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Coral Reef


coral reef kyle, lauren, amelia where is ecosystem located? located in the tropics [warm seas] north and south of equator tropical oceans found along coast of more ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Coral Reef

Coral Reef
Kyle, Lauren, Amelia
Where is ecosystem located?
  • Located in the tropics warm seas north and
    south of equator
  • Tropical oceans found along coast of more than
    100 countries
  • All Coral Reefs together are 110,000 square
    miles, this is the size of state Nevada

Describe the abiotic factors of your ecosystem
  • TEMPERATURE - 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Coral Reefs need sunlight to live
  • needs warm water and salty water
  • water also needs oxygen
  • Coral needs sandy soil

Producer ALGAE. How does your producer rely on
other organisms in the CORAL REEF to survive?
  • Needs strong sunlight
  • Needs clear water
  • Lives in polyps
  • Water temperatures 70-85 degrees F

How do other organisms of your ecosystem rely on
your producer to survive?
  • Coral polyps needs tiny algae to survive
  • Damselfish, Rabbitfish and Sea Urchins eat algae
  • Blue Tang eat algae to survive
  • Red algae and bryozoans help cement reefs together

How do humans affect your ecosystem?
  • Negative
  • People break corals
  • People overfish reefs
  • People pollute water
  • Positive
  • Some organizations protect reefs
  • Some people try to reduce pollution
  • Marine parks protects reefs

Choose one biotic factor in your ecosystem
describe how a change in one of these could
affect your ecosystem?
  • Change Farmers using fertilizers and chemicals
    that pollute the ocean
  • Chemicals make plankton and algae grow too much
  • Algae will crowd the coral then the coral dies
  • When coral dies, blue tang (which eats coral)
    will die
  • When the blue tang dies, the barracuda will die
  • Finally, sharks would die

Other interesting facts
  • Coral Reefs help stop global warming
  • Reefs existed when dinosaurs were alive
  • Reefs died when dinosaurs died but came back
  • Reefs existed about 400 million years ago

Sources Used
  • Johansson, Philip. The Coral Reef A Colorful Web
    of Life. 3rd Edition. Berkeley Heights, NJ
    Enslow elementary, 2008. Print.