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What have others said or recommended, as their part of


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What have others said or recommended, as their part of

What have others said or recommended, as their
part of Participating in the Process?
  • A NPSTC Tutorial on Searching Comments, Replies
    and Other Documents in FCC Proceedings

I want to know what others think about a
particular issue, and what they have told the
FCC. Can I determine what others are telling
the FCC (at least what they are officially
telling the FCC) on a given issue?
Finding what others have said.
  • Determining what others have said or recommended
    often becomes a key part of participation in the
    FCC process.
  • At times (e.g., when preparing for a meeting with
    FCC officials, or when determining if reply
    comments should be submitted, etc.) one needs to
    quickly determine what others have said to the
    FCC on particular issues. This may be especially
    true when the period for submission of Replies is
    short and there have been comments made that one
    could particularly agree with or disagree with.
  • The FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS)
    provides a simple and effective way to determine
    what others have said or recommended to the FCC
    in a rulemaking.

Finding what others have said.
There are two alternative ways for getting to the
ECFS template to search for documents filed with
the FCC.
  • First, one can get to the Search template
  • By going to the ECFS Home Page
  • on the FCC site, and then clicking on the
    Search for Filed Comments
  • link under ECFS Main Links at the top of the
    column on the right
  • hand side of the ECFS Home Page.
  • OR
  • Alternatively, one can get to the Search
  • By typing the template URL http//fjallfoss.fcc.g
  • or http//gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/comsrch_v2
    .cgi into your web browser.

Either method shown above will get you to the
Search template in ECFS The template is
illustrated in the next slide. Instructions and
tips for completing the Search template follow
the illustration.
ECFS Search Template
Search Template Completion
  • This is the only info you need to complete on the
    ECFS Search template to search for documents
    filed in a particular proceeding.
  • Maybe you know the correct Proceeding number,
    but, if not, where do you get the Proceeding
    number? Some suggestions
  • On the FCC Public Notice announcing the
  • Proceeding, or
  • In the FCC Daily Digest, where the Notice was
  • published, or
  • Ask a Public Safety communications colleague, or
  • Ask a Radio Manufacturer contact you know, or
  • Ask a NPSTC contact you know, or
  • Contact the NPSTC support office.

NOTE FCC proceeding numbers appear in
the format similar to WT96-86, WT99-
87, WT 02-55, PS 06-229. When
entering the Docket number into the
search template DO NOT include the
two-letter identifier. Simply enter the
numbers and the - associated with
the two letter identifier, e.g. 06-229.
Search Template Completion
You can also obtain the Proceeding number by
clicking on the Proceeding link on the ECFS
Search template. Clicking on the Proceeding
link will take you to an additional search tool
that may be helpful in identifying the
appropriate Proceeding number for the ECFS
Search template. The Proceeding number search
tool is illustrated on the next slide.
Proceeding Number Search Template
A small part of the Proceeding Number search
results when 06 entered into the tool
Follow the Directions to search for proceeding
numbers. NOTE To successfully search you should
have some prior knowledge, for example, the year
the particular proceeding was started by the FCC
so you can enter the last two digits of the year
to initiate a search. Entering an asterisk ()
and starting a search will provide a listing
several thousand items in length. Even entering
the last two digits of the CORRECT year will
result in a listing several hundred items in
length that must then be manually searched to
identify the correct Proceeding number.
If you do not know the Proceeding number, asking
somebody what number is correct will probably be
less cumbersome than using the Proceeding number
search tool.
Search Template Completion
  • Regardless of the method used to enter a
    proceeding number, you can narrow down the
    results of your search by entering additional
    search criteria.
  • Clicking on this menu button will provide a
    listing of two letter identifiers for different
    types of documents filed. Common identifiers of
    interest are
  • CO Comments
  • LT Letter
  • NO Notice (e.g. Ex Parte Notice)
  • RC Reply to Comments
  • If you know the exact name of the
    person/organization filing the comments, and/or
    the exact name of the Law Firm doing the filing,
    and/or the Attorneys exact name, you can enter
    that information here.
  • If you are only interested in documents filed
    during a certain part of a proceeding, e.g.,
    after the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
    was released and the present date you can enter
    those dates on one of the lines here.

Be wary about entering additional search
criteria, except maybe dates, because the
Search results will only include EXACT matches
with the criteria entered. All document filers
may not characterize their documents the way you
think they should be characterized, etc.
When all required/desired criteria have been
entered, click on the Retrieve Document List
button to obtain the ECFS documents.
ECFS Search Results Format
This is a part of a representative Search
results listing. The listing from a search can
consist of a few documents or many hundreds of
documents depending on the criteria entered on
the Search template before the Retrieve
Document List was activated. Simply scroll
through the listing reviewing each entry to
identify documents that are of interest. When
documents of interest are identified click on
the link at the end of the listing entry to
download the document. Then read and/or save the
document to a location of your choosing.
NPSTC recommends frequent ECFS documents
searches, particularly when deciding to submit or
when preparing Reply Comments in a proceeding.
Reply Comments should address issues and
proposals raised during the Comment phase(s) of a
proceeding. There is no more efficient way to
determine what is being said/proposed other than
by conducting good ECFS document searches
Gosh, searching the FCC Document Filing system
may be more trouble that it is worth. Not True!!
ECFS Searching RECAP
  • The ECFS Search tool is easily located and
    easy to use.
  • The only thing you actually need to know going in
    is the proceeding number and that shouldnt be
    hard to determine.

Knowing what others are saying to the FCC enables
you to completely and clearly focus your ideas
and recommendations to the FCC to those areas
that are MOST important to you. Your inputs will
rise above the noise level assuring you will be
heard by the FCC and you will definitely be Part
of the Solution.
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