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Increasing Long Term Awareness, Knowledge and Community Participation in Integrated Water Resources Management


... stakeholders to prepare Selangor River IRBM Action Plan 4. Study Tour on Waste water Demonstration Project around Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia ( 17 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Increasing Long Term Awareness, Knowledge and Community Participation in Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Increasing Long Term Awareness, Knowledge and
    Community Participation in Integrated Water
    Resources Management
  • Update by Lao PDR
  • at the 11th AWGWRM
  • 2-4July2011
  • Singapore

  • This is the eleventh Meeting of the ASEAN Working
    Group on Water Resources Management
  • The tenth Meeting was held on 5 6 July 2010 in
    Manila, Philippines attended by delegates from
    Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR,
    Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet
    Nam and representatives from the ASEAN
    Secretariat. Myanmar was unable to attend the

  • The tenth Meeting noted that Lao PDR will present
    on the progress report on Increasing Long-term
    Awareness, Knowledge and Community Participation
    in IWRM
  • The tenth Meeting recognised the need to share
    among the members, respective national activities
    in increasing long-term awareness, knowledge and
    community participation in IWRM before developing
    a regional proposal on the subject matter. The
    Meeting therefore requested other members to
    submit a brief paper containing the said
    information to Lao PDR by 31 October 2010 for
    compilation and presentation at the next Meeting

  • Five countries have provided the brief paper as
    the followings
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • The five countries that have not submitted the
    brief paper Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia,
    Philippines, and Vietnam

  • Activities have been done
  • Event for Celebrating World Water Day .
  • Event for Celebrating Environment Day.
  • Training on Integrated Water Resources Management
    for Northern, Southern including the center part
    of Lao.
  • Exchange visit on Integrated Water Resources
    Management Study Visit under Thailand Lao PDR
    Water Resources Sector Cooperation, 11-17
    September 2010, Thailand
  • Consultation Workshop of the Nam Theun-Nam Kading
    River Basin Committee Secretariat On 29-30
    November 2010, Paksan district, Bolikhamxay
  • The two series of Regional Consultation Workshops
    on Preparation for the Implementation of the
    National Water Resources Action Plan for the
    Years 2011 to 2015 were organized in Pakse City,
    Champasack Province, in 15-17 February 2011, and
    Luang Prabang Province, in 22-24 February 2011.
  • Publish Posters and Video on water use management

  • Action plan 2011-2015
  • 1. Institutional Strengthening and Coordination
  •  2. Legislation, Plans and Their Implementation
  •  3. River Basin and Sub-Basin Water Resource
  • 4. Data Collection and Analysis
  • 5. Water Allocation
  • 6. Protection of Water Quality and Ecosystems
  • 7. Management of Water Resource Risk (Climate
    Change Adaptation)
  • 8. Financial Aspects of Water Resource Management
  • 9. Awareness, Participation and Capacity Building

  • The 9 programs will implement both National and
    River Basin level as a local level.
  • Laos now cooperates with international
    Organization as Mekong River Commission (MRC)
    through implementing 12 programs of MRC AIP,
    ISH, FP and WSMP.
  • Including implementing the procedures of MRC as
  • Procedures for Data and Information Exchange and
    Sharing (PDIES)
  • Procedures for Water Use Monitoring (PWUM)
  • Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation
    and Agreement (PNPCA)
  • Procedures for Management on Flow Mainstream
  • Procedures for Water Quality (PWQ)

  • Malaysia implement the IWRM through 3 major
  • I. One State One River Program
  • 1. River Ranger Programme and Love our River
  • 2. Visit to Sabah for Exchange of Ideas from
  • Group,IRBM for Peninsular Malaysia Program in
  • Kinabalu organised by DANIDA (17 18 November
  • 3. Setting up 7 Working Group comprises of
    various agencies in Government Department, NGOs
    and stakeholders to prepare Selangor River IRBM
    Action Plan
  • 4. Study Tour on Waste water Demonstration
    Project around Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia ( 17
    18 May 2004)

  • 5. Training Programme - Management of Water
    quality and quantity for officers and supporting
    staff for the exposure on importance of IRBM.
    This course is executed by the Federal component.
  • 6. Poster's distribution of twinkle in all
    agencies in State Selangor as part of Environment
    Awareness Programme.
  • 7. Paper Work Presentation on IRBM Demonstration
    Project Selangor Component Sentosa Market
    Waste Water in Seminar of Kedah River Basin
    Water quality management Waste Water from Wet
    Market, Restaurant and Stall organised by the
    States Kedah IRBM River Basin Water Quality
    Committee (29 Mac 2005)
  • 8. Distribution of Newsletter - IRBM updates I,
    II and II editions.

  • II. Best Management Practices Projects (BMP)
  • 1. Water Quality Improvement Through Pesticide
    Control In Sungai Liwagu, Kundasang, Sabah
  • 2. Wet Detention Pond, Taman Matahari, Negeri
    Sembilan (Flooding) Urban Stormwater
    Management, Use of wet detention ponds as
    community parks in Seremban
  • 3. Water Demand Reduction (Nega-Litres)
    Demostration Project At N-Park Condominium,
  • 4. Sungai Miri River Basin Stakeholders Project
  • 5. Sungai Melaka at Alor Gajah, Melaka (River
    Corridor Management) River Adoption and
    Riverine Corridor Management Sg. Melaka, Melaka

  • 6. Sungai Galing Besar, Kuantan, Pahang (River
    Adoption Towards Water Quality Improvement).
  • 7. Impact Of Municipal, Agricultural And
    Industrial Effluents On Water-Related Diseases
    Health Risks On Communities, Sg. Langat,
  • 8. Integrated Catchment Management And Livelihood
    Improvementfor Local Communities At Tasik Chini
  • 9. Stakeholders Participation In Groundwater
    Management In Kota Bharu Aquifer, Kelantan

  • III. World Water Day
  • since 1994, the main programmes carried out
    throughout the year are
  • Workshop on IWRM for University students
  • Young Leader Camp 2011- Water Care
  • Media and Water Rising up to the Challenges
  • Friday Sermon in Friday Prayer for Muslim
    Water for Life
  • National World Water Day Colloqium
  • Best Water Resources and Hydrology Thesis Awards
    of The Year


  • I. National Sustainable Development Strategy
  • IWRM concerned activities
  • 1. Encourage people's participation in planting
  • 2. Develop programmes to create awareness of
  • community forestry and the significance of the
    problem it seeks to address.
  • 3. involved local communities in implementation
    of national forest action plans (Men, Women,
  • 4. Create awareness for alternate use of
    agriculture residues as fuel instead of firewood.

  • 5. Offer local communities the chance to
    contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  • 6. Raise public awareness of water issues
    followed by public participation.
  • 7. Apply an IWRM based on the ecosystem approach.
  • 8. Promote local knowledge on water management
  • 9. Encourage practicing proper water management
    in dry zone.
  • 10. Give rural people and farmers environmental
  • 11. Educate the public on the efficient use of
    energy, energy conservation, environmental
    awareness, and global and regional issues of
    energy production and consumption

  • II. Inlay Lake Conservation
  • The purpose of the project is for tourism
  • on fishing and Floating gardens.
  • Activities
  • conducted Consultative workshop to seek the means
    and ways to improve the Inlay Lake and its
    environment in 2009. There was a concern with the
    increasing awareness, knowledge and community
    participation that led to as a result of the
    workshop for improving the Inlay lake as

  • analyses of the current environmental situation
  • Support and encourage civil society,
    organizations, including business associations to
    contribute to Community Based Natural Resources
    Management (CBNRM)
  • Build capacity of local people
  • Review community-based environmental
  • promote local knowledge
  • Awareness raising about watershed management
  • Provide incentives for community development
  • Awareness raising about watershed management
  • Environmental Awareness Raising and workshops.
  • Proceed the awareness on existing law and

  • PUB, Singapore National Water Agency is now the
  • sole agency responsible for managing the entire
  • water cycle in Singapore.
  • PUB manages the complete water cycle

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  • The other activities
  • 1.Engaging the Young
  • a. Learning Trail _at_ MacRitchie
  • b. Sembcorp Water Technology Prize (A
    Sembcorp-Singapore Membrane Technology
    CentreSingapore Polytechnic- PUB Collaboration)
  • C. Water Detective Show
  • D. Water Wally Show
  • 2.Focal Point of NEWater Education

  • 3.Engaging 3P Partners on Water Projects
  • a. Our Waters Programme
  • b. World Water Day Celebrations
  • c. Friends of Water
  • d. Water Showcases at Singapore International
  • Water Week (SIWW)
  • e. Youth Engagement through SIWW
  • 4.Encouraging advocacy of water issues
  • a. Partnership with NGOs
  • b. Water Network

  • 5.Inspiring 3P Partners to Take Ownership
  • a. Watermark Award
  • b. Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme
  • 6.Growing the Water Sector
  • Plan
  • Wide-Ranging Water Conservation Plan
  • Water efficient building
  • Water Efficiency Fund

  • The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has
  • implemented activities at both central and local
  • 1. Campaigning for water resources management
    knowledge and raising awareness of water
  • 1.1 Conducted Workshops on Increasing the Roles
    of River Basin Organizations in Water Resources
    Management, and on Strategic Water Resources
    Development in Sub River-basins
  • 1.2 Conducted Community Hearings for every
  • 1.3 Conducted Workshops on Integrated Water
    Resources Management and River Basin Development
  • 1.4 Conducted Meetings, Seminars, and Exhibitions
    on Knowledge for Water Resources Management, and
    Integrated Water Resources Management in River
    Basin Systems

  • 2. Promotion of Community Participation in Water
    Resources Management
  • 2.1 Established Water User Groups and educated
    the groups on care taking and maintaining water
    resources and their structures
  • 2.2 Supported activities proposed by Water Lover
    Networks established by DWR on water resources
    development, rehabilitation, and conservation
  • 2.3 Conducted Rivers and Canals Conservation and
    Development Week

The progressive of Awareness, Knowledge and
community in integrated water resources
management Summaries
Policy, Legislation Plan N/A N/A N/A National Strategy, Law Decree National Water Resources Action Plan 2011-2015 Top-Down Bottom-up Strategies, One State One River Program, 9 Themes National Sustainable Development Strategy N/A Enforcement / Regulation on service network IWRM, Plan, rules and regulations on Public Hearings N/A
Institution Development/ Capacity building N/A N/A N/A Build Strengthen capacity of concern agencies 7 Working Groups National Commission for Environmental Affairs N/A Build up capacity community, Growing the Water Sector Established Water User Groups educate, Water Love Network N/A
Activity others N/A N/A N/A Workshops, Training, World Water Day, Environment day and Poster, VDO publish Workshop, training, study tour, Posters contribution, World Water Day short , medium, long term activities N/A Engaging the Young Engaging 3P Partners Encouraging advocacy, World Water Day Campaign for knowledge raising awareness , Promotion of Community Participation, WWD N/A
Situation and Data Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Creating policy , strategy, plan and activities
    among the member countries
  • Sharing information among the member countries
  • promoting regional cooperation
  • Many instruments available to increase the
    awareness Knowledge and Community Participation
    and some are not expensive
  • Strong support from ASEAN and other donor such as
    World Bank, ADB, and AusAid

  • Challenges
  • Challenges in coordination between the member
  • Challenges in institution with qualified experts
    if is sufficient to respond the increasing and
    emerging demands placed among the member
    countries in the area of collecting data,
    strategic planning, resource mobilization, or
    responding the needs within the members
  • IWRM is a new concept, complex and ambitious,
    Long-term challenge for operational integration
    across the region
  • Involve with multi-countries and each country has
    its own strategy tools

  • Action Plans
  • Develop, enhance and strengthen institutions on a
    decentralized and participatory manner
  • Enhance the partnerships and cooperation
  • Mainstream women and students concerns in the
    framework for action
  • Build individual capacities
  • Enhance database collection and analysis
  • Analyze data
  • Build up action plan

Thank you for your attention