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Year 9 Britpop


Title: Year 9 Britpop Author: Simon Lawrenson (Cams Hill School) Last modified by: S Lawrenson Created Date: 3/26/2007 8:04:46 PM Subject: Music Document presentation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Year 9 Britpop

What is Britpop?
A type of music that was made famous during a
1st wave by bands such as Oasis, Pulp, Suede
and Blur. It started in the early nineties and
finished in 1997 when Princess Diana died. In
recent years there has been a 2nd wave of
Britpop bands such as The Zutons, Kaiser Chiefs,
The Feeling, Razorlight, Keane, Radiohead, The
View, The Fray.
  • The music is characterised by British bands that
  • distorted guitars
  • a lack of lead guitar
  • simple vocal lines
  • lyrics about everyday life.
  • This is the only thing that distinguishes them
    from other bands during that era.

Where did Britpop come from?
The Eighties were naff. Naff politics and naff
music Thatcher, Wham and Spandau Ballet. The
charts were full of posers, and British popular
culture generally felt like synthetic rubbish. I
sat in suburbia, smoking, listing to The White
Album and Let it Bleed waiting for something to
happen John Dower, Live Forever
Britpop and its influences
Listen to the music choose 3 phrases that best
describe what you hear
Early 1980s
Late 1980s
Reaction against establishment
Blues x folk
Electric guitar
barre chords
Busy bass line
Repetitive beat
Rave x indie
Off beat
End of post war strictness
1960s - The Beatles
  • The Beatles were the most influential band of the
    20th Century

Their music was a cross between folk and blues
and used rhythm guitars. They moved away from
music that focused on lead guitars. They often
use people and places in their music Michelle,
Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields
Britpop uses the guitar driven sound that has no
lead guitar. It often people and places Layla,
Dont look back, (Oasis) Charmless Man (Blur)
1960s - The Who
The Who are one of the most influential groups in
rock music. The aggressive music was made by the
combination of Pete Townsend (guitarist), John
Entwistle (bass) and Keith Moon, (drums).
  • The music was written for rebellious British
    youths called Mods, it expressed their feeling
    that older people "just don't get it".
  • He reportedly wrote My Generation on a train
    and is said to have been inspired by the Queen
    Mother who is alleged to have had Townsend's
    hearse towed off a street in Belgravia because
    she was offended by the sight of it during her
    daily drive through the neighbourhood

1970s - David Bowie
Bowie represents a type of music that was a
reaction against the establishment. Other bands
include the Sex Pistols, The Clash (Punk) and
Madness (MOD).
  • The music was related to Reggae and Ska which
    was often about repression and freedom
  • The music often sounded very angry and sometimes
    included shouting.
  • The music used syncopation the main chords
    were played on beats 2 4 rather than 1 3.
    This was done in part to help create an angry
  • The importance of being Idle (Oasis) is an
    example of playing off beat.

Early 1980s U2
U2 were a popular Irish band in the early 1980s
and had good success in the charts. During the
80s there was greater emphasis placed in being
an individual and that one person can make a
In 1985 Bob Geldof organized a worldwide series
of concerts called Band Aid. Chart topping
bands/artists performed at to raise money for the
African famine. The song "Do They Know It's
Christmas," became the best-selling U.K. single
of all time, and inspired a similar 1985 U.S.
single "We Are The World." Geldof was nominated
for the Nobel Peace Prize and was knighted by the
Indie independent records Not a genre or style
but a group of different bands that had signed up
to small record label that were typically run out
of homes or garages and sold by mail-order or a
through a chain of independent record
shops. Originally Geoff Travis set up a record
shop in London selling only local bands music a
network of similar shops was established. The
music they sold was nicknamed indie.
Late 1980s - Rave
In the late 1980s rave culture hit the UK with
the birth of acid house music. Manchester became
the rave capital. The Stone Roses and Happy
Mondays were frequent ravers and started to
incorporate some of the features into their Indie
style music.
Early 1990s Grunge Attack!
  • The key thing that led to the rise of bands like
    Oasis and Blur was what was happening in the USA

What is Grunge? - type of rock music that uses
very heavy distortion, strong guitar riffs and
heavy drumming - it grew out of Seattle with
bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam
What happen then?
A number of things all collided at the right time
to help bring Britpop to the forefront
  1. When Kirk Cobain died (suicide/murder/drug
    overdose) a vacuum was opened in the record
    industry that needed to be filled.

2. The UK was on the verge of major political
change a new sense of optimism.
3. British bands were writing music that was
On the verge of major political change
On the verge of major political change
On the verge of major political change
the appeal of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and
partying as a remedy to the triviality of working
class life. - Do you think that the song
sets out to hold up these activities as some
positive ideal?
Politics Social Issues reflected in music
Listen to Cigarettes Alcohol by Oasis, what
is the message that they are trying to get across?
Look at these Lyrics "Is it worth the
aggravation to find yourself a job when there's
nothing worth working for You could wait for
a lifetime to spend your days in the
sunshine So you might as well do the white line".
Listen to Live Forever by Oasis , what do you
think the song is about?
Politics Social Issues reflected in music
- Its about old friends laughing at jokes and
stories that puzzle them.
- Lyrics "We see things they'll never see"
- Backlash against Nirvanas song I Hate Myself
and Want to Die
Politics Social Issues reflected in music
Listen to Country House by Blur, what do you
think the song is about?
The song is about a man who retires to an
expensive country house to escape the pressures
of the city and loses the idea of normality.
Although this isnt about one person it is
interesting that there was a long history of
bitter rivalry between Oasis Blur this song
is about Noel Gallagher who moved to the country
from Manchester you can hear the words Hes
got Morning Glory which was the title of an
Oasis album.
Politics Social Issues reflected in music
  • Listen to Rock N Roll Star by Oasis , what is
    the message that they are trying to get across?
  • refer to his dreams and aspirations to become a
    rock star
  • his hopes to move away from Manchester
  • Noel Gallagher said "I'm pretty much summed up
    everything I wanted to say in "Rock 'N' Roll
    Star", "Live Forever" and "Cigarettes Alcohol",
    after that I'm repeating myself, but in a
    different way".

How to write a song in the style of Britpop .
Match the words with their correct definition
Intro The part that is repeated.
Outro The part that builds the story. The words change each time.
Middle 8 The bit at the end that usually fades out. Very important for radio.
Bridge Two to four lines that build into the chorus.
Chorus Usually between ½ bar 2 bars that link the verse and chorus or middle 8
Verse The introduction.
Pre-chorus Eight bars of instrumental
Song writing in the style of Britpop
Task 1 Design your structure, using an intro,
outro, verses, choruses, middle 8s and
bridges. This may change later on as you add
Write how many bars each section is going to last
for in these boxes
Play through these chords
Decide which ones you are going to use for each
Write your lyrics
Social Statement writing about human failings
political issues The Need to Escape writing
about the need to escape from routine Friendship
reflecting a personal statement
Read some newspaper articles, highlighting some
key words that you can use in your song