • Add the century code 1700s is 4, 18s is 2,
    the 19s is 0 ad the 2000s is 6. So our running
    total 49251. Add the 2 last digits of the year,
    51 71122. Geez! I am soo excited!

So are we huh? Sprint to the next page!
  • Divide the answer by 7 and take the number.
    Er1227 is 17.4. The remainder is 3! The formula
    says that Sunday is 1, Monday is 2, and so on. So
    it is on Tuesday! The murder was on Tuesday!
  • Well done young man! I am sorry to have you
    leave. If you arent leaving, I would have made
    you my apprentice. Your skills are just what I
  • Sorry sir. Thanks for your help. Oh wait, I
    think I should try the other formula. Shouldnt I?

Try the other formula
Leave now
Back to GrimmsVille
  • Phineas couldnt believe his luck. He had
    gotten the formula, and now he knows the date of
    the murder! But the luck didnt hold out for
    long. A storm brewed up and stopped him. He
    couldnt go on, and he glimpsed a patch of cheery
    light from a nearby cottage.
  • The young man staggered on, and banged on the
    door. An old man with a brown robe and a kind
    face opened the door and ushered him in. Phineas
    blinked and grew accustomed to the light. He was
    standing in a warm room, still dripping water
    from the raging storm outside. The man quickly
    draped a thick blanket around him, and sat him on
    the dining table. The man went to his stove, and
    asked Young man, what are you doing outside in
    such a weather?
  • Phineas has been taught not to talk about his
    business to a stranger, but was this man a

Tell about GrimmsVille
Refuse to talk
  • Well, I am heading for GrimmsVille, where I
    have been called for an investigation of the town
    mayors parents murder on 31 October 1871. The
    mayor himself has promised to give a reward for
    those who can find the day. Weird guy he is
  • Anyway, Ive spent almost the last 3 weeks in
    an alchemists place to look for the formula to
    help me find the day of the grisly murder. Ive
    found it with some hard work, and now Im on my
    way back to give the day to the mayor, Mr.
    Grimm, elucidated Phineas.
  • Oh! Then what is the day? As long as I
    remember, it happened on Tuesday-
  • Hallelujah! Exactly! The formula I got says it
    did happened on Tuesday! Yaay! exclaimed Phineas
    then got to his feet.
  • Thanks for everything, Hermit, and now I must
    be on my way! The sun is up again, so I must be
    off. Thank you and see you sometime!

Go on with your Journey!
  • AhPerhaps my business shall be my own, and
    none of yours, Mr..?
  • Oh! Its Hermit Arutha. I was just wondering
    whether I could help you or not. That was all. It
    is not me to poke around peoples business.
    explained the Hermit, and with that he gave a
    wink to Phineas.
  • Phineas thought hard and he decided to

Still be silent about his business
Tell about GrimmsVille
In GrimmsVille At Last
  • The first thing that Phineas did when he
    arrived in GrimmsVille was make an appointment
    with Mr. Grimm the very next day. Then he went to
    the Waterfront Inn to stay for the night. He was
    soon asleep in his room.
  • The next morning he woke up feeling refreshed
    and ready for his appointment due in 4 hours. He
    got dressed and went out to buy a new suit and
    get himself a few bites of breakfast.

Go to Appointment
The Appointment
  • Phineas went on to Mr. Grimms, and was greeted
    warmly by the secretary. He stepped inside and
    sat down as indicated by the mayor.
  • Morning sir. I have come to tell you that I
    know the day of your parents, er.. murder.
    proposed Phineas.
  • Mr. Grimm grunted, but his eyes lit up. Well,
    then young man, say the day and the prize may be
    yours. Grimm said.
  • Its Tuesday. 31st of October 1871, is Tuesday
    sir. Phineas told Grimm.
  • This time, Grimm looked up into Phineas eyes,
    which told the truth. He stood up and clapped his

Scared? Nervous? Go on to Next Page
  • Well done! Your reward will be given to you in a
    public ceremony to show my gratitude. And as for
    the city, let it celebrate! Put on the lights!
    Deck the halls! Get the children dance and sing,
    for I have found the day of my beloved parents
    murder! Bravo!

Thank You!
  • We all expect you enjoyed the show, because we
    made just for you. We hope you like it!

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