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Puritans and Quakers


Puritans and Quakers Too bad we didn t get the Italian party boats!! Puritan Beliefs Predestination-fate was decided by god (idea from John Calvin) The Elect. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Puritans and Quakers

Puritans and Quakers
  • Too bad we didnt get the Italian party boats!!

Puritan Beliefs
  • Predestination-fate was decided by god (idea from
    John Calvin) The Elect.
  • City on Hillthe eyes of the people are upon
    us- Winthrop on Mass. Bay Colonythe beginning
    of American Exceptionalism
  • Education for all
  • Hard Work
  • Material Success a sign from god that you were
    among the elect
  • Hard workEducationVirtuous living Success and
    heavenly reward

Problems with the Puritans
  • Self-Righteousness led to double standard of
    sins for non-believers
  • Hypocricy- Uneven application of laws
  • Intolerance
  • Narrow-Mindedness
  • Scapegoatingled to Trials
  • Self-hatred could never fully believe they were
    free from sin.
  • No Fun-Dancing/music/sexuality/

Lasting Puritan Contributions
  • Public Schools
  • Puritan Conscience
  • Witch trials lead to reforms in church and a more
    rational sense of god and the devil
  • Trials Pointed to need for church/state
  • Trials lead to protections of the accused in
    modern court system
  • American Exceptionalism- Winthrops City on the
    Hill. The idea that Americans are better than

What caused Witchcraft Hysteria in 1691-6?
  • Revocation of Colonial Charter
  • Belief in witches and warlocks
  • Famine/Crop failures before trials
  • Indian Raids
  • Smallpox epidemic-why us?
  • Shifting economic power leading to class conflict
    between rich and poor in village and town
  • Scapegoating
  • Conversion Hysteria
  • Magic Mushroom/Poison/Drugs/Mercury in Water
  • Acting Out/Peer pressures
  • Sexual repression of teenage desires

Some Salem Images
Effects of Witch Trials
  • Questioning of authority of Church
  • Great Awakening
  • Increased reliance on reason and rationality
  • Puritans are called Congregationalists today

  • For some reason the STAR test loves .
  • The Great Awakening- A religious
    revival/resurgence in the colonies in the
    1730-50s. It represented a separation of church
    and state and a less-rigid more rational approach
    than, say, Salem and its witches. People began
    to question the traditional church authority.
  • The Second Great Awakening- 1790s-1830 Another
    revival around the time of slavery and pre- civil
    war. First appearance of revival meetings This
    time religious leaders morally opposed slavery.
    Many, less popular but significant sects formed
    LDS (Mormons), Jehovas Witnesses, Seventh Day

The Quakers A different approach Now Even
Quaker Beliefs
  • Purity through intuitionnot church dogma
  • Practical education
  • Pacifism
  • Avoidance of Oaths
  • Martyrdom
  • Generally poorer than Puritans

Quaker Faults
  • No Political Viability or power
  • Pacifism led to indian raids and exclusion from
    colonial acceptance
  • No institutions No political power

Contributions of Quakers
  • Belief in absolute equality
  • Opposition to slavery
  • Tradition of open-mindedness and tolerance for
    different beliefs and races.
  • Quakers never really flourished, but remained a
    benign force for Peace and non-violence
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