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ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND The Era of William Shakespeare ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND What does that mean? The period associated with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England Queen ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • The Era of William Shakespeare

ELIZABETHAN ENGLANDWhat does that mean?
  • The period associated with the reign of Queen
    Elizabeth I in England
  • Queen Elizabeth ruled for 45 years, from
  • This time period is referred to as The Golden
    Age in English History
  • ? England flourished under Queen Elizabeth I

Who was Queen Elizabeth I?
  • She was born in 1533 to King Henry VIII and his
    second wife, Anne Boleyn
  • (Henry VIII had 6 wives in total)
  • ? Anne Boleyn was beheaded on charges of
    adultery, incest and high treason
  • ? King Henry did not want a daughter he wanted
    a son to succeed him in ruling England (which he
    later was given by his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour)
  • Elizabeths younger half-brother King Edward
    became King when their father died. He died at
    the age of 15 and was replaced by Mary I (who was
    the daughter of King Henry VIII and his first
    wife, Catherine of Aragon)
  • Mary died childless at the age of 42 and was
    replaced by Elizabeth, who was only 25 years old.
  • She was known as the Virgin Queen because she
    was never married

The Popular Queen in the Golden Age
  • She restored England to excellence at the height
    of the English Renaissance (rebirth)
  • This time period saw English literature, poetry
    and theatre flourish and develop. The Queen
    loved the arts!
  • Her patronage of the arts encouraged others to
    follow suit!

Exeunt Queen Elizabeth I
  • Elizabeth was well loved by her people and was
    said to rule like a man!
  • She died in 1603 at the age of 69 and was
    succeeded by James I of England (the grandson of
    Elizabeths aunt Henrys sister)
  • King James I carried on Elizabeths love for
    arts, theatre and culture.

The Great Chain of Being
  • Refers to the Order of the Universe a strict
    hierarchical system
  • GodAngelsRoyalty
  • Priests/Religious Leaders
  • Merchants/ShopkeepersTradesmenFarmersHousehold

Elizabethan Theatre
  • A significant source of entertainment during that
  • The theatre was frequented by both the poor and
    the wealthy
  • ? The poor stood, while the wealthy sat in the
  • Men performed only no women!

The Globe Theatre
  • The theatre in London was associated with William
    Shakespeare and his plays
  • Held about 3000 people
  • It was built in 1599 by Shakespeares playing
    company, the Lord Chamberlains Men but was
    destroyed in a fire in 1613
  • A second globe theatre was rebuilt on the site in
    1614 but was closed in 1642.
  • In 1997, a modern reconstruction of the Globe was
    built about 250m away from the original location
    and was named Shakespeares Globe

Family Life
  • Families were large children were seen as mini
    adults who were there to help support the entire
  • Women were raised to believe they were inferior
    to men and that men knew better!
  • Wealthy women were tutored at home and learned
    various languages. Music and dancing were
    essential skills and manners and etiquette were
    of prime importance.
  • Lower class women had no formal education and
    their only real career option was MARRIAGE.
  • Marriages were frequently arranged to benefit
    both families It was legal for boys to marry at
    14 and girls at 12.
  • ? In marriage, a woman became the property of a
  • Disobedience was considered a crime!

  • Londons population was approximately 300,000
  • Garbage and waste was thrown out windows into the
    street it stank!
  • ? rats and vermin were in abundance, as was the
    spread of disease and flees
  • No public toilets, no sewers
  • The River Thames was one giant open air sewer
    (garbage, raw sewage, bodily fluids).
  • The Queen was thought to be clean as she bathed
    once or twice a year!!

Crime and Punishment
  • Punishment varied according to class
  • Most crimes of the nobility included high
    treason, blasphemy, rebellion, murder,
    witchcraft, etc.
  • Crimes of the commoners included theft,
    begging, adultery, fraud, etc.
  • Hanging, burning to death, torture, whipping and
    being chained to stocks where people could throw
    things at you were accepted practices for
  • The Tower of London was used in place of
    imprisonment for such acts as treason.
  • Executions were rarely private. They were almost
    always in public and watched by thousands to
    demonstrate the guilt of the prisoner and
    enormity of the crime.
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