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Usage of Radial Tyres Challenges , Safety


Vinai Hudda What we know so far Who can contribute to Reduce Rolling Resistance Tyre Industry s Role Pneumatic Tyre Awareness Level Effect of Tyre Inflation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Usage of Radial Tyres Challenges , Safety

Usage of Radial Tyres Challenges , Safety
Benefit to Consumer - Indian Scenario
  • Vinai Hudda

  • What we know so far
  • Who can contribute to Reduce Rolling Resistance
  • Tyre Industrys Role
  • Pneumatic Tyre Awareness Level
  • Effect of Tyre Inflation
  • Root Causes for incorrect Inflation
  • Proposed actions
  • Emerging Trends in Regulations Safety
  • Summary

What we know so far
  • Lower Rolling Resistance of Tyre Leads to
  • Lower Co2 Emission Environment -Society
  • Lower Consumption of Fuel and Materials used in
    tyres per Ton KM Lower out flow of Foreign
    Exchange on Import of Crude - Government
  • Lower operating cost for the End User

Who Can contribute to Reduce Rolling Resistance
  • Tyre Manufacturers
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • The Government By Enacting Laws Bharat 4
    Bharat.6, Tyre Standards Labelling
  • Incentives to Industry
  • The End User its Service Providers ( Dealers,
  • Tyre Fitters, Mechanics..)

Role of Tyre Industry
  • Developing and Promoting Tyres which offer
    Lower Rolling Resistance

Tyre Type Relative Rating Rolling Resistance Estimated Market Share (Truck Bus)
Bias 4 70
Radial Tube Type 3 27.7
Radial Tubeless 2 1.2
Low Profile Radial Tubeless 1 1.1
Role of End User Its Service Providers
  • Switch to Tyre Types having lower rolling
  • Proper care Maintenance of the tyres during

Pneumatic Tyre
A Tensile Structure
Casing Tension Element
Air/N2 Compression Element
In order to achieve optimum performance the
compression element (Tyre Pressure) to be
maintained according to the Service Condition
Under Inflation Leads to
  • Increased Rolling Resistance Higher fuel
    consumption - Cost of Operation
  • Loss of New Tyre Life Retread factor Higher
    Cost of Tyres per Ton Km
  • Premature Failures accidents, Loss of Revenue,
    Injuries Fatalities
  • Sample Scrap Pile analysis showed 5.3 tyres
    failing due to deflation with 88 Remaining tread
  • 4.6 Loss of the total Tyre Cost

Do We know the correct inflation for our Tyres ?
Awareness Check
  • From where we get to know the correct inflation
    pressure for our tyres?
  • Markings on the Tyre ( BIS Requirement)
  • Vehicle operators Manual
  • Petrol Pumps Air Filling Point
  • Tyre Fitters
  • Tyre Manufacturers If we have ever approached
  • Web sites?

Maximum Load Capacity Inflation Pressure Cold
Tyre Size PR Load/Tyre Kgs when fitted Inflation Pressure kPa/PSI
Single Dual Single Dual
10.00-20 16 3000 2650 795/115 725/105
10.00R20 16 3000 2750 830/120 830/120
11R22.5 T L 16 3000 2750 830/120 830/120
295/80R22.5 T L 3550 3150 850/125 850/125
295/80R22.5 has about 15 higher Load capacity
(No Transcript)
Load Per Tyre on Different Positions
R.A Load/4 Load/ tyre
F.A Load/ 2 Load/ tyre
The root Causes of Incorrect inflation pressure
  • Enough data has been published to demonstrate
    that tyres are not properly inflated
  • Very Little has been done to find out the root
    causes offer remedy .
  • We need to know
  • 1 Does the operators know the correct inflation
    for his tyres application?

Root Causes of incorrect Inflation
  • 2 Does the operator has reliable means to check
    if the tyres are inflated to the desired pressure
  • 3 Does the operator has means to know on real
    time basis the drop in tyre pressure to take
    corrective action?
  • Answer to 1 2 could range from 15-80
  • But Answer to 3 is definitely NO for over 99 in

Proposed Actions Correct Inflation
  • Customer Education drive to select proper Tyre
    Size based on the maximum Axle load and correct
    Inflation Pressure Tyre Companies Vehicle
  • Educate Dealers, Tyre Fitters( RMP), Vehicle
    Repair and alignment centers
  • Certification of Tyre Fitters ( RMP) by RSDC/

Proposed Actions Correct Inflation
  • Tyre Pressure Gauges - BIS Certification
  • Frequent Calibration Petrol Pumps Fitters
  • Enable driver to know loss of pressure on real
    time basis for corrective action by

Tyre Pressure Measurement System
  • Tyre Pressure Sensors
  • Radio Frequency Receivers
  • Display

Tyre Pressure measurement
  • Schrader Electronics in India is under the
    process of developing the TPMS for Indian Market
  • Lot of Work is being done on Intelligent Tyre by
    Foreign Tyre Manufacturers
  • Indian Tyre Industry along with O.E.Ms need to
    drive the development of TPMS for Commercial
    Vehicles with
  • Existing players
  • Technical Institutions to Develop affordable
    Reliable TPMS

Regulations for Tyre Labeling
  • Purpose
  • To make the customer aware of the tyre
    characteristics enable him to make a informed
  • To improve the safty , Economics and
    Environmental efficiency of the Road Transport
  • U. S.A
  • Uniform Tyre Quality Grading
  • Tread Wear 100 200 300
  • Traction (g- force) C B A
  • Temperature C (85-100MPH) B A above 115MPH

Regulations for Tyre Labeling
  • European Union Nov. 2012
  • Fuel Eff. ( R. Res) G F E D C B A
  • Wet Grip G F E D C B A
  • External Rolling Noise
  • Above Future Limits Not acceptable
  • Future Limits
  • 3dB below future Limits

  • Promote Low Profile Tubeless Tyres in O.E
    Convert existing Tube Type to Low Profile
    Tubeless Radials in the Replacement market
  • Educate Users, Dealers, on deciding the correct
    tyre size and Tyre Inflation pressure for the
    specific application.
  • Organize Training Certification of the Tyre
    Fitters on recommending proper Tyre Inflation.

  • Tyre Pressure Gauges to be brought under
    mandatory BIS certification
  • Tyre Industry Vehicle Manufacturers to promote
    TPMS with the help of existing players.
  • Vehicle manufacturers, Tyre manufacturers the
    Technical Institutions to collaborate in
    developing products Services which will help
    the end users to exploit the full potential of
    the product features